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Found 27 results

  1. I've decided it's time for a purge. I have items from the day I joined; many in boxes and storage units, but others just cluttering up the place. I know I'm not alone: there are plenty of avatars walking 'round with tens of thousands of items that see little -or no- real use, but don't want to tackle the mess because it's just overwhelming. Who wants to join me in divesting themselves of a thousand pounds of clutter, while finding a trove of forgotten treasures (it will be just like a second Christmas) and starting 2018 actually able to find stuff without searching? I propose: 15 minutes per game session to spend clearing out redundant items, boxing up those things we can't part with, and committing to a virtual bonfire those items that once held meaning but are now just obsolete. To start: 1) Empty your trash. 2) Make a new folder. Name it "2017 purge" or something similar -something to distinguish it from every other folder you already have. Make new subfolders in your 2017 folder that match the system folder names: Animations Body Parts Calling Cards Clothing ...etc. 3) Make another folder called "Temporary" or "Questionable" or something unique to remind yourself this stuff requires further attention. 4) Move every item -all of them- from your system folders to the corresponding subfolder in the 2017 folder. When you're done, your system folders will be empty. Devoid of life. Freshly cleaned. Ready for the next phase: figuring out what you actually use and want to keep. Thus ends your 15 minutes on the first day. But, starting right away: Every time you use an item, move it from the 2017 folder to either your system folder (if you know you use the item often), or the Temporary folder, if it's iffy. "Iffy" items are freebies, demos, clothing you use now but plan to replace soon, etc. My inventory is blowing up right now with Christmas gifts, free offers, notecards and textures announcing sales, etc. When they come in, move them to your "Temporary" folder if you think you want to keep them. Otherwise, just delete right away, and empty the trash. The point is to put stuff where you can find it, and get rid of stuff that's just taking up space and wasting virtual energy. Let's all start 2018 with a clean "house" and ready for company. If you have another system, or handy tip that works to keep things tidy, please do share here, so we can all learn from each other.
  2. SUGGESTION I think it would be a really cool idea for our purchases to be able to be organized by dates. So much easier to find items. Maglet Kanya
  3. My Chair

    I bought a new chair but it is stuck in inventory... How to I get it from inventory to SL ? Help!!!
  4. Happily this isn't MY account, but my alt has some very very odd issues. The first I noted was that the Favorites Bar was missing. That turned out to be because there were NO LANDMARKS in the landmark folder. Many many empty folders. Clearing cache didn't fix things. HOWEVER nothing is actually missing (well at least not obviously) as logging in on the Linden viewer has landmarks in the Landmarks folder and many more folders with items than show up in Firestorm. The thing that is very odd to me is that My account and another alt account are just fine and this account was as it should be yesterday afternoon. I read that things were bad yesterday but this seems extremely odd. Any advice would be helpful. It isn't a huge thing as it is a testing alt for permissions and such and doesn't have a giant special inventory, but would be nice to get it fixed. Thinking worse case I could wait until the next update of FS comes out and that will likely fix it. Thank Whirly or whoever is smart this morning.
  5. A friend of mine was just banned from a parcel but has a bunch of stuff still on the Parcel, how does she get it back?
  6. Inventory

    Hi, I am a creator in Second Life and I have been having issues with logging in and seeing what is in my studio, (and yes, i have reinstalled the viewer numerous times, plus all the other things that were suggested) I was wondering if my inventory would have any affect on this? I have over 230K items and I have no idea where to start to delete or consolidate, to lower my inventory any suggestions?
  7. Beta Fire Storm

