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  1. It's back from the weird !
  2. You will also need to be on a currently supported operatiing system. This is Windows 7 to Windows 10. You will not be able to run a SL certified Viewer and perform financial tranactions [from your Web Account Dashboard or Viewer] running on Windows XP or Windows Vista. Also make sure that all the Mandatory and most Optional upgrades and patches have been applied as well.
  3. Nursing a silly Spring Cold after a weekend of Spring Cleaning. I must have disturbed that dust pile of killer mold hiding in the corner and it mutated into something in my Eureka vacuum cleaner like happened in that Outer Limits episode "It Crawled Out of the Woodwork".
  4. Looking at the image you posted clearly your clock is set correctly for your PC. This is just a wild guess but it is possible that the local verson of the SL Viewer is complaining about your PC preference of using day/month/century-year format for the time. Here in the US we tend to favor the month/day/century-year format. However the SL Viewer should not care about this setting. Try this test. In Windows 10, go to the Settings/Date & Time/Change Date and Time format option page and change the Short Date format to M/d/yyyy, reboot your PC and try logging in again. If this works, then
  5. I tell you all, satin works in mysterious ways.... Static cling susceptible, wrinkles just by looking at it, will run with just one seam pull. If this is not a tool of the devil then nothing is. Beware of satin in your lives...it is a soul crusher. Maybe the OP was bitten by the satin bug! Well it could have happened....
  6. Wow, the Ignored Users feature works really well. Nice to have this feature. Just Saying! **wink
  7. OK, this making it easy to upload things is nice. So now I have to ask. Any chance of our old uploaded items inventory being successfully migrated to the new Forums?
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