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  1. And you said that you weren't a scripter! This is how we all begin. A small challenge pokes us into trying something, and it works. I should warn you ... once the bug bites, there's no turning back. Scripting is like doing crossword puzzles or whatever your favorite puzzle is. It's addictive, and very rewarding. Keep at it. As you get stuck on whatever you are working on, feel free to bring it here to share. This forum is a place for scripters to share insights and to commiserate about things that aren't quite working right yet.
  2. A system like that comes with a well-written set of instructions for doing all sorts of magic. If you follow instructions, it's not hard at all. If you are setting up a handful of vendors in a single shop, a system like that may be more fancy (and more expensive) than you need. If that's the case, if I were you, I would look instead for a smaller system that cannot make refunds.
  3. Yes, I agree. If you were a scripter, you could do just that. This particular script is a very simple, bare bones script that could be modified in lots of ways, including managing several doors. So, you have a choice. You could either figure out how to change it yourself -- not a terribly difficult job -- or you could hire a scripter to do it for you. Or, you could just go ahead and use two separate copies of this script, one in each door. Frankly, the small inefficiency of using two scripts is almost negligible, and that's by far the easiest option you have. If you were scripting an entire house full of doors, I'd think abut the modification.
  4. You are very wise to be cautious about using any script that displays that warning. It is produced automatically on any script that needs your permission to take money from you. In this case, I suspect that you are setting up a vendor that is intended to be able to refund money to the purchaser if there has been some mistake. The vendor will not be able to make the refund without your permission. So, as part of the setup process, it is asking you for permission. If you are using one of the common vendor systems, like CasparVend, it's a normal part of the process. That should have been explained in the instructions that came with the system. However .... If you are not using one of the major vendor scripts, I would be cautious, especially if you will not need to give any buyer a refund. Not all scripters are careful about making their scripts secure and error free. An error in a script that wants to take your L$ can be expensive. Therefore, I would recommend either using one of the big commercial systems that have a good reputation for reliability, or using a vendor that does not need to offer refunds and will therefore never need to have your permission.
  5. A second independent door? Just name the second door something else. Notice the comment line in the script that says // All prims in the door must be named "DOOR", and none can be the root prim of the linkset Well, in your second door, name all prims something like "door" instead of "DOOR", and be sure to change the two places in the script that look for the name of the door that you touched.
  6. Yes, you could easily modify it or any sliding door script to talk to a companion.
  7. There are no puppies in the Flattened Fauna book. Honest. Just good ol' raccoons, possums, snakes, and -- well, yeah -- bunnies. What kind of grandparent do you take me for?
  8. Oh, that is lovely. Yes, the 6-year-old will be particularly fascinated. I'll pass it along. 😜
  9. Not that I am aware. I think it's in the server code now. I alternate between the LL EEP viewer and Firestorm myself, and haven't had any trouble since I reset it. None of my tenants have said anything either. I suspect that many of them are on Firestorm. I wonder why it's a problem on your region? Have you tried restarting the region?
  10. I thought as much. I think my son walked off with mine. It was quite dogeared, but I'm sure he is getting good use out of it. He has two curious daughters, after all.
  11. I suspect that you are already aware of the classic text in this field, which has been around since 1987.
  12. Ooo! I must have misspelled it. Yup, you're right. Of course, that whole site hasn't been updated for much of the past decade, so there's no telling how many are still with us, but at least we know now that there really were lots of Zehetbauers once. Thanks, Rhonda.
  13. I had that problem on my own region a month or so ago and solved it by running the Linden Lab EEP viewer and setting the Windlight with it. I haven't had a problem since.
  14. And you are not likely to, unless someone sets it as a Display name. If you look at https://slnamewatch.com/ to see the history of legacy names, you will not find a single Zehetbauer among them. You are unique!
  15. The proud Loon family was once very large -- over 45,000 members when I joined -- but has become smaller over time. I continue to meet long lost cousins even now, though not as often as I once did. I met one earlier this week, in fact. [ SIlent wave to Khookie Loon. ] Except for a handful of showoffs like me, Loons are a quiet, industrious lot. Many of us have become recognized creators -- builders and scripters mostly -- and I have met a couple of performance artists. Although we Loons wave silently at a distance, we have never tried to do a reunion (or maybe the others just didn't invite me). We aren't a big party crowd.
  16. That's what the grid pattern on the UV maps is good for. Load a map as a texture and apply it to your av and a local texture to see what it looks like. Then use the same map as a layer in Photoshop and do your designing on a partially transparent layer above it.
