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  1. Sharing the last part of The Cinematic Orchestra Presents In Motion #1 starting 13 minutes and 20 seconds in the original song. I find this to be the best part of this wonderful song. Used in many documentaries and some films.
  2. The code for that is on Github, just saying...
  3. Allow me to call out the obvious... Who let it come to this?
  4. My assumption is obviously based on what i and a hell of a lot of other users experienced. Ongoing group chat issues with no permanent or improved solution. This leads me and of course others to conclude not much has been done. Maybe lots has been done behind the scene, but where is the result i ask?
  5. I totally agree, as soon as LL announced Sansar and told us they would shift of a bunch of LL minions to the Sansar project, the only difference between LL and the Titanic was a band and deck chairs.
  6. How is that a loaded question? It's really not. I'd really like to see your train of thought here. that's all really. In your earlier post you say that LL failed to properly disclose the intended use of the group chat system. I actually agree with you on that. My point... (3th time now today, and then you say i don't listen, how ironic) is that LL had literally years to come up with a solution for what the group chat system clearly has been used INSTEAD of its intended use. As a developer it is up to you to then take the hint, this is what your users want and try to use what you al
  7. So what are you suggesting then? What should we do, shut the hell up and not question LL and why it keeps charging us for a dead end piece of outdated software they desperately want to keep afloat? Seriously, i want to hear your view on this.
  8. @Solar Legion I'm sorry bud but your logic doesn't make sense. Couple of posts back @Fritigern Gothly said she didn't even know that is what the group chat system originally was meant to do, and right there lies my point. People don't know how the group chat system was meant to be. All they know is, it is a means to communicate with a wider group of people outside local chat or IM. Right there is my argument, simply that the users don't know it was never meant to be an inworld global chat system, yet it is capable of it, sorta, so it's being used that way. My argument is that LL had a hell of
  9. This... Ladies and gentlemen, is what we would classify as hypocritical and the pot calling the kettle black... Just making a point LL, calm down...
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