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  1. With the name change feature .. not knowing who someone is is no reason to remove. On the other hand ... they don't informed you personally about the name change ... remove! 😆 I'm way too lazy to check the list. Doesn't make a difference if someone is on or not. Except they bother me but that doesn't happen.
  2. All said I think. Interestingly - If LL opens an office in my country it would be closed immediately plus some punishment. Adult content without age check is against the law. I can even imagine that they will start to block illegal foreign services like SL one day. That would force me to use a VPN - with extra monthly costs. We'll see if that will stay under the radar or not in the long term. Blocking of porn sites already happens. I really wonder about the states. They freak out if there is a nipple visible for a second but they don't restrict any access. Interesting.
  3. LL should never have used meters but bananas instead. 😎 Would have stopped useless RL/SL compares. "Hey I'm 47 bananas tall" "???" questions? It's a virtual world and you have nothing to compare. No measurable light speed and no physics experiments. If you put 256 1m cubes in a row it reaches exactly from one to the other side of a sim and LL said that a sim has 256x256m. But they could lie 😁 - soooo you still have no proof. If someone builds a house and furniture in original size - they will find out that is doesn't work. (or ask everybody to shrink instead 😜 ) Go to a chair that stands next to a table and sit down and stand up. Works in RL - great job. Now do it in SL - oh you don't fit between table and chair? And somehow you teleported on that chair? And get catapulted into the ceiling when you get up? Or alternatively stand in the middle of a phantom table and chair? And you get 2.5 m visitors that would never fit through your RL door or on your RL furniture? So all that numbers are irrelevant - relations are relevant - things need to fit and to work. The result has not much in common with RL - just the looks are similar.
  4. You can set it for each avatar. If one avatar stands up all other cameras are reset though. (or got that fixed? I doubt that) Requires extra code to detect and fix this situation. llSetCameraEyeOffset / llSetCameraAtOffset are a prim property and can be used as long as you have one seat per avatar.
  5. Absolutely everything can be done with lists. It may be ugly and unreadable and inefficient but who cares about this minor details 😎
  6. I don't know the quality of the LSL random number generator - never tested that. But for one case I was absolutely not satisfied with the result. Not enough "jumpyness". So I made this one for random integers. I don't know how the quality really is nor do I care. The goal was that it looks random. string seed = "he65FGt2"; integer irnd(integer max) { ++max; seed = llMD5String(seed,0); return (integer)("0x"+llGetSubString(seed,0,6))%max; }
  7. Similarities with other people is purely coincidental 😎
  8. A SL float has a precision of - lets say - 7 digits. So you can expect about 40 million possible results in a [0,4] range. The implementation of the random number generator may or may not lower that number but it's still high. So what to expect how often a single specific result will appear? You can lower the precision to - for example - 3 digits by rounding. In a range of 0.00 to 4.00 there are 400 possible results and the chance to see a specific one will be much higher.
  9. We already have a working system - based on anarchy and local dictatorship. Works fine and no overhead and no dumb blubbering people aka known as politicians and no taxes. That works because SL is not RL and for the same reason democracy can't work in SL. Too many people confuse RL and SL it seems. 😁
  10. The problem is to identify objects. While in an object inventory there is not much you can check. I make 1 cube and name it "rock" and feed it 100 times to your machine. What you pay per "rock" ? You need to add a code to the objects name and make sure that it can only used once.
  11. - A few 100 semi transparent planes are a perfect fps killer. - Enlarging that to a size where a submarine fits in and can even be driven will raise your LI into heights never seen before. Not useable by my opinion.
  12. There is NO volumetric water in SL. The Linden water is just a number. At that level the viewer will render a water plane. Under the plane is nothing - but the shaders change and show you everything in a blurry simulated under water view. If you use a water megaprim it's similar. In case of a cube you have just 6 planes that will give you the impression of a water volume when you look at it from outside. But if you go into the prim you don't see the planes - from inside there is nothing to see - no water and no plywood if you test it with a plywood prim. You could make a mesh cube that has inside planes but that will look like a hollow cube with water walls - not worth the effort. It's better to only make a surface plane that will look like water from above and from below and you can ping it with llCastRay so your submarine knows where the surface is. Movement is flying at zero gravity in mid air. Any physical on non physical movement is useable. If you have windows: for a water effect you need to tweak the windows of the submarine. Same for a submarine base with underwater windows.
  13. There are multiple ways ... - The teleporter sets a sit target and unsits you a short time after sit. Range: about 300m - The teleporter moves you as part of the linkset with SLPPF and unsits you after the move. Range: about 1000m - The whole teleporter moves itself to the target position - that includes the sitting avatar. Then unsit avatar and return to start position. Range: sim - The teleporter rezzes a transporter (glowing sphere for example but can be anything) avatar sits, is transported with the sphere, sphere dumps avatar and self deletes. Range: sim - The teleporter sends you a map where you have to click the teleport button. Range: grid The map teleporter requires a touch - the others a sit. It can be set up so a touch will sit the avatar. The paranoid ones that block sit on touch need to right click and select "sit" (I suggest to replace "sit" by "teleport") - well their problem - give 'em a free tin foil hat. The powerful direct teleport function only works for the owner. To make it work for everybody an experience is required. There are numerous variants how to feed the teleporters with targets. - list of coordinates or just one coordinate in notecard or description or script itself or user entry by chat - teleporters talking to each others and build an automatik network - evaluating one or multiple landmarks that are dropped into the teleporter - grid wide network (stargate)
  14. Too many people have too many concerns what others might think. If a stranger ever asks a stupid question about groups my answer will be: right click / block If I decide to hide all my groups I will still get stupid questions, although that is nobodys business. If it's a stranger: same procedure. Friends maybe get an answer, maybe even a non-fun answer. 😎
  15. Yes, the wiki is not helpful to learn how to script. It's a reference from scripters to scripters. And they have their own language. The wiki is very helpful once you master scripting - until then it sometimes gives more questions than answers. And the examples never describe the special case you are looking for. 🤓
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