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  1. I've owned a private sim for about 4 years and it's a good social study on this, being an environment where most things are made by me and my mesh is for the most part based on an RL reference/measurements as that helps ensure that all buildings/furniture/assets etc feel the right size together. In my experience, very tall guests who come and stay at my sim for a while generally adjust their avatars size within a couple of days. I'd guess it's because the environment 'makes them feel' tall and the natural desire to fit in amongst other avatars who are more reasonably sized. You do need to zoom in on the default viewer, in Firestorm is less of an issue because people can ctrl+scroll/ctrl+shift+scroll to adjust camera height and pitch. At the end of the day, any 3D creator worth their salt uses references and some form of scale to ensure that their creations all 'feel right' together, as otherwise you end up with scale uncanny valley. Sure, you could use bananas, but all that means is that one artist is going to decide a banana is a meter to inform their creations, another a foot, and some smartass is going to look up the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) standard banana sizes, and decide that the true unit is actually 6.75 inches (0.17 meters) based on the length of the average 'medium' banana 🍌 If every creator is working to a different scale, there is no interoperability of 3d models between environments, which would mean that sim owners wouldn't buy no-mod objects from each other because their sims are all to different scales, likewise people would need to create a new shape for every sim they visit. Having a standard unit and working by it has value. The question then becomes, who should set the standard unit? The people who designed the game and chose 'meter' as the unit, or random people who don't work to any real unit at all and are just reacting to their environment?
  2. There's a popular racing game series out there right now called Trackmania, the game has a 'block based' map editor where you can place scenery blocks etc. One unprecedented thing that it also has, is a sort of 'block editor' which is basically a very simple click and drag mesh editor, you hover over the mesh and click and drag points to manipulate the shape. It has a few basic things to make new tri's and extrude, and an ability to curve things to follow a path, but that's about it, but it's enough to birth an entire community of people who make 'custom blocks' https://item.mania.exchange/ I guess what I'm trying to get at is, I think that having a very basic mesh editor inside SL is not beyond the technical realms of possibility, such things have been made before in other games, if they're a bit rare, then noobs could have fun just manipulating mesh items that already exist, or even rezzing a default cube and being able to manipulate it as a mesh. Sure, they can't make clothes with something like this because mesh still has to be rigged, but it should be a nice introduction to mesh modelling for people that doesn't throw them too far into the deep end at first, and eases the learning process into more advanced tools.
  3. Just realized that on the second video I had more options in my menu than on the first. Maybe they didn't load because I'd just switched from the EEP viewer to release viewer to take that screenshot of the quick prefs and it borked something, I did restart my viewer before taking the 2nd video
  4. The WL Sky dropdown doesn't let you go back to Shared Environment once you select something else. I'm able to return to my EEP Settings by pressing the X, albeit temporarily invoking Chernobyl
  5. Speaking of quick preferences in the EEP Viewer, the quick preferences for windlight work in mysterious ways...
  6. No this The little sun/moon graphic might not make sense anymore, but I don't see why when EEP is set to a day cycle, we couldn't have a bar like before.
  7. 1 meter in SL is 1 meter in RL. When you start paying attention to detail using references and measurements, you'll quickly realize that lots of creations where people have just eyeballed it are way out of scale, that's because the SL camera is placed unusually high
  8. Hey, I own a Spacemouse, but one of the bigger chunky bois Are you entering Flycam mode before trying to move the camera around? It's the 'Menu' button on my Spacemouse, or Alt + Shift + F with advanced menu enabled
  9. One thing I really miss in the Firestorm EEP Viewer is the quick setting from Windlight era that let you scrub through the day cycle. I feel like some version of that really ought to be restored so that we can scrub through EEP day cycles fast for a picture or something
  10. I feel like it's worth saying as someone who is introverted that we do enjoy seeing you and being around you, we want to hear about your life and how you are, but maybe more like one or two people at a time than a big group. I think just you know, take it down a peg or two, we're a little more easily over stimulated and more used to thinking inside the world inside our head, it's what makes being in a group so daunting as by the time you've decided on what you want to say the conversation has changed to a different topic whereas others are just sort of talking as they think, I think that is where the energy drain comes from more than anything
  11. In my region, some objects use llGetTimeOfDay() to determine whether or not things like lights should be on or off. EEP day cycles can have varying day lengths, offsets etc. how will this effect llGetTimeOfDay()?
  12. No, but the issue is Patrisse Cullors in that video was not asked about her personal beliefs or what ideology she personally subscribes to. The question was basically, and I'm paraphrasing heavily because the guy really minces his words:- So her response is clearly not just about her personal beliefs in this context because she was asked about the ideological direction of the organization itself.
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