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  1. Maybe update some of the terrain textures and have trees, flowers, stones rez automatically when land is abandon
  2. Pruning your friend list is always a good idea, what is the point of having friends that don't talk to you,
  3. I have been guilty of that, try to find some music and end up going down youtube rabbit hole for hours, lol
  4. When I used to work at clubs, I would sometimes be harass by men that won't take no for answer, I used to turn my avi to something big and ugly, that would scare them off
  5. when they are constantly asking for pixel bumping and i have no interest in that with them
  6. have you try putting something in your profile about not wanting a mesh head or body?
  7. Yes the current forums is a cake walk to old forms, I actually had a good friend that got banned from SL for drunk posting here
  8. Yes, now retired, I have been on your blog before, smiles
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