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  1. I'm sorry, Theresa but what is your point apart from suggesting that I am an idiot? You appear to be saying that moving stuff off the servers has, rather than improving simulator performance, has in fact made it worse? Even I would find that concept troubling. Of course it might indicate a cost-cutting move by LL, reducing their use of servers. So maybe it is not more regions per server, just poorer services for us users and higher profits for LL?
  2. I'll just repeat what I've said umpteen times before: My homestead has run the same number of scripts for over two years now, give or take a few plus whatever I am wearing at a given time. In the past, until a few weeks ago, the region ran 99+% of them per frame. Then, at a restart suddenly (and to my shame I didn't make a note of the date) the proportion run per frame dropped to <60%. Since then despite various rolls and restarts, that figure has been in the 40-65% range. It wasn't gradual, it wasn't that I rezzed something new. So just what caused the performance drop if it wasn't LL putting more regions on each server?
  3. @Sascha Steampunk: All your "crashes" do indeed sound like disconnects and the culprit may be your modem or your ISP having a bad time. It may help to turn off your modem and your computer for a good couple of minutes, ensuring thy are properly "off" at the mains. Trying other viewers, since you have (you said) tried the Linden viewer, is unlikely to help. @WhirlyFizzle's suggestion about inventory problems may be also contributing, though I'd be surprised if it affects all your Alts similarly. @Solar Legion is correct about the cache issue...it cannot be done on another computer.
  4. Yay! It's finished...looking at the GSP a little earlier it looks as though it was just the cashier function and marketplace that was affected and I had heard of folk having issues with MP purchases so maybe that's why.
  5. Durr. there's me thinking I can count! Sorry! Mind you it is now 5pm SLT and the Grid Status page STILL shows the Maintenance, so maybe it is still going, maybe not. I found I could transfer money to other accounts and make inworld purchases a few minutes ago so.....?
  6. The Cashier function in all SL clients has apparently been down since 10:15am SLT today; we are warned that purchases are not possible during this maintenance. For six hours? Does this include ALL type of purchase and other financial transactions such as in-world rent payments? This seems a very long time for this type of maintenance.
  7. This surprises me. I thought the sim-border ghost had been eliminated a few years back during the tuning of server-side appearance. I once had the slightly surreal experience of disconnecting at a sim, relogging and being told by my partner that my avatar was still where I had disconnected. She even took a photo of it! What REALLY spooked me was on returning to that sim I was confronted with my own avatar still in situ. As many others have since found, left clicking on that avatar caused it to vanish. On reporting this (including photos) to LL Support, I was told such a phenomenon was "impossible". I too have recently seen an increased number of ghosts at region edges. On the subject of ignores, ignoring Solar is a mistake, since, despite himself, he actually DOES sometimes talk sense! Perhaps I should clarify that the above incident occurred to my alter ego, not this account and yes, it was two instances of the same account, just in case you weren't sure I was sane!
  8. @Solar Legion: Fair enough, I won't bother to explain just how wrong you are.
  9. @Solar Legion: I remember the bad old days quite well, thankyou. Indeed the grid was often offline for most of if not a whole day at botched rolls, but I had thought we'd come a little way from that; moreover it's been nearly a month since these issues came to a head and buckling up or reading a book is no solution to anyone. I've read 2 books since this mess began! I know you find any sort of complaining irritating...tough, I find your intolerance and posturing irritating! Bluntness is sometimes used as an excuse to display intolerance of others' views, I hope that is not applicable to you. There are several others in this thread who clearly know far more than I about the soft-and-hard ware of SL and I look at their comments and learn. I commend their knowledge to you.
  10. sorry I mucked up my edit Thing is, logins are already down by some 10% even allowing for the Easter Holiday, so just how bad does it need to be for the alarm bells to ring at LL?
  11. OK, maybe I was just projecting my thoughts a bit; but... Fluf and Qie say they are getting fewer TP fails now whereas I seem to be getting more! Now maybe LL are "workingonit" but they also need to give us more evidence or news of that.
  12. @ Qie and Whirly This is now looking even worse than I thought last week! If LL in ANY form do not come out and make some explanation of this mess, SL will bite LL on the wallet and die. Now I would be sad if that happened but a fair number of US citizens will be losing their jobs...not a good outcome.
  13. They say a little knowledge is a dangerous thing...I've been reading about "systemd" in Linux and I am not feeling comfortable about what I've read. According to the article on Wikipedia I read, systemd has shown some serious flaws in testing and is vulnerable to several types of DDoS attacks. This is hardly something that LL should be incorporating into server code, surely? Having said that it seemed to me on my time inworld that TP is even more intermittent today than it was a week ago. I was never terribly bothered by that bug until a few days ago, though the sim-crossing bug was a pain whether sailing OR gliding. High-speed crossings were just about impossible to control and low speed ones were a lottery! In my experience (highly subjective of course) LL have NOT got a handle on this and next week had better see some genuine improvement or SL will take a serious body-blow, and at the moment it "cannae tak much more o' this, Cap'n". It's logical, Jim. By the way, I assume the disappearance of the EEP "Black Stars" issue is a consequence of those last-minute rolls on Thursday?
  14. I have to back up MBeatrix' opinions. TP disconnects do actually seem worse today. Maybe factors outside LL are involved in the triggering of these disconnects, but whatever the cause, it is impacting online numbers noticeably. I'd estimate it is now more than 10% down, and while the Easter holiday will have an impact some of the more populous events, such as Fantasy Faire, are being badly hit by this bug. THAT will get LL's attention but the question remains: what to do? I know they are trying but the old school comment comes to mind "must try harder".
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