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  1. Nova Convair

    Remove word from string

    That can be tricky, depending on the details of the use case. If you want to find single words (find "big" but not "biggest") you need to add spaces to your search string. Will not work for 1st and last word and if characters like".,-" or parenthesis are attached to the word. So you need to replace all special characters with spaces and add a space at the begin and end of the original string and convert it to lower case too. Then you can find the position of your word. Subtract 1 due to the added space at the beginning of the search string. Then you can remove the word from the original string. You need to think about the spaces. If the word had a leading and trailing space you need to remove one. In case of special characters like "-" or parenthesis something might not look good now.
  2. Nova Convair

    Anyone yet tried to "Marie Kondo" their inventory?

    I you rez you already have lost. :) If you don't know what it is - delete. If you haven't touched it in years - delete. Don't think about it - with thousands of items that takes way too long - just click the delete button. If you can not do that - you are doomed to have an ever growing inventory :D
  3. Nova Convair

    HUD bug?

    Small changes sometimes don't trigger a viewer update. So it's there but you don't see it. If it's a bug it's a viewer bug, but maybe the sim server just don't send an update so it's LL's fault :) That's a general problem with small changes. Maybe try to move the tabs 1m instead of 1cm? I have no experiences with huds though - my huds move the texture position to change content. That seems to work.
  4. Nova Convair

    Landmark Teleport Scripts - Only Owner?

    Not quite. llMapDestination too only works for the owner. For other avatars it only works when used in a touch event. So there is no useful way to teleport others by using a hud - except you use an experience. But experiences only work on land that have this experience enabled - so again, not useful for a hud.
  5. Nova Convair

    What makes you block someone?

    That gave me the idea to check my blocklist - is pretty long now! Most are shop owners and objects though - spam blocks. A nice side effect is that vendors with blocked owners no longer work - but unfortunately marketplace is not affected. If someone pisses me off by spamming too much garbage in chat or making too much noise/musik I'll quickly switch them off (block). Fire and forget :) Does not happen that often. Unwanted IM's don't need a block. If there is no reaction they assume I muted them and I never hear again anything. :)
  6. Nova Convair

    0 is greater than 0? Why?

    This is expected behaviour !!! A decimal floating point number like 0.1 or 1.0 or whatever is stored and computed in a binary format. And a 0.1 in decimal notation can not be converted into a binary format without using an infinite number of digits. So the number is cut off after using 32 or 64 bits or whatever float format is used. If you caculate with this number it is NOT a 0.1 it's just very close to a 0.1 If you compare 2 different calculations it's very probable that they are NOT equal even if they should. That's why I never compare 2 floats for equality - I compare if the difference is less than 0.0001 for example or whatever precision I need in this specific case.
  7. Use that link to install LSLForge into eclipse. It's still maintained. LSLForge - https://raw.githubusercontent.com/elnewfie/lslforge/master/eclipse/
  8. Nova Convair

    Forced teleport? No, it's not rlv...

    A sripted Object can't teleport you that way. It only can do that if you are the owner of that object and only if you are not sitting - unsit before teleport is required. Only if you have entered an experience and the experience is enabled on that parcel a scripted teleport is possible by an object that is part of that experience. If you wear an object (NOT temp attached) then it can teleport you too. The 3rd possibility is to use RLV. There are no other options for a scripted teleport.
  9. Nova Convair

    Scripter or Builder ?

    I started scripting because I wanted to "move things" and you can not buy scripts that do your tasks. So you have to do it yourself or hire someone. Knowledge of programming is very helpful if you have no problem to learn new things. Once you find out the general concept of how scripts work in SL - things seem to be easy. Expect surprises in the specialties of SL scripting and alot of "oh's" - "what?" - "OMG's" though.
  10. Nova Convair

    Failure in simplicity

    I see some talking about memory limit and how the sim handles scripts and so on. Fact is that none of you has even the slightest clue how this things are internally handled. So reading that made me laugh. Until this things are officially documented by LL - I will NOT use llSetMemoryLimit because it has zero effect. Every talking about that is guessing and fairy tales and I don't believe in fairy tales - they only entertain me. :)
  11. Nova Convair

    Closeness enabled SIT, and only clicking ONE prim

    Can be done comfortable with experiences. 1. use PRIM_SCRIPTED_SIT_ONLY to prevent sitting on the object. 2. the script can detect what prim is clicked and what distance the avatar has and perform a force sit. (llSitOnLink) That way you get an easy one click sit. Experience required!
  12. Nova Convair

    Using PRIM_TEXTURE repeats/offsets

    set_texture_grid (integer num, integer grid_size_x, integer grid_size_y, integer face) { float step_x = 1.0 / (float)grid_size_x; float step_y = 1.0 / (float)grid_size_y; integer part_x = num % grid_size_x; integer part_y = num / grid_size_x; float pos_y = -0.5 + step_y/2.0 + step_y*(float)(grid_size_y - part_y - 1); float pos_x = -0.5 + step_x/2.0 + step_x*(float)part_x; llScaleTexture(step_x,step_y,face); llOffsetTexture(pos_x,pos_y,face); } Just some math. "num" is the number of the grid element starting at top left with "0" 2nd row will start with "8" (in your case) and so on.
  13. Nova Convair

    how can I tell if a string is empty?

    Yes, keys are strings (kind of) and an uninitialized key or an uninitialized string is an empty string wich is not the same as a NULL_KEY.
  14. Nova Convair

    Temporary Demo :: llSleep or llSetTimerEvent ::

    llDie kills the object and doesn't care for sitters. I observe it regularly since I have some interior that is hosted in rezzers. (NOT temp rezzers) I'd wish the avatar would crash to the ground when the couch vanishes but SL is pretty unspectacular here. :)
  15. Nova Convair

    How do I Clear saved login names

    A few weeks ago I had sticking login data on FS. I found them in the settings.xml and removed them manually. I'm clean now so maybe that was some leftover of a previous FS version? However, if you edit the settings.xml manually you must not damage the structure of that xml file, so make a copy b4 you try or just delete the settings.xml and start with a clean one. In the same folder is a file with the name bin_conf.dat which holds your login credentials. Delete that too and your FS should no longer have any stored login data.