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  1. Ok thanks for the reply I just saw this post is now on Wanted so I will wait for someone who wants to do this paid job for me as I bought some Scripts and posed stands in the market, and none of these works as I need.
  2. Hello everyone I'm searching for a pose stand for some animations, no vendor, and no hover text, I just need the animations to pass from one to the other with a Next and Back button for example. is there something like that done? Thanks in advance.
  3. Ok I will do that, thank you.
  4. Hello. I'm selling couple dance balls, and a customer told me that she can't add them to her intan, there is a way to make them compatible with it? Thanks in advance.
  5. Hello, I hope you are all well. It's legal? or is better idea to create a few accounts and sit them all in the sim for gain trafic? Thanks in advance.
  6. hello everyone I'm trying to do couple dances, and my question is this, should I upload the animations, from their place of origin? Or should I place the Animation_Skeleton so that it is in X and Y in zero value? Thanks in advance.
  7. Hola a todos. Tengo algunas dudas con referencia a la tienda de Marketplace, ¿Como de largo puede ser el hombre del producto? ¿Debe el nombre añadir toda la descripción posible? Si es bento o no, el tipo de baile, la duración de este? ¿de cuánto es el máximo de pixeles que puede o debe ser la imagen del producto? ¿La que pongo en la página de producto es la misma que se verá en la vista general o son imágenes diferentes? Si fueran dos diferentes, ¿está segunda imagen tiene tambien unas dimensiones determinadas? Mi tienda será de bailes, ¿Donde puedo comprar una b
  8. Thank you again OptimoMaximo, It worked
  9. Hello again, and sorry for so many post, but I'm allways trying as many ways to do the things as I can, until I can't anymore hehe 😢 I am trying to do a retargeting in Mayastar of a .bvh file. I open a new scene, Up Axis Z. Mayastar Female Bento, and create character definition with MyAniMATE LT, I select .anim. I import the bvh file, put everything in zero rotation and create character definition. Retargeting and Bake to skeleton. I export to .anim file, and this is what I have, the avatar rotated in 90 degrees, how can I solve this? Thanks in advance.
  10. Hello everyone. I am trying to make motion transfer of some motion capture files to the avatar of second life in Avastar, but I have some problems like this one, when I reset all the skeletal bone rotations, the arms point up, and not there is a way, not even putting them in pose T, or leaving them pointing up, if I make an animation layer, and try to rotate the arms in the second life avatar, there is still a problem of rotation that I can't fix, someone would have a solution for this? Thanks in advance.
  11. Hello😊 Can I use the extra mspine bones to do a transfer motion in avastar? Or it only work with torso and chest? If it can be possible, do I have to unfold them? Can I repositioned either way or in a determined way? Thanks in advance.
  12. Thanks again OptimoMaximo Finally, what would be a low but acceptable amount of fps regarding quality in a dance? between 15 and 20?
  13. hello again. This is how it looks, I don't know why doesn't work..
  14. Hello. Do the names of the two animations go after llStartAnimation and in quotes?
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