    My inventory is not fully displayed when I go to the beta version of SL. I can't see most of my inventory and can't use the avatar that I need to test some things. Also works incorrectly alpha layer. Please, if someone knows what the problem is, write me how I must act to see that mirrored my inventory and avatar in the beta version of SL. Password and nick are the same. I will be very thankful to all of you for your ideas about it. Perhaps it is a technical error in that case, tell me where I should go to fix it.
  8. My wife is having trouble with some of her inventory. She will unpack an item, copy it to her inventory but when she takes back the bag or box some of the stuff will automatically repack themselves and she has to repeat the process. Not all the inventory is doing this but several are doing this. She keeps having to repeat unpacking the same objects because they repack themselves after she takes up the bag or box. What could cause this and how do we fix the issue.
  9. Hi gang, I am back from a long absence and now that the SL dashboard has changed I see that the "recent" inventory only holds items for 24 hours, if that. I want to know if there is any way to make the "recent" files longer - like say maybe 3 weeks. Thanks in advance, Milla
  10. These issues started about two months ago or so. Everything works fine upon logging into to second life, but after staying on for about half an hour or so i am unable to teleport to any places whatsoever, i can't make changes or recieve items to my inventory, i can't recreate the bridge either. If i try and teleport it will freeze on the teleport loading screen and eventually log me off the viewer. Things i've tried so far: Tried multiple viewers Tried both 64 and 32 version of firestorm Tried opening ports in my firewall, also completely turning off the firewall, disconnecting from router and plugging directly into the socket. Increased and decreased bandwidth used in the viewer Turning off RLV completely and removing all RLV objects on the avatar Have done multiple cache clears as a final resort. I am out of ideas.
  11. broken inventory

    Yes for some reason more than 90% of my inventory I can not access. the little arrow that usually before the folder have suddenly gone missing . This is for MOST of my folders, not ALL of them. There is also a problem with teleportation links. Yester was fine, now it seems completely blank! And the folder I do access, I am Missing 90% OR MORE of the content! What is going on?
  12. Deleted inventory texture remains visible

    I uploaded with viewer a picture from my computer; then i used it inworld as a texture over a prim i built with the viewer building tools. Then, i deleted texture from inventory and also from trash, but when i rezz my prim, i still seeing the texture. I deleted viewer cache too, but the deleted texture remains visible...WHY?
  13. Hello i wonder if anyone can help me and explain this I had some items returned to me in world , but the message i received via email said your object named has been returned to your folder lost sand found by (???) about 40 + of my object were returned to me and all said by (???) why does it not show the name ? i have blamed for removing these items which i didn't do so wanted to find out why it shows (???)
  14. Wrong Permissions in Inventory?

    I want to sell a texture applier on the Marketplace. It's a modified version of a copy/no-mod/trans applier, and the instructions say to change the permissions of the copy/no-mod/trans script inside. I did so by rezzing the applier and setting both things as copy/no-mod/no-trans. However, when I take the applier back into my inventory, it's still labeled as copy/no-mod/trans. I'm concerned that if I sell it as it is now, it's going to have those permissions and not the ones I changed it to. Is it showing up as that for me because I'm the current owner? Will the permissions change once someone buys the applier? I'm asking to make sure since I'm new to selling.
  15. I can not connect

    I have a problem connecting to the Alchemy viewer in a few months, I've tried other viewers but this is the best for me. Whenever I click login it starts to load but at the time of entering the game I am disconnected, I contacted one of the developers who advised me to contact the support he told me this (After speaking to several other developers about your log files we believe the cause of your issue is an incredibly flat inventory structure. The viewer is hanging while it creates the inventory ui widgets which is commonly caused by such a problem. You should contact Linden Lab Support about de-flattening your inventory.) I need to know what to do. help!!!!
  16. items not registering

    I have a problem when purchasing things in world. When clicking on the item, sometimes the box will not poplulate with the items included. On those items where it does populate, sometimes when i get home to open the purchased item, there is nothing in the box. Any ideas or suggestion?
  17. OK. My title is a bit dra-ma-tic; guess I am in that kind of mood today. NO INVENTORY LOSS HERE (that I know of anyway LOL) but wanted to give folks a heads up as this early morn (5-7am SLT) I was going through inventory and sorting and such -- something I do almost daily now. And so far I have found two folders "moved" to VERY odd places. These were both top level folders of my making (the accessories folder being there for MANY years) and moved to places I would NEVER had looked normally. Home and Garden 2017 ended up way down inside a subfolder in a completely different area, and Accessories ended up far away under Chav and Max (my male body avatars). So in case some folders seem to be GONE today, a search for something you know is INSIDE those folders could turn them up. This isn't a new trick, but one that appears to be working today. I noticed that the database was also very slow today and sometimes a bit confused with clothing. Not sure if one thing has to do with another. BTW I AM on the new and improved Firestorm which has the new inventory (trash) helpers in it :D.
  18. Experiencing weird things last 24 hours: Rezz of an item can take minutes Building/making items and taking it into inventory, does not show up inventory but after several minutes or after a relog. Delivery from Marketplace does not show up in received items although popup text tells it is delivered. On next login it showed up in received items. Tried a clear inventory cache, nothing get cleared.... Connection perfect, fiber 30 Mbps, ping 19 ms. Internal ping sim 200-220 ms.
  19. Simple question and I am sure it's been asked before but I can't seem to find anything about it when searching: I have a prim with a list of inventory items, some transfer, some copy. Basically, I'll need to give the items to someone (no problem) and then delete the inventory. It occurred to me that I really don't know what the proper approach there is. Right now, in pseudocode I have: * Fetch list of inventory items * Give no-copy/transfer items individually * Give copy/no-transfer items in a folder * Delete inventory I've had reports of items not being delivered, which I attributed to the inventory delete happening too soon. I added a 5s sleep, that seems to have fixed the delivery issue. However... is there a way to know whether the inventory has been delivered? I don't even care if the person has accepted the inventory, all I want to know is if the prim has sent the items so I can delete the inventory. Thanks folks -Jenni
  20. Animals

