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  1. I made a JIRA outlining how bone rotation limits could be supported in the viewer in a backwards compatible way
  2. I wrote AnimHacker to try to get a better understanding of the internal SecondLife animation format and play around with it. So I'm messing with Blender, figuring out how a Blender plugin could be developed to extend Avastar to support SecondLife animation constraints Blender has it's own constraints system, but it is far more advanced than the constraints SecondLife has, but I think it could still be used to generate SecondLife constraint animations... So the IK constraint on the right here, it's taking the left wrist and targetting the left foot (I rotated the foot manua
  3. Yes that's a good idea, I'll add that in when I get some time
  4. I made a utility to edit .anim files! Wussis? Anim Hacker is an Open-Source program for Windows that can read and edit SecondLife/Opensim *.anim Animation files. Example uses Edit your animations and set per-joint priorities Add/remove/edit joint motions from your animation Add constraints to your animations Screenshots Disclaimers Anim hacker is in no way associated with Linden Lab, SecondLife or OpenSim. It is third party software. Anim hacker is not professional software. It is written by a hobbyist. It is provided "
  5. I had no idea about Speedlight, thank you@Glaznah Gassnerfor working on the app. App development is one of those thankless tasks, everyone wants a button on their screen for 0.99 but does not grasp the amount of work that goes into these things
  6. Sorry I missed your IM, it's nothing personal. Right now I'm just writing a very basic tool to hack .anim files which I will make available once I'm happy it's working OK. I think in the long term it would be better to get tools into Blender etc to use these. I've written Blender plugins before so I might have a go but not sure yet. In my ideal world it'd be in Avastar itself. I'm not sure if this is true, from my understanding of it after I wrote a parser for these files, each constraint has a specific defined time when they start and stop At least as I understand it,
  7. TLDR: SecondLife supports many of the advanced animation techniques of modern games - But we just don't take advantage of it. The Basics The majority of uploaded animations are in a format where each bone along a chain of bones has a fixed rotation value - This is commonly referred to as an FK animation. FK Animations are OK for single poses - But they have flaws with couple poses. For example when you want to hold hands with someone else, more often than not your hands will not line up with your partners, because the rotation of each bone needed for the hands to meet each other
  8. I don't think the partnership box in SL really has the gravity OP seems to think it has
  9. Here's an example of how you could get something close to an associative array in LSL. It uses a strided list for quick iteration of keys, but uses json to store the value to allow more complicated data structure:- list people; // Add a person to people // name: The person's name // details: JSON Encoded Object containing age, fav_food, shirt_color, description add_person(string name, string details) { people += [name, details]; } string get_person(string name) { integer i; integer num_people = llGetListLength(people); while (i < num_people) { if (name ==
  10. Depends on the type of sim you go to. I mean a lot of casual social sims people aren't looking to interact with your avatar they're looking to interact with you. Roleplay sims on the other hand will have people looking to interact with your avatar than you instead.
  11. ??? I do not think that your frame of mind surrounding how you talk to others will allow you to make progress towards helping your partner. Might I remind you that a human being is going to read what you wrote. It might help you to follow the principle of Hanlon's Razor, ie. "Assume ignorance before malice" - you might find people are more receptive of your concerns.
  12. To me it just sounds like negative reinforcement. Who would want to be a creator if you found yourself in a position where if you do something wrong you'd find yourself threatened with being put on some wall of shame, told how bad you are or worse harassed. There is enough performance anxiety at our real jobs. SecondLife is a place where we can try and fail repeatedly and feel like we are not risking our lives doing so. It gives us freedom to experiment. Why not do something positive that encourages positive behaviour? A creator rewards, reward people who do go above and beyond
  13. Is this actually true? I thought that if a prim cube occludes an object behind it, the object behind is excluded from being drawn. I know that Sinespace has this behaviour because if you clip your camera halfway into a wall objects disappear
  14. Sim Rent is by far the biggest expense at around 15k L$ a week... oof
  15. Has anyone else noticed that culture surrounding death seems to just suck. Like I mean, stopping 90 y/o Grandma seeing their kids in case Grandma dies. What do people think Grandma lives for, do they think she is planning to go skydiving? No the only company she gets is her family. What purpose does it serve to survive a virus if you're already on deaths door and just want to live and enjoy the last part of your life? And like the same with Hospitals where every death is treated as a preventable tragedy, where doctors would rather put people on deaths door through extreme pain/suffer
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