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  1. I removed flash quite some years ago from my system. So there are no upcoming changes from my point of view and I did not encounter any problems all the time. (not seeing garbage flash stuff was and is no problem for me) 😁
  2. That is longer than 16k - so in LSL you get a json string that is cut in half and that will surely not work properly.
  3. The knowledge of an IP does not give you any banning ability. In my case I don't even need a VPN to have a different IP everytime I visit this forum. It's a technical necessity to give the web server your IP so it can send you the data. Logging the IP will not give LL the general ability to ban someone or locate someone - only if the people's connection allow them to do so. The OPs concern is a possible localisation by other users - not possible here if there are no security holes/misconfigurations in the forum software. If there are serious concerns - a VPN is needed and never
  4. Someone that fears their IP is public in a forum doesn't ask in that forum but uses a VPN instead.
  5. attach is triggered: attach from ground, attach from inventory, login, detach on_rez is triggered: attach from inventory, login So both are good in this case. One detail: integer perm = llGetPermissions(); if (perm & PERMISSION_TRIGGER_ANIMATION) <you already have that permission>
  6. Revealing info or wearing something and so on - you say did not happen. If we assume that you didn't overlook something there is a simple question: who knows your location? One of them leaked info or is using an alt and made a big mistake by showing to have info that they can't have. And if you say you know someone. No, that's not the case. You know nothing about anybody - you know only what they told you. Another possibility is coincidence. If I enter a sim I see who is on that sim. Probability low but not zero. To prevent any visitor that isn't invited you'll need so use
  7. And all SL viewers are obsolete too. Nobody knows if there will be a new viewer and the x64-emulation won't make anyone happy I assume. However, even as a non Apple user I like that there is something different on the market.
  8. You want to wear a layer for the body. Skin, tatoo, etc. A script can't do that, you need to do that manually or make an outfit. A script can send a texture to a mesh body, but you don't have the info to do that and it's not BOM then. Creator kits for mesh bodies deliver a (nomod) script for that purpose and can apply a tatoo to an extra BOM layer for the body. RLV can probably apply tatoo layers but I don't need and don't use RLV so you need to get info from someone else about that.
  9. Plenty of RL thinking. But many have no virtual lifes but just more or less a copy of their RL here. That's fine by me btw. I don't care. If I build and want some of my stuff rezzed permanently then of course sharing the costs of that place would be quite normal. But if I don't care for having some boring house and stuff then it's just an additional spot to hang on. Definitely no base for sharing costs. You would never partner with someone thinking like that so that doesn't happen to you? hahaha .. maybe 😎😁
  10. I classify threads and people in my mind like cool, idiot, spam, nonsense and so on. And that stays in my mind for obvious reasons. Any spam definitions by other people are completely irrelevant. 😁 I know exactly what I continue to read and what not. Maybe 100 years later I start to forget things and could use some classification help by the forum software. Until then that's not needed. 😎
  11. I never had a use for it and now after reading this thread I still have no use for it. 😁
  12. Well - it's SL - there is a fair amount of idiots around - so yes - quite normal. 😁 If you sit on ground nothing will move you around. You'll behave like a solid block of concrete. If griefing was not allowed in that sandbox then you can AR any offender. Don't expect that anything will happen instantly though.
  13. Many years ago I kicked flash off my system. (there was no need to host that garbage) The only effect is that of course the browser (except Edge) and the SL browser can't play flash videos. From my point of view there was zero loss.
  14. It's incredible boring to shoot zombies while flying. No danger no thrill. *yawns* The OP has set up a game. If you cheat by just plain cheating or by roleplaying is the same - it's just cheating. You have to fly? Bye!
  15. I have zero understandment for experience concerns. There is NOTHING that can be done to you and NOTHING to your avatar and it's easy to leave. If one really confuses themselves with an avatar one shouldn't go to zombie sims anyways. Besides of that - nobody is forced to accept. Bye bye and problem solved. For the detector. Zombies and shooting and avatars cause lag. I could imagine it's difficult to fine tune a detector. What about jumping and jumping down? Height check could be used, but need to consider high builds. Make snapshots of an avatar position and get average speed (distan
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