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  1. If you plan on submitting an Abuse Report, be sure to include the name of the alleged violator and the time and place where you encountered the behavior. It helps if you have a photo that shows the context, but that's not required. For your own future reference, take a look at the Content Guidelines at https://www.lindenlab.com/legal/content-guidelines to get a feel for where the boundaries of acceptable behavior are.
  2. 1. No. It's poor form and it can get you tossed out of a group or a region, but it's not a TOS violation. 2. Because it's almost certainly not cost effective. Besides, residents are often better at answering each other's questions than a paid staffer would be. After all, we spend more time in world than most Lindens, so we've had to deal with issues personally. Also, we can be more candid about things that might be awkward for an employee to say (like questions about third party viewers). There's certainly an argument for good paid support staff, but the regulars in the forums can han
  3. Take good look at the scripting example in the wiki section that Fenix just mentioned. It's lovely and simple. I've played with it quite a bit recently, as Qie and others have too. The new EEP controls allow us to mess with the length of the day and also offer a much better way to decide when to toggle streetlights on and off. It's all quite fun. Remember, of course, that individual SL residents can always choose to override the shared environment settings -- that is, they can ignore EEP settings and just set their personal view to Midday or whatever.
  4. I probably should have said "spooky" instead of "scary." I've known for a long time that a puzzle that looks nasty and unsolvable before bedtime often looks like child's play in the morning. A little sleep helps to reset the synapses and clear random distracting thoughts away. It still surprises me, though, when I can wake up with a radically different approach to a scripting challenge. It's not about just clearing dust off the path that I was following the night before. It's seeing a new path. If I were writing a novel, I would say that my muse has visited me at night. Scripters don't ha
  5. I'm not sure how you have decided that it's not your Internet connection, but I wish I had a nickel for every resident who has said that. In fact, there's a pretty good chance that it is your connection. Unlike online games that you may have played, most of the guts of SL are in Linden Lab servers, not in the viewer that you have downloaded and installed on your machine. In order to work, your viewer and the servers have to be in near perfect sync all the time. They are trading information about the status of your avatar and the conditions in the world around you 45 times a second. If your c
  6. The only real difference between a skybox and a house on the ground is that a skybox is in the sky. You can put a house anywhere you like. Keep in mind, though, that: 1. There may be covenant restrictions that govern what a house on your region should look like. Ask your landlord or region owner if you don't know. 2. A skybox often has special features (or lacks special features, like a front door) that will be out of place on the ground. 3. Many skyboxes are not designed to be viewed from outside, so they are pretty minimalist (or downright butt-ugly). Be kind to your neighb
  7. I do some of my best scripting in my sleep. If I go to bed with an unresolved LSL issue, it always seems to clear up by breakfast. It's a little scary, actually.
  8. Dunno about you, but I wouldn't trust my Fetid Inner Child to run much. Probably not yours either.
  9. changed (integer change) { if (change & CHANGED_INVENTORY) { integer iNumRocks; integer i; while ( i < llGetInventoryNumber(INVENTORY_OBJECT)) { string name = llToLower(llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_OBJECT,i)); if ( ~llSubStringIndex(name, "rock") ) { ++iNumRocks; if ( iNumRocks%10 == 0 ) // Every time iNumRocks is a multiple of ten { llGiveMoney(kAv, 1); } } ++i; } } } Rather silly, but th
  10. A mystery indeed, but the fact remains that the couch is responsible for triggering its own anims. Your AO has nothing to do with it. The worst that can happen is that high priority anims in your AO can override the ones in the couch. When that happens, you see only the anims that your AO has succeeded in running and you get no script errors at all because they both ran properly. The scripts don't know whose anim won the priority fight. That error message is pretty straightforward. It's generated when a script is trying to run an animation that it can't find. Now, I suppose it's pos
  11. It can't be your AO. The anims that the couch uses are all supposed to be in the couch, not in your AO, and that message is a standard system error note that is posted by the script that is looking for a missing anim. So, either the anims are actually missing from the couch, or they are misspelled in the couch's script, or the script was not set up properly.
