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  1. Sam, where did you see I refuse to use those tools? I only said, if I mute him , I will not see him doing so, but others will! and its not me to feel guilty about that! I know perfectly, believe me, what is being raped in RL! (sorry not to use caps).. I dont think I over react about that problem, some did for me.... everything is ok now, the problem, if it is a problem, is solved. he stopped. And again I thank all the friendly people who understood what I meant..
  2. Scylla, thank you so much.. I was feeling would be the last time I write here, but you helped me a lot DJing at the Satyr or in another place, the problem is not the place, its him... Satyr is the best place I ever dj since years, and the opinion of some people about BDSM, its their opinion, I go there to work. I 'll block him, but others will still see him hugging or kissing me. we decided, first try, ejected, 2nd try banned! thank you really for your help. I will remember some very friendly people here :-),
  3. Chris, forgive me, but if I react confused, its maybe a mistake. I dont ask people to feel the same I do. about this "problem" I only feel bad for my partner... I know my pixels are not affected lol and I dont take it like an harassment..I am not that prude, after 14 years here! It 's only something I don't like. while working, I can't follow the local . i chosed to talk with him, and I think he understood 🙂 we are all living "here" our way, we could talk about it for hours. There are things I will never understand about people behaviour, but I dont judge them.... and its true also, I didnt know the "blocking" could avoid that. once again sorry for my english I thank you all, I wish you all a great day or night,
  4. Arielle, in this case, I receive no asking for a permission, thats the problem. but you give me a hint, I ll have alook in the preferences about the popupds, maybe I'll find something, who knows. but if not, I ll mute him 🙂
  5. Phil, you are right, he dont animate my avatar, only his does, Odaks, I dont remember if I have ever accepted a hug from him, dinve I know him (years), but no, I dont animate as he does, and I do not accept anymation, through a menue! Ceka, I dont see if he does vua a menu or in the local chat (/1) can hide what he types in the local! but yes, this evening I ll try to mute him if I see he comes to me. and in last try, my partner will probably kicj him, for him to understand. thank you all for your help
  6. hello all, (first of all sorry for my englis) I m djing, and happened many times an avatar, while I'm busy with my music, comes to me, and hugs, kisses, or more, me, without requiring any authorisation! I hate that, and my partner too, of course last week he kissed me, totally naked, while I was spinning... he does that to my host too, and I have no idea how to stop that! I imed him, asking to stop, but sems the more I ask, the more he laughs. i have to option of kicking him, or ban him, but I would like to know how, I can stop that. I'm using firestorm, and went into "avatar health" then revoke all permissions, but I know I never gave him any permission to do that. any idea please? thank you in advance (hugs!!!!!!!!!! )
  7. bonjour tout le monde! petit soucis, rien de grave mais quand même. lors de mes sets, j'ai systématiquement un avatar qui vient me bisouiller , voir plus, sans que j'ai une demande d'autorisations!! j'ai révoqué plusieurs fois les permissions dans "santé de l'avatar" sous firestorm, mais rien n'y fait. quand il est en nounours ou en lapin, bon ok, mais la dernière fois il était juste a poil, et le hud était très très gênant (mon partenaire a très moyennement apprécié......... bien sur rien de grave mais bon! je me suis dit ça doit un peu ressembler aux hugs des vampires, je sais que certains n'ont pas besoin d'autorisations non plus, mais bon! collier d'ail? bulle isolante? fusil d'assault? si vous connaissez la solution, je prends! merci
  8. hello Jennifer, oh good idea; I ll try that , pity!!! thank you
  9. thank you Skell, I m trying since one hour now, reducing legs muscles, still the same did the butt size too, tryied with hips (just to see) nothing seems to fix the issue, even in body fat... I ll wait , and thank you all for your help :-)
  10. thank you Laurel! yes I m used , for trends I dont know, to try demo first. but for the 3 trends with whom I have this problem, I buy to them since ages, always been satisfyed , I wont give their name of course. so yes I didnt tryied demo......... transparent outfit is quite difficult, but some trends have very good results, even when I dance all is perfect.. so I only hope the last jumpsuit's creator will answer me ! :-)
  11. Rowan, I tryied to go in apparence and to "adjust" my butt to my pants (lol) but unfortunatly dont work, this thing stays and shows :-(, I looked on the market place seems there are some "alpha" to wear in add, but not sure , a friend of mine who creates clothes, will try to find a way for me! thank you 🙂
  12. Hello all, I 'm fan of transparent jumpsuit and pants and shirts! I wear a maitreya body (5.3), my body isnt fat, and happens often that flesh goes through, and shows. (sorry for my english) of course you will tell me, buy de demo! But! but! I think the creators know what they do (or are supposed to) the flesh dont show if I put my AO on off! i m supposed to move or dance.... a friend of mine told me that I can manage that with some kinds of alphas I can add, but dont work.... I sent note card the the designers, some are quite well known, and no answer of course.. i take all advices and hints
  13. bonjour le Mama's Pub est à la recherche d'un manager, et de hosts il s'agit d'un pub, reconnu de tous comme étant superbe, un endroit amical mais avant tout dédié à la musique. Il s'agit d'une sim adulte, mais le pub est no-nudité. les deux postes à pourvoir s'adressent de préférence à des personnes parlant anglais, les performers que nous recevont sont principalement anglophones (US, angleterre, Pays-bas, ) mais aussi espagnols, italiens, amérique du sud, afrique du sud, Pérou etc Il ets donc impératif de maitriser la langue anglaise contactez moi in world, ou Not4U resident, le createur et propriétaire (IM mais de préférence note card) la voice est impérativepour pouvoir communiquer plus facilement entre nous tous les lms sont dans nos profils respectifs, ainsi que le calendar
  14. hello all, the Mama's Pub is looking for a manager, preference US time zone, english speaking, maybe another language too (spanish, french, portugese etc) This venue is recognized by all as a wonderful venue, and many live performers would like to jump in the calendar, but! I must sleep (europe time zone here) the first point is to love music as we do, and to be friendly! Voice is required (to be able to communicate between the staff) Its an adult sim, but no nudity in the pub ! Its a pub, not a club, international place, we welcome performers fromm all the world, US, Netherlands, Peru, Venezuela, Suth Africa, France, Great Britai, Italy, Spain, Lithuania, etc etc feel free to visit first, and check my profile, or the profile or the funder Not4U resident, do discoverour calendar and events feel free to contact me or Not4U in world, IM + note card
  15. it is always difficult for me to see the work of an artist destroyed by the deliberate will of a person, draped in his silence and his cowardice, while thousands of others have been able to visit, appreciate, this wonderful paradise created for the community of residents. Open to all, free of access, the whole soul of this Eden, lies precisely in the altruism of the creator. many wonderful sims have disappeared since my debut on SL in 2007. How is it possible that the macabre will of an individual, can harm thousands of others, and especially its creators, !! not a word, not a warning .... I think that many creators of sims such as "DEVIN" will reflect twice before starting such a project,! I ask myself a question .. Who benefits from this, and especially, who killed DEVIN. was it planned? and now.. what will DEVIN's creator do? how to still have confidence? LindenLab, please, have a strong gesture, please, I beg you, DEVIN should not be mentioned in the past, but in the present ...........
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