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  1. About The Club/Project The goal for this project is to create a truly unique club experience not just in SL, but VR Chat as well that hasn't been seen before. Between a completely custom meshed club, custom scripts and other unique features. We are looking to create something truly unique that people will continue to come back to. HOW TO APPLY: Please message me directly in world AFTER reading this carefully to make sure you fit the criteria. This will not be monitored every day. In word ID: Φ Cyprus (darthwyyrlok) OPEN POSSITIONS: -Club Manager -Media Manager -Music Producer/DJ -Personal Assistant About Open Positions: Club Manager: About the position: Looking to hire multiple for different day's and times. These people will be responsible for communicating with staff and ownership, along with the media team to make sure everyone is on the same page for events, times and any day to day issues clients or customers may experience. You will be running the day to day functions along with me. Requirements: Experience is not required but creativity and communication is. Using Discord is also required, along with voice. We do not discriminate against anyone, and welcome all to the team! Media Manager: About the position: I am looking for someone who can create custom posters, and other graphic design elements. They will also control our blog and updating it on a regular basis based on events and other things of the sort.It is very important to note that this will not necessarily be just an SL job. As stated above, our club plans on opening on VR Chat as well. So media/posters, etc will be needed to be made for both, though most things will usually overlap. Experience: Graphic design experience is required. If you can, send me a portfolio or we can talk about an "art test" to see what you are able to do. Basic knowledge of blogging is required, but advanced knowledge and skill is preferred. Music Producer: About the position: I am looking for a house DJ, one that is creative, spontaneous and willing to create a fun environment. This DJ will open for certain performances in addition to their own events. Experience: I am not looking for someone who plays random songs on a playlist. I am looking for a music producer who creates their own music and can perform it within second life. Music producing is required. Personal Assistant: About the position: You will be assisting me in ordinary tasks when I sometimes can't be online, or general communication within the team. Requirements: Experience is not required, but enthusiasm and drive is. I'm looking for someone that can really help out. There are no minimum hours set, but Discord communication, like all roles is required. A little about me: I am a sim builder and sim owner. I have owned sims like SWU - Taris which averaged around 50k+ traffic per day for well over a year. Naruto - Shinobi Battlegrounds, which was similar in traffic, and many others. Currently I just build sims for clients and looking to expand to owning a club as well. The club will be the main focus however of my time after this point. I look forward to speaking with all of you!
  2. So, i dont know, if some of you recognized weird Behavior on Flickr by your Free Accounts, yea Free Account Users, not everyone can afford Plastic Card ala Mastercard and an Pro Account there. I am constantly Online, means i dont log out, cause in the last three Weeks, some damn Bastard, sorry the Word, changed my Password and tryed to lock me out! Well even when i had Passwords with almost 30 Signs, idk how someone can find that out. The Reason i wanted to ask you all, who blog and post your Photos there, did you ever notice, that what you LIKED the little * you activated is DEACTIVATED, but you knew, "Hey wtf, i LIKED that, why is it again Unliked??" Some of the Flickr Company A... Crawler will now say again thats ridicolous! But i can show up some Motives, why the Flickr Team itself deactivates only by Free Account Members the LIKES you set! 1.) A Free Account is no Incoming in US$, Euro or whatever for them! 2.) If i want as Company to get rid of Free Account People, what would i do? Nerve Free Users as long, until they leave Flickr, trust me, Website Companys work like that, cause today only counts Money and Power! These are very good true Reasons, why Flickr would do that, a Friend of mine, he works for a Website Company of Austria, i dont may say the Name here now, i promised him, but he is an Insider and he told me this: "Look, if you make an Free Account, you are not wortfull for us, you pay not so you are a Burden for the Website and that is with all MUST PAY Websites the same, Free Account Users = a Burden, annoying, we are like Parasites for them, like Scum who´s not willing to pay expensive Prices! I know exact what i Liked on Flickr, 2 Days later, all my LIKES were UNLIKED, like with Intention or idk why. No i didnt forget or yea maybe the website didnt work properly, NO i saw it when the Star was full, so LIKED and i dont have Alzheimer or being crazy, i know what i did and saw! And this was not the first Time, the damn Flickr Team did this with malicious Intent, it happened on and on and on, well if the Flickr Team really act so, i give them a little Fight and Activate all again! But try it out on your Free Accounts and observe it, than look a few Days later, on what you Liked, if its still activated the Star under the Photo etc., i bet some have this already recognized and btw, change your Passwords around all three Days, some Hacker locked me out of already 2 wonderful Accounts!!! Ok, thats all for now, i hope this helps a bit those, who didnt know this, but trust me, i got an Insider on my Side Real and he could tell you Things, your Hair would stand! So, had anyone weird or strange Things noticed on his/her Free Flickr Acc? Thx for hear me and no this is not a Conspiracy Blablabla, i know what i saw and did, when i LIKED, what i like!
