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  1. I made some tests - full estate sim - I'm not the owner but a manager - 2 low scripted avatars on the sim (including me) 1st column - momentary sim status 2nd column - after adding 1000 idle scripts 3rd column - after adding 3000 idle scripts I linked groups of 100 prims = 1000 scripts and clicked one block - that didn't make any noticable impact clicked all 3 blocks quickly - I noticed a small disturbance of the force for a few seconds but barely noticeable. 😎 So 3000 empty touch events are obviously nothing - I didn't count the 3000 "touched" messages I got though, they are cut anyways. 4th column - sim after I removed the idle scripts script time idle load is the script time of the block of idle scripts (1000 and 3000 scripts) taken from the management console. According to that an idle script uses 0.0005 script time in this scenario.
  2. Ah interesting, but that was an empty sandbox. For the 7300 scripts in my home sim that means 32.85 ms - 80 to 90% running - lets say 80% - that's 26,28 ms. There are quite some scripts that use more resources though. 1300 events per second. That does not fit in the 20ms script time and shows a huge difference to your research. On top of that the management console still sums it up to 7 ms script time - don't see that matching either - I wonder how that is meant. What does that thing add or is it just buggy? Maybe I add 1 or 2000 scripts on top of that pile and see how the numbers change. Looks like the script time an idle script consumes has a range depending on the circumstances and no fixed value.
  3. How do you know this 0.004 is true? In the management console most scripted objects in the sim are shown with 0.001 and even that is probably just a placeholder for a time below that value. The script time under ctrl-shift-1 is a totally different number than the summary shown in the management console. Like 20ms to 7ms. So I will not speculate about numbers when I don't have more informations. True is that the the script execution is back to 80-90% in my home sim (over scripted environment) The problem I don't see in the low impact (0.001/0.002) scripts - but in the many 100s of beds, furniture, dance balls, plants and garbage that idle 24/7 with 0.005 to 0.050. All that stuff belongs into the 0.001 to 0.004 group when idling. PS: what I really wonder is why an idling script has a cpu time at all - what's the problem for the script scheduler to jump over scripts that have nothing to do and no events? Most be a weird engine here.
  4. 2 things: Checking for the owner of a hud in a touch event makes no sense - nobody else can touch here - but of course it will work if the hud is rezzed on ground. Thats what it's meant for I assume and it shouldn't have any influence here. What happens if you click the detach/close button? if(llGetAttached()) { llRequestPermissions(llGetOwner(), PERMISSION_ATTACH); llDetachFromAvatar(); } It will put an entry into the event queue for a run_time_permission event then it will detach Now the event queue will be processed and the run_time_event will try to attach the hud - but we detached so there is not enough time end that process On next attach we have this unfinished attach to be worked at and I can imagine that this will confuse the expected order of events. Not sure about this, this is something that needs to be tested. So make a test and remove the llRequestPermissions line which is obsolete here anyways.
  5. Put both words on one texture. English - top half and french - bottom half. I'd integrate picselect into populate and can then easily decide if top or low half of the texture is to display on a specific link. Only small code changes required. If you prefer renaming the textures, it's is not that easy as it seems. If I see that right you have more textures than links. So renaming the textures is not enough. You always need to make sure that the counterpart of a specific texture is placed on another link. So you can no longer randomly take from textures. A solution would be to only take randomly half as many textures as you need and only take the version1 textures. Then you need to fill up the list with the matching version2 textures.
  6. The thread makes no sense. 1. You are what you want to be. Point. 2. Others don't know what you are in RL so their opinions about this matter is irrelevant. If you are a dog in SL some ppl might suspect that you are something different in RL though - maybe a cat - that is of course very serious. 😜
  7. 1 - Display names are not unique. 2 - Once the name is removed or changed you will not find what you seek anymore 3 - Legacy names are shown under the display name in the name tag (if switched on) and my chat logs look like: display name (legacy name) chat text. So I never have questions of who is who. If that is important for you then you probably are not happy with the LL viewer and if you are already on FS or whatever, take a look at the settings.
  8. You can not sort a list of strings that contain floats. Example: "23.123" is smaller than "7.456" of course. It's strings and not numbers! I see 3 ways to get that going: 1 - normalize the strings: "23.123" stays and "7.123" becomes "07.123" 2 - use floating points: but you probably need some clever rounding since 23.123 can easily become 23.12299999999 for example 3 - use integers: 23.123 becomes 23*1000 + 123 = 23123 to reverse the process: 23123 / 1000 = 23 and 23123 % 1000 = 123 I would use integers - easy and quick to implement.
  9. Switching off happens when the computer is seriously overheated or underpowered. A laptop that collected dust for 1-2 years is alot less effective in cooling it's components and the next summer will come for sure. A laptop like this is permanently running on overload when playing SL and that reduces the lifetime of its components. If one of the voltage transformers on the mainboard is through that can result in switch offs. "Yesterday it worked" - That's always the case if something breaks. Ok, thats POSSIBILITIES - but take that into account. You could run a software that shows temperatures and see what happens. Will not show you the temperature of single internal components though. Cleaning the laptop may help or not and can be tricky depending on model.
  10. I'm in all normal. Logging in an alt failed. So the message is correct. Not the grid is down, only the logins - more or less.
  11. If I can not read the display name within a fraction of a second I will fall back to the legacy name and will use that or extract a part of it. If I do not want to use that too then you are "nobody". If you complain I will mute and forget you. So choose what you want but face the consequences. 😁 (I don't take that serious but I will do what I described - hehe) If we have a japanese/korean/chinese/whatever display name - I'll need to do some meditation about this. 😎 On the other hand - most probably I will see only boxes instead since I didn't install that languages. Should I use "Mr. or Mrs. boxes" instead of "nobody" then? decisions decisions
  12. What Qie says! Your non working examble is equivalent to: IF msg!="Name1" OR msg!="Name2" THEN ADD Your working example is equivalent to: IF msg!="Name1" AND msg!="Name2" THEN ADD That's 2 different things. Looks like a mistake on inverting a statement. Example: if (msg=="Name1" || msg=="Name2") Inverting it if ( !(msg=="Name1" || msg=="Name2") ) can be resolved to if (msg!="Name1" && msg!="Name2")
  13. Flickr changed login, so that's not surprising. From my point of view Firestorm is buggy here since you can not clear the account settings. You can only clear them when you successfully connected. Great design! I did not find any location where this data is stored. So this function is broken until someone might fix that. It's just a minor annoyance though.
  14. Hmmm ... for the average user I expect that they come to the conclusion that AL is bad and switch it off. They made something ugly? nah never. It has to be someoen elses fault. 😎
  15. I'm not quite sure why a thing is debated that can be proofed so easily. Besides of that - I'm using NULL_KEY in listen events for years now - and I am still laughing. 😜
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