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  1. Rumpole would have been good. If you'd been really lucky, you might have bagged a Victorian on the Rumpole Abbey region in Bellisseria too. That would have been a coup. Personally, I might have been drawn to Gregson or Travers, so that I could masquerade as one of Bertie Wooster's foreboding aunts. I see myself as Aunt Dahlia in my fanciful moments, at least for her "good eggishness" qualities. In fact, though, I still have no desire to give up the perfect name I've had for 13 years. 😉
  2. This calls for a philosophical affirmation ....
  3. Well, no. They asked residents to submit names, in a contest held between mid-December and late January. The names on the list were the winners. I'm guessing that you didn't submit one of them.
  4. From where? From the USD balance in your account. When you place an order with the Limit Buy option, the LindeX immediately charges your payment method for the amount of the potential purchase. That amount is placed in escrow, waiting for the order to fill. If you cancel the order, the amount simply goes into your USD balance. It's available if you want to place another LindeX order later, or if you need it to pay for another obligation like your monthly land use fees. In fact, some people use that as a sneaky way to "pay" for their land use fees early. They place a Limit Buy order at a ridiculously high rate ( like L$1000/USD$1.00 ) that will never be filled in a million years. Then they cancel the order to force the escrow amount to remain as USD in their account, ready for when Linden Lab asks for the month's land fees, maybe a week or two later.
  5. Rolig Loon

    Bellisseria Home

    @Arhan Here's what's behind what Syo and Seeno are saying ..... The Bellisseria homes have been in high demand since they were first launched a year ago. The moles in LDPW have been building and deploying them as fast as they can, barely staying even with growing demand. By this past spring, they were able to release homes at the rate of several regions a week and a completely new theme every few months. For the past month, their efforts have been refocused on the SL Birthday celebration, so building in Bellisseria has slowed temporarily. That means that the number of available homes has dropped off for a while. When one appears, it's because a current resident has decided to move. Until the moles are back to their earlier pace of construction, those recycled homes will have to do. Watch the Linden Homes signup page frequently, because when a home becomes available, it doesn't stay there for long. Don't give up hope. Those homes are worth waiting for, and a new theme (previewed at the SLB celebration) is due to be released reasonably soon.
  6. Take a look at the one in the wiki's Script library at http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Online_Indicator . If that doesn't work for you, try posting in the Wanted forum.
  7. Better? No, just different. Your question can be interpreted in at least two ways: (1) "Better at doing what?" and (2) "Better for whom?". Firestorm has some fancy tools that the standard SL viewer does not. That's the case with each of the third party viewers. People who like the extras for building, for example, find those features very handy. If you don't use them, they can just add complexity for no real advantage. Many people I know -- myself included -- have both viewers installed and use them for different purposes, or for troubleshooting. Personally, I tend to use Firestorm only on my recreational time in world. Otherwise, I use the standard viewer, which always has access to up-to-date improvements to core functions that other viewers adopt later. You'll have to decide what's "better" for you. Unless it's a new, undocumented feature, the standard viewer doesn't offer a green X that I am aware of either. And no one can be "out of range" and still show up on the minimap. Your viewer doesn't need to detect anyone. If you are logged in to SL, the servers always know exactly where you are, and that information is transmitted to everyone who is within the area shown on her minimap.
  8. Not that I am aware of. However, if you like Pokemon-style things you can always play in the Linden Lab game Tyrah and the Curse of the Magical Glytches, in which you search around the SL grid for Pokemon-type creatures to capture. You can win Fabulous Prizes™ if you catch enough of them, and you can be whapped by all sorts of perils if you annoy them. Visit the Apothecary in Hartyshire to get started.
  9. From the fine support team at Firestorm: --------------------------------------- The mini map contains color coded symbols, as follows: Yellow dot in the center: That's you! Cone of light: This comes from the yellow dot; it shows which direction you're facing and your field of vision. Yellow dots: Yellow dots represent nearby friends. Grey dots: Grey dots represents residents that you have blocked/muted. Blue dots: Blue dots represents Linden residents. Green dots: Green dots represent other Residents of Second Life NOTE: the colors of these dots may be changed in Preferences → Colors -> Minimap. Avatar dots change shape depending on their height relative to yours: Round dot: An avatar at about the same height as your camera viewpoint; for example, if you're standing next to them. ^ - An avatar above your camera position. They may be flying, or in a very high building. v - An avatar below your camera position. This may also show if the avatar is over 1,000m. ǂ - Height over 1020m and that does not have a viewer object representation, usually meaning out of draw distance. Dark gray blocks: These are objects owned by others. Cyan blocks: These are objects you own in the area. Fuchsia blocks: These are objects deeded to (owned by) a group you're in. Pale Orange blocks: Scripted objects. Dark orange: Temp on rez objects. Red blocks: Physical objects. Tiled dark blue: These are areas beyond your vision. You can see them by moving closer, or increase your draw distance in the Graphics tab of the Preferences window. Red areas: The Mini-Map turns red if the Region is offline or your viewer has lost its connection. ------------------------------------ Notice that there is no green X. However, if you are in a fairly busy area where there are avatars above and below you, it's not unusual to see a v and a ^ on top of each other so that they look very much like an X.
  10. Yeah, I didn't say there was a lot of hope. There's an odd chance that the creator might say, "Oh, all you have to do is push the blue button," but many creators won't be eager to deal with anyone but the person who bought the skybox. It can't hurt to ask.
  11. Unless you are very lucky (or the scripter who made your stage was either lazy or clumsy) it will be extremely diffficult to figure out what channel it might accept a command on, if it is even scripted to accept a chat command at all. Its script is probably not modifiable, so you can't peek into it to either identify the channel or change it.
  12. You'll get a lot of wild guesses, but I would be surprised if anyone here knows the right answer. There are many ways to script a skybox, and many ways for any of them to do something unpredictable. I suppose you have already tried selecting those unwanted items and either deleting or returning them. That probably wouldn't break the skybox. If that doesn't work, all I can suggest is to contact the creator who made the skybox or the furniture and ask.
  13. IIRC, Linden Lab stopped publishing demographic statistics in about 2008. Up till then, you could find out the distribution of ages, gender, and nationalities in SL easily. I have no idea why they were discontinued, although I'm sure there are conspiracy theorists who could tell you. My guess is that those data were self-reported. In the days before they started simply asking whether you are over 18, Linden Lab used to ask you to enter your birthdate when you joined, for example. From my own dim memory, I recall that the average age at that time was just slightly south of 40. It wouldn't surprise me to find that it still is. Most of the people I know personally in SL are well above 40 -- yes, a self-selected population, but it's the only current statistic I can offer -- and a very high number have been in SL for a long time.
  14. Rolig Loon

