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  1. I wonder if when interfacing with the latest AMD/ATI GPU driver this function is messed up? The question then would be "was it the driver or the viewer" that is at fault? Maybe one of the Firestorm devs who wander these pages at the weekend would care to comment? I'd be surprised if it is the GPU driver OR the viewer, frankly, unless there is some corrupted code in there. By the way, @PatricaC, just because you have the latest driver does not mean it cannot be bugged, both AMD and NVidia have issued badly bugged drivers in the very recent past.
  2. Yes I did notice it, Solar, which is why I said it might be either the viewer or OS that was wrong....possibly due to being misled by the GPU driver software. Indeed WHY it is greyed out is what needs an answer. It being both checked AND greyed out clearly suggests an issue to me, but I do not know what the issue is.
  3. @Qie NiangaoYou mention the "Firestorm 2GB VRAM cap". It isn't capped at 2048MB in the current version, 6.4.12. If your card has say, 6GB like mine, it permits 4096MB! This change for the current release was a significant upgrade, but whether some bug in the code that permits it is at the root of the OP's issue I do not know. Considering the bug-ridden mess that is EEP, anything is possible! And that thread you reference is one of the most confused rambles I've read in years, confusing GPU VRAM with system RAM on several occasions!😵
  4. I think you are losing sight of the crux of the issue. The Viewer is not recognising the GPU VRAM. It can tell that the GPU has more than 2GB otherwise it would not even offer 2048MB as a limit. The issue must lie either with the card, its driver (which is my choice). Or the Operating system, which is clearly Windows 10, so the remarks about Linux, while interesting, are irrelevant.I am running this version of Firestorm on the same OS, using an NVidia GTX1660Ti 6GB card which is being detected fine. The GPU driver is not the most recent, or even close, since they have more bugs than I car
  5. @PatricaCnope that simply logs me into my Support requests and Bug reports. No matter I think FS support will be far more use to you than I!
  6. Hmm weird it won't let me see it when I log in. Perhaps since it is a SUP number only support personnel and the originator are permitted to see it.
  7. @PatricaC Well there is nothing in that to my eye that looks wrong. It seems that for some reason your viewer is not seeing the VRAM of the Radeon card. Now I tried to see your FS JIRA but it says either it has been deleted or I do not have permission to see it...no idea why that should be but I cannot assist in this issue further, sorry. There have been so many issues with AMD/Ati GPU cards over the years that I simply avoid AMD GPUs completely for SL. Now I realise that is no help to you but might explain the roots of the issue. ☹️
  8. I may be missing something here but as I see it the GPU has 8GB VRAM and should permit at least 4GB to be used by the viewer. There would (or at least "should") be no texture thrashing if the VRAM was being correctly allocated. @PatricaCIn the top bar help tab "About Firestorm" is the GPU being detected correctly by the viewer? A Sapphire Nitro RX580 8GB card should run SL at high/Ultra settings with no issues. If the viewer is only seeing less than 4GB VRAM and the thrashing suggests it is seeing a lot less, something is not right, either with the viewer or the GPU. Further, I
  9. @Solar LegionMy fault then, senses of humour do not always cross borders successfully! A bit like SL sailing!
  10. Ah @Solar Legion, you just don't "get" irony, do you?
  11. @Solar Legion I see...so they hadn't enough code names with what they had, so we got Apples and Oranges as well as Snack... well I guess you're right but all that tells me is that LL spend more time dreaming up fancy names for their test packages that they do fixing the World Map!
  12. And THAT is exactly what Linden Research's new owners do NOT want. No Map - no (or fewer) users...no profit...shortly after, no SL. This is beginning to look like the Lindens hell-bent on comitting suicide....again.
  13. Rolling Restarts for Second Life RC BlueSteel ChannelFeb 25, 08:00-16:00 PST We will be performing rolling restarts for regions on the Second Life RC BlueSteel channel on Thursday, February 25th, beginning at approximately 8:00 AM PDT. Please refrain from rezzing no copy objects and remember to save all builds. Please check this blog for updates. Posted on Feb 24, 14:03 PST OK, now I thought that LL had abandoned these names for the various RC channels. Now suddenly we have Bluesteel again after Apples and Oranges were abandoned. Am I being obtuse to ask what the Hades
  14. I was meaning that those of us that fancy ourselves SL sailors need a functional World Map in order to navigate in places other than the wide open part of Blake Sea. I am sure that map tiles the render for some that have not cleared cache or renewed their viewer lately (which I have) but as you say they are now way out of date. That we have not had anything resembling a functional map now for a couple of months is nothing short of disgraceful. It might well be hard to code but if anyone WAS doing it, I am sure we'd have something useable by now. I had assumed your paragraph about M
  15. Bumpetty bump. You know it makes sense!
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