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  1. I can't imagine that it's not a known issue but in the byzantine structure of Second Life Help, I can't find anything relating to this. I'm using a new MacBook Pro running 10.11.3. I downloaded the latest official SL Viewer. Each time I press a modifier key, an exception is raised. I can continue but can't use any modifier key (like Command or Option). What's going on?
  2. Jean Horten wrote: Having to reformat your expensive MAC and downgrade the whole OS to an older version to get back your gpu performance definitively proves the supremacy of OSX. J. Don't you have something better to do than trolling those lame forums?
  3. I find that a little ironic that Linden states that they're improving customer support. If by support they mean having the ability to file bugs, then yes, I guess it's improving. However, those tickets stay unassigned for weeks if not months. Linden wants to favor building businesses around Second Life. It's very hard when many things that are supposed to work break all the time. I wrote a little application that scans the Second Life website, grabs your friends online and displays a list of them, while also displaying notifications when some of your friends come online or go offline. The hear
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