    I had bought animals in world. I was working on my land and returned everything that was on it including the animals. Problem I deleted the born sack they come in and its been a couple hours now and they aren't on the land or in my inventory. Is there a way i can get them back without re-paying?
  21. Marketplace

    When I go to activate my item in marketplace it states There must be a link to inventory I have loaded all items into marketplace window in secondlife, and they are listed on the website, what am I missing?
  22. Items Not Loading

    I have been having this issue now for over a week and I dont know what else to do. I have rezzed, my items and other items from other creators and i still get the same issue, its says loading contents, but never does :(. When I try to either open or to load. I have, restarted the sim, I have cleared my cache, I have clean uninstalled, both FireStorm and the SL viewer, I have tried going to another sim, I have tried shutting down my pc and rebooting my internet, and none of these things fixed the situation. HELP!!!
  23. Inventory theft

    On 5/16 I was on my parcel fixing up my land. I had a folder open I called "home stuff" to work from. That folder contained several thousand items collected over the years to include houses, gacha items gardening items, furniture etc... A message box popped up in the middle of my screen (it was NOT a message box one typically gets from person to person conversation). It was a grey box that appeared to be from Lindens or my viewer (Firestorm). It said something to the effect "your trash folder is overflowing and may be causing lag issues click below to resolve" 2 buttons were in the box, empty trash and wait til later. Thinking this was a new feature (and i was lagging) I clicked empty now. The entire contents of my "home stuff" folder was deleted. I did not go to my trash folder and delete, I clicked the button in themiddle of my screen. Because i was on my own land and it did not look like a message box from an individual I clicked it. Thousands of things i have collected, many of which are irreplaceable are gone. I filed a ticket under griefing and saw it promptly got moved to "inventory issue" section. It is not an inventory rezzing issue someone stole my entire folder full of items. Many creators/sellers do not use caspervend and because these items were purchased months and years ago i am at a total loss. Please can anyone help or give me advice besides the dont click from strangers thing. Thanks in advance
  24. Items disappearing

    I bought a bunch of items from the marketplace. Everything was all good until I went to change my outfit. I go to change it back and I'm missing a few things. My jacket and my belt are missing. Nowhere in my inventory or trash to be found! Not even another box to reopen them. I paid around 300L for both those items together. Now they're just gone. Like they never existed. Even though they're in my marketplace log. How do I get them back? Will I have to rebuy them?
  25. Deleting Redundant Links

    I have received update for Maitreya Lara Body with Bento hands. Im replacing links in my APPEARANCE folders. I did the adjustments to height and body fat (boob & butt too) first and going through and replacing the links for the updated ML avi now. I have x7 main ones to replace and each item to 2 thousand odd places (OMG yes) in the appearance folder. Each set takes my computer about an hour and a half. Really it sounds a lot but once its set up, it runs itself. I open 2 Inventory screens and then the command to Replace Links, find the old link in one (Source) and the new link to the other (Target) times over. Some time later, maybe when I wear the outfit I can delete the old links which still show up but are not active. They just take up space. Lots of space because Ive done this before, a few times, with other changes. My question..... Is there a way to delete the old links, without wearing each outfit? .