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  1. Linden support ??? to fix this issue and roll back the servers to the last version is needed Asap. You broke it....now please fix it back ! This is very upsetting
  2. @ Whirly Fizzle.....There is no fix for Singularity yet...they are working on a fix but its not ready yet. My temporary fix is to use Firestorm viewer.
  3. After main channel up date today my avatar will not rez... ( remain cloud) sends a list of missing avatar items that it can not find in Data base... clear catch and relog was no help Main channel update today has caused loss of avatar parts in data base....... very upsetting
  4. SL regions crashing again tonite 11.1 2018 8:15 pacific time. unable to relog to any region
  5. SL regions have crashed and now unable to log in to any region or with any account 5 min ago
  6. Greetings.....No..Chrome will not run SL. However there is an altenate method , The chrome OS has a "Developer mode " that allows you to install a linux operating system that can run in parallel with the Chrome OS. Then once Linux is installed you can download a 64 bit Singularity viewer for Linux. And install that to log into SL. However there are several Acer chromebooks on the market now. The only ones that have enough graphic performance for SL are Acer C720 with a 4th generations intel processor(haswell) or a C720 with 5th generation intel processor)Broadwell) The
  7. Thank you Miss Loon and Miss Corvair for your quick helpful response. I found that it works fine with my friend who is using a different viewer. I suspect that my very much older cool viewer is why its not working. Ill up_date my old viewer later tonite and see if this has fixed it for me. Thanks again dd
  8. Greetings,,,,,,having trouble getting llAttachToAvatarTemp(ATTACH_CENTER_1); to attach a hud object. All of the Hud attach locations fail silently. It does ask for permissions to attach... , i click yes... but then silently fails to attach. It works fine on all other Attach points on the body....but fails at hud attach points. Anyone else seeing this issue: or have a way to make llAttachToAvatarTemp command work for hud attach points? thanks for any help....
  9. It can be done using a vehicle script such as hellicopter script or airplane script. The root prim x axis will be the long vertical axis of rocket. Y axis rotation used for pitch and x axis rotation used for roll. This way the rocket can take off vertically....then pitch over after it gets airborne .... Banking/left /right can be set with vehicle banking parameters. There is a vehicle tutorial in the scripting Library under vehicles listing. Find any free basic vehicle script with modify permissions and modify to behave as a rocket. Have fun dd
  10. Problem 1 :Gaming level laptops ,(like SL needs to get high performance/ FPS ) , are inherently more expensive than similar performance desktops. The second problem is that high performance laptops with high performance Nvidia dedicated graphics Chip generate a lot of heat and use up the battery quickly while in SL. Yes..i said dedicated graphics "chip" There is no graphics "card" in Laptops. Nvidia 550,650,750,850,950 are the min performance level that you need, The second digit indicates the performance level for Nvidia graphics . The first digit is related to the year it was made
  11. No one else mentioned it so i wll.......You will probably need a higher wattage power supply for the new graphic card. Be sure to check power supply requirements for the new card. dd
  12. Download the 64 bit version of Singularity viewer (64 bit Linux version) http://www.singularityviewer.org/downloads This works fine on my Chromebook with Linux operationg system installed. dd
  13. Hi, there is an option in all viewers to "Fly" if page-up is pressed....if not selected, your avatar only jumps on page-up. Because of what you just said about Singularity viewer results.....i suspect you have a "stuck" page-up key OR \your PC "THINKS" page-up is pressed. Tying another keyboard is a good idea... as was just mentioned by another forum Helper.
  14. Some place in your current viewer there is a place to choose "Stop animating my Avatar" if that fails try using a different viewer.......ie Firestorm., .coolViewer Singularity etc etc. good luck
  15. Just in case you didn't try....Restart your PC and log in again with the problem avatar. good luck
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