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  1. Hi: I need a place to have "my space" on SL (could be in sky). Does anyone want to share some land that have or dont need? Thank you so much!
  2. Rolig, Thank you for reply! I think using something like a Collar script (wearable prim on target and on owner) could be a good idea to control avatars position. But i dont have the skills to code it. Please let me know if you could help me here. Thank you so much
  3. PeterCanessa, Ty for reply! "Rolig has been having a lot of fun with walking through walls recently ..." What do you mean? Rolig Loon, Ty for reply! The avatar is not sited on an object script. When the target accept the animation permission, the only thing it does is to start animation (that the hud have inside - the position of the avatar). I cant control the target (this one have a good behaviour), but i can control the owner, not sure how I´ve tried the code you told this way: if (dist>RANGE) { tid = llTarget(targetPos,RANGE); if (dist>LIMIT) { targetPos = llGetPos() + LIMIT * llVecNorm( targetPos - llGetPos()); } llSetRot(llRotBetween(<1.0,0.0,0.0>, llVecNorm(llGetPos() - targetPos)); // < ------ Here targetPos = targetPos + <ajuste_x,ajuste_y,ajuste_z>; llMoveToTarget(targetPos,TAU); } } ... but it give a Suntax error. I think this code is only used on a prim, right? Thank you
  4. Hi: I´m trying to make a couple hud. I can´t use any position balls or even drop objects. Only thing that could be done is to use a hud on the screen and a script inside it. Everything works great... thats how it works: When the hud is pressed you can get an avatar name on the dialog menu. After that the hud resquest permission to the target. When target accept the animation, an animation will start for him and for owner hud. Then, i used a follower script to make the partner drive the owner on hes back. Everything works great till here. But, when target walks (or when animation starts) the avatar owner can't get a correct position. Sometimes the owner avatar rotates. I guess that this is the main problem. This is the code that makes the follow part (target carring the owner on hes back): keepFollowing() { llTargetRemove(tid); llStopMoveToTarget(); if (targetKey!=NULL_KEY){ list answer = llGetObjectDetails(targetKey,[OBJECT_POS]); if (llGetListLength(answer)==0) { if (!announced) llOwnerSay(targetName+" seems to be out of range. Waiting for return..."); announced = TRUE; } else { announced = FALSE; vector targetPos = llList2Vector(answer,0); float dist = llVecDist(targetPos,llGetPos()); if (dist>RANGE) { tid = llTarget(targetPos,RANGE); if (dist>LIMIT) { targetPos = llGetPos() + LIMIT * llVecNorm( targetPos - llGetPos()); } // targetPos = targetPos + <ajuste_x,ajuste_y,ajuste_z>; llMoveToTarget(targetPos,TAU); } } } } Maybie using this part of the code: // targetPos = targetPos + <ajuste_x,ajuste_y,ajuste_z>; (but, what?) On this code part, must be a way to keep ("lock") owners position in the correct position (to not rotating freely). Does anyone can help plz? Thank you.
  5. Hi: I´m looking for a partner to work with in SL and make some money together. I need someone that knows to work well with Blender (or other sculpty software). Plz, let me know if you are interested. Thank you.
  6. Olá, Procuro um parceiro que saiba fazer objectos esculpidos em programas com o Blender (por exemplo). A ideia é elaborar objectos e fazer a venda dos mesmos no Marketplace, afim de que possamos ganhar algum dinheiro no SL. Procuro uma pessoa que dedique algum tempo habitualmente ao SL (não obrigatório todos os dias) e tenha gosto por grafismo. Em caso de interesse é só responder. Darei mais detalhes posteriormente. Cumprimentos.
  7. Here´s the link of my Store in Marketplace: http://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/55517/ Thank you!
  8. Hi... i´m looking for a place - small space - to sell my items. I have few money so i cant pay rents, but i can give commision of my sells. I´ve a Vendor Board with commision system set up. Do you think you can help me? Ty so much.
  9. Hi valerie: Thank you for reply! The land seems very interesting! I´ve to build 3 buildings... meanwhile, i´m gona try to use a Home Designer Software and i go try to do the job. If i can´t make it i´ll contact you again ok? Thank you so much for your help! Best Regards.
  10. Hi Claireschen, Ty for reply! I will take a better look on it :-) Best Regards.
  11. Hi Irene: Thank you for reply! I´m not so sure about the time and prims... i give you +/- the information: Time: +/- 1 Month Prims: +/- I really dont know (maybie 800 or 1500) The real terrain to build is +/- 70mX50m It´s not easy i know ------------------------------------------------------------------- Hitomi: I thought in an OpenSim but problem is i have all building tools InWorld like textures organizers, etc... i can´t put it on OpenSim. The Building is not for sell in SL or Markplace! Its a project to make a place for Kids in realfime... i´ve some experience with SL thats why SL is a awnsome tool to build a project like this (to have an idea of how the project will be in real life). Thank you for all to support me!
  12. Hi Valerie: Thank you for your reply! I saw the big prices for the lands, and i´m not able to afford it :-( That´s why i really need a good heart to give me a change! God be with you.
  13. Hi: I´m looking for a place InWorld to build a kindergarten (kids place)! This is a project to apply in a RL Project that i am making! I need a place for some weeks to build this project, then when ended i´ll remove from the land. The place should have many prims available! I thought in build it in a sandbox land or something... problem is i´ve keep drop/pick up all the time :-( Please, give me a help on this! Thank you so much, Best Regards.
  14. I´m selling a Low Prim Skybox: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/CreaTive-DesiGnS-0004-Creative-Luxury-Skybox-Modern/1560220 Prims: 21 ...and a Elegant House, that can be used in sky to: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/CreaTive-DesiGnS-0013-Elegant-House/1730038 Prims: 15 Regards
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