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  1. Is LL planning on replacing all existing Linden Homes with the new ones? Or we have to signup for the new ones?
  2. Never heard of VRChat until you mentioned and just spent an hour there without VR goggles. It's pretty awesome. Thanks Cristiano!
  3. SL is the 2nd result when Google "virtual world", 1st is wikipedia on virtual world. I think that's why LL doesn't do much if any marketing for SL. SL is more like a 3D chatrooms than what most people think of virtual worlds. Almost all of communication are text based, people rarely use voice in local channel; which isn't a bad thing in some scenarios. But it's an odd "VR" experience for new comers when they find themselves in a popular sim where everyone just stands still because of lags and it's dead silence except for stream music. The topic of rebranding SL has been brought up many times, it's a no go for LL.
  4. Blender can do everything from 3D modeling, rigging, video editing and the list goes on and on, which why it's very difficult to learn; especially for people without formal training in arts/designs. The fundamentals of 3D modeling (specially polygonal modeling) are the same in every 3D modeling programs, extrusion, loft and sweep...etc. Each program executes the process slightly different from one and other. Each one also has a tone of additional tools for making complex models easier, thus learning curve is way steeper than 2D program like Photoshop. I think LL can do what Autodesk is doing with Maya LT , a simplified 3D modeling program that focuses on game content creations. But use Blender's opensource code and UI instead, keep it simple by providing just enough tools to learn the fundamentals of creating contents for game standard formats. And makes it super easy to test the creations in SL via direct upload and fee-free trial period. Use the same UI as Blender, it'll make transition to Blender seamlessly when they outgrown the simplified program. If it's done right, it can be the go-to program for learning 3D modeling and a training-wheel for Blender which is a fast growing community. It's a good way to market SL as a sandbox. One key advantage SL has over other sandbox like Unity and Unreal, is there's a vest world with active population outside of sandbox where one can socialize with others and see how their creations are being used. On the flip side, other sandboxes don't have the lag issues as SL's aging engine has. For any physic based creations, the lag is a deal breaker.
  5. Sounds like a good plan, any volunteers?
  6. Every SL competition big or small have came and went since 2004, naturally LL is pretty comfortable taking its time to improve SL while developing other projects. Sad to say that all LL's side projects have failed without exception, hopefully Sansar will be an exception. It's great LL is adding modern game features to SL while pushing the limits of its 2004 game engine. The aging game engine is the elephant in the room. I think LL tries to address it with Sansar, but kind of left SL residents behind. It's a tough situation for LL, how do you modernize an aging engine without breaking SL...
  7. The purpose of this post is to throw some ideas to LL and hopefully some would stick. There are no good or bad ideas, they are just ideas. Honestly what we think of each other's ideas really don't matter unless you're a Linden. That being said, it's great to bounce ideas of each others and provide insights to virtual world related information. For the drama seekers, please get your fix elsewhere.
  8. That has been the ways of LL doing things, but they do deliver eventually (most of it); just not in a timely fashion. LL may not have the internal human resources to add it to their plates. But LL has fundings, they could fund some Blender.org folks to carry out the project. I'm talking about a super simple 3D modeling program that goes a bit beyond in-world prims, has just enough functions to get people to understand the fundamentals of making 3D objects for game engine like SL. Anyways, just throwing ideas out there, hopefully LL is listening.
  9. Every generation has its own slackers population and they will drop out in natural selection process. SL needs to get a lot of new people to try it and let natural selection takes it course. It's also important to present a clear idea what one can do in SL and provide comprehensive helps for the chosen path through video tutorials and mentors...etc. They are tones of tutorials made by SL residents. But one will never find them if one doesn't know what to look for. In-world prims and editing tools system are very limited and dated. Blender on the other hand is intimidating as hell due to its Swiss army knife nature. There's a great opportunity for LL to create a super simple 3D modeling program based on Blender's code and have direct upload to SL and Sansar, plus export standard 3D formats. Like what Sketchup was before Google bought it, Zbrush is doing that with its free simplified version called Sculptris. The purpose is to get their feet wet while learning the industry standard 3D modeling principles and use SL as a sandbox. If it's done right, it could become the gateway program for getting into 3D creations.
  10. Happy holidays people!! Go easy on the eggnog (just throw up a little in my mouth thinking about it) Didn't LL used to send out weekly newsletters via email? I agree with the notion that many residents know more about SL than some of LL employees (Torley Linden been the exception). A simple solution is have LL hire residents who are passionate about what they do in SL. Running the newsletter, being mentors or ambassadors...etc. The cost of hiring contractors would be a small pocket change compare to what LL is burning outside of SL, coughsansar. BTW, there seems to be more drama addicts here than I remember. Did SL universe closed or something?
  11. There are some great ideas here. Does LL read the forums at all?
  12. I believe there's a threshold point, once daily concurrency falls below it. The decline will accelerate exponentially until it bottoms out, if it doesn't bottom through it. It is my hope to get the conversation started and try out different approaches before we hit the threshold point.
  13. I've not been actively participating in SL for some times. Each time I come back from months long break, I notice the world feels a little more emptier. SL has been steady, steadily declining as its own chart shows. Anyways, I have no stake in the game. Just hate to see it goes. Hello Blush, it has been ages. I'm glad to hear you're keeping yourself busy. It's a good news that text based VR still appeal to some of young generations. Consider almost the entire generation practically lives in social medias that have popped up the last few years.
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