  12. Duplicate post. Original is at Please do not post the same question in more than one spot.
  13. In Marketplace, search for "Rental System". You will find quite a few systems. Some are loaded with features and are quite expensive. Some are ridiculously simple and don't do very much at all. If you look for ones in the price range from L$200 to L$500, you can get a good system that is appropriate for use on a single region. Follow its instructions to set up a rent box on each parcel and a server to coordinate them. Then use About Land >>> Options on each parcel to show the parcel in Search (for L$30/week): If your rent boxes are set up properly, they will display inf
  14. Aha! Horizons is a rather large area of something on the order of 60 residential regions, surrounding an interior sea with a large-scale quest game in the middle. The regions all have names that start with "Horizons". You can get an overview of the homes (and play with a demo home) by going to one of the informational regions (Horizons Supernova, Horizons Dione, Horizons Cirius, or Horizons Yurania, where you will also find informational videos. Or you can read about Horizons at http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Horizons_Parcel_Ownership . Initial purchase prices tend to be rather high, but
  15. The land fee waiver that you get as a Premium member can either be used for a Linden Home or for paying the monthly land fees on land that you buy on the Mainland. It cannot be used to pay for 1. paying monthly fees in private estates 2. the purchase price of land anywhere 3. rental fees So, if you want to use your Premium waiver, first you must buy land on the mainland, either directly from Linden Lab ( usually through auction) or from another resident. You will pay the one-time purchase price for that land. Your land fees will be due monthly, and Linden Lab will automa
  16. The easy solution is to take Maddy's advice and always use curly brackets to mark the start and end of a conditional scope, even if they are not strictly required. It's a great habit to be in. It keeps you from forgetting those brackets when they truly are required.
  17. Look at it this way ..... Everyone with a "home" in SL is renting space. The question is whether you are renting directly from Linden Lab or from another resident. Financially, the difference is in favor of people who pay the Lab directly. After all, a landowner who charges rent to tenants still has to pay Linden Lab herself. To make ends meet or hopefully make a small profit, the total amount of rents has to be at least as large as the landowner's own payments. Still, rent for a single parcel is a small amount compared to an entire region, so it's within most people's recreational budg
  18. You lose it. In fact, you have to abandon it in order to downgrade to Basic.
  19. Tusk, tusk! That's a bad one. 🙃
  20. Nope, it's not an option, sadly. It seems like an odd oversight. Since you have to apply a texture there in order to enable a projected light, you'd think that would have been an obvious parameter to include. Maybe @Rider Linden can offer some insights (or maybe someone should submit a feature request).
  21. Yup. Next time you decide to create a group, be sure that it has at least two members. A group with only one member disappears within 48 hours. (That's how you disband a group ... kick everyone else out.) The smartest idea is to make your own alt -- not your SL spouse, best friend, or business partner -- a co-owner of the group. A person with Owner status can never be kicked out of a group, and the only owner you can truly trust (other than yourself) is your own alt -- mostly, anyway.
  22. If you want to buy it on the mainland, yes, you must be a premium member. As a basic member, you may buy a private estate or may buy a parcel in an estate from the region owner. You may rent anywhere. I have been a basic member for over 13 years, renting parcels in private estates and on the mainland until about 2014, when I bought my own estate. There are advantages on both sides of the rent/own decision. I suggest doing a bit of reading in the Knowledge Base articles (tab at the top of this page) about LAND to help you make a decision.
  23. That's a fairly useful feature. If I am designing something that includes a projected light source, I often apply a texture there to give the outline of the beam at the target a custom shape (or to make the shape softer, for which I apply a "fuzzy white dot" texture). You cannot change the texture with LSL. You have to change it in the Features tab, as Sandi indicates.
  24. @Marianne Little That's a beautiful garden, and it has a zillion fish! Thank you for leaving it open so we can swim though and admire it. Not offhand, but I imagine that it's not much deeper than the water in the houseboat areas, at least for the ones that are attached to the piers. Maybe the ones farther out will be in deeper water.
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