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  1. Soooo you do all understand that if someone wants to rip textures? they can just do it with openGL tool right? Nothing you can do INSIDE LL will protect your meshes or your textures or anything. at all ever "NO mod".....nothing. The second it hits any computers cash, the second it hits your graphics card it is at risk of being taken BY ANYONE that wants it. period full stop. just my 2 cents
  2. id second the question do you take mesh clothing requests? I have an idea for an entire line of sci-fi clothing needed. But i also have a small collar project and mini game id like to make for my kitsune. I have made the collar as much as i could from parts i have been able to gather up, but the main part inside is still prim :(* and i have little skill in scripting a minigame
  3. Total of 5120M2 for sale for 5120L! Contact me ASAP! otharious in world or here on this thread!
  4. Total of 5120M2 for sale for 5120L!!! Going fast! wont be here long! Contact me asap!
  5. Update! I got 5120m2 to sell before the 21st If you are looking for some land to own please let me know! And we can figure out some prices together. I can slice this up into parts to sell. You dont have to buy all of it
  6. mostly i get "How old are you" "were you from" "are you married" le sigh
  7. I have 2 Parcels in 1024m2 being sold for 5k each. I have more for sale to but i can reconfigured my land in a 2048m2 shape and sell it to you for 10k Just let me know and I can get things arranged
  8. Id like to add that. the exuess *ohh I may look like child but I am 10000 years old!! so its not child* or *I am not child I am an alien!* but look like in human eyes (AND THATS what matters to the TOS in my opinion and that is the subject of my Question i seek to be answered.) Am i wrong?
  9. *Gray child like avatar in Brown clothing highlighted in red is the target of my question* the other red box shows a owner of the club doing NOTHING to remove this. Owners of the sim Claim this is an *alien* not a child avatar. Apparently this is what they said in local chat to me and my friend. Now I know that LL cant control how Sim owners Ban people as an owner has full power to ban anyone that wish. Thats fine. I already did file a Complaint to LL about this. Obviously LL will not share what they do about this that's fine too. I understand this. Am just rathe
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