    Land Objects

    It looks like you have a temp-rezzer on the parcel, creating objects that last a brief time, are destroyed (or self-destruct) a short time later, and are then rezzed again, repeatedly. Many region owners forbid those because they add to server load and can be used to give a parcel owner a slight L.I. bonus at the expense of other parcels on the region. Yours might not (or you might be the region owner, I suppose). A temp rezzer could be used for all sorts of things that have to keep creating new objects ( think of machines that serve tennis balls, maybe ). The object might not necessarily be a temp-rezzer (in the sense that it regenerates object continuously), but could still rezz new objects when you trigger them manually or with a timer (think of vendors that produce demo objects in a display or a dining table that rezzes a meal when you sit down). If you or a visitor have been using weapons that fire physical bullets, those will add to your L.I. until they self-destruct seconds later.
  15. I buy things when I need them, usually for something I am working on, and then I get really picky about quality. On a very rare occasion I will go out shopping for something specific like shoes and come back with a dress that caught my eye, but that's pretty rare. I'm not an impulse buyer.
  16. You can choose any body you like for your avatar and can change it as often as you like. Be a tall blonde one day, a dragon the next, a robot or an alien the next, and a child avi the fourth day. Your account doesn't care which body you wear. You can read all of the rules about child avatars here >>> http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Clarification_of_policy_disallowing_ageplay . You will notice that it says nothing at all about partnering. It also says nothing at all about the rules that individual landowners can make about whether child avs are welcome. A landowner can always make local conditions that are more stringent than Linden Lab's.
  17. That's quite true. That's why I said that it's not practical to use local storage if you are trying to track traffic stats on a busy parcel. Traffic in your own house is likely to be pretty light, though, so it's a decent idea for that sort of place. Mine own greeter/counter can store stats for something like 1000 visitors before it starts lopping off the oldest ones to make space, so it's not bad for a private home or a quiet area. Because it always checks free memory, it never gets close enough to being so full that it crashes.
  18. Rolig Loon

