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  1. Flickr changed login, so that's not surprising. From my point of view Firestorm is buggy here since you can not clear the account settings. You can only clear them when you successfully connected. Great design! I did not find any location where this data is stored. So this function is broken until someone might fix that. It's just a minor annoyance though.
  2. Hmmm ... for the average user I expect that they come to the conclusion that AL is bad and switch it off. They made something ugly? nah never. It has to be someoen elses fault. 😎
  3. I'm not quite sure why a thing is debated that can be proofed so easily. Besides of that - I'm using NULL_KEY in listen events for years now - and I am still laughing. 😜
  4. After reading here from time to time I came to the conclusion: waste of time and no need to listen any longer. Depending on the situation and the average idiocy level of the trespassers I will choose something between "0 time kicker" and "no security at all" and will ignore any complaints.
  5. additional infos: I'm on the newest FS and have that TP Problems very rare. It doesn't look like a DNS problem - but if someone wants to experiment here are open DNS Servers: Cloudflare + APNIC / 2606:4700:4700::1111 / 2606:4700:4700::1001 Quad9 (Global Cyber Alliance) / 2620:fe::fe / 2620:fe::10 Google / 2001:4860:4860::8888 / 2001:4860:4860::8844 If someone changes something and it works after that change - that is NOT a solution! Most time it's just coincidence. Just saying 😜
  6. Using llPlaySound plays a sound that is only heared by the hud wearer and llTriggerSound plays inworld. No need to waste energy on extra attachments and communications. The hud can play the soud directly.
  7. I see the following pattern. Sometimes the 1st TP after login hangs. I don't bother with waiting - I immediately kill the viewer task - login again - and teleport without problems. This TP and the following TP's (tried up to 25) all work. So it's just a minor annoyance for me especially since the teleport success rate never reached 100%. Once I waited longer (too long for my patience level to do it again) b4 I killed the task and I ended at the TP target location on next login. However, I'm in europe and every american should have a lower ping so I doubt that this has anything to do with the ping. I always have zero packet loss though so can't say if that makes a difference. Another observation is that there is no waiting time when i kill the viewer and immediately log in again. I'd expect the "you are still logged in ... please wait 5 mins" message. Since that doesn't happen SL obviously logged me out instead of teleporting me.
  8. llGetFreeMemory doesn't show you the whole free memory. If your memory gets fragmented there will be holes = chunks of unused memory. That happens always if a script allocates and frees blocks of different sized memory for global variables. (so if you can - use local variables - when the function or eventhandler ends - the stack is set back and therefore all memory is freed) I don't know if Mono allocates from the holes or not (I think it doesn't) but since it will not always match you will loose memory over time. The garbage collection will do a cleanup and makes all unused memory available. Question is when does mono run a garbage collection on a script? Since that uses alot of resources that will happen very rare. By my observations that happens when the script occupies over 64k. For small scripts it may happens after quite a while or maybe never as long as 64k is not exceeded. I'd expect that a reset cleans up everything though. If that is not the case - well - it's SL :D
  9. How efficient and memory consuming might be the if / else construct for 100 variables? The question of the OP is irrelevant.
  10. Both viewers with ALM ON and shadows ON tested. I never switch off ALM.
  11. I made a few sessions with Catznip since they all talk about the performance and I made the following observations: Out of the box Catznip is alot faster than FS. But I have tweaked my FS alot for performance - compared to this tweaked FS: Catznip has higher FPS in areas where I get +60 or +90. Not important for me. At heavy locations where I get -30 or -20 Catznip was slower by 10 fps. Ok, time to tweak Catznip. Not easy. In FS I type a word and get all advanced settings that contain that word. In Catznip - nada - I have to remember the exact setting. Ok so I do a partial tweaking. I can get Catznip to about the same performance as FS at heavy locations. It looks a bit different on the screen, so the rendering must be a bit different. I have one hud that reacts on the windlight setting by getting darker or brighter (in Catznip only but not important enough to complain) That's observations based on my system of course so can be completely different for someone else. For the features: I don't miss what I never had - but I miss what I have used all the time. So I will not switch viewers without a significant reason. But I don't use viewer specific things that would block me from switching. Like the FS Preprocessor or Viewer AO.
  12. Transparent or black pixels will not glow - any color will glow in that color. You add this mask to your texture as the transparency layer and save it as 32bit TGA. In SL you set the alpha mask to emissive and of course you activate glow for that surface.
  13. No, that's a good thing. Nobody needs creators who can enforce of what they think (if any thinking is even involved) is good for me.
  14. It's not that easy to test a random number generator. I'm way too lazy to make a test script, that's for sure :) If interested, have a look here: https://www.random.org/analysis/ In one of my scripts I wasn't satisfied with the output of llFrand so I added my own integer random generator. I don't know how good it really is but unlike llFrand it gives pretty random looking results and that's what I wanted. string seed = "this text generates the start seed"; integer irnd(integer max) { ++max; seed = llMD5String(seed,0); return (integer)("0x"+llGetSubString(seed,0,6))%max; }
  15. The skybox does not exist. It's some data on a server. If you look at it - your Viewer draws a model of the skybox. If you log out and nobody else looks - the skybox is again just a load of data on a server no less no more. It doesnt matter if that data is stored in the inworld sim memory or somewhere else. If you see that differently you are renting the wrong type of home. At the moment you share resources with others. If you rent your own space you will have to pay more. But since you feel that way - do it. You look for a permanent skybox (if they still exist) or a parcel of land. On a parcel you can build on the ground or put your own skybox.
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