  17. See http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Limits Search > Classifieds thumbnail - ~3:2 (101×69 pixels) Search > Classifieds expanded - ~4:3 (159×120 pixels) Search > Classifieds expanded > More Info - native aspect ratio Search > Destination Guide thumbnail - ~3:2 (101×69 pixels) Search > Destination Guide expanded - ~4:3 (159×120 pixels) Search > People - 1:1 (100×100 pixels) Search > Places expanded ~4:3 (159×120 pixels) Place Profile - ~3:2 (290×197 pixels) About Land > Options tab - ~4:3 (195×150 pixels) Profile > Picture - native aspect ratio; thumbnail cropped to 72×72 pixels; zoomed uncropped up to 300×300 pixels Profile > Real world picture - native aspect ratio; thumbnail cropped to 45×45 pixels; zoomed uncropped up to 300×300 pixels Profile > Picks thumbnail - 4:3 (60×45 pixels) Profile > Pick expanded - 4:3 (320×240 pixels)
  18. Separate the task into two parts: (1) Split the total in four parts >> integer sub_part = total / 4 . (2) Give each person a part, if that person is in the region: integer i; while (i < 4) { if ( llGetAgentSize(llList2Key(list_of_avatars,i) ) { llTransferLindenDollars( llList2Key(list_of_avatars,i), sub_part ); } ++i; } assuming that you have put the avatar keys into a global list, list_of_avatars. Then you have to figure out what to do with any remaining parts. I'd suggest splitting them and sending them to the avatars who are in the region, but you could save them for the next time you have cash to split, or you could keep them yourself. Same with any amount that's left over if the total amount of cash isn't evenly divisible by 4. Edit: Oh, I forgot the bit about "too far from the tip jar". Use the result of llGetObjectDetails ( llList2Key(list_of_avatars,i),[OBJECT_POS]) and llVecDist to write a test to see whether the avatar is close enough, once you have decided what "close enough" means.
  19. You should be able to write vector new_size = old_size * 0.1; That's an allowable operation. You also have the function llScaleByFactor, if you want to rescale an entire linkset.
  20. Take a look at http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/User:Rolig_Loon/Local_Textures and pay particular attention to the last few lines.
  21. @Leora Jacobus suggested yesterday that I ought to explore more along the coast of Pickle Island. It was a great idea. I already knew quite a bit about the regions near Picards Wharf, because that's where the big mermaid grotto is, but I had only made a short trip farther north. So, I packed an anchovy sandwich and headed for Myopia Falls, just across the sound from the north coast of Pickle Island. (By the way, isn't Myopia Falls a great name? 😄 I really need to spend time there too.) Even from a distance, I can see that the north coast of Pickle Island is rockier than the coast at Myopia Falls. It looks much more rugged. The channel in this part of the sound is not wide at all, but it's nice and deep. I headed off, eager to see what's on the other side ... Well, rocks. And a little green fish. When I surfaced to take a look around, I was truly impressed. See how the homes are all set close to the shore and high enough to get a panoramic view. These are upscale homes, for sure. This is a beautiful shoreline! Look at the size of those rocks, and all the trees! I like the gnarly ones like this ... is it a cypress? (I'm not good at tree identification. Mermaids don't see many trees close up.) Here's the view back from Pantelleria toward the sandy beaches of Myopia Falls. I can just imagine some happy Bellisserian neighborhood picnic in this little park, people sunning themselves under the date palms, fishing off of the rocks, watching sailboats go by .... It's not all rocky here, though. There are some lovely beaches along the shore toward Alala. Speaking of sunning .... mermaids don't usually go in for sunbathing (bad for the skin) but I had to try this spot out. It's relaxing in its own way, I guess, as long as you don't spend too much time out of the water. I can see how land dwellers could get used to this. Here's another view, just slightly farther along. The beach is wide and gentle. This would be a fine place to launch a one-person sailboat or a paddleboard. Just across the channel, there's a narrow barrier island and a string of houseboat slips, with more of those lovely gnarly trees. I didn't see any local homeowners outside as I stopped by for a look, but I bet this little beach is popular on weekends. I only traveled as far as Cadhaire this time. There were just too many things to see, and I was getting hungry. I seemed to have lost that anchovy sandwich somewhere. That's one of the drawbacks of having no pockets. Anyway, thank you, @Leora Jacobus, for having piqued my curiosity. I will be back to travel farther along, especially as the moles open up more of the northeast coast. Pickle Island has some beautiful coastline.
  22. We can't correct anything. This is a resident-to-resident forum. None of us are Lindens and none of us have the power to peek into your account. If you are running a negative balance, it's because to have agreed to pay for something (perhaps a group fee?) and have not been keeping up with payments. Take a good luck at the Account >>> Transaction History on your dashboard at secondlife.com to see who you have been sending L$ to regularly. Once you have figured that out, consider keeping more than L$17 (about 7 cents) in your account.
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