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  1. Sadly i have heard of this often in SL and experienced similar myself . I just tell myself obviously the person didnt get lucky in SL or RL the night before , block and move on. The hard part how ever, regardless of how much you say, eh, its nothing , you are wrong . if it was nothing it wouldnt bug you so much to want to know what you did . You did nothing wrong period . You showed a person friendship and thats basically it . they wigged out and went psycho on you from how it sounds and most definatly they will do it again to another person later on down the line or even even in a few days
  2. Tysm ! i will definately check it out !
  3. I have found ALOT of the riding tracks for the bikes but in searching for sims to just enjoy a nice sunday drive in a car with a friend, its next to impossible . Im not looking for a race track but one to just enjoy the view and not on a bike . has anyone come across such a sim or similar ? I would really like to just get out and go for a drive thats not on a bike ( not against bikes, ride them often ) but a change would be nice some times .
  4. thank you all for the great suggestions ! definatly going to try what has been suggested
  5. I have a couple friends who after a couple years of being gone are coming back into Second life , but finding places they can meet people to get friends and people to hang with has been a challenge . When it was just me, i spent most if not all my time alone hittin up the gachas so Im not the best person to ask where to go on this . Does anyone have any place that tends to have people we can go to and chat with and make friends with . I really want to help them out and who knows..maybe even gain some friends aswell :)
  6. a friend of mine recently changed his name and had to become a premium member to do this . He didnt want to become a member but sadly its a rule i believe which shortly after he canceled . It would be nice if they would make it so if a person does choose to name change you aren't forced to become a member and can pay a bit smaller price to do so, even just half would be nice . I could be wrong though, I just remember how pricey it was for him to do this and the disappointment of " having " to become a member when he hasnt been one for years .
  7. I have 2 very good friends who met in SL and things went so well they did get married In RL . they have been together now for 6 yrs and still going very strong .
  8. Hello Jin and welcome to SL . i hope you are able to find that person you are looking for . Some times in SL its much easier to find friends, and they become the ones who care deeply for you . Give it some time, and a chance, enjoy what there is in SL to offer.. its not just a game, even though , I will be honest, when I started I was convinced thats all it was . But the people become close to you , you build a family and eventually, relationships . but its a one day at a time thing . Again welcome.
  9. rich only huh .hmmm...yep...that leaves me out !
  10. i went there a few weeks back and was trying to remember where this was . Was very pretty when i went and was considering living here ( just couldnt remember where i went to ..) thank you for posting this for me !
  11. hmmm ...she doesnt seem to like the game or want to know much about it ...she hasnt logged on since she made the thread
  12. I had one earlier today .. i was out wandering around on the gacha sims and received a tp to a random home followed by the phrase " come *****" ..the profile showed a woman ( dom) looking for a slave .. and im thinking to my self .. at WHAT point and time did i ever suggest im a slave and where is it at on my profile .AND ...who the hell are you ?!
  13. what should you do in this " game " ...sit back , enjoy and let it take you on a journey and adventure not many are able to have in rl due to such a busy schedule . dont be in a rush to learn every thing at once ..take it slow, find out what interests you , and explore ...some of your greatest friends you will meet here ..if you give them a chance .. welcome to second life .
  14. I have actually been looking for the same . I know there is parcels you can rent , but when you want to be a part of a community, renting a parcel on a private lot away from others isnt the same . I have tried finding communities, cocoa bay, and a couple others ..most dont seem to have many people so in a sense it would be similar to renting a private parcel away from others If you happen to find an active place, let me know ..would love to find a place there and see what its like to be a part of a community or small town for once
  15. sadly the sim had to be let go ..the greenery there was huge and if i ever find another place like it, ill definately post it here for you !
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