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  1. That just tells the customer that they are too stupid to make changes or it shows the delusions of grandeur of teh creator. (hey I'm the greatest, everything someoen else does can only make things worse) Solution: don't buy there
  2. It's no problem to make a little LSL script that can confirm the name change. I don't have to manually compare UUIDs. If the creator's database can not handle the changes then he has a product that is no longer functional. But they are still selling it if I understand that right? In this case it's their problem and all difficulties don't have to care the customer! Only if it's an old product and no longer selling then of course you can't enforce updates. But if they are still selling they have to make their product functional - point. I would not pay a single L$ then but drop a
  3. Regarding scripts: It's not the creators fault when SL changes things but there are some points to consider: - a clean software design will make it easy to adapt to changes like this - on the other hand - what you expect of SL amateurs - when even the pro's of the real world mess up alot of stuff - The name change was no surprise - it was announced over a year before it happened - plenty of time - Some people think free updates are mandantory - no they are not! But for an active item that is still selling: yes an update is mandantory in this case. (as long as the creator is sti
  4. Never expect something in coding. You know it - or it will not work. 😁 5 is an integer - 2 is an integer -> the expression will use integer math then. If at least one number is a float ( 5.0/2 ) then float math will be used. The result goes to the left side of the equation and it will be converted to whatever is needed. But that doesnt affect the calculation. I set everything manually, by using float or integer numbers or have variables of the correct type or by enforcing the type: (float)intvar Since I have never seen a documentation of the compiler I can't trust i
  5. You transmit 3 parameters: an integer (0), a string (#start), a key "" Why you transmit what is your business. If you want to send a channel or command # the integer seems to be a good idea, but you can use the key for it if you prefer and like it complicated.
  6. If you detach it the script stops running. It's active only for a very short time then. If the avatarkey is NULL_KEY then it's detached so drop the unnecessary 2nd if (if(llGetAttached...) and send the command directly. That could work.
  7. Thaey have meetings and make plans to overtake SL and kick our asses out. 😎
  8. We can't find out. It's not necessary to simulate every atom in the universe. A simulation controls the whole input and output of everybody. So we could be just brains in jars - if you think conservative. Or a bunch of AI's - that sounds way more effective. Or I'm the only one and the rest of you are all AI's. 😁 Once the experiment is through someone pulls the plug and prepares things for a new run. 😆 Soooo it's time for panic - isn't it? 😎
  9. In FS you can use World / Sound Explorer you can identify the source and block it
  10. Turns out into something that belongs in the scripting forum. Script stuff is always more than just a question. 😁 All code in a lsl script is in events, maybe take a class if you are interested in scripting, makes the start easier. llListen (integer chan, string what, key who, string msg) { if (llGetOwnerKey(who) != llGetOwner()) return; list p = llParseString2List(msg,["|"],[]); string tex1 = llList2String(p,0); string tex2 = llList2String(p,1); string tex3 = llList2String(p,2); integer gloss = llList2Integer(p,3); llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast(LINK_ALL_CHILDREN,[PRIM_TEXTURE
  11. Consider to send multiple values in a single message. Example: Sender: llRegionSayTo(llGetOwner(),-50100,llDumpList2String([8b5fec65-8d8d-9dc5-cda8-8fdf2716e361,8b5fec65-8d8d-9dc5-cda8-8fdf2716e361,8b5fec65-8d8d-9dc5-cda8-8fdf2716e361,51],"|")); send everything in one string - values separated by "|" Receiver: // split up the string list p = llParseString2List(msg,["|"],[]); string tex1 = llList2String(p,0); string tex2 = llList2String(p,1); string tex3 = llList2String(p,2); integer gloss = llList2Integer(p,3); // execute llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast(LINK_AL
  12. The vehicle script needs to be designed to handle this. In the last vehicle I made I added an additional sit target behind the exhaust tubes of the engines (so you don't even have to see the passenger) - followed by an instant unsit of course. If you forgot to lock the seats there is a manual 1000m eject for the co seat too. So if your vehicle doesn't have any passenger features, get another one. (not mine, I don't sell that stuff, it's no advertisement)
  13. The permission system doesn't work properly. Once you have given a permission to an object you can't withdraw it. The experience system works fine here you can withdraw the permission every time. So I would give an experience permission or map TP but not a normal permission to an unknown object. Just saying. And an expansion to the TP home/eject? Will be used like unwanted TP offers I assume, just more effective.
  14. SLPPF can change 100s of things per second without a problem. But that is irrelevant. You only see a difference when the simulator sends an update to your viewer - then you get to see what has changed in the world. By my observations that can happen about 15 times per second or much less. Depends on how busy the sim is and how important it "thinks" this viewer-update is. llSetPos and SLPP (without F) seem to be in sync with the viewer updates. (but have a 0.2 sec delay - obviously for a reason) SLPPF is not in sync.
  15. Yes, there is no way to reach maxint in this case. No need to take care for that. But it's exactly that thinking that leads to year 2k and year 2038 problems. It starts with "you will never get to ..." 😁 So I suggest to stay alert and have a 2nd thinking in all cases where you think you will never get to the breaking point.
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