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  1. The internet has actually reduced the evidence for telepathy and precognition. It has been an ideal tool for testing out the existence of ESP. I used to participtate in online ESP tests and regularly monitored predictions registers. The ESP tests gave results that correspond with chance. Occasionally there would be a remarkably high score but then there were remarkably low scores too and it all averaged out in the end. The prediction registries never really showed any evidence of precognition from the people who posted. The predictions were either: 1/ so vague you couldn't tie them to any specific event (eg I had a vision of a statue with crowds gathered around and tanks approaching in the distance) 2/ so precise and localised it would be impossible for most people to check whether they came true or not (eg a middle-aged woman goes missing from a white timber bungalow in Boondocksville and her blue 1996 Ford F-150 pickup is found the next day with the engine still running beside an empty stormdrain over 150 miles away). 3/ have a high likelihood of coming true - for example predicting the death of a very elderly and frail celebrity or public figure. Then there were predictions based on people's imaginations. After 9/11 there were lots of predictions of planes crashing into buildings. After the Indian Ocean Tsunami there were lots of predictions of tsunamis.
  2. I have always thought that many DJ's use alts as hosts and dancers. Also suspect that DJ''s operate as more than one DJ using alts. and vocal morpher. Also not unusual for them to drop in a couple more alts onto the dance floor to fling out gestures and tell DJ how great he is. I don't see there's anything wrong with all that, it's just a computer game after all.
  3. Whole idea of SL is you can be who or what you like so if you want to be your RL self fine but you should not expect others to do the same. Depends if you want to use SL as an extension of your RL or as an escape from RL
  4. The natural assumption would be that macho ultra right-wing people would be the last to come to SL. I've seen the suggestion that people like terrorists could use SL as a secret means of communication specially if they use notecards to communicate. LL might have access to everybody's notecards. I don't know but the chances of any secret communications ever being found or understood would be infinitesimal.
  5. This is commonplace when you log in 2 avatars their positions won't always coincide on the 2 viewers when they're doing animations..
  6. If I may quote myself. I would not pretend that my own avatar is anything other than ugly and ridiculous looking, but that's the way things ended up a long time ago. I am proud of my wobbling man-boobs though. I discovered how to obtain these by accident. All one needs to do is toggle shape from male to female, make the breast physics and toggle back to male and the physics persist.
  7. At least half of those that are interested in reality get it horribly wrong.
  8. So I'm a very fat and ugly turquoise dwarf and I'm male. Nobody's ever accused me of being pretty and female in RL. In fact I'm male in RL but reasonably normal looking.
  9. I'm very short but I doubt if anyone would call me cute as I'm also extremely fat and my skin is bright turquoise. I've been that way since my 'accident' in a public sandbox in 2008.
  10. I assume milk-stewed pasta was an American / Canadian thing. Doesn't sound that bad compared to what we English had to suffer. Stewed fatty beef, boiled potatoes and boiled cabbage and not allowed to leave the table until it had all gone..
  11. The big merger between car makers Peugeot and Fiat-Chrysler was announced a year ago and won't be completed until next spring.
  12. From my own profile: "the only thing in Second Life that's real is TIME."
  13. My appearance has not changed for years. I wouldn't win any beauty contest.
  14. The surest sign that two or more people are alts of the same RL is if they both or all disappear at exactly the same moment, indicating their computer has crashed. Even then they could be two RL people from the same RL household and they've had a power cut.
  15. One presumes we are discussing avatar gender here. It is generally assumed that the real persons behind many female avatars in Second Life are males and a smaller but significant number of male avatars are played by real females. Many people run alts of both genders. So an interesting comparison would be the relative loneliness of male avatars played by real life males compared to that of female avatars that are also played by real life males.
  16. "Remember, the only thing that's real in Second life is time." I think that is so true I put it on my profile,
  17. It's easy to have a double premium account. If you have an alt (an additional account), make that premium too. Then make a group for yourself and your alt. Donate your 512 sq. m. tier-free land allowance to your new group and do the same with your alt's land allowance. You could then transfer any land you already own to your group, (making sure first that you set the land to allow any existing objects placed on it to remain there). Group land gets an extra 10% tier-free allowance. 512 x 2 = 1024, plus 10% of 1024 (102) totals up to 1126. Not only that but you'd get two stipends each week. So one of the premium accounts could effectively be free, financed by the stipends, still with some L$ left over to spend in-world.
  18. L$ 10 - L$ 15 per hour! You must be joking! I wouldn't even be a bot for that - not that I'd find employment as a bot anyway because I'm very short, very fat, very blue and very ugly but I'm happy that way. Happily cynical and grumpy! You say that you are an equal opportunities employer but you also say that you don not want people with a basic sexy walk AO. That is a contradiction! .
  19. Kelli May wrote: Looks like I'm having router/connection issues, and the server work earlier this week was purely coincidental. Lots of people are saying that SL has gone to pieces with the latest update a few days ago. I posted about this in the technical section.
  20. Since the last update a few days ago there are frequent crashes, slow rezzing, at least 50% of teleports fail or cause crash and then after I'd spent half an hour texturing a hat, when I logged back in the hat had lost the textures and reverted to how it was before. Before the update things weren't too bad, but SL currently feels like it did in Open Sim in its early days when you never knew whether somethimg you'd built would still be there next login.
  21. Burper Tilling wrote: I find 5th July is always a day to particularly look forward to in SL :smileyvery-happy: . . . . because I'm not American!
  22. I find 5th July is always a day to particularly look forward to in SL :smileyvery-happy:
  23. Zsigmond Alcott wrote: For the first time in my SL I am speechless other than to ask why? why? why? WHY?????????? GOOD LORD! :matte-motes-agape: The same reason as why some people like to reply in very big letters: . . . . . . BECAUSE I CAN !!!!!!!!
  24. When editing body physics on a male avatar, breast physics are disabled, so you can only have a wobbly belly or butt. However for those of us guys like myself who carry a lot of extra weight, a bit of bounce in the man-boob department might be no bad thing. I have now discovered that this is possible and quite effective on my very short, very fat body. Here's how to get breast (or chest) physics if you're male. Make sure the physics you're 'wearing' is modifiable or make your own.. 1) Go into shape mode and temporarily change your gender from male to female. You might look very odd but it's only temporary! 2) Now edit physics and you'll see that breast physics are enabled. So you can adjust them to suit, then save. 3) Back into appearance mode and return your gender to male. You'll notice your chest still wobbles even though you're male. Maybe this is common knowledge but I've never seen it before and discovered it while playing around.
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