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  1. Like every weekend we are running Double Fishing XP event for all Fish Hunt fishers. Under this event all the fishers gain from 2x to 3x more fishing experience for every cast. What is Double fishing XP event good for? As you gain more Fishing XP you make more L$ from fishing. So more you fish more L$ you will make. Over 90 millions of L$ have been paid out to players! Teleport to our HQ to START fishing: Fish Hunt Headquarters 1) Touch the sign to get your FREE beginner fishing rod 2) wear it and wait 60s to load 3) Click your rod and fish for L$! As you fish you grow your fishing XP. More fishing XP you have more you earn from your fishing. As you fish you always see you make more and more L$ from your fishing. This event doubles, nearly triples the fishing xp you get per each cast. So join us at the Fish HQ http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Business%20Park/135/235/22
  2. There are games where you can earn L$ playing.
  3. Like every weekend we are running Double Fishing XP event for all our fishers. Under this event all the fishers gain from 2x to 3x more fishing experience for every cast. What is Double fishing XP event good for? As you gain more Fishing XP your earnings / profit from your fishing INCREASES! Now is the good time for you to join our community of 30 000+ fishers and start fishing! Teleport to our HQ to START fishing: Fish Hunt Headquarters 1) Touch the sign to get your FREE beginner fishing rod 2) wear it and wait 60s to load 3) Click your rod and fish for L$!
  4. Wili Clip

    Scrap Coins are not what they seem ?

    Hello There are also higher value coins that you can pick up like Iron 0.1 L$, Bronze 0.2 L$, Silver 0.5 L$, Gold 1 L$, Ruby 2L$, Emerald 5L$, Diamond 10 L$.
  5. I will gladly accept your bitcoins for a rent of shop or land on my sim Business Park. We are working on a vendor solution for trading virtual goods in bitcoins aswell. :smileyhappy: Visit and find me at: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Business%20Park/119/140/22
  6. Several Fish Hunt fishing place owners are running fish multipliers events (2X earnings per fish) whole days. There is a great community of fishers and gold hunters you can join Linden Gold Hunters (LGH) group where we are never short of fun talks and incredible people you can get to know. Fish Hunt is the largest and most successful fishing system in Second Life where you can earn L$ for your Second Life with fishing. If you haven't fished with Fish Hunt yet you can pick up a FREE beginner rod at: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Business%20Park/138/233/22 After you got your rod head to different sims with multiplier events on for you. Visit a list of multipliers Events: http://www.goldtokens.net/directories/fish-hunt-multipliers Have a fishing fun!
  7. "Bitcoin took a few years to even catch on. Now, bitcoin could do this, as we all had other currencies to use. So, in the case of your project, you would have to start off using Lindens, than slowly implement the new currency over time. Or, you could just allow people to pay with either currency. If your currency really does produce it's own value, people will gravitate to using it over Lindens." Yes you're correct. The transitional phase can be done with concept of parallel currencies. "In virtual communities, you can't group too many things in 1 area, as the hardware can't handle all those people." Yes you are right about that too. That is why there will be several virtual cities ran by different city managers. There will be just 1 city at the start that will serve as proof of concept. I've been thinking yesterday... I've came to a conclusion and I have found possible solutions. After few calculations... I will start creating a system for 1st city that will serve as proof of concept.
  8. Very good questions. I am thankfull for comments that are putting forward problems like that. This is a really persisting problem and specific to Second Life environment. Question is what kind of jobs could people do for virtual cities. There have been a lot of attemps of different compenies for starting services in Second Life. I've seen many businesses attempting to run different services from language classes, scripting, job employment agencies and others... My opinion is that starting public services that virtual cities should have is education on all the different levels from helping new SL residents putting up shoes or finding affordable stores for them, greeting people, advising to more advanced moderation in sl groups, hosting, scripting, designing. Virtual City needs to be based on education. People that are to be employed for different virtual services and jobs need a proper virtual education. People that are proficient in important jobs that are needed in SL could take place of teachers and would earn money for teaching. I can make the system and start 1st experimental city and we will see if there is interest for virtual public services. And we will see where we can take it.
  9. Public service to citizens and virtual governance, big evolving community and tighter cooperation. Citizens would see their city currency grow in value...
