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Found 84 results

  1. FoxyLiddell


    Somebody could help me? My shape says that it is not in the database or something like that and I can no longer put it on or modify it, what do I do? please help as i already cleared my cache and nothing
  2. Hallo everyone! - but especially SL experts who can actually help with this topic! Since Feb, 2008 my inventory has been reporting this problem: every now and then my avatar would receive a "New Pant" item, wearing it at log in. Basically, a "New Pant" is randomly created while I'm offline, it appears in "Lost and Found" folder, and it is worn on my avatar while offline. It does not happen every time I log inWorld, but it is somehow annoying and I've decided to take action. I've found no issue like that posted in any of the recently opened Forums, so hopefully this topic will have some followings. How can I do to remove this spamming pajama from my avatar? Does anybody else has the same issue?
  3. Hello, do you guys know how to recover or where to find an important item i lost i did not delete myself since i didnt empty my trash bin in a while. Thing is i had rezzed an item in a linden home of a friend, her suscription ended and i never got the items from her home and one of them is very important to me for 2 reasons worth more than 20k and is something that reminds me to my former partner who passed away. I check everywhere inventory, lost and found visit many places even her linden home but nothing, i know where the last place i rezz it and was there, is there a way to ask LL for a return or i lost it forever?? Please help with any guidance
  4. My built house on purchased land has all-sorts of items in it, such as TV, sofa, bed, shower, sink, & air conditioner--the list goes on. Can house inventory "link" together to edit a (move) together on the sim, without re-position of items in the house?
  5. I just purchased an ultra rare gacha item from the Second Life Marketplace. When I received it, it contained an item that was not even listed as the one being sold. I paid $750 for a dress and boots and instead received ONLY a fitted skirt with veil (*Amaelle* FDD Stories gacha items). As this is a gacha item, I know it cannot be redelivered. However, I paid the price for ultra rares and did not receive them. Also, I cannot determine who the seller is in order to ask for either a refund or replacement with correct (as advertised) items. What is my recourse? Do I have to just eat this and like it or is it possible to resolve this issue? Thanks in advance for any help!
  6. I have a really odd one here..... If someone sends me something in a folder - notecards, LM''s, poses, animations, gestures etc... I do not receive the folder....It shows in local that I have received it, and it shows on my transactions that I have been sent an item, yet nothing shows in my inv. I have to ask the sender to put the item inside a prim and send me the prim. This is becoming increasingly annoying as I have to pass and receive a lot of items. Has anyone heard of this happening before or experienced it themselves? I have tried clearing my cache, logging in to a quiet sandbox, checking no filters are on and even doing a clean install. I have also tried it on multiple viewers. I am at a loss. Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated Thanks in advance Belle x
  7. For 2 days I have been able to log in, but no matter what I'm wearing, it tells me it can't be found. I have http inventory enabled but I'm still a cloud as nothing is shown as in the database. What can I do?
  8. So, this is just a bit of a grumpy gripe. Not the end of the world, no- just annoyed. I was out tonight at some live music and a newly rezzed avi came thru with a cute doggie in a bag- I inspected it and saw that it was from our included library of stuff. I went thru them (the ones new to me) *library-clothing-initial outfits: Trixie all the way down to I think it was Elizabeth were new to me. I was able to change in and out of all them by replace outfit. Imagine my excitement to find lots of neat extras- companion animals like Frenchie bulldogs, bats, weasels, rats and more. Rideable horses- two in fact, a regular ole way (i don't know the name of it) like a unisex, and then sidesaddle for folks in skirts. I got back into my normal avi and went to trying to add a horse. The sidesaddle under Rhiannon just wouldn't attach. The one under Thomas gave this message in local: [17:38] Animation Overrider - Male: This animation overrider is intended for avatars wearing MALE default shapes only. Alright, that's weird, so the doggie in a bag under Bitsy- wouldn't attach. None of this new-to-me stuff seems usable unless you're wearing the entire folder. So, I don't understand why that is, or if there's a way around it. If so, please share, If not, maybe the folks (moles or lindens) who made these things will make it so we can use them w/o using the entire folder?
  9. About a month ago I ceased trading from a shop space on a sim and thought I'd removed all of my items. I am still getting visitor notifications from the store and also someone has played a gacha machine I had sited there - how is this possible? I went to the store and did an area search but I have no items showing - they seem hidden. I actually triggered my own visitor counter going in - but it is nowhere to be seen? The gacha machine isn't there either? Anyone know what the problem could be - I'm on Firestorm viewer?
