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Found 12 results

  1. Our store (Nebur Cyborg) is seeking a dedicated animator who can help us make some weapon animations for some upcoming projects. Please let me know your price. Contact me inworld if you see me online or send a notecard (Onimochi Resident). You may also shoot an email if it's easier - excy.corp@gmail.com Your help is greatly appreciated! Our flickr for more details of what we do: Nebur Cyborg | Flickr --------------------------- Nuestra tienda (Nebur Cyborg) está buscando un animador dedicado que pueda ayudarnos a hacer algunas animaciones de armas para algunos proyectos futuros. Por favor, hágamelo saber su precios. Contácteme en el mundo si me ve en línea o envíe una nota (Onimochi Resident). También puede enviar un correo electrónico si es más fácil: excy.corp@gmail.com ¡Tu ayuda es muy apreciada!
  2. Hello there I am looking the best scripted weapons for a modern day Mafia RP that I just joined. I looked on marketplace but all I could find were cyberpunk weapons on marketplace. I just need suggestions on the right stuff.
  3. Hello, everyone; As much as I love weapons in Second Life, making weapons and I think they're awesome and look really cool, I've been wondering, what exactly is the main purpose of weapons in Second Life? I'm talking about functional scripted weapons, rather than unscripted props. In medieval combat communities, everyone carries around weapons such as swords and bows and uses them against each other in combat, and it adds to the look of your avatar when not in combat, thus adding to the roleplay experience. Weapons are an integral part of life in the medieval community. I would imagine the same is true for modern weapons, such as pistols and assault rifles, and the look of a police officer for example is not complete without a handgun, taser or a baton. The same could be said of soldiers, whose weapons complete their look. I was part of some military and police groups, and we not only did combat, but we shared our interest in weapons often - different brands, types, settings... They were used in drills and other light roleplay. In these settings, weapons make sense. But how about outside these settings? Is there a role for weapons outside of military/police settings? The only other setting I can think of is the mafia or criminal settings, but this I would imagine is mostly roleplay, rather than regular combat. And not everyone is interested in combat, who carries weapons. Does every person who purchases weapons, ideally or in reality, use them in combat, with the meter/system they are scripted to be used for? Are there large numbers of people who just carry around weapons without caring which meter or combat system the weapon is scripted for? If so, for what purpose? Is it just a fashion accessory or a dedicated roleplay prop? The last time I ever saw someone use a weapon in a strictly roleplay setting that didn't involve combat, they took their gun out and shot a single round into a barrel as part of a story. Another is when a corrupt security guard unholstered their rifle in a menacing way, threatening to shoot someone, as part of a roleplay. Other than that, I have never seen a weapon in SL play even a somewhat significant role in being a roleplay prop, even if there are weapons scripted with "roleplay mode" or "roleplay ammunition" just for that purpose. How many people even use the "roleplay mode" or "roleplay ammunition" on their weapons? Roleplay without the use of weapons seems far more prevalent for weapons to be a common roleplay prop. If weapons outside of combat settings (not too many people within the main population are into combat in SL) are not used often enough in roleplay settings (not that many people in the wider roleplay community uses weapons as an important element of roleplay) then it would seem that's not the purpose that people are mainly using them for. I think that leaves competitive shooting and hunting in Second Life as the remaining legitimate purpose of weapons. It's obvious that the main purpose of weapons in SL is not to be used as a griefing tool, even if taking your weapons and using them in non-combat and threatening ways outside of where it's welcome in roleplay settings and outside of roleplay settings entirely would immediately be unwelcome, considered griefing and be grounds for abuse report. This is very tempting and done easily for someone who owns weapons, and they are readily available, but the responsibility lies with the user of the weapons. So, are there groups of people that take their weapons out at shooting ranges and hunting sims in SL and just have a good time shooting? It may be competitive; however this would not count as combat, and it is not a form of roleplay. But I would imagine these people are few and far between, compared to those who engage in combat or roleplay. So, what are the main purposes of functional weapons in Second Life? In what ways are they used the most, that would justify there being so much demand for them, so many of them sold in the marketplace, and scripted for a particular meter/combat system, and with a "roleplay mode" included?
