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  1. I figured the Linden Realms payouts work something like the stimulus checks we're getting these days: they prop up a slow economy. Maybe all these recent moves by the new owners are showing how unhealthy SL's virtual economy truly is. A business model in which SL's builders and property investors survive because SL reinvests in its own economy can't survive for long. BUT - what if SL's economy is healthy now because of new and returning residents, so SL no longer needs to provide its "stimulus checks?" Time will tell.
  2. Thanks everyone. Yes Claireschen, I often ride along Wellington Road - I like to visit several regions in Rieul. I've bookmarked several rez zones along other SL Routes too; I get a real blast exploring the old regions. It's fun when places catch my eye and I pull the bike over to explore, and that's an experience you can't get in SL's newer regions. There are a few gems hidden among the badly dated places, but what I really like is the sense of community that some regions seem to have. The new Linden Homes are cookie cutter developments, like we see scattered all over suburbia in RL. The old
  3. Quarantining for a year has a lot of people feeling like a caged animals. This makes me grateful to SL for providing a way to safely leave the house and hit the wide open, never ending road. I enjoy motorcycles, so have been doing a lot of cruising along SL's classic Route 1 and Route 8. Those older roads are often broken though, so I've also been rezzing my bikes in boat rez areas of Bellisseria and exploring SL's newest terrains. So my question: what roads would you recommend for driving (whatever your vehicle)? Two examples: visit this rez zone in SSPE1168 (wonder what the region's new
  4. I appreciate the Buddhist services in SL, especially while temples are closed in RL due to quarantine, social distancing, etc. I love to explore all the creativity that goes into some sims and products. It's fun to see the really old places in SL and consider 1) how much the tech has advanced, and that 2) that really old place was cutting edge in its day. I'm grateful for the openness and honesty that people can share in SL. I'm so thankful that SL provides me with a way to escape a year of quarantine, a way to travel and meet people and do fun stuff safely. In SL, everyone
  5. Congratulations! Hope to see you inworld as a fellow citizen.
  6. In RL you don't steer with the handlebars except in emergencies or at very low speed, because steering with the handlebars is jerky and potentially dangerous (could flip the bike). Instead, you lean your body left or right and allow physics to steer. Problem is, using arrow keys to steer an SL bike is like steering with handlebars. It jerks the bike around and makes it less controllable. Some more recent SL motorcycles allow the rider to adjust the steering sensitivity. That makes turns a little less jerky, but an SL bike will never steer as smoothly as an RL bike. It's just something you get
  7. Wow, a NINE YEAR OLD THREAD. But to be fair, when I first joined SL I also got the the impression that SL was little more than a sweaty hentai playground, a place where fifty year olds explore the frustrations and yearnings of puberty all over again. Clothing options in SL MP certainly support that. And nine years later, not much except the technology has changed. People are still people. The omnipresence of sex in SL used to annoy me, until I realized that RL is the same. Sex sells, so advertising, TV and film, video games, print media and social media... there's a lot of sexual or titil
  8. Cool beans Nuuanu. I had the same kine problem getting a hapa / Poly male bod-head-shape going. Even fewer choices for guys, so finding the right stuff is pretty difficult. I finally went with Slink Physique body, which is nice and slim and surfer kine. Most male bodies make avatars look like a protein sheik, all Bruce Banner and all. I used a Catwa Shaheen head for a while, but it had goofy expressions and just wasn't quite right. Landed a AK Deluxe Yang head and shape, and those work out well. And yeah, gotta concur with AlohaShoyu - my hair was a mess until I found the YumYum store.
  9. Added bonus: this is on the North Shore of Hawaii Surf. But no room for surfing in this water 🙂
  10. I suppose a lot depends on what you consider realistic. What sort of body shape is your avatar looking for? As others have said the system avatars with a new head can work nicely. I like a fit avatar that's built more like a marshal artist or swimmer. For that I use a Slink Physique body, and see that they have a "Male Body Bundle" in their store: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Slink/64/109/26 Gotta be honest, IMHO there are way to many 'roid rage avatars out there. And when the typical male animation is added and it looks like a sequel to 8 Mile is being filmed. 🙂
  11. That's my story too, though I never recovered the old account. Like you I'd probably be horrified if I did 🙂
  12. Aloha and thanks everybody. Mahalos Chic, glad to know it's not just me. Good idea, I'll check forums. Sad that SL MP is a big fail for land. Another thing: I'd like to be able to leave reviews for items purchased inworld. Can't do that either, even though I'd really like to throw some kudos to SL's great creators. Thanks for reaching out Count, I'll look for it. Thanks Wai, yeah, stumbling seems to work :-) I really enjoy exploring just by pulling up the map and clicking on random regions. The map view is helpful because you can tell if a region has boating potential, if you'r
  13. Aloha all. Hope you're safe and healthy and happy, and dealing with life OK. I'm having a hard time browsing homes for sale/rent on SL Marketplace and would appreciate your advice. I have a budget, but all the marketplace listings are priced at 0 so I can't sort them by price. I have a prim count I'd like to shoot for, but the listings can't be sorted that way either. There are specific types of regions that feel like home, but the listings aren't separated that way, and can't be sorted that way. This makes Marketplace a really frustrating place to find a home. I've gone to the inwor
  14. Sadly, the Firestorm Support group just pointed me back to the Firestorm Wiki page I linked above. Guess I'll be doing videos in the SL viewer.
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