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  1. Just bought some land which is nice but there is this huge hill ~ are you able to flatten the land or does it stay as is ~ seems when i use the bulldozer it really doesnt do anything ~ land is on mainland
  2. Figured that and lesson learned a very expensive lesson ~ thanks
  3. I paid for a landscaper a lot of money, which the job was not to my liking at all nor was it not even what we discussed ~ I think or rather would like to have her refund at least 1/2 of the money I paid back or am I just SOL?
  4. Why not share what is going on with your RL might raise more awareness to others
  5. I am able to use Marketplace on my tablet but not my desktop and they are both using Chrome ~ tried Mozilla and that was a joke......
  6. I spoke with someone from LL yesterday about getting an error when I try to check out ~ the grid status is still saying it has not been resolved ~ anyone else having this issue ?
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