  10. Good afternoon ladies and gents reading this lovely thread of mine. PSA (Before you read): I had no idea where to post this; it's still SL related but I couldn't really think of the correct category to post this under...so I'm sorry if it's the wrong category. I have one question for all of you today, reading this - how do you organize your inventory? (Or do you even organize it all? LOL!) For all my shopaholics out there in the world of SL...we all know that when we buy those items or certain products, it can rack up real fast in our inventories full of endless amounts of folders. And here's how I organized mine: https://gyazo.com/5d06a94e9a24262b622db15b1c1bf5b6 Bam three separate categories: IYC: (The club I work at) - the info and stuff I need for the club Older Folders - Organized Prior to 2019: I organized a bunch of old items I had into separate folders such as - "shoes", "shirts", etc. based on what they were Stuff to Organize from Late 2019: This is the folder that I dread the most. These are all the items I have not organized but just had sitting on the 'front page' of my inventory, desiring to be put into a category. So, now they are all scattered into some kind of folder...aka this one. So, with this being said, to close off this thread that you're reading: What are your biggest inventory problems and how do you organize your inventory? Let me know by posting a screenshot or telling me how you did it...if you did... Very best of luck to you all. ---- #InventoryProblems2019
  11. Jeremy Linden

    Opening boxes

    Finding land on which to rez objects Find the box in your inventory Open and unpack the box Wear or rez your purchased items Why does it tell me "Can't rez object..."? Unpacking a box on your avatar In other languages: Deutsch Español Français Italiano 日本語 Português Русский Did you buy something from the SL Marketplace or inworld and wonder why you received a box? As in, "I bought a necklace but all I got was a picture of a necklace on a box?" Don't worry! Second Life items are sometimes sold in simple containers that require you to "open" them to get the contents. For example, if you purchase clothing that comes in a box, you must extract the clothing objects from the box container, then transfer them to your inventory so you can wear them. Don't wear the box. Remember, you have to open the box and use its contents. If you accidentally wear the box and it's attached to your avatar, simply right-click the box and choose Detach. Finding land on which to rez objects To open and unpack the box your purchase was delivered in, you need to be on land where you have permission to rez the box. If you're unsure if you have permission to do this where you are, just visit a sandbox where everyone has permission to rez objects. Click on a sandbox from this list, such as Sandbox Island. On the SLurl page that appears, click Teleport Now. A Place Information window appears in your Second Life Viewer. Click Teleport to travel to the sandbox you've chosen. Many stores also have a specially-sectioned "rez zone" inside, where autoreturn time is often set to a few minutes prevent litter from accumulating while giving you enough time to unpack. Find the box in your inventory Recently received items appear in the expandable Received items pane in the INVENTORY window. To access them, open your inventory and click the Received items bar to expand the pane and view your recently received items. You may click and drag these items into your main inventory or rez them by dragging them to the ground. Open and unpack the box Remember, you must be on land where you have permission to make your box appear by rezzing it. Once you have a place to rez your box, watch this video tutorial to see the steps below in motion: Drag the box from your inventory to the ground to rez it. Right-click the box and choose Open. A window opens. If the box has many contents, it can take a moment. Click Copy To Inventory to transfer the box's contents to your inventory. If the box contains an outfit you'd like to wear immediately, select Copy and Wear instead. Once the items are copied, they appear in your inventory as a folder with the box's name. If you don't see it, click the Recent tab. When you have finished unpacking your box, please remember to either Delete it or Take it back to your inventory to avoid cluttering up the area with boxes. Wear or rez your purchased items Your items are now in your inventory. Locate them and drag them inworld to rez them, or right-click and select Wear if they are clothing or other avatar attachments or components. Why does it tell me "Can't rez object..."? If you try to drag an object from your inventory to inworld and see this error: — it means building and dropping objects isn't allowed on the present parcel. How can you tell? Right-click the navigation bar and choose About Land. Hover over the cube with a universal "no" slashed circle to see "Building/dropping objects not allowed." Alternatively: Choose World menu > Place Profile > Place Profile. In the PLACES window, expand the Parcel section (if it isn't already open). This video shows the steps above: In some cases, if you're a member of the group that owns the land, activating your group title permits you to build despite the no-build icon which applies to the general public. Unpacking a box on your avatar Important: Only do this if you're comfortable dragging and dropping inventory items, or you may accidentally misplace important items. You can unpack a box if it's attached to your avatar. This may be useful if you're having a hard time getting to rezzable land, since you can always attach an object. However, this lacks the convenience of the Copy to Inventory and Copy and Wear buttons. In your inventory, right-click the box object and choose Attach To HUD or Attach To, then select an attachment point. Attach To HUD may be preferable because the box is attached to a point on your screen instead of your avatar and so is less likely to mess up your appearance. Alternatively, you can simply choose Wear, which attaches the box to its attachment point — if none has been specified by the creator, which is typically the case, it gets attached to your Right Hand. Right-click the attached box and choose Edit. In the build tools, click the Content tab. Drag each item from the object's contents to a folder in your inventory. You can also hold Shift or Ctrl to select multiple items. This doesn't work with "no copy" items in contents. Close the build tools.
