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  1. The permissions giving to an experience are the same than every other permission in SL. 3 differences: - for an experience you give them all at once - you can easily revoke everything. (note: the permission you give to a danceball you can NOT revoke) - permissions are only granted at the place the experience is active So reading the thread made me laugh multiple times - lots of funny hysteria - very entertaining You can of course debate if experiences need to be forced. For an RP sim that doesnt wan't tourists: YES! Kick 'em out. Everything other installation: depends. I personally would make a different approach here. I would simply ignore everybody that is not in experience in my scripts. They can stumble around on their own and try to find someting interesting or get into locations without entrance on their own. I noticed that you can prevent sitting on objects too, so nobody can block things. No need for pressure. I dont't think the tourists would not stay for long anyways.
  2. Nova Convair

    Problem connecting to Facebook

    It's not a bug - it's a feature ! 😁
  3. Nova Convair

    Firestorm vs the LL Viewer

    Well I am using and observing viewers over many years and I don't see anything unexpected in FS memory consumption. You have 2 GB texture memory instead of 0.5 and go to a busy place. What you expect then? Even in old times the 32-bit LL viewer cranked up to about 3.5 GB before it crashed and now the situation is far worse All the extras in FS use memory too. In the past there were versions with memory holes but atm FS and LL viewer never crash, so all good from my point of view. If you dont have the memory you need to lower features or change viewer. For performance I barely see differences. The LL viewer seems to be slightly faster but that depends on situation too. If you like LL give Kokua a try. It's very close to the LL viewer with a few extras and optional RLV and is kept up to date.
  4. Nova Convair

    Has anyone tried the LZW Script? Any thoughts?

    How do you want to compress the notecard? In a whole? Then you need to read the whole notecard 1st and then decompress it and split it to lines again. (requires double memory consumption during the process but less lines to read) Or line by line? Max. line length (for script reading) is 256. I see no way to speed things up here. I never had the wish to speed up notecard reading but shouldn't it work to simply fire 10 ReadLine commands at once and sort the incoming lines in the dataserver event? Or read from multiple notecards at once? (I'll not test that atm)
  5. Nova Convair

    Does anyone else having this same problem?

    Persecution complex? Nothing happened, nothing happens and you see bots everywhere. You don't even have proof that they are bots. This is SL and not RL so relax. In RL a violation of our home is serious. In SL it's just an illusion. If someone dosn't belong there kick 'em out and if that's too exhausting then install an automatic asskicker and relax while you watch it working.
  6. Nova Convair

    Auto Turret with llCastRay();

    When I started scripting - many years ago - I wouldn't have been able to make a turret system - even with a background in programming. I made smaller tasks 1st and most gain of knowledge started with the question: "why this damn thing doesn't work?" But thats about one thing not working and not 10 at the same time - that leads to nothing. The op needs to understand how SL scripts work at 1st. Without that basic understandment there will be no chance to solve scripting tasks and problems. There are a few scripting classes out there. Maybe take a few and script some more simple things for a start. If you want turrets NOW you need to hire someone.
  7. Nova Convair

    Auto Turret with llCastRay();

    The turrets I use know their working angle. But if you have a complicated shape or wings there may be a problem to implement limits. You can "shoot" with castray 1st and see if it hits the target or something else (like your ship). With that info you can decide to follow up with a "bullet" or wait for the next round. But ! What is your target? An avatar? In that case you will never hit the target but only the ship the avatar is sitting in. In that case you can not test for a target hit but check the distance of the castray hit and the name of the hit. If it's your ship's name then don't shoot. if it's approximately the distance of your target then shoot. if it's another distance - your decision - I prefer to shoot in doubt though Oh ... another dirty trick is to fire the bullets as physical+phantom. They will flip to physical+non phantom after a short traveltime - preferably after they have minimal distance to your ship. Just saying.
  8. Nova Convair


    Your blinds are most probably inside of an invisible prim or mesh structure. Can be a challenge for a non builder to select it then. - Just move your camera close (almost 0 distance at flat angle) and select it (is not hard with some practice) - or derender the house and whatever is in the way, then you can easily select the blinds (not with LL viewer) - or go to build/pathfinding and get a list of all objects filter for your objects and sort by distance, should get you to the blinds in front of you quickly and you can select it
  9. Nova Convair

    Event Queue

    Imagine this scene: Object A has a script that sends out a message 1000 times - as fast as possible - and a time measuring. It takes about 1-2 seconds to send 1000 messages. Object B has a script that receives this messages and counts them - and a time measuring - triggered by a start and a stop message included in the 1st and last message of Object A. A script can receive about 12-15 messages per second as it turns out. What happens? Object A runs for one second then it has fired out 1000 messages Object B runs for about 70 seconds and reports that it has received 1000 messages Conclusion The event queue is 64 entries, but the sim obviously runs a message buffer in a way that it does not overrun the event queue of a script. The size of the buffer is limited. If i send longer messages or 5000 instead of 1000 messages then Object B reports less received messages than were sent by object A. So the chance of missing a message are almost zero - except the sim is full of communicating scripts.
  10. Nova Convair

    LI Count and Scripts

    It's floting point math and no bug. 1.5 + 0.5 = 2.0 yes? not quite Decimal round numbers do not match binary numbers. So a round decimal number is not a round number when converted to binary format. If you typecast it back to decimal it is not the same number anymore. 1.5 + 0.5 = something close to 2.0 subtracting the 0.5 means you subtract 0.5 from a number that isn't exactly 2.0 and the result is something close to 1.5 Repeat adding and subtracting 1000 times and you may even get a visible difference (if the errors don't compensate each other but accumulate) If I compare floats in a script I always think twice what exactly am I doing here. In this case the result is out of your scope and you have to live with it.
  11. Nova Convair

    Marketplace item flagged as Adult for Illegal Drugs

    And what has this to do with SL? There are no drugs in SL. So the question is: is it illegal to roleplay drug usage in a "computer game" or "virtual world" The answer is NO for most places. Even that doesn't matter since LL is not obliged to transfer all rl laws to SL. LL decided that this is adult activity. Point. Is that good or bad? I find that there are good reasons to declare this as adult so I wouldn't complain.
  12. Nova Convair

    Do you have advanced lighting enabled?

    I switched it on when it became available and it's always active of course. SL without ALM looks so incredible bad I would never revert.
  13. Nova Convair

    sending item to all group member

    What Innula said. But everybody can rez a prim - name it and wear it - so that can not be used to validate anything.
  14. Nova Convair

    A minor vehicle issue

    That's not appropriate behaviour for someone with the name DarkEmperor
  15. Nova Convair

    Is there an Include function in LSL?

    Well, that's exactly what I do But the LSLForge environment removes all unused functions and variables and even replaces the global variables used as definitions by literal values. The LSLForge modules are alot better than includes. But that is a clever programming environment. LSL by itself has nothing of that functionality. For me the LSLForge environment is very comfortable and I'm not dependant of a specific viewer - which is important for me. Setting up Eclipse for that may be a little overkill but I have no problem overkilling things a little