  3. ♥ Buenos días a todos, mi nombre es Yana. No uso mucho los foros pero debido a que me gusta conocer y siempre andar ocupada, vengo a compartirles mi servidor de Discord aquí también. En general quiero reunir a la comunidad joven, [No más de 30 ni menos de 18] en un servidor donde puedan hablan y compartir, después de todo es un lindo juego y no perdemos nada intentando. Agradecería que entraran y mantuvieran un ambiente amigable, compartieran fotos, invitaran a eventos o sims, cualquier cosa. Habrán personas que hablan inglés porque son mis amigos, pero hay channel para español y si llega la ocasión otros idiomas, sientanse libres de entrar e invitar a sus amigos ♥♥ https://discord.gg/e7Mbadq Para que se den una idea de qué estilo sigo y porqué busco más personas igual. Tengan lindo día y gracias https://www.flickr.com/photos/162710718@N03/
  4. Hi Looking for Bloggers who have Flickr and can Be creative with my designs in there photos. If you are interested pls send me a notecard and link to your Flickr - Also Body Types u have for the clothing MENS WOMANS JOMO For more details please send me a notecard Inworld MercedesxSB Thank U
  5. I am now almost four Years with Flickr, worked my Way hardly up to a better Bloggr and Secondlife Model and here comes some Truth, no one will ever tell you, what i get told!!! 1.) The damn Flickr Team deactivates from all Free Acc Users, when they think, for them its too nasty, the Likes you give to others! WHY? i saw it everytime i liked my Followers, Photos i already liked two Times were UNLIKED AGAIN! And no, i check that always back two or three Times, so the LIKE IS ACTIVE! 2.) On all your own Blogs, you all have, Flickr takes the Right and prohibits us to post our Thank You or TYSM Name of Person who liked your Art, a too often POSTING! WtH! 3.) Their damn Team sets Photos you posted, even if they r SAFE, on RESTRICTED, i saw this by some of mine already dozend Times, if you set it back to SAFE, they take control for some Days over your Blog/Acc! This are only three of the Troubles, behind the Scenes of their Website, many complained at me already, how inconsiderate FLICKR TEAM is behaving against Free Acc! What i personly think is a Mess! 👎👎👎👎👎 So i hope i could enlighten some of you and next Time you login there, think about that, Wish you all Likes on Earth, Friends! 👍👍👍
  6. The Pando Photo Contest goes into its final week with some great entries in contention - but there's always room for more. Be creative, and take a picture (or two) as an entry on our glorious new urban-themed full mainland region! Enter it to win up to L$5000! Details at the Flickr group link below:
  7. I was playing with the thought of going Pro when I saw Flickr had increased the price to 60 US for a year. Seriously, that is a lot. Maybe I must pay VAT too. I should download all my pictures from before 2015, I think. I read some ways of doing it, unsure about what's best. I want them downloaded in the largest size of course... You who have come close to 1000 pictures, how did you do it? Because it is no way I am paying that much for Flickr Pro.
  8. Hello! I am searching for a Blogger Manager position preferably for a store! I have been a blogger in the past, as well as owned my own store, I currently freelance custom mesh But I am looking for a more long term consistent position. If interested please contact (Kawaiiduirii) Inworld. I look forward to hearing from you!
