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  1. So it's an - easy to implement - phone home function. One could think the world already has enough phone home things. And nobody got the idea that it can be used for spam? However - I can easily block object emails if I need to do so and if I really have an object that sends me emails I will add a prefix to the subject. So i can easily whitelist the messages of my own scripts. llTargetedEmail is no problem for me and spamming is futile. It's interesting that the 1st thing you do when a new function is implemented to see how you can protect yourself. 😎
  2. The messages from SL are easy to filter by sender and subject, so I assume it will be no problem to filter this type too. We'll see. Problem solved then. But I'd like to know who needs this function and for what? (besides spammers)
  3. There is no listen event in that script. The menu will not work then and is completely useless in that state. The timer has to do 2 tasks: check for online status and remove the listen if the menu times out. (which doesnt work anyways without listen) So either remove the whole menu thing or make the menu functional and change the timer so it can differentiate if it was triggered by menu timeout or online status update.
  4. total_dances = llGetInventoryNumber(INVENTORY_ANIMATION); i = 0; while (i < total_dances) { dances_list += [(string) llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_ANIMATION, i)]; } llListen(chat_channel(), "", NULL_KEY, ""); you don't increase i so the loop will run forever and the script will never process any events. your loop needs to go from 0 to total_dances-1 and requires an increment of i in each round. There are several possibilities to make a loop: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/User:Kireji_Haiku/How_to_deal_with_lists_in_LSL
  5. I have programmable keys on my keyboard and on my mouse and the joystick has quite a couple of programmable keys too - so I think you are wasting your time if you think you can make anything macro proof. I forgot - I have software that can play macros triggered by any key. Plenty of possibilities.
  6. Regarding this removal of the popup: I once entered a place - looked like a club - and got the message that over 50% can not see me. I checked - 25k Maybe a convention of the "Craptop Forever" movement? Since it was quiet it wasn't a discussion group. Sooo .. no reason stay then. 😎 I leave that popup on - may give an insight here and there. Of course if you are high arc you know that you are invisible for many and don't need that popup. 😁
  7. For a visual impression: - rez a cube - edit it - type 55 each in x and y size Now you see how big that palace ... I mean house will be. 😎
  8. This tools will for example appear in an invisible sphere around you. A single click somewhere and you sit on that thing and weeeeeeeeeeeee ... here we go. There are more creative ways to get someones permission. Fact is - without your permission things like that can not happen. So you clicked, sat or wore something and you obviously didn't see it.
  9. You can change your displayname once per week. Do you really think you can remember who is who after a while? Plus all the names you can neither read nor remember. I will only remember the old farts that keep their legacy names all the time. 😁
  10. Where is the problem? Just keep the forward key pressed until you tanked out of the pile. I don't accept complaints because everybody that stands there likes bumping or has such a slow computer that they will never find out what hit them. So everybody is happy then 😎
  11. I have used 2-3 displaynames - didn't make a difference. But in FS is have the following options: - view display names (shows displayname - if you don't have one: shows legacy name) - usernames (That adds the username "nova.convair" in parenthesis to the displayname (only if displayname is different to username) - legacy names instead of usernames (that will replace "nova.convair" by "Nova Convair") - Trim "Resident" will remove the "Resident" part if there is one I forgot the options in the LL viewer but there are less. So keep in mind: everybody has 3 names! And they look different if you are a "Resident"
  12. People can do that and people can get away with this. It's SL and not RL - you have no options. That's why you never buy anything without a demo. If there is no demo there are probably reasons.
  13. Legacy name: Nova Convair User name: nova.convair Display name: Nova Convair (since I didn't set one) Looks like you confuse that, so check again which one you display and which one not.
  14. This is so old - but here and there there is still someone that panics.
  15. A hud is rotated local. llSetLocalRot(llEuler2Rot( <x,y,z> * DEG_TO_RAD)); that way you can try the values for x,y,z in degrees
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