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  1. I never thought about this before. But now as My partner is losing the use of her hands do to MD. Voice is becoming a big deal We have gone to so many Linden events and no voice is enabled on Linden Labs premium users places. Pissed her off enough to drop her premium account. What saddens me is we are all Lindens in here of all shapes. So starting a private voice is OK. but when others want to be part of stuff. Does anyone remember learning the viewer some one voices loud you can turn them down. Some one wants quiet you can turn stuff down.
  2. I heard April throws purple pixels at amazon :). That is crazy hard job. AWS
  3. I hate ingnorace. Especially when I an informed. Or when people lack knowledge. Old thread. Enable linux apps. Because you are running a debian linux. Then make sure you graphics driver is propritary. Oh it is why because the linux your running was. Bult for the hardware. Download the Firestorm linux viewer. Or my LL secondlife linux viewer or Kokua linux viewer. Extract tar ball and click the executable file. Have fun Linden Labs drop Linux support in the viewer. Took me over 2 years to fix Nats left overs. But very stable. Find it under my name in bitbucket
  4. Thank you for reply Whirly I have moved all mine over. and fixing build scripts to use git versions. Last week was a long week since i build all my own Linux libraries Biggest trouble I have had is getting NickyD authors correct on the history. Oh well couple of yours are in there also winks. any one needs help send me a note. TY
  5. Has any one heard yet what Linden labs will be doing with Bitbucket stopping support for Mercurial version system and only supporting Git. I mean 99.99% of Secondlifes code and development is in Mercurial. and in June 1 2020 they will be deleting all of Mercurial repos. I moved my stuff but waiting to see how the Team handles this.
  6. make the pig happy feed it. FO Hey I did file 3 jiras get with it. https://bitbucket.org/{b9934576-44bb-4886-b6f2-5cf7c896c873}/
  7. profiles server down again. So what is a profile in secondlife only the gate way to the game . advertising etc etc. how to be treated how to role play etc etc. come on pick on me all you want we pay for the service. No use logging in if you do not understand the role play of the other avatar. Better yet spend 3 weeks fixing LL code so stuff works. Unlike the latest LL viewer with the broken Shaders . and going up to 17 percent cpu use. leave that for the jira. feed the pig I do.
  8. at the time all profiles where down. do to a staff member. Please read the jira 3 days to have someone log in and restart the canister. 3 days PING
  9. I think a multi million dollar company that has planned outage would email the customers. We get an email from LL when they take our money. https://www.bbb.org/us/ca/san-francisco/profile/online-gaming/linden-lab-1116-57373/complaints
  10. well sorry i was on the road and when I got home I then took this to the forum. Abuse of any account do to Staff is a sad thing. TY.
  11. cute you have no clue. how the profile interacts with the viewer. But whats new pay the pigs I do.
  12. 2 ways of doing it one is legacy one is through your secondlife dashboard FS legacy will not see SL profile. so use both. Legacy for me is only used for opensim. legacy search been broken a long time fails to update sometimes. It is a dullahan world.
  13. you can tell me nothing i do not know what is coming up. I spent 9 years on that code. rebuilt every Lib to build the code. Be nice. and pay the pigs. I do.
  14. here is what I found https://www.bbb.org/us/ca/san-francisco/profile/online-gaming/linden-lab-1116-57373/complaints and the reason is because. staff has made huge mistakes at times and still takes your money. I have the ability just like you with a little bit of trace knowlege to see. what most have no clue.. Now anypart of the profile server is down requires Linden labs to reimburse for your secondlife services. premium accounts .Linden labs prorates service by day . Fact is Profile is the gate way to the game. and has put many people at risk of creating confusion and contempt.
  15. Sad Day for Linden Labs team. The Profile is the back bone one the Secondlife. like the electric company telling you sorry while your food spoils. Yet your monthly bill is there. Sad to see such an abuse of power from a multi million dollar company. This is the most disrespectful form of abuse to a customer. Sad to see that Linden Labs has no back up plan. The profile tells people how to interact with you. Do to a terrible derelict of duty this was caused by an Employee of Linden Labs. The Real abuse is the thousands of avatars that role play and had th
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