  9. Hi There! So I'm having problems with connecting my flickr to my SL. I tried to follow along with the steps but when I clicked the (connect) button... Nothing happened. The steps mentioned I would have to re-verify my yahoo.. But I never received the pop up or window to do so. Can someone help me? Yours Truly, Princess 🌺
  10. I'm currently seeking clients as a freelance model/photographer. I specialize in fantasy, kawaii, and erotic styles of modeling and photography. I want to grow a client base and expand my portfolio, as well as hone my skills. I would love to model for stores, advertisements, magazines, etc. Examples of my modeling/photography can be found on my Flickr page. Please contact me in-world with any questions/inquiries @ Saya Forsaken (ChibiDragon007.
  11. Family responsibilities mean no in-world access for me every Wednesday & Tursday. But whenever I can I'm on my phone, either checking my flickr feed, checking the forums, or scrolling MP. This morning at 7.00 I was awake and spent an hour in bed on MP, buying more than I should. It's such fun I can't imagine being without this obsession. After lunch I might just look for a few more must haves......
  12. I recently shifted to official viewer because of low fps issue and my antivirus on the latest update of FireStorm. I am happy with the official viewer's performance for giving me almost 60fps on semi ultra setting but some features from fs viewer im missing alot inlcuding flickr share. Ive been googling for some instruction about slshare. I've read that you can activate it on communicate>flickr but there's no such feature in the Second Life Release (64bit) viewer. Am i missing something here? The last time i used the official viewer was sometime in 2014! and I'm a bit lost at the moment.
  13. Second Life has a revised 360-Image Viewer available now (7/7/2017) in the current collection of Alternate Viewers. As it is a project viewer it is more along the line of a Beta version. In this case, I think the Beta is more about the Snapshot part of the viewer. Otherwise, it is pretty much the new 64-bit version that is now the main SL viewer. So, it should be stable, but there are no guarantees. When installed it installs as a separate viewer. So, you can have the main viewer installed or your favorite 3rd party viewer. It won't break them. The 360-Camera is not complete. The current version, does not add metadata to the image. So, it is a bit hard to see the final image in a 360-Image-Viewer, like Flickr. However, it is not hard to "INJECT" the needed metadata. See Second Life – The 360 Viewer – Add Image Metadata. Click the image to jump to Flickr to see the 360-Image display correctly on screen. I've used Gear VR and a friend used Cardboard to see the images in VR. There are quite a few 360-Images from SL. See https://www.flickr.com/search/?text="Second Life" 360 If you are posting 360-Images of SL, please give us a link.
  14. Hello So all of my friends have Flickr accounts and they have been encouraging me to get one. BUT, my photography skills are very basic..like..SL snapshot and that's it basic. A few of them have promised to help me achieve a nice quality of photo but this is difficult as none can commit to frequent lessons. So here I am, willing to pay for assistance. I would like to be able to take nice photos to start a Flickr page. It doesn't have to be over the top. I just need some tricks of the trade. I am Central time and am online often. I would like weekly lessons - maybe 1 hour per week. Interested? Please send me an IM inworld! Also I would love to see your work!
  15. I always love seeing other people's work as well as sharing my own for other people to see. So I thought I'd start this thread for people to share their work and get critique and tips (if wanted/asked for). Share your latest masterpieces whether it be a simple snapshot, an edit, a repaint, a morph, anything Second Life related. I'll start it off....
  16. While Flickr is migrating their servers tonight they did announce a "Good Panda Contest" I'm assuming this is mostly for RL photographers but I think it would be fun if we show some Second Life Spirit and start sending them our SL version of photos of this contest... First here is a link to their contest... https://blog.flickr.net/en/2019/05/08/enter-our-good-panda-photo-contest-for-a-chance-to-win-a-free-year-of-flickr-pro/ Second here is an image you can upload to SL and use for the photos... plus I included my own photo that I have done to show you an example... If you do a Good Panda photo for the Flickr contest please come back here too and show us your Good Panda photo 😃 ❤️ Eva
  17. @Xiola Linden I sent a Flickr mail to the admin of the official second life flickr group, which I believe is you. I'd like to share some photos of the new continent but it won't let me join the group. I keep getting a "Whoops, something went wrong." Can you help me please? My Flickr name is Shiloh Selene.
