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  1. This is commonplace when you log in 2 avatars their positions won't always coincide on the 2 viewers when they're doing animations..
  2. If I may quote myself. I would not pretend that my own avatar is anything other than ugly and ridiculous looking, but that's the way things ended up a long time ago. I am proud of my wobbling man-boobs though. I discovered how to obtain these by accident. All one needs to do is toggle shape from male to female, make the breast physics and toggle back to male and the physics persist.
  3. At least half of those that are interested in reality get it horribly wrong.
  4. So I'm a very fat and ugly turquoise dwarf and I'm male. Nobody's ever accused me of being pretty and female in RL. In fact I'm male in RL but reasonably normal looking.
  5. I'm very short but I doubt if anyone would call me cute as I'm also extremely fat and my skin is bright turquoise. I've been that way since my 'accident' in a public sandbox in 2008.
  6. I assume milk-stewed pasta was an American / Canadian thing. Doesn't sound that bad compared to what we English had to suffer. Stewed fatty beef, boiled potatoes and boiled cabbage and not allowed to leave the table until it had all gone..
  7. The big merger between car makers Peugeot and Fiat-Chrysler was announced a year ago and won't be completed until next spring.
  8. From my own profile: "the only thing in Second Life that's real is TIME."
  9. My appearance has not changed for years. I wouldn't win any beauty contest.
  10. The surest sign that two or more people are alts of the same RL is if they both or all disappear at exactly the same moment, indicating their computer has crashed. Even then they could be two RL people from the same RL household and they've had a power cut.
  11. One presumes we are discussing avatar gender here. It is generally assumed that the real persons behind many female avatars in Second Life are males and a smaller but significant number of male avatars are played by real females. Many people run alts of both genders. So an interesting comparison would be the relative loneliness of male avatars played by real life males compared to that of female avatars that are also played by real life males.
  12. "Remember, the only thing that's real in Second life is time." I think that is so true I put it on my profile,
  13. It's easy to have a double premium account. If you have an alt (an additional account), make that premium too. Then make a group for yourself and your alt. Donate your 512 sq. m. tier-free land allowance to your new group and do the same with your alt's land allowance. You could then transfer any land you already own to your group, (making sure first that you set the land to allow any existing objects placed on it to remain there). Group land gets an extra 10% tier-free allowance. 512 x 2 = 1024, plus 10% of 1024 (102) totals up to 1126. Not only that but you'd get two stipends each week
  14. L$ 10 - L$ 15 per hour! You must be joking! I wouldn't even be a bot for that - not that I'd find employment as a bot anyway because I'm very short, very fat, very blue and very ugly but I'm happy that way. Happily cynical and grumpy! You say that you are an equal opportunities employer but you also say that you don not want people with a basic sexy walk AO. That is a contradiction! .
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