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  1. I hope this clears some confusion going on Viewer Texture Memory Buffer (MB): This is the amount of graphics memory the viewer will use. By default, it is set to the size of your graphics card's memory. 32bit versions only. This setting is hard limited to a maximum of 512MB. Lowering this value may resolve certain texture corruption and performance issues, but under normal circumstances you should not need to alter this setting. 64bit versions only. This setting is hard limited based on the VRAM available with your graphics card. It is recommended you increase the slider to use the maximum available to prevent texture thrashing. GPU 1GB = up to 768MB GPU 2GB+ = up to 1024MB GPU 4GB+ = up to 2048MB
  2. Use Multiple Threads is found in Advacned> show Dev menu, search Threads and youll see its set to disable I noticed a difference with it on.
  3. Ill resolving this there's a bug in the grid, ghost messages they are calling it.
  4. Still resolving this with support, found a bug inside the grid Lol..
  5. Problem is in-world it dosn't show anything to decline, I've put a request over but its been ages since, nothing yet. i don't have Premium.
  6. Hi, I've got a problem with email about adding my self, " Connect with Oliver Larimore & See Common Interests " ,When i was on Lumiya viewer and managed to accidenlty send a friend request to my self from About my self on the phone, now every time I log into SL I get a email each and every time. What can I do to stop it spamming aside blocking it? Cheers!
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