  12. It would be wonderful to hide/unhide inventory folders. I'm well organized with all essentials to the top of my inventory, but it's be even better to omit items from view.
  13. Please help! Every time I completely change my avatar using "Replace Current Outfit" my Elements number begins a countdown. At LEAST 2 items each second seem to be disappearing but I have no idea which ones! I just want this to stop! What's happening!? I am using Firestorm-Releasex64 Here is the video preview of what it looks like right after I hit "Replace Current Outfit". I have cleared inventory cache, and all other caches. If I have to do a clean-reinstall, I will. https://i.gyazo.com/23e552815988d516e730db248b676d29.mp4
  14. So I needed a bell (long story) and I don't have a pet, but I was thinking of kitten bells, but then thought no something bigger, like Christmas ornaments or shaking ones etc. So then I was like ohh wait I have that kitten ears headband, that has the bigger Christmas bells on it, now where did I put that? Oh! wait, I do not own Remarkable Oblivion items in my RL bah humbug. There have been other things in the past but this one struck me as funnier, it was so real in my head that I grabbed it at Christmas as a headpiece for RL kind of memory. What have you thought you had or should have in RL that you only own in SL ?
  15. I am using Singularity viewer, and recently have noticed some items missing from my inventory. These items are dealing with my avatar. I have tried clearing the cache, but that did not work. Any way I can recover these items?
  16. I have many empty, unlisted items still showing up in my Marketplace inventory. These items are empty. I do not own any of them anymore either in my in-world inventory or elsewhere. They are not for sale and will never be listed for sale. Yet I'm unable to delete them. I've tried deleting singularly and in a group from both the Marketplace website and from my in-world Marketplace folder. No luck. It will say removed but they remain in place. This has been going on for months and appears on all devices, all browsers so isn't a cache glitch or anything. It says "on hand: 1" but there are none on hand. They were taken from the Marketplace folder and deleted in-world months ago because they were no value. Any item how to finally get rid of them? It's really distracting to try to add new inventory with all these dead folders in the way.
  17. I've heard that reducing one's inventory reduces lag and the time it takes to rez in. Is that true? Would it help in rezzing in others and sims as well? Does the same hold true for eliminating outfits?
  18. I am having this problem at the moment: I cannot see my own avatar, just an orange cloud.It is difficult to remove any attachments from my avatar. My item count in my inventory is about 3.700 items and 360 folder although it should be more. With Firestorm 6.0.2 I can't remove any attachments at all. I right-click them and select "remove" but they stay. When I change my outfit, the new attachments add and the old ones stay. On a different computer with the normal SL viewer I can remove attachments, but I still cannot see my avatar. It stays orange bubbles. But it looks like other users can see me. Does anybody have an idea what to do?
  19. I want to export my creations that are 100% mine to my computer, how do I do that? I'm not really understanding why this is a difficult thing since all the creations that I'm referring to are designed, created, and owned by me - shouldn't I have full access and digital rights to download it to my computer whenever I want and without feeling like I'm trying to steal my own creations?
