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  1. Ramses Meredith

    Does Facebook want our avatar?

    the profile address must be like: ziggystarsmith - it is used to create the slurg for your account. Maybe need to explain: alphanumeric do not include "special characters" like the space, minus plus and so on. Hope to have explain
  2. Ramses Meredith

    Does Facebook want our avatar?

    Sure! thank you for your feedbacks!
  3. Ramses Meredith

    Does Facebook want our avatar?

    FB need your real informations to sell to third parts that's why do not allow fantasy accounts, otherwise how they can sell the informations? hehe
  4. Ramses Meredith

    Does Facebook want our avatar?

    Hello Christhiana! Very happy to help anytime! I personally do not give any limit to people so they write and sometimes in a wrong way, but i thikn also on facebook or any platform everybody write as he/she can. about informations of course Wiply is a Limited Company, not a single user and about more informations i can suggest you the link about privacy policy and indeed me for any questions hehe https://wiply.net/help/privacy I want also mention we are doing a directory for any sl business which want to join or create recurring events, since people need a place where to find easily everything.
  5. Ramses Meredith

    Does Facebook want our avatar?

    Hello! I am the owner of Wiply and I think I need to explain something. First of all it is a social media not for italian people but for all, the system is write in english by english people and then translated in multi languages: spanish, portuguese, italian, dutch, german, french, greek, nederland, romanian, russian japanese. It is a system all in one, since it allow to create albums like flickr, to have multimedia groups post documents as user, page, group (useful for designers which need to add user manuals or so on) you can create events, payd events, sell or book tickets/events, get your blog added in the news, have different content depending on the network you are in ( Second life have it own network, like having own facebook withotu being bored by other networks content). What we give is the platform, content have to be added by residents. I am more than happy to give more explanations, if it is a constructive conversation I am available to talk and give more information, if instead it is the usual way of shoveling insults to facilitate the friend who has a site to support then I leave it immediately.
  6. Ramses Meredith

    Mesh disappearing/deforming when teleporting

    Hello, To avoid this problem you can use this trick: change mesh attachment point to one not used by other mesh addons you may wear. This trick help sometimes to avodi mess with teleports and worn mesh items. Hope to have help you Sincerely Ramses Meredith
  7. Ramses Meredith

    Problems with upload textures and skin weight

    Hello! So first of all you must get the addon Blender Avastar available inworld, it will help a lot to configure inautomatic many things about sl conversion. Anyway if you want to upload a rigged item you mst select in blender the object AND the skeleton and then save them as dae file, since the mesh need to "know" which is the skeleton we want it to be linked to. With avastar these steps and many others will be way more faster Hope to have help Ramses Meredith
  8. Ramses Meredith

    Best mesh male body?

    Hello, thank you for naming Exmachina Davide! I want just point out that we do have release anew alpha system, which is a sort of "community system" and let you all to wearn clothigns with old sizes and or for other brands, directly without any effort. It taketime for sure but will avoid the stress to "need" fitted mesh for the avatar. So there is a wide chocie of clothes, just designers don't know to have ready for us hehe
  9. Ramses Meredith

    Bakes on Mesh Feedback Thread

    Hello! I amglad to say that EXMACHINA body is ready for baked mesh, we are also close to launch a beta testing program to select which scripts to keep and which not (our is a very low lag system so the matter is about which options to keep not how to make it light)
  10. Ramses Meredith

    Bakes on Mesh Feedback Thread

    Hello Les 1) materials can be created from the mesh body creators (like i have made) so you can have a generic effect which is compatible with different skins. 2) you can script alpha appliers it is not hard to do it; 3) the system uuid are in the "item profile" if you use viewer like firestorm, or using official viewer right click on the texture and then select uuid. to have another arm and another hand it is easy on mesh, I, as example, have 2 different arms totallycompatible with old uvmap hehe Hope to have help!
  11. Ramses Meredith

    Bakes on Mesh Feedback Thread

    Good option.. hope they integrate it quickly
  12. Ramses Meredith

    Bakes on Mesh Feedback Thread

    Thank you very much!
  13. Ramses Meredith

    Bakes on Mesh Feedback Thread

    Hello, as a mesh body creator, i am more than interested to know more about this - how can I find more info, so I can start on a update and on a beta program. I am also ready to helpin any way i can!
  14. Ramses Meredith


    We are clsoe to finish this first hiring turn so please hurry to do your applications!
  15. Ramses Meredith

    New to secondlife

    Hello! Thank you for naming us, I want to say to @DamienPatterson you can try our free avatar at the store, it not have alpha layers (you can use in case our fitted mesh items that not require alpha layers) so you can begin without spend a fortune and decide meanwhile which brand you want to choose.