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  1. Save me! I'm laughing ecstatically. GUFAW
  2. Just WOW! I wandered in here a little while ago to see what could possibly make a thread that started four hours ago rack up 150 posts. I've had a few friends flirt with Bloodlines over the past 13 years, but I've ignored it myself. It has always looked to me like sort of a silly game. The OP's ramblings this morning haven't done much to change my mind. I have to agree with Solar. The OP's certainly not helping to improve the Bloodlines image. The First Law of Holes: "Don't step into one." The Second Law Of Holes: "If you find yourself in one, stop digging." The Third Law Of Holes: "If you really must keep digging, don't throw the dirt into the wind."
  3. That's OK. You are always welcome if you change your mind. 🐠
  4. Same in the standard SL viewer: Build >>> Upload >>> Image. Each image will cost you L$10 to upload.
  5. Surely I can't be the only person who browsed through the posts and thought that a lot of the older avs looked much better than the new ones. Am I?
  6. Or go deluxe and invest in a mermaid tail and HUD. Be one with the fishes.
  7. To clarify, Linden Lab changed wording a few years ago, but old-time members still tend to use the term "mute" instead of the newer term "block". They mean the same thing. Quite separate from blocking someone in world, you can also choose to "ignore" someone here in the forums by going to one of her posts, right-clicking on it, and selecting "Ignore User." Doing that has no effect in world, just as blocking someone in world has no effect in the forums. They are separate functions.
  8. Muting is blocking. That's how you do it. Read
  9. If you have actually blocked someone, you shouldn't be receiving any local chat or IMs from the person. So, either you didn't actually block people when you thought you had, or you have unblocked them. If you IM with, Pay L$ to, or give inventory to someone you muted, that person is automatically unblocked, so it's possible that you did one of those things. You should be able to tell whether a person is actually blocked by checking your Blocked list (Communicate >>> Blocked List in the standard viewer).
  10. The same way that you always buy L$. On your dashboard, open Linden Exchange >>> Buy L$. Then place an order. Please use the Market Rate, not the Best Buy rate. You will only get confused if you try the Best Buy rate.
  11. No, if you want L$ you will have to buy them. The $ that you have in your USD balance will be applied to your L$ purchase. You will of course pay the transaction fee.
  12. This is a resident-to-resident forum. We are all SL residents like you. None of us can look into your account. You should be very glad to know that. Lindens rarely come here (except to close a thread that has gone off the deep end), and they will never discuss an individual account here. If you have an account question, submit a support case.
  13. Exactly what I suggested. Open your dashboard, select Account >> Account Summary and look at your US$ Tilia Account Summary.
  14. Because that's not the way it works. When you Process Credit, you are sending USD to your PayPal account. If you cancel the transaction, all you are doing is keeping the USD in your USD balance. You are not buying L$ with it. Check your USD balance. It should be right where it was before.
  15. In other words, "put a sock in it." 🤐
  16. I doubt it. That would be one heck of a powerful griefing tool if it were readily available. If you are using the Firestorm viewer and if you are an Estate Manager, you can open its Radar view, select a person and then choose the FREEZE option to immobilize that person. That's a viewer function, meant to defend against griefers, not something you can do with LSL. It's also something you should be very cautious about using (or abusing).
  17. THAT was a great series! I watched it a couple of years ago and enjoyed every episode. 😎
  18. Alwin is a little too brusque at times. He can't answer, and nobody else can either. All shops in SL are owned by SL residents. They come and go whenever residents join or leave SL, and when they change their minds about selling things. A shop could disappear because the owner closed his account or left SL. Who knows? The Answers section of the forums is for asking about how SL works (or why it doesn't seem to). We can;t answer questions about individual SL members or their likes or behavior, and we can only guess about why Lindens do things. We are all residents here, just like you.
  19. Hmmm.... I have never thought of mermaids as weird, creepy, or supernatural. Special, maybe ...
  20. I stopped eating most fast food years ago, except for Wendy's salads, but I stopped KFC ages before that. Back in the 80s maybe. It's way too greasy and salty.
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