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  1. Aishagain

    Deploy Plans for week of 2018-12-03

    Thanks for the reply and explanation, Bugsly.
  2. Aishagain

    Deploy Plans for week of 2018-12-03

    Thankyou Bugsly! Erm...wot's "Simhost deployment enhancements"?
  3. Aishagain

    Deploy Plans for week of 2018-12-03

    Hmm One must hope that the determining has been finished, since you are Rolling!
  4. Aishagain

    Deploy Plans for the week of 2018-11-26

    OK Mazidox Let's see if I understand this... Main Server (No Roll) yep...confirmed. RC BlueSteel No Roll RC LeTigre roll to what? Rolled to what is already there...no...surely not? RC Magnum...as above! ? Come on Mazidox, credit us with SOME understanding. This is BS again. Or just a Ninja typo?
  5. Aishagain

    No Roll info

    Well, well, well.
  6. Aishagain

    Deploy Plans for the week 2018-11-19

    Mazidox I am a little surprised to see LL using ninja editing power on this thread. When I posted my comment about the lack of info on the roll, the post for the RC rolls to LeTigre and BlueSteel showed the original sever versions that HAD been destined for those channels. Today I see the post has been altered to show the server version that WAS ultimately rolled, at in most cases, a second restart, with no indication that any edit had occurred! Now just to forestall comment, I DID refresh my browser several times to be sure that the info I saw yesterday was correct so I know at the time of my post it WAS. My post now would appear to be just plain ignorant, which it was not. And viewer release notes for Main Server have STILL not been updated!
  7. Aishagain

    No Roll info

    Right. That's all very well, but unless you knew that '593 HAD been rolled to Magnum and the other RCs (there is no reference to it in this thread so far as I can tell), you would not have known that. Moreover simply saying that it has "internal changes" may sound innocuous and almost certainly IS, the simple fact remains that the release notes as accessed via the viewer were NOT up to date. It may be "no big deal" as a change, but my point is there was NO INFO. anywhere on the Roll. And still isn't.
  8. Aishagain

    No Roll info

    OK So, firstly nothing in here yet regarding the Rolling Restart that just ended. Secondly, the release notes accessed via the viewer for (which is now on Main Server regions) leads to LAST week's server version, with nothing on '593! Come on Lindens..that's not good. It's not thanksgiving yet!
  9. Aishagain

    Elephant memory

    Fair enough, Theresa I never DID properly understand the ins and outs of baking in SL. But my post was only half serious, so no harm done!
  10. Aishagain

    Elephant memory

    We must remember that LL are committed (sic) to improving the "shared experience". At one time client-side baking of the avatar meant that occasionally folk with either a poor internet connection to SL or a slow computer would see themselves "clouded" though others might see them correctly. This was unfair! Now we can all share in the communal clouding! Yay! All Server Side Baking and the distributed CDN did was to shift the rendering load from one part of the system to another. Like all chains, links can break, whichever they are.
  11. Aishagain

    Ranunculus Sim Is Down

    I'm just tagging my issue onto this thread since it is quite possibly related. Wirtz, on Adult Mainland has recently suffered from appalling problems of poor server performance...script run below 5% and simulator physic FPS tanking at every login/out or TP. Time Dilation is frequently below 0.7 for quite a few seconds at such times and we have not been able to sort the issue out. Clearly the region is suffering, but as to why I am clueless. Lilian and Whitney Linden have dealt with this issue, restarting the region twice recently but the problem has returned each time. Now given the nature of the largest parcel on the region, Street Whores, the script number has always been high, and nothing has changed recently in that regard. So we are left scratching our collective heads as to what has caused this performance drop. LL's response is, not unreasonably, that the issue is purely to do with the large number of scripts run on our parcel. Why this should have suddenly become a capacity issue when it was not before is a mystery to me. Maybe wiser heads than mine can suggest a sensible course of action?
  12. Aishagain

    Login Servers having issues?

    Yes, it's actually more than the fourth time, but at this stage who's counting? This time I am in the barrel, having been lucky enough to not have been affected thus far. DDoS prevention is one thing but I wonder if what we are seeing now is the result of servers having actually being damaged by the huge influx of requests that DDoS involves? It is becoming a worry that LL and their partners cannot seem to inoculate against these attacks.
  13. Aishagain

    Unable To Log In World

    Mea Culpa I was wrong and I was credulous with a contact that had an axe to grind. I know enough to be worried but not enough to spot a shovel full of BS as it was served to me. Sorry! My point about the lack of inward investment into SL's infrastructure remains and is valid, but let's face it, we all know that!
  14. Aishagain

    Did SL just go down again?

    Mea Culpa, Mea Maxima Culpa Well if anyone has a good trick for removing Egg on Face, I would like to know! OK I am in the dog-house and I know it. I really ought to make sure that my sources don't have large axes to grind. I know enough to talk nonsense, it seems but not to smell BS when it is given to me. The point about the lack of inward investment in SL remains, the rest is just plain wrong. Sorry!