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  1. The surest sign that two or more people are alts of the same RL is if they both or all disappear at exactly the same moment, indicating their computer has crashed. Even then they could be two RL people from the same RL household and they've had a power cut.
  2. One presumes we are discussing avatar gender here. It is generally assumed that the real persons behind many female avatars in Second Life are males and a smaller but significant number of male avatars are played by real females. Many people run alts of both genders. So an interesting comparison would be the relative loneliness of male avatars played by real life males compared to that of female avatars that are also played by real life males.
  3. "Remember, the only thing that's real in Second life is time." I think that is so true I put it on my profile,
  4. It's easy to have a double premium account. If you have an alt (an additional account), make that premium too. Then make a group for yourself and your alt. Donate your 512 sq. m. tier-free land allowance to your new group and do the same with your alt's land allowance. You could then transfer any land you already own to your group, (making sure first that you set the land to allow any existing objects placed on it to remain there). Group land gets an extra 10% tier-free allowance. 512 x 2 = 1024, plus 10% of 1024 (102) totals up to 1126. Not only that but you'd get two stipends each week. So one of the premium accounts could effectively be free, financed by the stipends, still with some L$ left over to spend in-world.
  5. L$ 10 - L$ 15 per hour! You must be joking! I wouldn't even be a bot for that - not that I'd find employment as a bot anyway because I'm very short, very fat, very blue and very ugly but I'm happy that way. Happily cynical and grumpy! You say that you are an equal opportunities employer but you also say that you don not want people with a basic sexy walk AO. That is a contradiction! .
  6. Kelli May wrote: Looks like I'm having router/connection issues, and the server work earlier this week was purely coincidental. Lots of people are saying that SL has gone to pieces with the latest update a few days ago. I posted about this in the technical section.
  7. Since the last update a few days ago there are frequent crashes, slow rezzing, at least 50% of teleports fail or cause crash and then after I'd spent half an hour texturing a hat, when I logged back in the hat had lost the textures and reverted to how it was before. Before the update things weren't too bad, but SL currently feels like it did in Open Sim in its early days when you never knew whether somethimg you'd built would still be there next login.
  8. Burper Tilling wrote: I find 5th July is always a day to particularly look forward to in SL :smileyvery-happy: . . . . because I'm not American!
  9. I find 5th July is always a day to particularly look forward to in SL :smileyvery-happy:
  10. Zsigmond Alcott wrote: For the first time in my SL I am speechless other than to ask why? why? why? WHY?????????? GOOD LORD! :matte-motes-agape: The same reason as why some people like to reply in very big letters: . . . . . . BECAUSE I CAN !!!!!!!!
  11. When editing body physics on a male avatar, breast physics are disabled, so you can only have a wobbly belly or butt. However for those of us guys like myself who carry a lot of extra weight, a bit of bounce in the man-boob department might be no bad thing. I have now discovered that this is possible and quite effective on my very short, very fat body. Here's how to get breast (or chest) physics if you're male. Make sure the physics you're 'wearing' is modifiable or make your own.. 1) Go into shape mode and temporarily change your gender from male to female. You might look very odd but it's only temporary! 2) Now edit physics and you'll see that breast physics are enabled. So you can adjust them to suit, then save. 3) Back into appearance mode and return your gender to male. You'll notice your chest still wobbles even though you're male. Maybe this is common knowledge but I've never seen it before and discovered it while playing around.
  12. We find ourselves hurtling towards a scenario with alarming rapidity in which it would be desirable for the Linden Laboratory to create a forum especially for use by trolls and flamethrowers and other individuals with nothing worthwhile to contribute.
  13. Velk Kerang wrote: How do you politely tell someone they are boring you? lol Serious question. I am a blunt person and trying to work this out without exactly being mean even though I should be given what I been threw with this person. I was asked to come back and play SL and basically the person who asked me back decided not to play anymore. That's fine and all, but really we don't play anything else together really. We tried and it didn't really work out for me. It just wasn't a fun experiance. So I am sitting with her on skype and I am expected to lead the conversatiion. She hardly says anything unless I ask direct questions. Yet if a friend calls male or female she's quick to hop on the phone and it's a gab feast from then on out, but when it goes back to talking to me I feel like I am pulling teeth. So I am left sitting there bored out of my mind. I have in the best way I know possible tried to relate the differance on how she is and even sugested contributing to the conversation would not hurt any. If I try to discuss anything serious or that I feel important to me it doesnt go well and yet I am expected to listen to all her bs though and be all understanding like. I even flat out asked why do you insist on having me on skype if your hardly talk? That conversation really went no where at all. So I am now trying to work out a nice way of saying hey I don't mind talking on skype spending time with ya and all, but if something don't give don't expect me to sit here bored out of my mind all day with your behind listening to you holding actual real conversations with everyone, but me. lol I mean it's funny, but it's not because I am already thinking of ways or reasons to not like be around at all. lmao So all that being said anyone have any sugestions by chance? This is quite boring in itself. I can't be certain though because I couldn't be bothered to read it all.
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