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Found 14 results

  1. Mine's is definitely Paul, the title character of his 2011 movie.
  2. ...in movies and other forms of fiction? It did. Before "Paul", I thought aliens or extraterrestrials had to be really weird creatures in terms of personality. "Paul" proves they can be down-to-earth as well, so to speak.
  3. Or to put it more precisely, an Extraterrestrial. It's fun being an extraterrestrial in Second Life. I don't even "act weird" (because I'm naturally a weird person in "real life" anyway.) I'm just acting as my real personality with an otherworldly body.
  4. Hello inferior humans... Are you fed up with your miserable Earth existence? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be "surgically" transformed into a different life form and be kept as a willing (or unwilling) slave? Then have I got a deal for you!! I am Lord Dralnu; High Exalted Ruler of Vaspuemia; Conqueror of the Seven Nebulas; Architect of the Journeys of Subjugation; Sovereign of Great and Bountiful Vaspuemian Empire and the Empire wants YOU!!! Contact me if you are interested in this new and unique experience...conditions apply, subject to change at any time, blah, blah blah..... (Now the real stuff....I have had a certain fetish lately of transforming humans (male or female or even male to female) into aliens to be kept as slaves. You would be kept in a small cell with some other slaves to be taken out to be used either for various tasks or sex or both. I may be able to supply some inexpensive items (especially if your body is classic and not mesh) but some may need to be bought on your own. If this sounds of interest to you, feel free to IM me and we can discuss. My times on SL vary but I am mostly on in the evenings SLT+3) We now return you to your regularly scheduled program, already in progress......
  5. Are there any adult sci-fi RP sims left? There used to be quite a few, there were superhero sims, apocalypse sims, and space stations with aliens and robots but now all I seem to find are empty cyberpunk sims. Are there any Adult or even Mature sci-fi role play sims left where someone can get their Trek on or play robots or aliens or anything like that?
  6. ...to use as a regular avatar? This is the regular avatar of my "Gopi Passiflora" account. I act "normally" in Second Life (for the most part.) I interact with people as Gopi using most of my "real" personality. I even keep Breedable Fawns as Gopi. I'm just wondering if you get any sort of dissonance upon seeing my regular avatar (i.e. strange appearance but fairly normal behavior.)
  7. To paraphrase: the Fermi Paradox asks that if extraterrestrial life is common in the universe, why can they not be observed yet? The explanation (that I think is the best) is that distances are too far away for civilizations to communicate or meet. I think this is a good explanation of this paradox because there is an ultimate speed limit for everything in the universe (light, energy, matter, information, etc.) and anything traveling at this speed would still take a long time to move from star to star. Sure, there could be wormholes and Alcubierre Drives might bypass these distances but I'd assume a civilization would be far advanced to use such methods, assuming they exist...because of the energy and science necessary for such phenomena, such civilizations might be indeed a rare occurrence and few and far between.
  8. Hello friends... Have you ever wanted to be abducted by aliens and used as concubines or breeding stock? Even wanted to play an alien or alien collaborator and abduct unsuspecting Earth girls? Then come join our new alien group: Serve or Join the Alien Empire. Check out the group or IM me for more information.
  9. Good day humans, I have started a new alien roleplay group. Come check it out. *********************************************************************************************************************************************** Serve or Join the Alien Empire This group is for females wishing to be abducted by the Great and Glorious Vaspuemian Empire to become concubines or breeding stock. It is also for alien or human males who wish to join the Empire and use these females for their own pleasures. Females are permitted to use this group communicate with each other to discuss their fates. (IMPORTANT: If you wish to breed with or become breeding stock, you must have the Mama Allpa HUD.) secondlife:///app/group/e1d742fb-3bab-897d-0c98-6d94c14a4624
  10. Hey so I saw this person on Instagram who was wearing a head by catwa but idk what head it is nor do I know how to shape catwa heads so I was wondering if anyone could tell me the name of the catwa head they probably used I would be so grateful!Also if anyone could tell me some doll shape creators for catwa or if anyone could help me shape a catwa head that would also be great!Anyways thx in advance🙏☺️ Btw the picture of them is below.
  11. The year is 260 ABY, in a tourist town called Little Star, on the planet Talus. A droid has somehow taken control of the government, but their rule was faced with a large hurdle as of late. A signal turned droids rabid before the source was taken out by a group of unlikely heroes, returning the droids with no memory of the incident. Can peace last? Or have the people been too shaken to accept the droids any longer. Star Wars: Talus is a diverse role playing experience offering several groups to cater to most if not all players and types of characters. Learn the ways of the Force with the Jedi or master its darker aspects as a Sith. Own the mean streets and make a stack of credits as a bounty hunter, or start your criminal career in our nightclubs. Step out of the norm and play as one of countless alien species, or as a member of one of Star Wars’ several different cultures. Talus is a world that thrives on trade and almost every species can find a home in its towering buildings. Partake in sim spanning RP’s alongside others as the sims story continues to develop. Influence the story by joining one of many factions. Factions are player ran and self moderated. Don’t play well with others? Then work as a freelance mercenary, merchant, smuggler...the list is endless. Take a slice of life as the sim is constantly IC, allowing anyone to live out the daily lives of their characters. Fight and talk to other players, grow your character from humble beginnings or, just relax and have a drink with some friends. We’re always open. Looking for: Story Tellers (DMs), Faction Leads, medical and bar staff, store owners, smugglers, bounty hunters, force users, organics supremacy movement, droid army supporters, etc. - Site: http://littlestar-talus.weebly.com/ - Most Recent Events: https://littlestar-talus.weebly.com/news-broadcast - Landmark: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Little%20Star/192/197/24 - Contact ShelKRiddle Resident, RyuneRiddle Resident or Salem Ames with questions!
  12. Want to try a new type of non-skill game? Come to Alienum HQ and discover the game Alienum! Alienum is a sort of the well known fishing games, but with a diferent theme. Here you catch seeds of alien plants. And the better? You can grow those seeds to get ingredients that are used to create special potions to use in the game. More? Get a copy of the plant to decorate your land. Even more? You can earn some Lindens too! Come, visit the HQ, walk around the Alien Tree and visit the Space Station. You can know more about the game in its official website: http://alienumsl.godsinmyroom.com/ and in the Facebook fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/AlienumSL/
  13. Hello I am Yokor the alien and I have started to play a few days ago. I am looking forward spending a bit of money here to get a house and some nice things such as an alien avatar. I am looking for friends to chat with and help me out learning SL and how to make the fun happening! About myself, I am a Zeta Reticuli alien (Greys) and I was dropped on Earth in 1989 in a small town close to Montréal. I have then been in a cover op for a while and now I am here for the contact and disclosure. I have been a part of the mission for a while so now I am tired. If you are interested in an alien friend, I am all here! Sincerly, Yokor
  14. This is the alien avatar of my account. I use this avi almost all the time. While people think it is awesome and make "alien" jokes about it, there have been some people that sad they have been freaked out by it. My intent is not to scare but to amuse people. I'm just wondering if you find it scary....
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