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  1. Linden support ??? to fix this issue and roll back the servers to the last version is needed Asap. You broke it....now please fix it back ! This is very upsetting
  2. @ Whirly Fizzle.....There is no fix for Singularity yet...they are working on a fix but its not ready yet. My temporary fix is to use Firestorm viewer.
  3. After main channel up date today my avatar will not rez... ( remain cloud) sends a list of missing avatar items that it can not find in Data base... clear catch and relog was no help Main channel update today has caused loss of avatar parts in data base....... very upsetting
  4. SL regions crashing again tonite 11.1 2018 8:15 pacific time. unable to relog to any region
  5. SL regions have crashed and now unable to log in to any region or with any account 5 min ago
  6. I have the same graphics card. I run full Ultra mode and 256 draw distance and get 30 to 100 fps depending on region texture complexity and number other avatars. Its a good graphics card for SL. I dont see any of your textures always reloading issues. I have HTTP texture loading turned on/checked. p,s. I always use cool viewer
  7. Are you sure the new Win 7 did not overwrite/change your graphics video drivers? The 8500 card is pretty old. make sure you either use original video drivers that came with card or download updated ones from Nvidia website. good luck.... Edit...sorry i missed the part about radgast viewer does work correctly. You could also try Cool View viewer. http://sldev.free.fr/
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