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Found 12 results

  1. Thought I'd start a new thread although there's similar speculative threads on what people think they might see in Premium Plus. This one is little different - what would you like to see in Premium Plus? Personally, I'd like to see: New exclusive adult continent linked to Zindra, similar to Horizons. - Perhaps 2048 sqm per parcel with double prims. Available to purchase to anyone with Premium Plus. Beach/island theme with access to sailing areas. Give it a Blake Sea look & feel and it will sell like hot cakes 2048 sqm inclusive tier allowance Increased number of groups Weekly stipend of L$500 Linden Lab hosted radio/stream Ability to list parcels for rent on the map/search Access to a Linden Lab hosted rental/payment system with integration with land management tools (Similar to Casperlet but with better integration with parcel/land management) These are just a few I'd like to see. Some I know will never happen as they may have legal implications or require a lot of dev work, but it's nice to dream. Would be interested to hear other people's ideas.
  2. hello can someone help me and suggest a club events ideas that i can do for the club i will appreciate it . Thank you
  3. Hello, I am wanting to start a BeYou Eatery, but I am running into a problem. Now I am not sure where I should have put this question so sorry if it is in the wrong page or something. I hope there is someone out there that could possibly help me with this so I can continue on with my idea. Anyways, I want to be able to sell the food to customers who come in even when I am not online, but I want it to where they must buy before getting it, but I don't know a way to do so. Now I did think of the idea of boxing up food, but I would like that for to-go foods if at all possible. If there is a way to do this I would really appreciate the help, but I will take other ideas as well! I want to get a move on my project and open. Thank you in advance.
  4. Good evening everyone! I'd like to reach out to the forums for some ideas / help. Mostly ideas or what you do for the next thing I write. I've been on SL for many years now and through out my time I have become a big collector in clothes, bodies, heads, ect. However; I also have owned many plots of land in my time vary in themes and locations. I've been trying to organize my inventory for a long time and it appears to get worse and worse! With owning so many different items, it's becoming hard to figure out how I want to organize stuff. What I have tried: Organize by Brand: I have given this a shot and to my shock, there is a lot of brands I buy from! Sadly, there is some brands I have only ever purchased once from. So it feel pointless to make a folder just for one brand's items. On top of this, some brands make decor and clothes! Or a mix of everything else to offer in SL, which drives me nuts having decor and clothes in the same folder. Organize by Types: Shirts, Pants, Shoes, Ect. Ahh yes, I have tried! The clothing is the easier part of this, but when it comes to decor, a whole mess of questions come in for me. Do I organize by themes, or just through it all into the same things such a "Beds" even though some beds might be dark and spooky while others are kawaii, bright and pink! ***** it all: I tried this as well, but the overwhelming need to de-clutter and organize distracts me to the core! So ... what are your ideas?
  5. Hi Everyone :) I have been trying to think of room ideas all day for my family home and when asking my children what rooms they would like to see in our home I got the : Idk, whatever makes you happy and of course their bedrooms. So now I wish to ask the community, below is a google forum of a few ideas I had but if you have any other ideas I would love to hear them. Thank you all for your help. :) https://goo.gl/forms/GxywLTKNu6Ss19Xh1
  6. I recently bought my first piece of beach land and it is a on a little bit of an angle and I am having a hard time getting any of my houses to sit right. Is there anything I can buy or anything I can do to fix this. This is as low as the back land will get so when I place my house half of it is under the ground because of it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Maxi I would like to use my (ba) mansfield converted barn - {Noble} TM edition on my land if I could.
  7. I have been helping behind the scenes build rp communities for years. be it simple cars, textures, trains, some of the best custom building or sim layouts, racetracks, housing communities, and so much more. My waiting list is finally short enough to begin advertising again. https://www.flickr.com/photos/rprides/ find me on flickr to find my work. theres virtually nothing impossible in sl. let me help make your dream a reality.
  8. Yin&Yang Midwife is a newly opened business and is looking for ideas that would help further the business. suggestions about what people would like for a midwife or the environment they would most likely feel comfortable in. Please let us know the midwife is equipped with mama allpa OB-GYN and Midwife.
  9. I'm new but I'm aware of the ups and downs of SL and I have a mind for business. Spent about 2 weeks now doing almost nothing but SL, as is my nature when I examine a new business opportunity. As is, the only reasonable way to earn in SL without having a genius on staff create a new disruption of one type or another, outside of skill gaming, is to have things and land that create a small profit and just repeat it over and over and over. Risky. But it would be SOOOO easy to fix. It's apparent within a week on this game if you know finance and investment. SL revolves around its creators and its land. Period. You HAVE to give creators reason to create. 1. never, ever, ever under any circumstance create new islands. never. real estate prices MUST increase. The only exception is - THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS. 2. lower the tier price. It will create MORE revenue for them, not less 3. create a minimum sales value on the marketplace. people have to have a reason to visit the sims in game. 4. LET THE LINDEN FLOAT - and if possible, merge into crypto. If L$ floated higher, eventually even a 10L sale would be meaningful. Not 4 cents anymore, which is frigging absurd. People who don't want to sink USD into the game would instead sink their TIME and ENERGY and CREATIVITY in, so that they could earn L$ which now have an ACTUAL VALUE. SL needs a deflating currency more than Jimmy Kimmel needs a new shtick. If L$ had been bitcoin, or its own crypto, SL would have so many content creators the non-virtual world would be BEGGING them to come back. If it goes too far LL could start selling L$ again and inflate. 5. continue to make improvements to performance and graphics. Just keep up with the times, that's all. It's doable. WoW has done it, too slow, but they are doing it. 6. ALLOW BANKS TO FORM!!!! Finance for investment works. It just does. Communists, gtfo now. This is all that needs to be done. Given a little time and press and ANY of these would bring thousands back. Do them all and there would be 250,000 concurrent users within a year. Now, obviously I expect LL to instantly implement all of these ideas, hire me as a consultant, and apologize for the last 8 years. So you're welcome SL. /sarcasm My impression is that the people who make decisions don't even read the blogs or forums.
  10. "Second life is running slow on my computer." Maybe, it could run faster on a tablet. Why? Because most tablets contain more GB/Memory than computers. I don't know how making apps work, but could they import second life into a app? Maybe they could also give you about 2-5 linden when you watch a video. If more people could share my idea it would be amazing.
  11. Suggestion: would be nice if Linden Labs create a double premium setup. I am currently a premium user, but would be nice to have 1024 instead of 512, more prims to use etc. would be nice if there was a double premium account option, where we could pay twice the amount per month, quarter, or year and get twice the options that the premium users get now. Any opinions on this?
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