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  1. I certainly hope with all the other social media outlets that are banning hate groups, Trump, and their speech in light of the attack on our nation's capital that Second Life is not becoming a haven for them. What is Linden Lab doing to make sure they don't hide here?
  2. I could not buy items on MP and then realized my avi was not responding. It looks like this affecting a lot of people! Hope they fix it soon.
  3. Does anyone know how vulnerable SL is to bad foreign actors using this platform to hide in order to communicate privately?
  4. How come, since the end of September, I am suddenly getting on my client splash screen during loading sl a message that says "The certificate returned by the Grid appears to be expired. Please check your system clock, or contact your Grid adminsitrator." What is this all about? I saw on forums there are others getting this same message. I am not able to log on unless I use a VPN. I think using a VPN has degraded my SL experience considerably although its better than nothing at all. It makes creating and enjoying SL difficult. By the way who is my Grid administrator?
  5. I too am getting the "unable to connect with a similator" message. I know I have been very lucky but this is the first in the 6 years I have been in SL that I have gotten this message and I have logged on nearly everyday. I hope this is very temporary. I have a business to run.
  6. I too am got the same message about not being able to connect to a similator. Do I need to make a ticket? Or is there something else I can do? Any ideas out there?
  7. No matter what glitch pants or panties I wear, if the waistband rides my hips the waistband makes a sever dip on both hips. This has been happening for years. I have made shape adjustments and changed skins many times and nothing seems to make the waistband sit correctly on my hips. What can be done?
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