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  1. I wanted to make small parcels but make them use more prims , how can I do that?
  2. No the textures are 24 , only the normal map is 32 because I am using a roughness map there.
  3. recently when I log I am having strange issues like textures on my new built items turning blank , when I relog , may be they still white or alternative another item turns white, plus I even cleared cache, helped a little but seems i have to reput textures into position and even then not always works, putting on bright on textures somehow makes them appear but still not present in the selection image. What can it be? How I fix? I did an item that I gived to a friend and while I see both mine and his version white he sees normally .
  4. I did this : default { state_entry () { llRequestPermissions (llGetOwner (), PERMISSION_ATTACH); //dialog if not worn, automatic if worn } touch_end (integer count) { //Rezzing stuff here { float number = (float) llFrand(llGetInventoryNumber(INVENTORY_OBJECT)); // determine the amount of the content and make a random float string name = llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_OBJECT,(integer) number); //getting the name. the float number becomes integer for that llRezObject(name, llGetPos() + <
  5. Hello I am looking for a professional scripter to make one for me , I can do some scripting but have no time to make so I would like to hire someone to make it on my place, I ned the script to e full perm so that I can edit reuse etc. Contact me inworld or here.
  6. It works only if I select, prss the wheel , to to ore , select touch and then works , but doesnt work on instatouch , which is what I was looking for, is it possible? Also could be possible to add a selfdetach so that after rezzing something it goes into inventory?
  7. I tried when dressed and doesnt work.
  8. Hello , I am looking for a script that allows me to rez poseballs in front of avatar when touch a weared object, can someone help me find one? I found this script in another thread default { touch_start(integer rand) // the interger doesn't matter at all, you can call it whatever you want, it's not used here { float number = (float) llFrand(llGetInventoryNumber(INVENTORY_OBJECT)); // determine the amount of the content and make a random float string name = llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_OBJECT,(integer) number); //getting the name. the float num
  9. Have you exported to fbx of 2013 and then converted to collada dae with the convertor? I was able to import a crappy looking pants but indeed the bones seems outplacing the mesh and I had tomanually edit the vertexes with soft selection to put them into position , but its not a desiderable procedure as you miss the original arrangement of vertexes . About the out of proportion issues, I had those when I was using a wrong unit setup , the one I use and that I check when I import bones etc is Meters, if I import then a dev kit that is not respecting that ( for some reasons seems
  10. The way I see I can , either Refit the clothing in Marvellous Designer, creating different fitting for different bodies, but this might change some foldings and eventually require a different bake for each garment, bonus point it will have a precise tailored fiting for each body, or make one single cloth on a chosen body and then readapt tht to all the others, which might be done by use of cages, soft selections and other ways or even morph targets then rerigged on the other body, thi might though be a little quicker way but have less precision fitting I gues... That's just guess w
  11. Have you tried to export from max into fbx and then use this Autodesk tool to convert to dae? https://images.autodesk.com/adsk/files/fbx20133_converter_win_x64.exe other usefull tips from the wiki Before you export your mesh, make sure that it doesn’t have any stray vertices or overlapping edges. These will either cause unexpected visual results in Second Life or worse, the mesh will fail to upload entirely. Once that’s done, select the mesh and... 1. Go to File --> Export --> Export Selected 2. Select the directory you wish to save the exporte
  12. SoI have got several dev kits for different mesh bodies, but most use maya, blender or other fbx files that when imported in max seem to have issues. they allhave different skeleton setups and some time even naming is different, rotation of bones etc. So my question is , shouln't all those dev bodies use the very same lindenlab provided skeleton? If so why when I import a mesh from another dev into the same scene with another dev kit mesh and skeleton , the old one becomes deformed and distorted? Can I so to create a cloth that adapts to all bodies, just model co
  13. What is the armature? I see some dev kit have , others don't , others have different naming of skeleton , its all such a mess to try to adapt and rig different clothes to different bodies because there is no unified standard, everyone seems to create with his own setting and don't care for other creators that have to work with the files to adapt to more . I am a max user and I ca't find any support for max on that regard, I don't have Maya and I don't like Blender, but seems that most tool creators only focus on blender, even if its very limited on some features compared to other tools.
  14. Are you sayingthat they are leaving SL?
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