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  1. I'm waiting for an update from Workingonit Linden. Hope springs eternal.
  2. Gosh! What fun today. No less than 4 (four) restarts on Wirtz (LeTigre) region in 2 hours. Last one took us to the server software slated for Magnum, so I guess the script-run improvements rolled to LeTigre and BlueSteel initially didn't work. oh dear. When is the next attempt?
  3. I'll defer to Whirly when she sees this, but as far as I can see you should be able to uninstall the Beta without it having any deleterious effect on 6.2.4. I'd backup my settings before you do just to be super-sure.
  4. Then you need to contact LL Support. Assuming you have rebooted both your PC and modem, naturally. The errors are, most likely, a result of poor connection to SL, not SL itself. Less common are issues with "Flat" inventories (ie too many items in single folders, too much in an uncleared trash folder, or even too many items in your "received items". all these issues can be addressed by LL, but you must contact them via support to get any action.
  5. Have you tried logging into any other locations? It sounds like your chosen home region has restarted with a permissions failure. That isn't unknown and a restart (contact LL Support) for the region usually fixes that. Otherwise it may be your connection (ISP) that is struggling or your modem/router might benefit from a full power-off restart. There are just so many ways things can and do go askew with SL!
  6. That has happened to me more times than I care to remember, Nal. That isn't the point. The point is either that they didn't notice, or simply didn't care. Hey, you do realise I wasn't in full knicker-twist mode? Despite scurrilous reports to the contrary, I DO have a sense of humour, albeit a twisted one!
  7. Firstly, thanks Maddox. However, the post suggests there is a Main Server roll today yet GSP, he say nuttin! Wake the oppo on the status page up, please. Oh, and the dates are STILL wrong there!
  8. Oh Dearie me. Thus sayeth the GSP: We will be performing rolling restarts for regions on RC Magnum, LeTigre Wednesday June 25th. then We will be performing scheduled maintenance on Wednesday, June 26th, Now I know Wednesday is the 26th, but someone at Battery Street would appear not to. C'mon guys, this is beginning to look like you're all at sixes and sevens. Or 25s and 26s.
  9. Speaking purely for myself, I am happy to see the Release post at ALL!
  10. Indeed, Qie. Oz and Simon are far more knowledgeable than us oldtimers but, and it's a big but, they are very few and are less "hands on" than they were. My point was made when you mentioned the collection of data related to significant performance changes. The underfunding of such operations is what may well be the source of their discomfiture, especially regarding the apparent lure of the cloud for some. It is a personal source of satisfaction that some are prepared to swallow their pride and give credence to the thoughts of some users.
  11. The problem for them is, Qie, that some of us "older" accounts here have a much longer knowledge of the foibles of SL than they do. While some of the Senior Lindens are coming up for their long service medals, many lower-echelon Lindens have not been on this duty very long and do not have any in-depth knowledge of the cobbled-together nature of the SL codebase. So occasionally they have to accept that some of us may actually know more about SL and what makes it "tick" in a particular way than them. That, as you surmise, does not sit well with them, understandably.
  12. It is clear from that stats panel that Fluffy cannot be an Openspace. An open space simply could not support that many scripts or that many "agents" (read avatars). It must, I assume therefore be either a Homestead or a Mainland full region and my money is on it being a Homestead. Those stats are not too dissimilar to those for my own Homestead, Woods of Heaven, though I am not running as many scripts. With 18 agents on a Homestead I'd be having difficulty running ANYTHING or even moving.
  13. @Israel Schnute Actually LL support have been very good until the last instance and I think it is significant that this was the first non-Linden I had spoken to for a long time. Have all the Lindens been drafted in to pedal the generators? I think we should be told! @Minuet Voir Ouch! I'll report you for cruelty to cute furries!
  14. Well, it is now becoming clear that whatever happened to yesterday's RC channel roll, we are not going to be told. It may well be that there was a late -discovered security loophole, we are never told details of those. This time we are not even being told that there WAS a problem. Coupled to the apparent discontinuation of the publishing of release plans in this forum, we are plunged into a new limbo regarding planned or unplanned changes to the Second Life system, the use of which many of us pay. I find this unsettling and hardly something that would prompt free account users to upgrade to Premium. LL's bean counters would do well to think on that.
  15. Just to confirm that Wirtz sim, on LeTigre RC channel has NOT rolled today. Going to talk with LL support about this. LL Support unusually clueless about the no-roll for LeTigre. Got a male domestic fowl and bull story about regions "not being able to be restarted due to large numbers online in the regions"(!). Support was of the opinion that LeTigre HAD been rolled. It had NOT. Every LeTigre region I subsequently visited had not been rolled. Wirtz was restarted at my request but has not rolled to a new server version. Yet. It is interesting to note that the Roll ended long before the LeTigre regions are normally rolled, so clearly something was not normal. With the Restart Thread no longer being created by LL in this forum we are completely in the dark as to what has occurred. I must say this is very poor communication by The Lab.
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