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  1. You can check in the touch event if the owner or someone with the same active group than the object has clicked. touch_start(integer total_number) { user = llDetectedKey(0); if (user == llGetOwner() || llSameGroup(user)) { menu_page = 0; menu(user, "\n\nPlease select one below.", texture_list); } }
  2. You start in SL and make it into RL - that's easy but only the 1st step - more difficult is the 2nd step from RL to the Real World 😎
  3. The assumptions about script memory are completely wrong. - Scripts don't use 64kb memory - they CAN use up to 64kb - what they really use - only the script itself knows that - external meters have no clue and only show the max. - Equal scripts are only stored once. That means: you have a script that - let's say - uses 10kb of memory. Now you copy that object so you have 2000 out there. How much script memory is used? 10kb code! (and NOT 2000x10!) - plus variables for each script of course. So memory will be no limit here. But script execution time. If you have more scripts than the sim can handle the "scripts run" will show a percentage under 100% If you have a "scripts run" of 50% that means that only 50% of the scripts are executed in every frame. That means that every script runs at half speed. If you put out more scripts the processing speed of each script will sink further.
  4. Looks confused. Position - contains a distance TargetPos and toucherPos are assigned the same value When you calculate the distance in "Position" - "npcpos" wasn't assigned a value so it's <0,0,0> toucherPos wasn't assigned a value so it's <0,0,0> So the distance is 0 and you perform a teleport as expected. When you create an npc does that have an immediate effect? Or does it take some time? Need to take that into account aswell if it takes time so you need to wait or use the timer or an other event if there is one for that purpose.
  5. There is no water in SL. The server tells the viewer a number. That's the height of the surface. The viewer will draw a water plane at this level. No water in the sim, no terraforming. Of course it's imaginable that there are multiple water areas where you determine the position, shape and level. That would be a feature request though. The whole landscaping/water/environment is very poor in SL. But EEP is a 1st step - if LL gets that implemented properly.
  6. You repeat what i said b4. A script can send about 1000 messages per second. (depends on script usage of course) And a script can receive 12-15 messages per second. (depends on script usage) That works because the sim buffers the messages. In this case we don't want buffering - we need to process the messages when they arrive and so we will need at least 2 receiver scripts to have enough receive capacity. (not for 1000! of course - but a stable 15-20 receives)
  7. Some remarks: llRegionSay can not be used if you want to cross a region border - llShout will do - but some math required for the crossing like usage of global coordinates. llSetRegionPos is too slow by my observations and inaccurate - but may be handy in case your vehicle got desintegrated and scattered over the place llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast can be executed up to 45 times per second - but - waste of resources since you will never see it. The sim does not update your viewer 45 times per second. That depends on object size, your distance, how busy the sim is. Under good conditions you seem to get max 15. A script can send 1000 messages per second but a listen event receives usually less than 15 messages. If the sim is busy - less or much less. You will need more than one receiver script. llSetKeyFramedMotion has perfect movement for that purpose but no way to sync it between the objects. Maybe needs some testing though. llGetObjectDetails is useable for region crossings (reaches 34m into adjacent regions according to wiki) and has no delay. Could be a candidate. Maybe needs some testing. Smooth movement is only possible with a combination of server side movement plus viewer side interpolation and that works only for physical objects and llSetKeyFramedMotion and both are not useable here. So it will always rattle a bit. In case script execution is NOT at 100% only a part of the scripts is executed in every frame. You can imagine what that means.
  8. Scripts can't trigger gestures.
  9. Irrelevant. I killed plenty of other players in some games and in SL. You know what? It's no problem. 😎 Comparisons with RL are completely useless. If you are at the wrong place due to lag then you get kicked out indirectly by lag - it's nobody elses problem but yours. Just try again or get a coffee - unlike RL thats possible since it's only a kind of online game.
  10. It would be easier to remove the whole page and install a lottery. Everybody draws a lottery ticket once and thats it. 😎
  11. You can add a prepaid CC to paypal and determine that payments for sl only use this card. That limits payments to the funds on that card. Paypal will not overpay. Well - at least not for me. 😎 I only use prepaid cards for LL and tested the paypal method in case something will stop working one day. There is no sufficient security for SL payments since it is all bound to the SL password.
  12. If you are no estate manager it's pointless for you. You can have a look at the settings though. (Alt-R)
  13. When the script is finished I'd do some profiling to see how many entries the script savely holds. Once the script reaches that limit I add new entries at the beginning of the list and remove one entry from the end of the list. The list will keep it's size then and I don't need a timestamp since the oldest entry is always at the end of the list. So if I hold 250 entries I always have the newest 250 in the list. No need to think about a time for purging. Happens all automatic. For higher capacity storage you should look into Rolig's script and if you need many many 1000 entries you can combine that with additional storage scripts but that's a point where the complexity reaches the level of external server usage.
  14. If I TP into a club full of avatars my texture buffer holds 2 GB and that's not all that's loaded. It can take seconds until you get a clear view or several minutes depending on your speed and how good the CDN endpoint works for your location. This is a worst case scenario of course - but you can never have enough speed. 😎 Rough approximation: a 10 Mbit connection will need 2000 seconds to load 2 GB and 100 Mbit will do it in about 3 mins You can easily live with less speed of course - you just need to wait longer - and if you mostly visit the same places - most of the data will be cached. (that is if you have set a sufficient size for the cache) (note: cache on SSD gives a major boost compared to cache on HD) However - if you get into masses of avatars you have to load masses of textures! You need some quality for the connection or SL will kick you out all the time. So it's not as easy as just comparing speed/pricing.
  15. When it is ok? When I do it of course. I usually don't tell them. Why? Because I'm evil! Most will send messages to a wall for quite a while b4 they get the idea. I must say though that 95% of my blocks are just spammers.
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