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  1. @InventedSuicide: I hadn't opened my viewer, I did not realise there was an update today! I'm now running 6.3.9 without any issues, so in my case, it seems fine! ETA: If you are having issues running FS 6.3.9 please post your system specs (Help>About>Firestorm). You can do that once the viewer is open but before logging in, if that helps.
  2. @InventedSuicide By "most recent update" do you mean the latest viewer update, ie 6.3.2 or the long awaited Windows 10 20H1 update?
  3. @CDTrishTalk about late to the party, CD...this thread is 9 years old!!
  4. "New Logo"? by that I assume you are talking of the change to the Blue "hand"? If not, I have no idea what this is about.
  5. @AmyMayGallagher, I have no idea why Firestorm should give you a particular issue on one account only, but I'd be inclined to think it has to do with inventory. Is it possible that the account affected has a large-ish inventory with a lot of items in a few, or even just one, folder? Since you can log that account in on other viewers, maybe check the number of items in each folder and attempt to reduce the number in each folder by creating subfolders ( I know that sounds unlikely but it DOES have an effect!). There is also a known issue with inventory loading on FS and there are articles on the FS wiki regarding inventory loss which you might find useful. (Search 'missing_inventory' ).
  6. @Oz Linden: so you allow extermal sever connections directly to outside operations? That is news to me, But I guess you must know the answer! Or do you mean the "sim-corner" operation that the Shakespearian theatre used all those years ago? Sorry I am unclear as to what you mean. As to "it works well" it most certainly did not.
  7. @Maestro Linden: your links to the RC releases are emborkened! ( Y'know that's a lovely word, I don't imagine for a moment that I'm the first to use it!)
  8. No @Fuzzbear. From time to time I entertain thoughts of devious behaviour by LL but this would be far more machiavellian than even I am prepared to credit of LL! That is just neither likley nor sensible as a tactic, and while LL may, from time to time appear to be corporately insensitive, they are NOT corporately stupid! I have come to accept that their priorities and in no way aligned with my own!
  9. @Lindalmnotreel: Look at the Grid Status Page. This is a known and accepted BUG that is affecting ALL viewers. LL are supposedly working to fix it but so far nothing has been announced. Look at BUG-228562 Group Notice Timestamps don't report accurately Server Channel 540369/ now 541440
  10. Since as stated on the Grid Status Page LL are "implementing a fix" for the Timestamp error they introduced to Main Server on Tuesday, I wonder if one of their customer-facing staff would care to enlighten us as to WHAT is being fixed and WHEN we might see the results of this much-needed work. Pretty Please.
  11. @Willow Wilder: Of course it's a viewer bug! If we didn't log in to SL the bug wouldn't happen!! It's so sad to realise that after all these years and despite the importance that this sort of communication medium is to those locked down (for WHATEVER reason), LL simply cannot see the importance of an issue like this. There are none so blind as those who WILL NOT see.
  12. Rolling a software update with a known Bug in it to Main Server is sloppy to say the least, LL. One might be inclined to wonder if the techs actually know how to fix this, since it has persisted through two bouts of RC channel exposure. I just hope that the fix that Steeljane refers to was worth the downside of having a known Bug on Main Server.
  13. I think I can answer the issue of merging code. As I understand it TPVs are not given the code until a Linden viewer is released in full. Calling this release a Beta might be a subtle finger to the TPV devs.
  14. This capabilities failure (the region flatly refuses to interact with the avatar/account) is a phenomenon that has been affecting SL for some time and to the best of my knowledge has neither been officially accepted or in any way explained. It appears to be entirely random in its appearance (after a region restart of any kind). Nearly everyone I know has experienced it at least once. It would be good if we could have some explanation of this phenomenon and a putative cure, from Linden Laboratory, but unless I have missed it nothing has been forthcoming from The Lab.
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