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  1. As a matter of calculation , I am not incorrect, I am discussing an argument and you diverged over another . According to my argument the increase is impacting on net income of people, that sums to other fees externally added, I never stated LL was responsible, as you have incorrectly supposed. My statement is correct because if some merchant wants to perceive the same income as before monthly or else , needs to retire an higher amount of money from the platform to compensate the 5% detraction. So he needs to increase by 5% the money retired at least and this then reflects on hi
  2. Are you a merchant ? are you selling items? do you have an income that pays your bills out of SL? Regardless of the judging you might or not do on the subject! It is Relevant to the costs of a Merchant/Creator . Making items is costly and takes time it doesn't come for free, you to make a stupid comparison if you need to pay for the electricity to feed your pc and tools to build the items you sell you need the same amount of money as you got before , so you still need to retire an hipothetical 1050 to receive the same 1000 , on which PP and Government will take the rest after.
  3. The problem that is relevand and discussed here is that for the same work you get less money , and this is a process started last year with the increase of 2.5% now 5% and no limit! this impact on your usual income . So if you usually retired 1000 now you will get 1950 , if you want to still gain the same you need to retire 1050 more or less .... this will reflect for most in an increase of prices overall with merchants both to support their own income, the expenditures of the renting and the premium membership requirements increased too !
  4. Nope if you need to retire the same amout as b4 you will retire 105 and not 97.5.
  5. You don't pay less, you pay the same ! In countries politicians try to reduce taxes to allow the development of their countries and spread of businness... LL is like the government of SL , increasing taxes ( beacuse they rised also the premium membership costs from 75 to 99! ) increasing 5% and puttng no limit to it will damage the SL industry !
  6. OFC is not in control of LL , it just explains that to the 5% you have to add 3.5% of PP and 25% of your country on an already cut payment of -5%.
  7. I do not understand why LL is so focused in Killing SL by attacking the ones that create content ingame! Without Merchants what would be SL? Without Creators what would be SL? Increasing 5% to a no limit feee , it passed from 1,5 to 5% in a two years!!! I mean then you have to account that even paypal cuts another 3,5% on conversion fees. Then there are VAT , that in my country at least takes another 25% ! So whats resulting in the end ? I am really pissed to this habit of milking the cows instead of improving popularity and quality of the platform they point
  8. Thankyou but I had been targetted with bad rating stars on some of my best products even 1 star drops the rating to a no more full 5 stars..
  9. Its not an explicit blackmail but someone that wants money back all time leaving bad reviews totally injustified.
  10. I as seller agree on that with the clausole that any unwanted item will be returned and removed from inventory and world and that LL % gets refunded to the seller as well. This should last for 14 days or a week time so to give time also for contacts to happen.
  11. Is there a way to block certain people to access your merchant store and products? I have got someone blackmailing to get free stuff or leave bad reviews.
  12. I have created a sugestion feature Jira https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-225397 The Processing of credits to Paypal is extremely disadvantageous to non US citizens because Payapl applies extremely high conversion fees plus a distorted exchange rate in their favor Higher Conversion + 3.2%-3.5% ) . This results in businness owners from Europe or other parts of the world to be subject to a further fee that panalizes non US citizens. With a direct transfer instead to https://transferwise.com the fees applied are in line with any other normal bank (0.6%) , its a service t
  13. I am looking for a good looking finely built animated rowboat to allow my visitors to go from island to island , eventually in couple or more sitting in it ... any sugestions?
  14. Hi , I just realized that I have built the whole sim using the wrong group so now all objects are having a group that is not even mine ... how can I mass change the whole sims object group to mine?
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