  20. Hello! There is such a script unpacker. for me it works fine, but when I give it to a friend, the first time it unpacks twice, and then as usual. why it happens? list lContents; string strFolderName = "A folder of goodies";// change to the name you want for your folder default { state_entry() {//some preliminary work to set things up //first, populate the lContents list string strThisScript = llGetScriptName();//note the name of this script, since you don't want to give that as part of the folder integer max = llGetInventoryNumber(INVENTORY_ALL);//note the number of items in the object's inventory integer counter = 0; do{ string str = llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_ALL, counter);//check the name of each item if(str!=strThisScript){//and if it's not this script lContents +=[str];//add the name to lContents } } while(++counter < max);//and keep on doing this, advancing the counter each time, until all items have been checked. if(llStringLength(strFolderName)== 0){//sanity check -- if no folder name is provided strFolderName = llGetObjectName();//then use the name of this object for the folder } } changed(integer change) { if(change & CHANGED_INVENTORY){//if the contents of the object's inventory change llResetScript();//then reset the script in order to rebuild the list } else if(change & CHANGED_OWNER){//if the object's owner changes, give the folder to the new owner llGiveInventoryList(llGetOwner(), strFolderName,lContents);//give the folder to the new owner } } attach(key id) { if(id){//if someone attaches the object llGiveInventoryList(id, strFolderName,lContents);//give them the folder } } }
  21. Landmarks ... there has to be a better way to provide a link to a location that doesn't immediately go out of date. I've just been though my inventory and 90% ended up in the trash because what I had saved was long gone. Perhaps something that an avatar creates assigned to their account that links to an inworld inventory asset. Update the info, move the location and all the linked landmarks update, change your mind and decide you don't want people to visit anymore, delete the location from your account and all linked landmarks vanish.
  22. Heya! I know inventory problems are well covered online but I'm at the point where I feel I've exhausted my own knowledge and ability on the issue and am a bit lost in regards with what to do next. My lost and found folder doesn't seem to be functioning the way I've read it's intended to. I've lost a few items that should have been returned to me upon returning (non deeded) items in a rented region, and I have searched very very thoroughly through my inventory for the coalesced objects that these items should have become. I have, whilst standing on land I am renting, placed single items and then returned them to myself. I get notifications that they have returned to my lost and found. I reset my cache, log out, log back in, my lost and found is still empty. Is there something I've missed? The items I've lost were only rare gacha items, and even if they can't be found or returned I'd still like to understand if there's something I'm doing wrong, as I am new to second life and am still getting a handle on things in general. Wiki information is useful but doesn't always cover the specific things i'm struggling with. I'll also note that it isn't only no copy objects that I seem to be missing. While they are the bulk of it, many copy objects are not returning to me properly, which i have discovered via my own experimentation on the issue.
  23. I got a new Laptop..a Dell G3 15 and we had some problems with it. Their support techs reset it to factory and when it was reloading it reported problems reloading some apps. The next tech did not reset it when I told him of this, instead he updated WIN10. Ever since then, I get to region capabilities..and 3 attempts, load as a cloud and no Inventory in SL viewer, it reports 8,000 in FS viewer, but they don't appear. My groups are 0 and everyone is UUID numbers. This only happens on the Dell. Everything is normal on my old Laptop that runs Win 8.1 and has all it's applications. I don't know if this matters, but the MS Visual C++ redistributables, both 64 and 86 2010 are among the list of missing apps. Also when I did a compatibility check it reported incmpatible program
  24. So. I'm editing my items, right? Graphics are cranked up and distance/render other avatars is turned way down. Just me. I went to tweak my shape, and now...It's gone. According to Second Life: "Can't find your shape in the database. Oh well!" I am now an egg. Unfortunately, not a sexy egg. How in the heck does one prevent this from happening? Am I able to get it back? I made a notecard of my shape, but what if I lose that too? Pls, help. Thanks.
  25. Looking through the knowledge base I found no info. The LIMITS wiki (most info VERY old) gives the info below. I know that in Opensim (yes, not the same platform) there IS a limit (I believe it is 1000 but was never an issue). My question is -- CURRENTLY is there any info on the number of items that can be in a folder without dreaded inventory "disappearances" (either real or temporary). Thanks. Maximum number of inventory items displayed in a single inventory folder: Several thousand. This was discussed during [1] "the folder will load up to the limit number of items, and remaining ones won't show up in the viewer. you still own them, they aren't lost, but they will be hidden until the folder size is reduced." There is no specified limit for total avatar inventory, very large folders can be split. There was discussion in the Third Party Developers' UG (4/10/2015) meeting about new inventory and login problems from having large numbers of items in a single folder. AISv3 removed server side limits on the number of items in a folder. Flat inventories are bad. No one is certain at what number of items in a folder cause a login problem. The fix is to clear the inventory cache (not the viewer cache) and log into a deserted, empty region then move inventory items into folders and sub-folders. - The problem appears at different a number of items depending on your computer and connection speed. Hopefully being on an empty region will give one enough edge to get logged in and do some corrective work before being dropped.
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