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  1. Looks like advertisement and arbitrary ban system. I don't think I will ever see one in action, but if I ever notice one I'll happily blacklist this place. That's something for certain people who don't play in my league. 😎
  2. If someone griefs that way they will simply create an alt and continue. Not banning is better here since then it's only one bad reviewer instead of many that you are not able to connect. 😁 Besides of that the banning is perfect for all the wannabe merchants that take bad reviews personal instead of reviewing their products.
  3. If you want shadows you need lights. The sun or projector lights cast shadows. There are eep/windlight settings that will kill every lighting/shadows effectively though - so the setting needs to give shadows a chance.
  4. Old scripts may depend on object_rez and send a message after a short delay. That doesn't work anymore - or better - it may work sometimes 😁 For quite a while I use a handshake. The rezzed object sends a message to the rezzer. Then the rezzer knows that the object is rezzed and ready and can do further actions. For the OP: script is garbage now - you need to get a new one.
  5. It makes no sense to limit for prims. Usually every mesh prim has several LI. I can easily rez 50 mesh-prims that consume 1000 LI. If you use prims only then the lowest possible LI is 50% of the prims. So 100 prims = 50 LI - BUT - with the right shape a single prim can consume several 100 LI. If she rent it that way she will run out of LI most probably. Would be interesting to know what the counter really counts though. 😁
  6. I never switch off my AO when sitting. But I kicked out all sit animations (don't need that) and for the one time per year that I sit on something I have a low priority sit in which is overriden by all furniture animations. So everybody that sit's IN the furniture does NOT master their AO - it's the other way around. 😁 Btw. that fires my prejudice that most creators have no clue of SL. (keyword AO in this case)
  7. Many "residents" have a first and lastname in their firstname - that explains the long names and makes it useless to use firstnames only. A button holds about 12-14 characters so cutting the names to 24 is no visible loss. There are other ways to display names in a menu but this menu is made the most simple way so I assume limiting the length is the easiest way. uuidList is not deleted and will grow until the script runs out of memory. That can take quite a while but it will happen. The radar scans at 96m range but you are heared only 20m around. Adjustment makes sense.
  8. It's possible to send the rez time with the death call. The receiver can find out then who is older and act accordingly.
  9. VAT is added. I wondered about the conversion rate too and calculated a little - VAT + fees. Didn't match though - too low - but pointing into the right direction. I miss a detailed bill - mandantory in my country - obviously not in the states. So I can't be quite sure but as lomg as it's too low I have no reason to complain. I'll continue to watch it. 😎
  10. This thread is entertaining. 😁 Summary: some people wish to ban all bots, LL has no interest I agree with LL btw. there is no need for them to support paranoid tendencies. 🎃
  11. Sales in SL are ingame activities with no money involved. If you cash out - that's income and subject to income tax. Buying L$? You have no real proof that its part of your business but you can try, may or may not work. and if you think about ingame activities: Do you have bills with sales tax? No? Do you even have customers? I mean people not some phantasy ingame names. No? Can you even proff that you have delivered something - besides screenshots? Can you proof anything? Ingame you definitely have no business from the viepoint of the tax authorities. 😎
  12. It depends what this construct is about to do. If it's just rotating then put a script in each prim and once it's rotating the scripts can be removed. (the scripts only start the rotation, removing the script will NOT stop the rotation) If it's planned to toggle the rotation on/off then a better script is needed. Toggle by click? Then you need to click both or send a message from script to script or use one script instead of two. The complexity of a universal solution exceeds the complexity of just making things rotate alot! For an experienced scripter a simple solution can be p
  13. In SL all linked prims are linked to the root. So if you rotate the root all linked prims will rotate around the root. If you want to have 2 independant rotating linked prims you need 3 prims! One is the root and you can make it small+invisible. You link your other 2 prims to it and then the scripts will rotate each of them independant. As Quistessa showed you, you need only one script and not one per prim.
  14. You can not be harrassed by IM's because you simply block that avatar then. I don't see a problem here.
  15. You must not use an outdated LL viewer. is the present default viewer. If you want one of the release candidates get them yourself. https://releasenotes.secondlife.com/viewer.html By what you post it obviously does not update RC to RC it seems.
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