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  1. I am by no means pretending that I am just someone who happened to find them and like them (If I was doing that then I'd create an alt avatar and post under it - but I am not into that kind of things). Anyone who clicks on my profile can see. I don't know why misunderstanding? The op asked if there are any breedables that are still popular / alive. All breedables that are mentioned by commenters in this posts are someones favorites for different reasons. Every breeder benefits from new players who might buy their pets so everyone here is endorsing the breedables that they participate in.
  2. With Snuffles you can go to different Snuffles breeders lands and click on Sunflower Farms to water them for a L$ reward (they appear on this list when they need to be watered: Sunflower Watering Sites). Sunflower farms are used by Snuffles breeders to grow the seeds that Snuffles eat.
  3. Sure and I agree. I have a very close friend in SL who supports 7 seas. I've seen many of fishing places that have my fishing system that they also have 7 seas.
  4. The DMCA was appropriate. At this time I am not interested to pursue it. The copy games through the years failed to grow because it is so obvious to everyone which game is the original and which is copy. Many copies through time died out on their own as most people prefer to support the original. Plus none of the copy game creator is investing so much into their business as I am because they're copies and it doesn't make sense to put time, money into something that is never going to grow and directly copying someone is also morally wrong. And now as I am in public eyes and known it i
  5. I don't think that LL is interested in recreating what already exists. It is not easy to create a successful game that many people would find fun playing. I am a game creator myself and it took me years of learning about different things from psychology of human behavior, sociology, economics, product ergonomics... What LL could do is create more scripting functions and tools for programmers in Second Life to be able to make games and products faster. What company Roblox so successfully did that even kids can create. To give more tools to promote creativity is a very successful model
  6. Trust me that I am a real person behind my avatar and my business is real and I have the tools and resources to enforce the protection of my legal rights and protect the reputation of my business.
  7. It's a general statement, not specifically addressed to one game. Yes in a forum topic: How much your earning in fish hunt? We are all adults here. I understand if someone doesn't like me but there is a fine line between not liking me and actually starting to do real damage to a business. I have worked really hard for 10 years to grow my business. I am going to protect the reputation of it and even if I have to take someone to court to prevent people from defaming my business. This is not a joke.
  8. According to your logic SiennaKeti... the problem with Second Life products (skins, hair, shapes and all avatar accessories and other virtual goods) and everything in Second Life is that people have to pay for them... OK. Right. None of my games contain any investments at all. Customers pay L$ for the product and they receive an end product. No one is ever forced into buying anything. I have no idea what you're talking and mentioning regarding pyramid schemes you are defaming products brands (mind I warn you that this is illegal and I can trigger a lawsuit against you for spreading lies a
  9. I like to build and grow big things. I am an entrepreneur in SL and I don't have any Napoleon complex 🙃 As an entrepreneur I look for things for which there is a demand for and I build them. I create game systems in Second Life. I've been doing that for 10 years now and this has become my profession and I became specialized for virtual world Second Life. 🙂 And the results of my work is over 500 000 registered players. 10s of thousands of monthly active players. Vibrant community and a SL group with 44 000+ members 1000s of farmers in Second Life. Around 500 000 USD earned and cash
  10. People who know me for a longer time - like me and know I am dependable and that they can trust me. Its just the 1st impression that people get of me when they 1st meet me that is problematic 😁 Because I myself don't put any effort in trying to make a good 1st impression on anyone. I am just me. Always the same and I like being like that. Maybe it is my forum avatar picture! \O.. O/ Yea the king frog looks very fishy! 😁
  11. There are some people that clearly don't know me and don't like me because the way I express myself is a bit different than what most people expect or are used to - that doesn't make me a bad guy. But that is not my problem. Most people that form and express an opinion about our game systems haven't even tried them themselves. So the information that they post and spread is not true. How can you talk about something that you don't have a direct experience with? If you would have tried my game systems you would quickly see that they're not even used by store owners and no one uses it fo
  12. When they can not find time or resources to implement latest communication technology that other social media platforms use I don't see LL changing or duplicating their whole infrastructure to implement something that just makes things more complex and harder to understand for average consumer.
  13. The only way to do that is to give/reward new players L$ directly or give them fun ways for them to earn it. Which my game system successfully do for already 10 years and we became the biggest and most supported community in SL with +44 000 members in our main group for that exact reason. Our games benefit SL and players user retention. More people stay in SL and more people spend their L$ for virtual products. When people can do fun and social activities in SL to earn L$ to spend them for whatever they want why would they be doing that for something else that they get and that severely l
  14. It would not work. Because why would anyone want GEMS when they have L$ while with GEMS they can not do anything. If it has no value no one would use it. And if she wanted to make it exchangeable for L$ - that is not allowed by LL. And also what RunawayBunny said. GEMS don't make sense. I only mentioned Coffee's post because she was talking about rewarding people for visiting the parcel, events or playing a game which is the same thing that happen when players are rewarded L$ for those things that she is so opposed to. Its contradictory sorry to say. And this is not dirt at all its ju
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