  4. Hello everyone, I'm looking for high quality gun scripts; it seems nearly all top gunmakers in SL such as SAC (S.S.O.C. Armament Co.) SHC (Silver Hawk Company) and Ironsight Armaments all use their own proprietary weapon scripts that are used in their products. I haven't been able to find any high quality gun scripts for sale on the marketplace and within in-world stores, and scripts tied with animations that deal with LLCS in particular, one that includes things like particle ejections, muzzle flash, magazines sliding out and and attachments such as a suppressor which can be toggled on and off through a HUD. I'm looking specifically for a script for a handgun, but scripts for a rifle or a shotgun would be very useful. Filtering through a number of dubious and questionable scripts on the marketplace, the closest thing I can find is the MTA Dual SMG / Pistol Scripts with HUD: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/MTA-Dual-SMG-Pistol-Scripts-with-HUD-Case/3077754; but this seems to be very much geared towards an almost strictly dual-wielded submachine gun or machine pistol with a very high-rate of fire. Are there any in-world stores that sell such scripts and animations? I'm surprised there isn't anything (that I know of) in the modern weapons community on SL like the ACS Vehicle Operating system that so many professional or even budding, amateur vehicle creators in SL use in their products. The vehicle market on SL seems very well-established, supported and structured for those looking to get into vehicle-making (and I'm not talking about just cars here, PRETTY MUCH ALL VEHICLE TYPES) compared to the more seemingly tight-knit modern gunmaking community. The medieval weapons community has the Unity Maxim meter and its scripts, which very much supports its community creators. Assuming you already have high quality models and textures, but have limited experience with scripting, and would like to create and sell your products, is hiring a scripter (to create yet another very possibly proprietary script) the only option? I would appreciate some suggestions and helpful, friendly advice; let me know if there are any such scripts and people in the community to help me out. - Charlotte Sinclair
  5. I certainly hope with all the other social media outlets that are banning hate groups, Trump, and their speech in light of the attack on our nation's capital that Second Life is not becoming a haven for them. What is Linden Lab doing to make sure they don't hide here?
  7. THE KESSEL ROOM BLOCK PARTY - WORLDWIDE SIMULCAST PARTY LIKE A VIP @ THE KESSEL ROOM BLOCK PARTY - BROADCASTED LIVE with TDN FEATURING: DJ STEPHANIE Join us at The Kessel Room from 4-6 pm SLT and enjoy the best in EDM music and dance club environment. Drop by the party and join in with thousands around the world. FB @ https://www.facebook.com/TheKesselRoom Flickr @ https://www.flickr.com/groups/experiencethekesselroom/ The Kessel Room: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mizithra/252/193/193
  8. Greetings im looking for someone who is familiar with the Garou and Nirarmyth Daneotaur Minotaur avatar. Im trying to get gear that is going to fit them and work properly. I am willing to talk more details and negoiate the pricing. Contact me via inworld wolfking7) Seth Minotaur Aethelwolfy and through the forums as well. I look forward to speaking to you soon.
  9. Hello Everyone. I run a group called the ROYAL Aviation Expeditionary. So I have a .:S&W:. Sentinel FRC and want to arm it with guns and maybe a Mk110 Bofors Cannon. The guns would be M249 or M240 turrets and basically whatever I can get on it. Of Course I would need all of them to be vice capable. I've heard my builders for this job and have been scammed. Can anyone help?
  10. We play team games every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 12 pmslt and 1 pm slt -21:00 europe If you can shoot with a bow and you like games then you can join anytime and any new round , learn to use a bow on our sim ,there are always people who wants to help you and we got a great practicing place ,use the teleporter to go to right place.. Capture the flag is a game played by 2 teams , a red and a blue , they have to bring the 2 flags at their base Capture the leader is played with a golden and a silver team , the goal is to find the other teams leader, if one of the leaders is downed ,the round has ended and a team is winner . WARNING : The games can be addicted ;-)) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Jungle of Sin/211/19/43
  11. Hello, I'm new at scripting and I don't understand it completely yet, but I'm trying to make a molotov like bomb, can someone teach me how to make it so as soon as the proyectile hits the floor it dissapears, a glass breaking sound plays and then generates some fire on the ground for a bunch of seconds? Thanks you very much for the help!
  12. Im trying to script a flying object that roams around my sim. Im trying to script it soi that it only "sees" an avatar that Is in front of its "eye" , and only in Line of Sight. I need to know how to make It roam, how to make it sense an avatar that is only in its line of sight, and only fire its weapons at people of a certain group. Any help is appreciated. Leave a comment here, or contact me inworld.
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