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  1. How about and update to region owners on just how many private regions can be served by ONE SimHost. this number has probably changed over the years especially with the recent new servers/simhost. thanks
  2. Thank for the response however i really dont understand what your cryptic comment has to do with my observation. perhaps you would expand a bit on your comment so we residents can understand what you meant. Thanks again.
  3. @ Monty Linden: One other effect i have notice with Total script time (shown in statistics) is that when the lindens update the server version and restart the regions is that the total script script times shown in Statistics immediately drops down about 3 to 5 ms with the same exact residents and number of residents in the region. Then as the days pass, the total script time slowly increases until after about a week it has increased 3 to 5 ms. If the region owner restarts the region..total script time does not seem to drop back down by 3=5 ms. only see the decrease when the Lindens
  4. @Maestro Linden was wondering if when I restart my region as estate manager...does my actual physical server normally jump to a "different" server? like they used to when the region servers were located at Linden Labs? Does anyone know?
  5. Yes i agree that Animats explanation only accounts for a very small portion of the discrepancy . The difference between the top scripts time and the script time shown in statistics is very large, in my region the difference is 6 ms total v/s 18 ms total script time. I have also noticed that restarting the region seems to decrease the statistics script time by about 3 ms in my region. however this still leaves a discrepancy of 9 ms between the two measurements.
  6. Why is "script time" in statistics ......so much greater than the total script time shown in "region top scripts" total time time? 18 ms v/s 6 ms?
  7. Linden support ??? to fix this issue and roll back the servers to the last version is needed Asap. You broke it....now please fix it back ! This is very upsetting
  8. @ Whirly Fizzle.....There is no fix for Singularity yet...they are working on a fix but its not ready yet. My temporary fix is to use Firestorm viewer.
  9. After main channel up date today my avatar will not rez... ( remain cloud) sends a list of missing avatar items that it can not find in Data base... clear catch and relog was no help Main channel update today has caused loss of avatar parts in data base....... very upsetting
  10. SL regions crashing again tonite 11.1 2018 8:15 pacific time. unable to relog to any region
  11. SL regions have crashed and now unable to log in to any region or with any account 5 min ago
  12. Greetings.....No..Chrome will not run SL. However there is an altenate method , The chrome OS has a "Developer mode " that allows you to install a linux operating system that can run in parallel with the Chrome OS. Then once Linux is installed you can download a 64 bit Singularity viewer for Linux. And install that to log into SL. However there are several Acer chromebooks on the market now. The only ones that have enough graphic performance for SL are Acer C720 with a 4th generations intel processor(haswell) or a C720 with 5th generation intel processor)Broadwell) The
  13. Thank you Miss Loon and Miss Corvair for your quick helpful response. I found that it works fine with my friend who is using a different viewer. I suspect that my very much older cool viewer is why its not working. Ill up_date my old viewer later tonite and see if this has fixed it for me. Thanks again dd
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