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  1. I don't advocate for destroying what's already there, but it would be good to see improvements in future development. I think it would be interesting if Linden Labs next Mainland development was a more European approach to land development as an alternative life style for SecondLife residents What I mean is, SecondLife takes this largely American approach where there are these square parcels of land, everyone has a big lawn, everything is so spaced apart that there is no motivation to leave your parcel as everything is too far away to walk. In fact, for a game where walking is the pr
  2. I am glad you think it would be useful honestly, I was beginning to think I had made something nobody wanted after my thread got chucked. I've put a link to it in my picks in my in-world profile. Forum moderators can't get me there buwahaha
  3. Honestly the code is not that exciting. The tool itself on a technical level is just a glorified XML reader/writer, it's not doing interacting with the viewer in any way. You can export a shape in Firestorm using Developer -> Avatar -> Character Tests -> Appearance to XML. At which point if you really wanted to, you could edit those files with a text editor too although it would be very tedious due to the structure of the files. No hacks to be found here.
  4. Well a Linden yeeted my thread. What is the point of making workarounds for frequently encountered problems of SecondLife residents if I can't actually share that I've made a workaround. Waste of an evening.
  5. FInd a body you like that seems under-served in terms of clothing. Doing the same thing everyone else is doing is a trap. It just means you have more competition and people already have items that are good enough. Find a niche, a hole in the market. I had a huge amount of success doing this in my early days when I was still actively doing store stuff. Hell, make a new hole and show people something they didn't know they wanted.
  6. I usually just IM them somethin along the lines of 'buttbums quit ya lurkin and come over here till ur captain gets a good lookin at you'. Works for me
  7. Never mind since found what I wanted here http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Appearance_Editor_and_affected_bones Thanks Jym Nova I since released my tool:
  8. Currently people are buying bodies and heads that come with their own shape and it's not possible to combine shapes within the SecondLife viewer in a non-tedious fashion. My aim is to make a program to take two Appearance xml files and Frankenstein the head of one and the body of another together. The XML Format is partially documented here. It states that param nodes contain an id that references a slider in SecondLife. I wondered if there is anyone on this forum who happens to have the list of ids and the sliders they pertain to?
  9. One thing not mentioned here is the importance of knowing how to get the best out of your physics mesh If the physics mesh is one complicated mesh that is all joined together, the physics weight of the object skyrockets and in turn the LI. You can still have fairly accurate physics on a building, but the trick is to make a physics mesh out of many separate mesh cubes (with no vertices joined to other cubes). Has something to do with how the havok engine does things.
  10. I wouldn't mind games getting so big so long as they have the content to match. A laptop form factor hard drive is smaller than a CD anyway, we could have something akin to a CD drive bay for these things and it would be no different to a game cartridge, or they could come in an enclosure that can be plugged into a fast enough port, actually I think that would be pretty neat
  11. I have a very small group of ~25 members that sometimes I would like to talk to. I'm the group owner, however opening the group chat, only a few of the people who were online in the group showed up in the sidebar. I typed a simple hello into the chat and nobody replied. Asked a couple of friends who are online and in the group if they had gotten the message - Nope. I mean here's the thing. I don't think this is good enough and I ask Linden Lab - What are you going to do to make up for it? You know, I'm here paying for premium, running a community and me nor the people in it are able
  12. To beat my own drum a little bit, I've had success updating animations I've created and uploaded in the past by using an unofficial viewer to export the animation as a .animatn file, rename to .anim and used my Anim Hacker utility to manipulate the .anim file changing things about the animation including priority, joint pos, rot etc, and re-upload. Of course, they were my animations to begin with that I created, don't break LL TOS
  13. Be careful what you wish for The reason we can't stream SecondLife on Twitch is because we can do whatever we want in it. There's no game mechanics it is just an open platform that people use how they like. To aim to make SecondLife streamable, is to fundamentally change what SecondLife is and how it is governed.
  14. Stupid question - I know the Catznip viewer has a lot of performance optimisations, whats to stop Catznip people putting that back into the mainline viewer or someone at LL yoinking out the good bits? Aren't they both open source?
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