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  1. Angry profiles are the ones that scare me. Like they are already mad at me and I've not met them yet. Studies have shown that tinder profiles get like 80% more hits if food is mentioned in your profile. So oil and vinegar is good. I personally like drama type profiles as I am bored and then look forward to great stories of ones past.
  2. still working on my second life space movie
  3. dang it the position has been filled., I needed more time to try to make myself be eye candy..meh
  4. I think some people would be shocked to actually know how many sl females they have interacted with are males real life. As far as real life men playing female avatars convincing people in game and on forums they are also females in real life, have fun lol. That's a big part of that game eh! It's actually an art form and subtle on so many levels. For example, you would never directly tell some one you are female real life. You use heuristics, which is basically inserting clues in casual conversations so that they decide you are a real life female. . For example, you meet a female shopping while impersonating a female. You are talking about the clothes and you say something like, "omg if my real life boyfriend knew I was spending this much in a game on virtual clothes he would kill me! lol "
  5. uploading a new second life movie....its at 86% and taking forever... I love finishing a movie so I can delete all the fraps footage from my hard drive and start anew. I pretty much max my hard drive every time. It turns red it gets so close to full.
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