  18. Hi all. I was just wondering where you post your images outside of SL? Flickr used to be great for this , but with all the new updates. I'm looking for somewhere new. Any suggestions?
  19. Hi there! Today, Flickr put out an announcement, requesting that users report any photos that aren't Real Life photography. This will be removing thousands upon thousands of creator art in secondlife, photography, blog posts, and it will also rid the Flickr community of several thousand Pro accounts. On top of this, those without pro accounts will have a max of 1000 photos available. that means any with photos higher than this, Flickr will remove images going from oldest to newest. This petition is in hope that they'd notice this, and hopefully change the rules and hear us out. Flickr is a home for so many of our artists in the virtual community to share their inspirations. Please don't take that away from us ***Edit***currently, we are having several people also reach out through their contact form. While it does not specifically state SECONDLIFE, this is them requesting only actual photography. This petition is to help SL artists and designers be noticed, as well as to see if they will give us answers. Even if this does not count for sl photographers, this will still hurt many blog posts or designers ads, being reported and removed (Author: Cassie Middles) https://www.flickr.com/lookingahead Please Sign this Petition!
  20. ~ Hello! ~ I am an experienced photographer in SL and I want to share my art with the world! I can capture a simple profile picture or a whole wedding event <3 My Flickr My Form I look forward to working with you Contact - kawaiiduirii ...Serious inquiries only...
  21. ~ Hello! ~ I am an experienced photographer in SL and I want to share my art with the world! I can capture a simple profile picture or a whole wedding event <3 My Flickr My Form I look forward to working with you Contact - kawaiiduirii ...Serious inquiries only...
  22. Hello I'm vanda and I am a Digital Artist. I work editing Second life/Imvu Photos, drawing and creating every kind of texture. I don't have clients for now, I have been out of work but now I'm back, so I decided to use the second life forum to share my work. Here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/152596992@N06/ you can see what i can do and this is my best SL Edition (My favorite one ): And Here: https://wolfysomething.deviantart.com/ You can see my Art and Imvu Photo Edition. Imvu Commissions: https://wolfyartvenus.tumblr.com/ [This is for anyone who plays imvu]. So if you Like and want a job done like this one ( ^ ) above, send me a message: vandamj addens / HERE / Flickr / DeviantArt . SL commissions Profile/Normal Picture - 2,000 LindensFrom head to waist - 5,000 Lindens+ Anime Style - 1,500 LindensFull body - 6,000 Lindens+ Animation (Eyes, stars, letters) - 1,000 Lindens (ex: Anime Style + Profile + Animation = 4,500 Lindens)+ per extra character - 2,500 Lindens[+ Second life speedpaint Video on youtube - 10,000 Lindens]
  23. Who has an ugly avatar? Raise your hand... NO ONE! With all these cute and handsome avatars running around, how many of them like showing it off? We have the thread How does your avatar look today? As I write this there are 220 pages of people posting an image of their avatar. So, I suspect there is a bit of the exhibitionist in each of us when it comes to our avatars. So, let's find out. Being an exhibitionist does not necessarily mean taking off your clothes. The definition is "behaving extravagantly in order to attract attention." Posting images of our avatar is showing it off, exhibiting it, clothes and all. I think the various photo sites are a good measure of how much of an exhibitionist one is. So, if you use a photo site, or several, like: (in order of popularity according to BloggersIdeas.com) 1) Instagram 2) Facebook 3) Flickr.com 4) Imgur.com 5) PhotoBucket.com 6) Picasa 7) Twitpic 8) Pinterest.com 9) Photoshop.com 10) Imageshack.com 11) Onedrive 12) Yfrog.com 13) Tinypic.com 14) Shutterfly 15) Snapfish.com Post an image and a link to your image collection. This is NOT a contest to see how much of your body you will exhibit. Please keep images here moderate. You'll do whatever you do with your photo site. We'll assume people visiting the sites have set their content preferences. I assume if one overdoes it here, the moderators will clean it up. So, be considerate of others. You'll find me at Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/people/nalates/
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