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  1. It does says something about this platform when over 75% of its top 100 selling items are sex related. MP top sellers didn't have this much sex items before LL decided to joined rest of 3D world by using collada. Back then a jr was a cylinder with two spheres and some texture made from etcher sketcher. Now jr comes in all shapes and colors, some even talk. Not to mention the endless interactive lady parts. There's nothing wrong for SL becoming more of an adult playground, it's just an observation of current trend.
  2. It has been 13 years since I joined SL. One coolest aspect about SL is that everything is built by users. During its high in 2007, it was anything goes; a wild wild VR frontier. Users and corporations were creating all sorts of stuff, including adult contents. Sex has always been a driving force in technology, SL is no exception. As graphic fidelity improves over the decade, SL seems slowly turning into a VR sex game. I just took a look at MP top 96 selling items, 75% of them are adult contents of some forms. While diverse content creation is still here, it's a lot less than what it was during its peak around 2007. Will SL becoming an adult only vr world as graphic fidelity continues its march to photo-realism?
  3. As a man, I'm deeply offended by that remark. But is it a *****ty bottle though? Joke aside, digitizes anyone in real life into sex dolls without permissions and passes them around is no different than posting revenge porn, it should be illegal. All it takes is one nutjob to realizes there's a real person out there who looks exactly like his/her vr sex doll, things will not end will for that person.
  4. This article popped up while googling Second Life and Sansar https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/j5yzpk/they-cant-stop-us-people-are-having-sex-with-3d-avatars-of-their-exes-and-celebrities Interesting in a f'd up way...then again who am I to judge. Whatever floats their boats, I guess.
  5. Guilty as charged. All for "research" purpose.
  6. It must be, I didn't know there is one inworld.
  7. Shouldn't there be a rating control for Upcoming Events list on your dashboard web page? lol
  8. Oculus Quest is not an Android platform only device. It's capable of using PC power to run graphic intensive VR games via Oculus Link which essentially turn Quest into a Rift . So in theory, one could run Sansar with it. Don't quote me on it, ask LL. It's pretty amazing and ingenues how they make Oculus Link to work. All signs are pointing that Quest is the 2nd gen VR headset and Rift probably will be discontinued soon. Other VR Headsets makers will follow the Quest lead, if they're willing to pay for the patent loyalty. Personally, I'm waiting for them to resolve the screendoor issue.
  9. VR headset technology is still in the infancy stage. Current VR headsets are good enough to get a feel of its potentials, but not good enough for the mass. FB is in it for the long game, it has invested millions in R&D. This is probably the most interest thing came out of Oculus 6 conference, https://youtu.be/ybhYJ87U2Gs?t=597 SL is a VR world from the 90s online text chatrooms. Yes, you can look around SL with a VR headset, that's about it. You can hardly communicate with anyone, because most of SL users still use text message as means to communicate. You can't just pick up objects with your hands in SL neither. LL has done a great job bringing modern look to SL, but it's really one big 3D chatroom rather than a true VR world in today's standards. I think Sansar was created to address that, give users an immersed VR experience. Users in newer VR worlds like VRchat use mostly voice and actual hand gestures. It's probably a generation thing. What's the average age of SLers? 40s? Pretty soon AARP will start advertise in SL. 🤣
  10. I had the same reaction as yours about Wii's toony style when it first came out. It's not for me personally, but Wii has approved that toony style isn't that important as long as it delivers an immersed experience. The Toony style is probably optimized for Oculus Quest, a all-in-one VR headset that doesn't need a computer. One of the biggest challenges for all VR worlds is the high-end gaming hardware requirement that is out of budget for most of households. Oculus Quest is a game changer, capable of deliver VR experience without investing in new expensive hardware. It's currently priced at $400, Horizon could take off next year if the price drops to below $300. We shall see. There was an article a couple years ago about all the tech giants are betting on VR/AR platforms. Google has invested heavily in Magic Leap, it's just matter of time before some kinda G World be introduced to all the G accounts.
  11. https://techcrunch.com/2019/09/25/facebook-horizon/ It sounds interesting, but it's limited to Oculus platform only. While it looks great on computer monitors, the Oculus screendoor effect is a joy kill. I don't think LL has to worry about it...for now. Google is cooking its own VR platform, every VR company should be worry about that.
  12. Is LL planning on replacing all existing Linden Homes with the new ones? Or we have to signup for the new ones?
  13. Never heard of VRChat until you mentioned and just spent an hour there without VR goggles. It's pretty awesome. Thanks Cristiano!
  14. SL is the 2nd result when Google "virtual world", 1st is wikipedia on virtual world. I think that's why LL doesn't do much if any marketing for SL. SL is more like a 3D chatrooms than what most people think of virtual worlds. Almost all of communication are text based, people rarely use voice in local channel; which isn't a bad thing in some scenarios. But it's an odd "VR" experience for new comers when they find themselves in a popular sim where everyone just stands still because of lags and it's dead silence except for stream music. The topic of rebranding SL has been brought up many times, it's a no go for LL.
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