    Home rating

    L'il is right. Ratings are set at the region level. Private estates can be set to any level, at the discretion of the owner. Mainland regions cannot be.
  19. Rolig Loon

    Linden Home

    Normally, I would say that the smartest thing to do is submit a support case or Contact Live Chat, but it is now late on a Friday. Your chances of getting a response before Monday are slim, and Live Chat isn't even available until then. Unfortunately, any Linden or Mole who might notice your question here won't have a clue where to go either, because you didn't even mention the region. All I can suggest is to try restarting your mailbox (Click and hold on it for at least 5 seconds). If the problem is the mailbox itself, that could fix it. Otherwise, wait till Monday.
  20. At the heart of it, the problem is that many people who are new to SL think of the LindeX as a store or a bank of some kind. They think that they can just walk in, hand LindeX some USD, and walk out with L$. The LindeX does work that way if you are willing to use the Market Buy option, because you are essentially telling the system to buy L$ at whatever the current price is. The LindeX is a currency exchange, though, not a shop or a bank. You are trading USD for L$ with other SL residents. If you use the Limit Buy (Best Buy) option, you are offering to buy L$ at a specific price and asking other residents to sell them to you. If your offer is better than anyone else's, the sale will go through rather quickly. If not, you have to get in line and wait until there's nobody with a better offer ahead of you. Even when your offer is finally reasonable, you still have to wait until residents who made that same offer before you get their L$. So, as Lindal says, your best strategy is to make an offer that is better than the price you would pay with the Market Buy option, but not so low that you'll have to wait until the end of time for it to fill. That's generally a price that is one of the top two in the chart at the bottom of the screen when you have the Buy L$ page open: In this case, L$253/US$1.00 is probably your best bet, although you could get an even faster purchase at L$252/US$1.00. The few orders currently open at that rate will have to fill before yours, but you'll be ahead of the huge crowd wanting to buy at L$254/US$1.00 and still getting your L$ for a much better price than people using the Market Buy rate, which is about L$244/US$1.00.
  21. Unless you are dealing with a high traffic area, so you expect to generate a huge amount of data and need to save it for a long time, you don't truly need to go to great extremes. Systems like the ones you describe or that Wulfie is thinking about are necessary if you are running a club or an in-world shop that gets a lot of business. If you're just interested in finding out how long someone stays in your house, and you don't really care about saving reams of data until you log in to weeks from now, you can probably collect the information you need and put it into the Description field of a prim somewhere -- or IM/e-mail it to yourself periodically. You can modify almost any greeter/counter script to do that. My own counter in the script library is ten years old now but could do the job with a little tweaking. It has the advantage of having a fairly high capacity, as long as you don't care about saving visitor names.
  22. It's very hard to guess which of the "all necessary actions" you have done. When people have this sort of problem, though, it often boils down to one of these issues: 1. You have a PayPal account but PayPal has not verified that it is backed up by a bank account or a credit card account. 2. You are not using an approved credit card. 3. You are trying to use a prepaid card or a debit card (most are not acceptable). 4. Your PayPal account does not have a sufficient balance to cover your purchase. 5. You are trying to buy more L$ than your current limit allows. I suggest reviewing If you still have unanswered questions, call the LL billing office. The billing team is available from 6am to 3pm PST, Monday through Friday. Call toll-free in the US/Canada: 800-294-1067 or 703-286-6277
  23. It's been like that for years. I drop my own quick script into a linkset to determine link/face numbers when I need them. default { touch_start(integer num) { integer iLN = llDetectedLinkNumber(0); llSay(0, "Touched Link " + (string)iLN + "( " + llGetLinkName(iLN) + " ) on face " + (string)llDetectedTouchFace(0)); vector Color = llList2Vector(llGetLinkPrimitiveParams(llDetectedLinkNumber(0),[PRIM_COLOR,llDetectedTouchFace(0)]),0); llSay(0, "Color = " + (string)Color); } }
  24. Right now, it's probably not using any channel at all, since it's not having to listen to some other object or person. If you want to make it respond to a HUD, you'll have to add that capability to both scripts (assuming that you have mod perms for your current script).
  25. Well, then..... I'm out. Hair that long is a tangly pain.
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