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  1. Nova Convair

    Closeness enabled SIT, and only clicking ONE prim

    Can be done comfortable with experiences. 1. use PRIM_SCRIPTED_SIT_ONLY to prevent sitting on the object. 2. the script can detect what prim is clicked and what distance the avatar has and perform a force sit. (llSitOnLink) That way you get an easy one click sit. Experience required!
  2. Nova Convair

    Using PRIM_TEXTURE repeats/offsets

    set_texture_grid (integer num, integer grid_size_x, integer grid_size_y, integer face) { float step_x = 1.0 / (float)grid_size_x; float step_y = 1.0 / (float)grid_size_y; integer part_x = num % grid_size_x; integer part_y = num / grid_size_x; float pos_y = -0.5 + step_y/2.0 + step_y*(float)(grid_size_y - part_y - 1); float pos_x = -0.5 + step_x/2.0 + step_x*(float)part_x; llScaleTexture(step_x,step_y,face); llOffsetTexture(pos_x,pos_y,face); } Just some math. "num" is the number of the grid element starting at top left with "0" 2nd row will start with "8" (in your case) and so on.
  3. Nova Convair

    how can I tell if a string is empty?

    Yes, keys are strings (kind of) and an uninitialized key or an uninitialized string is an empty string wich is not the same as a NULL_KEY.
  4. Nova Convair

    Temporary Demo :: llSleep or llSetTimerEvent ::

    llDie kills the object and doesn't care for sitters. I observe it regularly since I have some interior that is hosted in rezzers. (NOT temp rezzers) I'd wish the avatar would crash to the ground when the couch vanishes but SL is pretty unspectacular here. :)
  5. Nova Convair

    How do I Clear saved login names

    A few weeks ago I had sticking login data on FS. I found them in the settings.xml and removed them manually. I'm clean now so maybe that was some leftover of a previous FS version? However, if you edit the settings.xml manually you must not damage the structure of that xml file, so make a copy b4 you try or just delete the settings.xml and start with a clean one. In the same folder is a file with the name bin_conf.dat which holds your login credentials. Delete that too and your FS should no longer have any stored login data.
  6. Nova Convair

    Parsing list from object description

    The if else statements are chaotic and can not work example: else if (step == 3) { if (msg == CT) { llSetText("Step " + (string)step + " completed move on to next step",<.004,1.0,0.439>,OPAQUE); ++step; llWhisper(0,"Move on to " + (string)step); } else if (step != 3) { llWhisper(0,"Wrong Tool - Resetting"); step = 1; } } "if (step != 3)" will never become executed for example. Make a plan and start with the steps Step 1 - what is needed to get there? Where you can go from there under what conditions? So you get a graph with some arrows and conditions for a start.
  7. - you don't know if that person is in your groups, is one of your neighbours or even on your friends list since you have no clue how many and what alts this person has. - since a script can easily alert this person whenever you log in that doesnt matter anyways. - how can this person send you IM's while blocked?
  8. Nova Convair

    Preventing logoff screenshot

    That's too easy - everybody could do that
  9. Nova Convair

    Preventing logoff screenshot

    pfff ... mouse pushers make a TEXT file - for example "sl.cmd" (ending on .cmd is mandantory) Put that content in and save: start "Second Life" /WAIT /B "c:\Program Files\Firestorm-Releasex64\Firestorm-Releasex64.exe" del /Q "c:\Users\<your username>\AppData\Roaming\Firestorm_x64\nova_convair\screen_last.bmp" Make a desktop link to that batch file and give it a nice icon and launch sl with that link then. Adapt the pathnames to your system and viewer of course b4 you try.
  10. Nova Convair

    PRIM_ALPHA_MODE_MASK not taking hold

    ok, tested it and I can confirm the behaviour. llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast(LINK_THIS, [PRIM_ALPHA_MODE, ALL_SIDES, PRIM_ALPHA_MODE_NONE, 200]); llSleep(0.1); llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast(LINK_THIS, [PRIM_ALPHA_MODE, ALL_SIDES, PRIM_ALPHA_MODE_MASK, 200]); That solved the issue. Don't know if the sleep is necessary. I couldn't test it again. The 2nd cube I rezzed behaved differently and works fine with the original script. Funny
  11. Nova Convair

    Help ! Turn a string into an integer ?

    If you want to use it on an expression that works too: integer ichan = (integer)("-"+llGetObjectDesc());
  12. Nova Convair

    Avatar Scanner - Limited by Attachment

    One thing to remember for the future: llDetectedxxx functions do NOT work in listen events.
  13. Nova Convair

    How far up is space?

    The space is whereever you want it to have. You get it by setting or enjoying a matching windlight setting or a build (space bubble).
  14. Nova Convair

    Is the Grid down!

    If you look at the charts you see a crash or attack every few hours: http://gridsurvey.com/economy.php With this repeating pattern I think it's an attack but LL will surely say something when things are settled.
  15. Nova Convair

    Change skybox height

    When changing position of a skybox I hover next to it in the air. Then I select everything by lasso-ing it multiple times from different angles. Then select the Z-arrow of the movment cross and hold the mouse button on the arrow and press pgup or pgdn at the same time and fly to the new height. The selected objects will follow me. It's easy and done in a minute. For a building-noob there are some possibilities of failure as you play with multiple controls and camera at the same time. If you fail just repeat - it's a good practice ?