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  1. https://community.secondlife.com/profile/1266272-kristin-linden/ Kristin Linden Advanced Member Kristin Linden Administrators 1,150 282 posts Posted yesterday at 09:36 AM 'Since you have already submitted a ticket regarding the issue you are experiencing I am going to go ahead and close this thread, as it is going down a path that is not appropriate for the forums." This Has now been filed with Human resources. Next time close the chat. Do not let people know what I have done. The File to BBC has and will be Handle by Linden Labs Not a Staff member
  2. You use my work everyday in here. This is a wake up call to an lazy Linden lab employee. The staff member has blowing off many customers. . So this makes me sad. When the staff lets MAIN LAND down.
  3. You really think that any other sim out there is better than main Land you have know clue of the AWS system they use and set up per customer. Over 8 years of youtube history of the virtual worlds. Not one simulator comes close. I know because I forked the code work on it. the service has gotten way bad.
  4. Yes and Let the users know they have and are being ripped off. The users are also Staff. They read it all. They get the same treatment from headquarters. this is why the service the last 4 years gone down ON MAIN LAND
  5. Boxy 3000 Any given time there are over 50,000 premium customers online world wide this is the service you all are giving now. Support representatives are currently unavailable to help with this restart request. Live Chat hours are from 6 AM PST/SLT to 2 PM PST/SLT. I can create a ticket for your restart request and it will be answered in the order it was received when support is back in the office.
  6. submit a ticket that no one will answer to last time took a week to get restarted. That's enough. open your terminal and reboot your AWS system then restart the simulator. Think your the only one that uses AWS. My AWS goes down I get notifications. ticket number #1731274
  7. If your people are to lazy to see that they have systems down On there AWS dash board hire some one that can do it.
  8. You get my money on time for over 10 years. Tell the person in charge of AWS Amazon Web Service to do the JOB. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Missauke/187/233/90 Been down long enough. This is uncalled for Time to drop the premium account because the service sucks. "init 6" and lets get with it.
  9. I never thought about this before. But now as My partner is losing the use of her hands do to MD. Voice is becoming a big deal We have gone to so many Linden events and no voice is enabled on Linden Labs premium users places. Pissed her off enough to drop her premium account. What saddens me is we are all Lindens in here of all shapes. So starting a private voice is OK. but when others want to be part of stuff. Does anyone remember learning the viewer some one voices loud you can turn them down. Some one wants quiet you can turn stuff down.
  10. I heard April throws purple pixels at amazon :). That is crazy hard job. AWS
  11. I hate ingnorace. Especially when I an informed. Or when people lack knowledge. Old thread. Enable linux apps. Because you are running a debian linux. Then make sure you graphics driver is propritary. Oh it is why because the linux your running was. Bult for the hardware. Download the Firestorm linux viewer. Or my LL secondlife linux viewer or Kokua linux viewer. Extract tar ball and click the executable file. Have fun Linden Labs drop Linux support in the viewer. Took me over 2 years to fix Nats left overs. But very stable. Find it under my name in bitbucket
  12. Thank you for reply Whirly I have moved all mine over. and fixing build scripts to use git versions. Last week was a long week since i build all my own Linux libraries Biggest trouble I have had is getting NickyD authors correct on the history. Oh well couple of yours are in there also winks. any one needs help send me a note. TY
  13. Has any one heard yet what Linden labs will be doing with Bitbucket stopping support for Mercurial version system and only supporting Git. I mean 99.99% of Secondlifes code and development is in Mercurial. and in June 1 2020 they will be deleting all of Mercurial repos. I moved my stuff but waiting to see how the Team handles this.
  14. make the pig happy feed it. FO Hey I did file 3 jiras get with it. https://bitbucket.org/{b9934576-44bb-4886-b6f2-5cf7c896c873}/
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