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  1. Thank you Chinrey! Just to confirm: yes, things that are linked to the skybox move with it when it wanders; the items that wind up misaligned from it are rezzed inside it but not linked to it. Do you think it might help if I unlinked and relinked the tp-skybox combination so that the teleporter becomes the root prim, as an option to try before adding a 'stay put!' script? (sorry if I've misunderstood; I still have a lot to learn about how objects and scripts work together.) Also: Thank you so much for that script! As you say, I won't try it unless I run out of other options, but it is great to have something like this in my arsenal. And also, reading it is interesting to me to help along my baby-steps scripting knowledge.
  2. Good questions! Only my alt and one other person have edit permissions to move my things, and I know for a fact that they haven't. The skybox has no scripts of its own. As discussed above, there is currently a teleporter pad linked to it, but it has happened without it. I'm goign to unlink it and see if it makes a difference. There isn't anything else linked that wasn't part of it as purchased. [Edit: I should read the thread before replying, I see there has been more said about the potential of using a script to monitor the movement. ]
  3. Primarily because sometimes the skybox would shift and the teleporter and other contents would not, so if I tried to tp up to it, I'd fall out of the sky. It also just made it easier to move the skybox around from ground to sky and the teleporter with it, and to take it into inventory and re-rez it without having to re-adjust how the tp was oriented and such. Just a convenience. But if there's a chance that it's worsening the shifting, we'll try something else. I'll also try just deleting the teleporter and going there by landmark to see if it makes a difference.
  4. I think it's the latter kind, though I'm not 100% sure. It's a Caspervend teleporter pad. I'm pretty sure it has happened even without it, though - that's why I started linking them. But I'm willing to try anything! I'll try unlinking it and see if that makes a difference!
  5. Thanks! I'll try moving it down a bit and see if it helps!
  6. Thanks! This skybox itself isn't scripted at all, though I have a teleporter pad linked to it. But nothing intended to impact the position of the object or its components.
  7. I have a small skybox that I usually keep hanging in the ~3000m range above the parcel that I rent. I've noticed a few times that I go up to the skybox to find that its position has shifted a few metres, either vertically or horizontally. This seems to happen whether or not it is 'locked'. The items I had rezzed inside it stay put, so they sometimes wind up hanging in space. It's a small parcel so sometimes I wind up unintentionally intruding into my neighbours' space. This goes beyond my very basic knowledge of how things work. Any ideas? I can only think that it's somehow getting 'pushed' when other items move around beneath it or around it, but I don't know how to stop it from happening. Any ideas? Thanks!
  8. Hi all, I'm still just learning to script so please forgive me if this is obvious. It's difficult to search, because usually people abbreviate to "IM" which is too short and too common a sequence to search effectively. Is there a way that a script can detect when the avatar wearing the scripted object sends an IM to a group or to another avatar? Note - I don't want the script to actually *read* it or store it or interfere with it. Just say "hey, one was sent" and then trigger unrelated things. I know from the existence of RLV that you can *prevent* sending an IM, or allow it only to certain people, but I don't want to prevent it or interfere with it, only to note it and take another action. The only reference to IMs I seem to be able to find in the lsl wiki is for llInstantMesssage, which doesn't seem to be what I"m looking for. Also: if this IS possible, can it differentiate between IMs made to other avatars directly and those to groups? Thanks!
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