  10. The value of city curnecy will always be determined by supply and demand. Value of unit of city currency is as much as someone wanting to buy it on exchange to use it is prepared to pay for in L$.
  11. There are few ways of possible creations of the city currency. Each new or existing city will present a plan to develop services and products on the sim or land. City currency amount is then created and given according to business plan. City needs to use it according to business plan. 1) Now the city currency created could be logged as (0 interest rates) debt to the Central City Currency Management System (CCCMS) that city would eventually pay back fully. or 2) Currency wouldn't be created out of debt and city wouldn't have to repay centreal currency issuer. or) 3) Special algorithm that would create city currency and add it on city account for every avatar that spent 5 minutes in within the city border. Source of city revenue could be small tax imposed on all services and products sold in within the city. My current idea is that each city could set their own desired TAX rate. For further city expansion city wouldn't need any more new city currency issued for it as it would fund future projects out of its revenue.
  12. This isn't going to be just 1 city. I am using the 1st city to make a proof of concept. This framework that I am trying to create will be for unlimited number of virtual cities that will want to take part in the system. There will be a floating exchange between city currency and L$. Supply of this new currency will be very limited (with similar end limit as bitcoins have). Initial idea is to give the city currency to the new citiy managers or city founding community that will present a sensible and efficient development plan for the city and city services. New cities will use the city funds to develop services and products that citizens will be able to pay for city currency. If I use your terminology... public sector citizens will be able to ether pay for different virtual services or products created by different cities for them or offer their earned city currency on L$<->City Currency Exchange. Outside people who will become city citizens will buy City Currency on that same Exchange to use it for city services and products (they will be buying from those that will be selling). The new city currency initially doesn't need to be backed by L$. City currency will have deflationary properties. Just like with bitcoins the value of city currency will grow with the demand for city currency. Some people who will earn city currency will not sell on exchange right away but wait a week, month or 2 to sell when they can get more L$ per unit of city currency. Supply of city currency will be very limited and cities who will want to join the virtual cities schema will need to agree to sell their services and products in city currency or sell them for L$ and city currency at same time (while offering 5 - 10% or more discount). If people can buy same product at discount they will have an incentive to buy city currency with their L$ and use the city currency to get product cheaper then if they directly paid with L$. This creates a sufficient demand for city currency for it to grow in price. Number of services and products for citizens to buy with city currency would grow as more and more cities adopt schema of "virtual city" management system. Supply of city currency would be lesser then demand for it and everyone doing business in city currency would see their city currency value grow in L$. I really belive that such virtual city monetary system would bring much needed growth in numbers of new residents and player retention rate in Second Life and open many doors of different opportunities for everyone. It would certainly also help the company Linden Lab make more profit and dedicate more money towards Second Life updates and upgrades.
  13. My personal preference is doing it through libertarian way. With having a bitcoin like simulated currency that would grow in value through time and citizens would consider it as investment. If the cities grow and the currency gets widely used then citizens could at later date exchange the virtual currency for more L$ then they initially paid for -> deflation. The 2nd mainstream monetary economics way through special Investment Virtual Central Bank would be a bit too work intensive (there would need to be a central body of few people that would evaluate each investment). As more and more cities would take debt to fund their city investments and more and more citizens would get paid in that currency, that would lead towards inflation. Inflation could be stabilized as citizens would use the currency for services city has to offer them. However there is risk that everyone would want to sell their currency for L$ which would lead towards depreciation in currency value which would then further lead to speculations as few people would buy and hoard on depreciated currency to drive the price up. Somehow the crypto currency simulation way where people have incentive to keep the virtual currency to sell later at higher L$ price seems much more stable, reliable and attractive.
