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  1. can u make a sample of how to ? I am not expert in this, also what means leaky?
  2. Tried that in a prim but seems immoblile without moving , I am missing something?
  3. thanks but how Iadd the gentle roll , yaw and the pitch?
  4. Hello , I am looking for a script that could let my boat to float and rock and look like is buoyancy on water. I bought and tried many scripts and all look bad, robotic , not smooth , jaccy or need a reset after a while, some after I run after some days stop work and show them above water... I noticed a good one in one of the objects I bought recently for a buoy that looks good but is not on sale , so can anywone help me make a good one or point me where to find one? I need that for an item to put people on sit and cuddle . not a vehicle.
  5. A new function like Prim_Type_mesh is not present?
  6. Mmm no , I wanted to change the whole chair while sitting , doesnt mind if it makes me stand after I click it , but is possible to delete the chair and replace with a new chair of different shape but same content?
  7. Cannot even rename them? Or replace with another one?
  8. Is there a script that allows to rewrite content of a notecard with a button and that it autoexcludes as option after?
  9. Ok thankyou , as another question , if I lets say have the item rezzed on ground, removed the rezzer from myself and I want to replace the item right on the spot, touching it , Can I do ? Like I touch the item a manu comes out and rezzes a different version of the item in the same place and rotation and deletes the previous ?
  10. This is giving me syntax error , I tried to implement it in the script but seems I am not able to make it work seems ?
  11. Problem is that the objects do not have the same name. in case of different names how I remove them?
  12. I am lost, any hint on what should I write in those codes?
  13. Yeh I am not getting to finish that 1% part that makes it derez when I rez another item .
  14. Here is what I coded: script on a worn prim : integer on = TRUE; default { state_entry(){ llListen(312321, "", "", ""); } attach(key x){ if(x){ llResetScript(); } } listen(integer channel, string name, key id, string message) { if(message == "back"){ llSleep(0.5); } } touch_end (integer count) { if(llDetectedKey(0) == llGetOwner()){ if(on == TRUE){ llSleep(0.5); float number = (float) ll
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