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  1. Myself, and others are stilled plagued by the Grey Boxes for in-world search and profiles. Myself, it's been following me for 2-3 years, and only intermittenly working. Has anyone ever figured out what the problem with that is? So, to cover first... Yes, complete re-installs have been done. Yes, cache and history have been cleared. Yes, Javascript, etc is all enabled. Yes, SLPlugs is an exception to the virus scanner and permitted to operate through the firewall. Yes, everything else works perfectly fine, it's only in-world browser functions that are complete kaput. No, I will not use a third
  2. Substance Painter is one of the best texturing pieces of software you could ever own. Hands down. Nothing is even close to par.
  3. Hi, there, my name (as the post says) is Lillani Lowell. I am offering my services to select individuals who need an animator, mesh builder, textures, or possibly a scripter (project depending). If you are considering hiring me, please read this post in its entirely and take into consideration what I can and cannot do for you. After reading this post, and if you decide you want to talk to me, please do so in-world, as I do not check the forums regularly. =============== I have extensive experience with Second Life; and I am what you would call a Little Miss of All Trades; I can script, I can a
  4. Hey Dora, thanks for the response, but I don't understand what it's returning or how I would use its results, essentially. Let's say I want the Z axis of my object to point at <10, 0, 10> (relative of its position, leaning forward)... and I want the X axis of my object pointing to <20, 30, 15> (a random coordinate in the region). How am I using this function? And am I using it in llLookAt? llRotLookAt?
  5. Or, alternatively... Is there a way I can use JUST llLookAt to clamp the Z axis up while making the X axis look in a specific direction?
  6. So, I am an advanced coder, but when it comes to physics and certain rotations; Second Life tends to have me perplexed (I'm not a math wizard, anyway). This is what I'm trying to do... I am working on a vehicle akin to to a hovercraft that when it moves forward, back, left, or right it needs to tilt/lean in the direction its moving (so, I'm using llLookAt) to create a dampened tilt in the direction it needs to move... this vehicle also tracks targets and needs to use llRotLookAt to rotate itself and orient the front of the vehicle toward a target. And here's the problem I am running into... ll
  7. What happens to old landmarks if you change the name if your island? Do they point to the new island name even if they were made on the old island name?
  8. I am offering my services for custom animations, meshes, and one and one business consulting. Depending on your needs, I can create either simple animation loops or longer, more complex motion, depending on your needs and budget. Commissioned animations will be exclusive to you, and I will even email the .bvh file to you so that you can upload it in your own name, showing you as the creator. I am also offering custom mesh work; nothing too complex or time consuming, but perhaps you have furniture made from prims you would like turned into a nice mesh? I can also do the texturing and texture b
  9. First, I should start off and establish myself by saying that my name (as shown) is Lillani Lowell, and I am a long term (and successful) merchant here in Second Life. At the peak of my SL career, I was making a lovely living here, but in the last few years have moved to other interests in the real world and I have not been entirely interested in Second Life as a platform, per se, with only the occasional update and/or release. However, as my real world projects are coming to an end, I am finding myself with more time and a new eye for Second Life and its wonderfully new and upcoming features
  10. So, I've been awhile from Second Life for awhile and now there's a direct delivery thing I need to set up. So, I'm in the process of setting this up, or at least trying, and it constantly fails due to initialization problems. And yet, there's this blog saying the Magic Box will be deactivated and dead, when we can't even migrate our items using the Merchant Outbox due to problems? I've been reading the posts, and it seems people have been having serious problems with this since it was introduced, and they're STILL planning on deadlining the switch over from Magic Box to Direct Delivery?? So, y
  11. I would rather deal with someone who is invested and involved in Second Life. Preferably, someone else, who like me, has made their living in Second Life and understands the virtual environment, micro-payments, and Second Life itself. Plus, what I'm interested in developing is purely for profit generation, not to benefit users. So, there's a very good chance for a high return. That said, I may very well have what I need to go it on my own very shortly!
  12. Hi, outtaspace. It's USD. L$ 20,000 wouldn't go very far, hehe. Though, as of this afternoon, I've managed to put together a few unique ideas which I think can boost my SL revenue to the amount I need to cover my startup costs without an outside investor; it would just take an additional 3-5 months to reach where I want to be startup wise. Linden Lab is giving us such wonderful tools to work with, I can't help but throw myself back into the fray.
  13. To who may be interested ..... I am looking for someone interested in providing start-up capital by investing in a project idea I have in mind that I believe would work well within the Second Life environment, especially given the upcoming features. Inworld, I am Lillani Lowell, creator of the Dictatorshop and LockGuard protocol; a serious, long term (about 6 years) resident (premium member/island owner) of Second Life. I am well known in my field, my products are long standing, robust, and often raved about in reviews..... I am a scripter, mesh builder, texture artist, animator, with a numbe
  14. I'll partially agree, while some of the complaints are legitimate concerns, most of them are nothing but rubbish posts, but I was in no way coarse or vulgar in any of my posts, but you will see things the way you do and there's nothing I will or want to do to change that. And sure, I speak my mind, and I might dismiss some of what people have had to say as fluff, but I've not insulted a single person for their opinion; and certainly have not been vulgar, nor called anyone names. Some people can disagree with what people say without resorting to insults and name calling.
  15. Mael, I was relating MY positive experiences with SL; that's not exactly brown nosing. And also, I've not insulted you personally; yet, you've called me a brown noser, said I was paid by Linden Lab for actually congratulating them on what I see as a success, and pretty much called me 'sick' in the process-- and after you said all those lovely things to me, I simply said I wouldn't want to get to know you. So, here's a mirror, doll, have a look at yourself.
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