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  1. I have 2 very good friends who met in SL and things went so well they did get married In RL . they have been together now for 6 yrs and still going very strong .
  2. Hello Jin and welcome to SL . i hope you are able to find that person you are looking for . Some times in SL its much easier to find friends, and they become the ones who care deeply for you . Give it some time, and a chance, enjoy what there is in SL to offer.. its not just a game, even though , I will be honest, when I started I was convinced thats all it was . But the people become close to you , you build a family and eventually, relationships . but its a one day at a time thing . Again welcome.
  3. rich only huh .hmmm...yep...that leaves me out !
  4. i went there a few weeks back and was trying to remember where this was . Was very pretty when i went and was considering living here ( just couldnt remember where i went to ..) thank you for posting this for me !
  5. hmmm ...she doesnt seem to like the game or want to know much about it ...she hasnt logged on since she made the thread
  6. I had one earlier today .. i was out wandering around on the gacha sims and received a tp to a random home followed by the phrase " come *****" ..the profile showed a woman ( dom) looking for a slave .. and im thinking to my self .. at WHAT point and time did i ever suggest im a slave and where is it at on my profile .AND ...who the hell are you ?!
  7. what should you do in this " game " ...sit back , enjoy and let it take you on a journey and adventure not many are able to have in rl due to such a busy schedule . dont be in a rush to learn every thing at once ..take it slow, find out what interests you , and explore ...some of your greatest friends you will meet here ..if you give them a chance .. welcome to second life .
  8. I have actually been looking for the same . I know there is parcels you can rent , but when you want to be a part of a community, renting a parcel on a private lot away from others isnt the same . I have tried finding communities, cocoa bay, and a couple others ..most dont seem to have many people so in a sense it would be similar to renting a private parcel away from others If you happen to find an active place, let me know ..would love to find a place there and see what its like to be a part of a community or small town for once
  9. sadly the sim had to be let go ..the greenery there was huge and if i ever find another place like it, ill definately post it here for you !
  10. One of my favorite places to go and relax and even just have fun at is playful paradise . a tropical rainforest with so much color and so much to enjoy then if thats not what i am wanting, on the same sim is another awsome place filled with an amusement park, lots of places to just relax and enjoy and share a spot with a favorite person . its not a club , and not a rental property ...just a fun place that i figured if i enjoyed it others might aswell . http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Playful Paradise/73/131/22
  11. hm considering the topic, one can choose to go a couple different ways .. i am a girl and if you are looking for a friend ..then yes ..I'll be a friend ...anything more then that .. nope . good luck on the search for the future friends or next girlfriend .
  12. Thank you all for the suggestions . I guess I need to figure out what Im looking to get from being in SL . It can be frustrating feeling lost and not sure which direction to start after watching people I know seem to find it so easily . I take my time and take to heart the suggestions . I honestly always thought if a person was part of a rp sim, they did have to be a part of that . So knowing that you dont has helped . I was part of a family for a little bit, but not being use to it, i was told its not really for me . So i guess the biggest thing is trying to find out where to fit in . As I said, I will definately take to heart all the suggestions you have made and see what happens . there is alot to see and do ..i guess i need to slow down and take it one step at a time and see what comes my way .
  13. So I have been in SL for a little while and I see some of my friends moving to different communities then get tired of where they are and move to another . I was thinking maybe its time to see about finding a community and what its all about , but Im honestly not sure what to even look for . Im a little quiet at times, like exploring and have never tried rping in the game . But Im always willing to try . What communities would one suggest to a nooby who hasnt ever been in one, never really associated a whole lot, or even did the rp that so many enjoy . I honestly cant afford much so simple is good . If anyone has suggestions Im more then willing to listen . ( I wasnt sure where to put this, so if it doesnt belong here in general I do apologize )
  14. welcome back . another rp place i use to know , and its still around, ( not sure if it was already mentioned ) is stepford suburbs .Glad you returned and have lots of fun! exploring is a non stop adventure in itself as you possibly very well know .
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