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  1. I don't understand the empty box thing. Nothing is easier than making a shape and selling it. For a direct transfer you need of course a box with a shape inside that is set up for sale. If the customer is not satisfied with the shape that's completely irrelevant for the scammer. A regular sale happened.
  2. Select: build / pathfinding / region objects Filter your objects. You have a distance and you can teleport to your object. Take, Return and Delete buttons will help you to solve your problem even if you don't see it.
  3. I don't see the abuse here 😁 I don't have problems with people that quickly want to empty their club and I don't even need to block them since I'm already banned. I say: perfect - do it please 😎 Besides of that I would never enter clubs with a mandantory experience. A very theoretical construct. But until now I never saw a reason to deny most experiences since they are easy to kick and weren't able to do harm. (by my definition) Revealing my contacts is not in my interest though so that's another reason to reject experiences. I'll keep an eye on this.
  4. I don't see much abusive potential, since you can always make a list and check that against avatars if you want to play control freak. I have a problem to find it useful too. Because I have no "friends" list in SL - I have a "contact" list - that is something completely different. As long as I can't flag my contacts into subsets and use that with llIsFriend I will most probably not use this feature.
  5. Did you add the sales tax?. I don't know how many % that is for your country.
  6. There is always the chance that a giant asteroid impact is faster than us. 😁
  7. I'm sure you'll make it within the next 1000 years. 😁 Question is: will the world last long enough so that you can make it? 😎
  8. People always try to solve problems with technical solutions. That does not work with mental problems. SL is not RL! Some people don't get that quite. When people that see SL on completely different ways connect - that will end bad in some cases. There is no way around. I see altophobists 😁 There are phobists in all kind of lifes aspects and it never does anything good.
  9. The last hud of that type I saw couldn't handle my screen size. (was fixed in an update) So I suggest to keep a sufficient distance in mind. The task is simple but it can use some bells and whistles like making sure the rotation is always correct and don't fail if the user chooses a different attachment spot. If you don't script yourself you probably want to hire someone. (not me)
  10. SL has nothing to do with RL and I have no plans to connect this 2 worlds. So why would I fill out something? I don't know avatars that only think in RL but of course that could be because I let this chats die in a window in the background. 😁
  11. As long as my english is better than your german I give you permission to correct my posts - but that doesn't contribute to the topic and could be considered as spam maybe? hahaha 😁
  12. It can fail too. I had 1 incidence. If a friend request fails the other avatar can send it. Works for me but I have by far not enough requests to have a statistikal database 😁
  13. It's simple: if you are not on my friends list my online status doesn't concern you. if you are standing in front of me you know my online status and it doesn't matter what the profile says.
  14. If you use Firestorm you probably want to read this: https://wiki.firestormviewer.org/fs_zdrop_ztake_mtake
  15. Besides the on Hold status - you don't need capslock to enter your password - you can also type in capital letters by holding the shift key.
  16. Don't tell anybody your email you use for SL and don't use this email for everything else. I never get any email sent to my SL-email- adresses except from LL of course. The leak is at your end.
  17. I removed the goto garbage ( I doubt that the "else's" correspond with the "if's" they are meant to (brackets don't match properly) and can imagine a stack obfuscation) And I placed a touch for testing: [11:44] Object: DEBUG-LANDMARK(6):103: queryLandmarkData set to d5b4fd44-07ab-0769-8323-e5228cfb3fe3 [11:44] Object: DEBUG-LANDMARK(6):104: Teleporting dolly to inventory tpLandmark "test". [11:44] Object: DEBUG-LANDMARK(6):224: queryLandmarkData is equal to d5b4fd44-07ab-0769-8323-e5228cfb3fe3 [11:44] Object: DEBUG-LANDMARK(6):225: queryID is equal to d5b4fd44-07ab-0769-8323-e5228cfb3fe3 [11:44] Object: DEBUG-LANDMARK(6):71: Dolly should be teleporting now... [11:44] Object: DEBUG-LANDMARK(6):72: Position = 191953/349654/24 [11:44] Object: Dolly is now teleporting. [11:44] Object: @unsit=y,tploc=y,tpto:191953/349654/24=force That seems to work code: //======================================== // Teleport.lsl (#2) //======================================== // // vim:sw=4 et nowrap: //======================================== // VARIABLES //======================================== key keyID = NULL_KEY; list split = []; string dollName; string script; string myName; integer code; integer optHeader; integer remoteSeq; integer rlvOk = -1; integer debugLevel = 8; integer mySeqNum; key queryLandmarkData = NULL_KEY; key tpLandmarkQueryID = NULL_KEY; string tpLandmark; //======================================== // FUNCTIONS //======================================== rlvTeleport(string locationData) { vector globalLocation = (llGetRegionCorner() + ((vector)locationData)); string globalPosition = ((string)((integer)globalLocation.x) + "/" + (string)((integer)globalLocation.y) + "/" + (string)((integer)globalLocation.z)); if (debugLevel >= 6) llOwnerSay( "DEBUG-LANDMARK"+"("+((string)6)+"):"+((string)71)+": "+("Dolly should be teleporting now...")); if (debugLevel >= 6) llOwnerSay( "DEBUG-LANDMARK"+"("+((string)6)+"):"+((string)72)+": "+("Position = " + globalPosition)); llOwnerSay("Dolly is now teleporting."); llOwnerSay("@unsit=y,tploc=y,tpto:" + globalPosition + "=force"); } memReport(string script, float delay) { if (delay != 0.0) llSleep(delay); integer usedMemory = llGetUsedMemory(); integer memoryLimit = llGetMemoryLimit(); integer freeMemory = memoryLimit - usedMemory; integer availMemory = freeMemory + (65536 - memoryLimit); llMessageLinked((LINK_THIS), (((++mySeqNum) << 16) | (0 << 10) | 136), myName + "|" + (string)usedMemory + "|" + (string)memoryLimit + "|" + (string)freeMemory + "|" + (string)availMemory, llGetKey()); } key doTeleport(string tpLandmark) { if (!(llGetInventoryType(tpLandmark) == INVENTORY_LANDMARK)) { if (debugLevel >= 6) llOwnerSay( "DEBUG-LANDMARK"+"("+((string)6)+"):"+((string)90)+": "+("No landmark by the name of \"" + tpLandmark + "\" is present in inventory.")); return NULL_KEY; } tpLandmarkQueryID = llRequestInventoryData(tpLandmark); if (tpLandmarkQueryID == NULL_KEY) { llSay(0x7FFFFFFF,"Landmark data request failed."); return NULL_KEY; } if (debugLevel >= 6) llOwnerSay( "DEBUG-LANDMARK"+"("+((string)6)+"):"+((string)103)+": "+("queryLandmarkData set to " + (string)tpLandmarkQueryID)); if (debugLevel >= 6) llOwnerSay( "DEBUG-LANDMARK"+"("+((string)6)+"):"+((string)104)+": "+("Teleporting dolly " + dollName + " to inventory tpLandmark \"" + tpLandmark + "\".")); return tpLandmarkQueryID; } //======================================== // STATES //======================================== default { //======================================== // STATE_ENTRY //======================================== state_entry() { rlvOk = 1; myName = llGetScriptName(); keyID = llGetKey(); mySeqNum = llRound(llFrand(1<<15)); } //======================================== // ON_REZ //======================================== on_rez(integer start) { mySeqNum = llRound(llFrand(1<<15)); } //======================================== // LINK MESSAGE //======================================== touch_start(integer num) { tpLandmark = "test"; queryLandmarkData = doTeleport(tpLandmark); llSetTimerEvent(20.0); } //======================================== // TIMER //======================================== timer() { if (queryLandmarkData) { llSay(0x7FFFFFFF,"TP failed to occur; notify developer."); llSetTimerEvent(0.0); } } //======================================== // DATASERVER //======================================== dataserver(key queryID, string queryData) { if (debugLevel >= 6) llOwnerSay( "DEBUG-LANDMARK"+"("+((string)6)+"):"+((string)224)+": "+("queryLandmarkData is equal to " + (string)queryLandmarkData)); if (debugLevel >= 6) llOwnerSay( "DEBUG-LANDMARK"+"("+((string)6)+"):"+((string)225)+": "+("queryID is equal to " + (string)queryID)); if (queryID == queryLandmarkData) { rlvTeleport(queryData); llSetTimerEvent(0.0); queryLandmarkData = NULL_KEY; } } }
  18. I once made a llSAO and still use it. You can put in any animation of any permission and it works fine. Jumping works fine too. The prejump, jump, landing must not be looped. Don't know if there are priority problems, mine work. FS has a setting so it doesnt wait for prejump and landing. If they load slow they aren't played and of course can not cause trouble then. Although it continues to work even if you detach it I use llTakeControls to counter NoScript zones only - not for the AO.
  19. A debug message in the dataserver event is missing, that shows the queryID and queryLandmarkData so you can make sure that really no event happens. How many events don't trigger? All? I can't imagine that this is something else than a script bug then. Do the other scipts handle dataserver events too? In this case you need to remove them to test functionality of your script without possible interventions.
  20. Clear inventory cache (only inventory) - details are in the links you got if you don't know how to do that. Log out. Log in. Preferably not at a crowded place. This happens to me every few months - lets say 2-3 times per year - usually after a hard bailout. My inventory reloads with 1000 items per second.
  21. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c6T1Oj8cAjw
  22. Switching off ALM or materials is not a solution - others can and will still see you in all your misery 😁 Always switch on ALM when you set up your body - go out into the sunshine - then set your materials to a USEFUL value. ( 100% is NOT a useful value ) Head and body have independant settings and of course every body/head has different huds. It's your avatar so find out how that works. Most creators have manuals and websites. (Ever heared of google?) If everything is ok you can switch off ALM if you prefer or have to use ultra low graphics.
  23. I don't know what the browser has to do with the viewer. If you run windows and if drive C has no space left then certain sorftware (including the viewer) will not run. In this case you know what you have to do - make space - much more than a few lousy bytes from a browser cache. If it's something else - try again.
  24. The owner of this uuid is aisling0grace so try to remove whatever you placed somewhere
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