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  1. I have sayd in wrong way, what i mean is nobody buy anymore sculpts, of course old places made with sculpts well them will stay but you will never see a woan wearing a sculpt gown, as example.
  2. Lately, with Fortnite being a killing game,I doubt everybody is doing a living with Second Life. I know many that declare to earn 5000 dollars per month but to be honest one curiousty I have is: how is posisble nobody declare to earn 1200 dollars or 7000? everybody say 5000, which is fun since it is like to say a "middle" amount if you consider 5 is between 0 and 10. Marketing is not everything, you need to have friends that help you, or the marketing goes nowhere. Many people also pay some to advertise on groups, pretending to be customers and asking about the brand XYZ (sometimes also out of topic lol). Before, dunno now, sl "magazines" was use to do the pay for play, naming how good was the brand in charge of money. also sponsoring many events would help. It is not really a marketing matter but a wallet matter: how much do u have to spend? enough? then u have a chance.
  3. Truth is we lost compatiblity anyway. nobody uses anymore SCULPTS, nobody uses anymore system layers (well now tih Bakes on Mesh we are back). We go forward and now i must talk as creator: if people keep old things then there is no economy, also in rl there is the programable obsolescence, to force people to buy again and again, so Linden Labs need to look forward but with another idea of business
  4. I have begin to prepare my skins ready in layers too, whcih is easy for me to test since i own also the body lol. I need to say just missing the details about left arm and right and left leg as i saw, because this would be interesting to make asymetric skins and also for tattoo layers
  5. This is a nice question! Maybe is way better to enhance second life yet
  6. you must create an alpha layer to hide those parts since now the old system with alpha cuts on mesh is a bit useless
  7. Thank you so much. This mean i were doing all right hehe. Pity they not yet worked on it, since with normal mesh avatars you can choose, I talk about exmachina davide, I do not know if the others does too, you can apply left or right arm tattoo without problems, also on skin to be honest. This make avatara a bit more realistic, I think.
  8. Just a question for the experts: we have now left and right arm "layers" but where you can configure them? On body, you can't. On layers, you can't. It is to be done on a full moon night with a special dance or.. what?
  9. This is why I have keep an head with the sl uvmap references, and everybody is able to use also old skins on that. Since now. But how to use the left and right arm "layers"?
  10. Thank you for mention us! 😀 And yes we have this option to delivery the update as soon as it is available officially
  11. the profile address must be like: ziggystarsmith - it is used to create the slurg for your account. Maybe need to explain: alphanumeric do not include "special characters" like the space, minus plus and so on. Hope to have explain
  12. FB need your real informations to sell to third parts that's why do not allow fantasy accounts, otherwise how they can sell the informations? hehe
  13. Hello Christhiana! Very happy to help anytime! I personally do not give any limit to people so they write and sometimes in a wrong way, but i thikn also on facebook or any platform everybody write as he/she can. about informations of course Wiply is a Limited Company, not a single user and about more informations i can suggest you the link about privacy policy and indeed me for any questions hehe https://wiply.net/help/privacy I want also mention we are doing a directory for any sl business which want to join or create recurring events, since people need a place where to find easily everything.
  14. Hello! I am the owner of Wiply and I think I need to explain something. First of all it is a social media not for italian people but for all, the system is write in english by english people and then translated in multi languages: spanish, portuguese, italian, dutch, german, french, greek, nederland, romanian, russian japanese. It is a system all in one, since it allow to create albums like flickr, to have multimedia groups post documents as user, page, group (useful for designers which need to add user manuals or so on) you can create events, payd events, sell or book tickets/events, get your blog added in the news, have different content depending on the network you are in ( Second life have it own network, like having own facebook withotu being bored by other networks content). What we give is the platform, content have to be added by residents. I am more than happy to give more explanations, if it is a constructive conversation I am available to talk and give more information, if instead it is the usual way of shoveling insults to facilitate the friend who has a site to support then I leave it immediately.
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