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  1. I may be completely off the target with this thought but is this issue not simply a measure of the shadow quality set in the graphics rendering options? That's what it looks like to me, at least. Your GPU may also have an impact on how well or badly shadows are rendered.
  2. Fair point, @arabellajones but looking at this from a Linden's viewpoint (which I try not to do), were I working at a small company getting used to new owners who are not interested in anything other than the profit margins and having just lost my CEO, I might be tad less than massively motivated right now, especially if there are internal issues that are distracting me. A Linden's priorities might not be mine at this moment. That said, this silence is worrying to me as a user. Today's shenanigans with the cloud and global CDN may not have helped. ( Though I gather it only affec
  3. @arabellajonesI think we should give LL a bit of leeway this week given the loss of Ebbe Altberg. It is irritating and has happened too often but for once it is understandable.
  4. @Feuerblau: As I understand this, any file can corrupt and if it is the file on your PC, since it is merely a copy of the original data held on a Linden Lab server, cache clearance and a reload of your inventory fixes the issue. However if the file on LL's server corrupts, that is it, end of. It is rare but it does happen: it can happen with any piece of data. But as they say, once it is gone, it is gone. Unless someone knows otherwise, I do not think the data representing your (account's) inventory is backed up, unfortunately.
  5. Oh come on Arabella, just for once swallow the doubt. Rowan had the right of it, the upcoming holiday galvanised them and I for one trust Maestro. Mind you the fact that Monday IS a holiday leads me to be surprised that the Tuesday Main Server Roll will happen as scheduled! The Lindens ARE competent at coding for SecondLife, they are just lousy managers. And their financial operation is to say the least untrustworthy.
  6. Ah useful, my restart monitor tells me that the region has restarted but not the server version. My region restarted about 20 minutes after the Roll officially started. I am going to assume that there will be no official restart post until tomorrow's RC channel version is decided upon. ETA at1:30am BST (12:30am GMT) 26/5/2021: still nothing about the Rolls on this Forum. *sigh*
  7. How is it that a resident can post this and yet LL cannot in the forum they themselves created for that very purpose? By the way, other than by observation, how do you know this?
  8. OK, this is beyond unreasonable. My region, Woods of Heaven was just restarted, 22 minutes into the Roll and yet NOTHING has been posted in this forum about WHAT is being rolled! LL what do you think you are doing? Are you actively trying to alienate your user-base? For heaven's sake get your act together.
  9. If my experience is in any way typical, Dottie, you must be knee deep in tickets by now.
  10. 's remarkable. The last Linden post on this thread was 11th of this month. Not a peep from them since. Tomorrow (well today my time actually now) we are promised a Main Server Roll by the Grid Status Page (yes I know it is most likely auto-generated) and noth will appear until I am firmly asleep as will be most, if not all, Europeans and those East of the Mediterranean. It's poor service for those who make up a large minority (at least) of Linden Lab's userbase. For once this week it is NOT obvious which of the week before last's two RC channel versions will be promoted. I assume (I
  11. Just to add my experiences over the past 2 or 3 days: Many group chats work until I teleport after which I receive no further messages and the moderators for that/those groups have vanished from the lists. In my case a relog usually (though not always) restores the function. My chat appears to me whether those groups are working or not, but no-one else sees it. One group, of which I am a moderator, seems to work normally most times but TP always kills it.
  12. Working from recent experience, the promotion of either of the test versions rolled to small portions of the RC channel does not qualify for due notice in the Linden Lab operations manual. What rather bothered me this past week is that these revised server versions were indeed rolled to regions hosting several clubs, none of which had ANY advance warning of the rolls, other than the standard 5 minute warning. ETA: Almost as I posted this the notices for the Main Server and RC channel rolls were announced. Looks like someone woke up.
  13. @kalamityjane an answer from a totally non techy user. Dullahan is not Firestorm's child, it is from LL. Is it spyware? Depends on your viewpoint. On balance I'd say yes...but who is spying? Firestorm No...LL perhaps...who truly knows and will say?
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