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  1. bonjour le Mama's Pub est à la recherche d'un manager, et de hosts il s'agit d'un pub, reconnu de tous comme étant superbe, un endroit amical mais avant tout dédié à la musique. Il s'agit d'une sim adulte, mais le pub est no-nudité. les deux postes à pourvoir s'adressent de préférence à des personnes parlant anglais, les performers que nous recevont sont principalement anglophones (US, angleterre, Pays-bas, ) mais aussi espagnols, italiens, amérique du sud, afrique du sud, Pérou etc Il ets donc impératif de maitriser la langue anglaise contactez moi in world, ou Not4U
  2. hello all, the Mama's Pub is looking for a manager, preference US time zone, english speaking, maybe another language too (spanish, french, portugese etc) This venue is recognized by all as a wonderful venue, and many live performers would like to jump in the calendar, but! I must sleep (europe time zone here) the first point is to love music as we do, and to be friendly! Voice is required (to be able to communicate between the staff) Its an adult sim, but no nudity in the pub ! Its a pub, not a club, international place, we welcome performers fromm all the world, US, Netherland
  3. it is always difficult for me to see the work of an artist destroyed by the deliberate will of a person, draped in his silence and his cowardice, while thousands of others have been able to visit, appreciate, this wonderful paradise created for the community of residents. Open to all, free of access, the whole soul of this Eden, lies precisely in the altruism of the creator. many wonderful sims have disappeared since my debut on SL in 2007. How is it possible that the macabre will of an individual, can harm thousands of others, and especially its creators, !! not a word, not a warning .... I t
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