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  1. I am curious about the internal nature of how llSleep is handled on LL Servers. Coming from a background in software engineering, usually to 'Sleep' in programming implies blocking the thread, something that is quite undesirable because it causes the system to no longer be able to use that thread to perform other tasks, which is why we usually prefer to turn to a more asynchronous model of programming, preferring events (eg, timers) so as to keep the thread open for other tasks to use. So that got me wondering, is llSleep actually blocking a thread in the server side code whenever it is being called? It would seem that, if this were true, it would make servers vulnerable to being completely thread-blocked. It seems unlikely to me that LL would want people to actually be able to sleep in threads. So I wonder perhaps does llSleep when compiled, actually generate a state machine similar to async/await model in C#?
  2. I don't think it's necessarily just about sexualization although I am sure it is a part of it. Making good looking long skirts in Secondlife is basically impossible due to the fundamentals of how clothes rigging works in Secondlife. Even once you start to approach the knees you are basically signing your creation up for a bunch of clipping or some really weird deformations during movement. There is a low incentive for creators to take the time to make long skirts when they know that 1. They're not going to deform as realistically as short skirts and 2. They won't sell as much. Other games usually get around this issue by either giving their female protagonists pants, or implementing some kind of clothing physics. Which LL could do, but are probably not keen to do due to new technology requirements/software development/testing etc that goes into getting something like that working.
  3. When I started playing SL in like 2008 I set up a headquarters out of prims on I think yumix's land, we had those prim police cars that could fly if you held page up/down at the same time. Went around making a racket and having a blast with a friend for a while like this. Our headquarters was like 12 stories high too, it had one of those scripted elevators that were the fascination of SL at the time. Great times
  4. I've actually been around on SL since about 2008 but I've never really introduced myself. Some things about me:- I love to create stuff. I run the anime themed roleplay school, Kokoro Academy, which I've been building since 2014! In RL I work as a software engineer, and I can reach >100 Words per minute 🔥 I'm a dude, and I live in London! Best, ~Captain Ai, At your service ( `∀´)ゝ”
  5. As someone who is making an anime-themed sim that I hope one day people can roleplay in and make friends etc, I must admit I am one of those introverted people who just made my place because I enjoy building things and have basically no experience in roleplay itself. What do you guys enjoy the most in roleplay and what in your opinion makes a high quality roleplay experience?
  6. That the next generation of people won't discover the joys of creating and sharing content and worlds on computers in virtual worlds, instead the height of creative experience becoming sharing meme's on Snapchat or whatever happens to be popular in 2029.
  7. The thing is, if we just made the same prim builds we made out of mesh today, with the same level of detail, the efficiency improvement is 10 fold, as mesh is far more efficient in terms of performance to detail than prims. It's not the technology, it's the economics. Commercial creators are heavily incentivized to cram as much detail as possible, into as low an LI as possible. They do this by 'cheating' the Level of Detail System by supplying a single tri to Medium, Low and Lowest Models(A mesh has different levels of detail based on zoom level) to get lower LI, whilst still having poorly optimized highest model and demanding users set their LoD factor up to max or even changing debug settings in their viewer. With the right economics, mesh is less laggy than Prims Take for example, my simulator, Kokoro Academy. I own the sim, and I create everything in it. I'm not trying to sell the content to anyone, I just want people to enjoy themselves, because of this, it's in my interest to create highly optimized models, proper LoD models, using alpha blending, large textures very sparingly, etc. Users in my sim regularly tell me that they are confused why their computer runs smoother in my sim than another sim that has the same apparent amount of detail. What needs to be done is we need to find a tangible way to incentivize commercially motivated creators to optimize their products. The average consumer generally does not consider efficiency in their purchase, only how good the product looks. Personally I'm not 100% sure what we could do, but I know this is the area that needs solving.
  8. Ok so, scratch my previous thread, offline rez-rights do not appear to be working at all, which is a showstopper for the development of my Experience as it depends on being able to rez HUDs to attach to visitors of the sim along with the rezzing of rooms etc. My JIRA: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-10520 llRezObject Wiki: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LlRezObject Following the LSL Wiki closely, I deeded my land to my group (of which I created/remain in owner role), and deeded my object rezzer also to the group. The rezzer is not only deeded to my group but it's group is also set to my group. In my land settings, I have tried both setting to 'Everyone' and 'Group' - Neither work. The script is set to Mono and using my Experience also.. Please can someone investigate this, this is a huge showstopper!!
  9. Ok, I finally got this working, here's what I did incase it helps someone else: ❤ As Rolig Suggested: - - ❤ Set the Rezzer Object to be Shared to the group - - ❤ Set the Script inside the Rezzer Object to Shared to group - - ❤ Additionally, I set the object to be rezzed (the HUD) inside the rezzer, to shared to group ❤ I also had a big GOTCHA :- - - ❤ In my script, inside the attach() event I was calling through to llRequestExperiencePermissions - - ❤ Inside ExperiencePermissionsDenied event, I was calling through to llDie() after llDetachFromAvatar() - - ❤ attach() event was being called onRez, even though not attached, and ofcourse object llDie's silently ❤ To fix my GOTCHA :- - - ❤ Inside attach(key id) event, I put my call to llRequestExperiencePermissions to be inside if(id) { . . . }
  10. Hello, I ,encountered a sneaky limitation that I was unaware of the other day, and I'm wondering if anyone can advise me how to work around this problem; My Experience has a central prim that rezzes HUD's that attach to the user - This works fine, except, I found out, it doesn't, when I'm offline. When I'm offline, apparently this fails, with no trace of failure for me to see other than someone asking me why nothing happened (This is pretty bad) - So I read into llRezObjects and found out about 'offline rez rights' Here's the thing about my object - It's in land I own, it's in the group I own which is also the group for the land, it should be able to rez, right? My land is set to group can rez also. But apparently, it can't. I tried making a copy of the object, and deeding the object to my group, however, I then lost edit rights to my own script, even though the group I deeded the object to is mine, the object is created by me.. I mean, I'm totally bewildered how I am supposed to work with these permissions. Has anyone sussed out the secret sauce for getting this to work? The documentation clearly has some weak spots in this regard
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