  14. This post serves as a business plan that is created "on the go" and is at same time an invitation to a discussion about problems and solutions for wider in this topic interested public. Main idea and 1st post on topic: Virtual city built on liberal principles was 1st posted on second life forum. For project Liberium (experimental virtual city based on liberal principles). One of my first tasks is to try to develop a structural foundation for a viral growth of real virtual cities that would benefit humankind. Everyone interested to take part at it or just tag along to see what becomes of it can join inworld Second Life group City Of Liberium: secondlife:///app/group/7fb24f25-7281-efdd-d018-5d3f059277ea/about (copy paste in SL local chat to get group link). Virtual city can offer its citizen organized virtual education, virtual community support, supervision and support for virtual business cooperation and investments, boost virtual economy and promote virtual world solutions for a better government to a wider world public and open door of unlimited opportunities for citizens. To achieve viral growth and fast adoption of virtual city it needs a successful economic foundation that will give incentives to users of Second Life to partake in the city project.. A virtual city needs its own currency to enable fiscal and monetary growth stimulation. I believe that the only way for a mass adoption of virtual cities concept they will need a successful virtual currency. There are 3 possible experimental simulations of monetary solutions for implementing common virtual currency for virtual cities. There are 2 views on money: 1) Mainstream Economics (Keynesian) pro-inflation monetary politics for debt based currency system. 2) Austrian School of Economic Thought (Libertarian) pro-deflationary monetary politics Please read: Paul Krugman's (Nobel prize in mainstream economics) article explaining why deflation is bad and opposing view explaining that deflation might not be evil: The economics of bitcoin why mainstream economist lie about deflation Let me try to roughly explain the situation we currently live in: In real world our money system (monetary system) is DEBT BASED. This means that if there is no debt there is no money. All money created and added in system is created through initial lending from central banks (money lenders to banks). Government (leading politicians) borrow money from these banks and different global lending organizations (such as World Bank or IMF) to run the country. Government uses borrowed money for public investments and to employ public workers who help in running the country and maintain order and piece. Public workers get salaries that they deposit in banks and banks have a special right to multiply money through fractional reserve banking. This right enables banks to lend more money out then they have actual deposits (banks create money for people and companies). If you are further interested in how money is created to be able to better participate in this debate you can watch a short video hidden secrets of money Our virtual currency for virtual city will in reality be a sub-currency of Linden Dollars (L$) and it will only be exchangable with L$ to avoid breaking of Linden Lab's Terms Of Service. Libertarian approach to a new virtual currency: The success of bitcoin crypto currency shows us that a deflationary virtual currency can lead to viral growth. Such viral growth is what our virtual cities concept will need. Possible implementation of our virtual currency for city would be a close simulation of bitcoin like virtual currency for the city that each city would get for purpose to fund its city projects. Citizens that would be paid for their work (building, design, teaching, ....) in this virtual currency would be able to exchange it for L$. All other citizens who would want to use the services that city provides for them would exchange their L$ into this virtual currency so that they could use it. When cities grow big and high trafficed by new vibrant citizens community they would rent virtual stores to strong brands in city's virtual currency and virtual goods producers would have a choice to also sell their products in city's currency to supply the new fast growing market (community of virtual citizens). If successful such cities could offer virtual jobs to millions of new users of Second Life. They would be employed as city workers and would simulate the real life public sectors that would offer services to virtual citizens like the real life public sector offers services to real life citizens. This is also the main vision that inspires and motivates me for making plan for such virtual cities. If I can drive this vision to a realization then Second Life will get its real purpose. Mainstream approach to a new virtual currency: Close simulation of real life financial systems and consequently a simulation of real life monetary system is prohibited or severely limited. Financial institutions and governments hold exclusive rights to create banks. We are living in times where rapid growth of technology and higher awareness of people impose a threat to current monetary establishment. Only real life banks can run banking services in Second Life and with permission of Linden Lab. However we could possibly still simulate fractional reserve banking with a city currency (LL TOS needs to be studied on that matter). Money would be created into exsistance by becoming debt. Lender would be Central Virtual Investment Bank. This investment bank would lend virtual currency to virtual cities with 0 interest rates (To avoid breaking of LL TOS that prohibits collection of interest rates). A virtual city would need to introduce a solid investment plan for developing city services that would both benefit citizens and would be affordable enough for citizens to use the virtual currency to pay for newly created services and products. Cities would pay the debt back to Central Investment Bank at 0 interest rates. There would be floating exchange that would enable citizens users to buy this virtual currency from other citizens service and product providers that would be selling for L$. I have presented 2 possible ways of virtual currency implementation. I believe that both have certain pros and cons. It is yet to be further studied which one would be more efficient and effective for achieving fast growth of virtual cities and adoption by their citizens. Full text is copyrighted (you can't post or article on your blog and claim it as your own. That's plagiarism and a copyright violation.) Use of full text is not allowed without permission of original author Wili Clip originally posted on goldtokens.net.