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  1. *Sitting here on my 4th cuppa dipping bourbon creams* Nope, no Brit to be found here
  2. As a Merchant you can view what % of revenue on products you share with others by going to the Revenue Distributions page on the Marketplace. What I want to know is, how can I as a contributor to other peoples products, view the revenue shared with me?
  3. When you talk to a parrot, it does not understand what you say, and yet it remembers the sound, and repeats it without any further understanding. It is not performing some kind of theft, it is merely repeating a familiar sound it enjoys. I think you're setting yourself up to be upset when you expect that people are going to stop copying what they see or hear, because it's just a natural thing for humans to do. I sympathize with the loss of income, but I think for things like that is why we have things like Intellectual Property rights, trademarks etc, you're never going to stop profiteers
  4. The thing about SL Simulators is that it does just that, simulate. Every 40th of a second it goes through and processes any script events in all objects, does the physics calculations for physics objects, sends updates to all the viewers, makes http requests on behalf of the radio the media and scripts can access the wide Web on http too, not to mention also the cost of voice servers. And it does just that, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. There's a fair amount of bandwidth and electricity cost that that entails. Most game servers are only running as long as someone is using them and se
  5. Ladies and Gentlemen we will now be performing a sim crossing, please attach your scuba gear as there is a 25 percent chance that you will find yourself in the bottom of the ocean 🐟🐠
  6. Creators can also put keywords on their product that don't show up on the page itself, but will get caught by search. It's possible to view these keywords in the page source, it's the tag <meta name="keywords... <meta name="keywords" content="Tonic,maitreya,slink,belleza,tank,top,shirt,braless,no,bra,nipple,goth,rock,concert,band,tee,shirt,dj,club,music,horror,halloween,samhain,tool,metal,heavy,jason,freddy,krugar,micheal,myers,crow,the,"/> Bra and Club are both present in the keywords of the product. 'And' is typically considered a noise word in most search engines and is
  7. what kind of black magic voodoo is going on there to get such low LI with a physics shape that has more tri's than a cube? every time i've ever had to upload a model with an even slightly complex physics shape it has increased the cost significantly
  8. I've owned a private sim for about 4 years and it's a good social study on this, being an environment where most things are made by me and my mesh is for the most part based on an RL reference/measurements as that helps ensure that all buildings/furniture/assets etc feel the right size together. In my experience, very tall guests who come and stay at my sim for a while generally adjust their avatars size within a couple of days. I'd guess it's because the environment 'makes them feel' tall and the natural desire to fit in amongst other avatars who are more reasonably sized. You do ne
  9. There's a popular racing game series out there right now called Trackmania, the game has a 'block based' map editor where you can place scenery blocks etc. One unprecedented thing that it also has, is a sort of 'block editor' which is basically a very simple click and drag mesh editor, you hover over the mesh and click and drag points to manipulate the shape. It has a few basic things to make new tri's and extrude, and an ability to curve things to follow a path, but that's about it, but it's enough to birth an entire community of people who make 'custom blocks' https://item.mania.exchang
  10. Just realized that on the second video I had more options in my menu than on the first. Maybe they didn't load because I'd just switched from the EEP viewer to release viewer to take that screenshot of the quick prefs and it borked something, I did restart my viewer before taking the 2nd video
  11. The WL Sky dropdown doesn't let you go back to Shared Environment once you select something else. I'm able to return to my EEP Settings by pressing the X, albeit temporarily invoking Chernobyl
  12. Speaking of quick preferences in the EEP Viewer, the quick preferences for windlight work in mysterious ways...
  13. No this The little sun/moon graphic might not make sense anymore, but I don't see why when EEP is set to a day cycle, we couldn't have a bar like before.
  14. 1 meter in SL is 1 meter in RL. When you start paying attention to detail using references and measurements, you'll quickly realize that lots of creations where people have just eyeballed it are way out of scale, that's because the SL camera is placed unusually high
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