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  1. You need to shop for clothes for Kupra. Your issue isn't that it doesn't have a hud, it's that youre trying to squeeze those curves into clothes that weren't made for it. This might work to some degre with other bodies but Kupra's butt and breasts are so far from other riggings. You may find you need the occasional alpha with Kupra-specific clothes, but I agree with Stephanie.. a lot of well made clothes out there now, and many of them come with alphas. Demo some new clothes. I don't use an alpha hud at all myself.
  2. Wouldn't it be nice if a couple three brands got together and developed a universal pant / boot thing akin to what we have with the SL neck? Oh wait, brands can't even bothered to match their own stuff with any regularity. Come on!
  3. By dashboard, you mean the website? Because If I hide my alt's online status from myself in world, they no longer show on my web dashboard.
  4. SIdeways photos. Actually my true peeve is with the flickr "banner" or whatever you call it. An utterly ill-conceived image format for a website dedicated to showing off photographs. Nevertheless, chasing featured group banners by tilting all your photos sideways is dumb. Sorry!
  5. Knock knock who's there I don't know I don't know who? I don't know because my doorbell runs on AWS
  6. They aren't rules but pouncing on my IM the second I log on is definitely something that doesn't work for me. On the other hand, people who only say hello when you're in the same physical space inworld also strike me as strange. Like, we don't need to be "friends" to chit chat every weekend at the club. Ultimately my filter for friendships comes down to one thing: respect of each others time. When I meet someone and straight away they expect every moment, every time I log on to be all about THEM... that's not for me. There has to be a balance. Also I spend a lot of time "half inworld" so I'm bound to get close other people who do the same, and enjoy that thread of conversation between in-world activities. Then when you DO meet up you know each other better and it grows from there.
  7. Pleasantly surprised there is a boxed MOD version of the body included.
  8. I assume the reasoning is to deter content theft? I bet they lose more sales than whatever they gain--which in all likelihood is nothing. A misguided attempt to deter a certain small % of bad actors who won't be deterred, and won't buy anything anyway. It only alienates actual paying customers.
  9. Super annoying. My routine is to pick up a bunch of demos at events and try them on at home. Often I want to circle back to try something on a second time. When I find it's expired my decision is made for me.
  10. Interesting. Well, it's much more prominently displayed than ever before. (And it's not the only change, it just happens to be one I see people mentioning, and posting extended descriptions about photo moderation in groups and so on.) There is a notification about the changes from flickr, with direction to a feedback thread on the flickr forums, and lots of people commenting about changes on their own photostreams. New notification settings with banner. Its not possible for me to post a side by side new vs old notification panel (bell menu at the top right) but if you use flickr regularly.... it's obviously different.
  11. Flickr drastically changed their notification system both visually and in terms of the amount of information given. One change is it explicitly tells you when an image was rejected from a group.
  12. So, what do y'all who use flickr think of the new notification rollout? Dramaaaaaa! It's funny, people are only now realizing their photos were being rejected from many groups? If you post to so many groups you didn't notice when they get rejected that's on you right? Personally I like the new notifications especially how it condenses mass-liking into a single block in the notification panel.
  13. Get a simple rezzer (look up mrez on MP, although there are several good options) and learn to use that. It will take a bit to get the hang of preparing your builds to pack into a rezzer but then you can rez (and DE REZ!) anywhere with the click of a button. Then you won't end up with a folder full of random coalesced objects and no idea what is in them.
  14. The chin and overall look reminds me of my Lelutka Nova. If you don't like the lips on Nova, try Lelutka Sasha for a thinner lip profile.
  15. "Hmmm, I think I will take a photo .... " Black Dragon:
  16. I got a "Happy Rez Day" email this year. Must be a new thing, can't recall ever receiving one before.
  17. People who come into a crowded sim and say things like "Nobody ever talks!" Wow, yet another scintillating conversation about how nobody ever talks. Get better openers!
  18. Nailed it. In this case each = Linden Lab and their own = banning gacha.
  19. Viewer peeve --- the 'edit outfit' arrows for reordering layers. How it should work: instead of the arrow tied to the position of the layer you want to move... have ONE set of arrows to the right of the list. Highlight the item. Click those arrows to move it up and down.
  20. Remember when bento came out and people were constantly wiggling and counting their fingers? Wiggling elf ears are that for 2021.
  21. Shopping peeve of the day: BOM makeup sets that don't include some kind of visual key. 10-20 layers in a folder with nothing to differentiate them.. agh!
  22. Reminds me of my old favorite body Lena Lush. At the time, if a few quality stores supported a body that was enough for me. (Gawk kept my Lena Lush happily clothed for some time!) Unfortunately my shopping addiction has advanced to the point where a couple creators are probably not enough to keep me interested. I'll grab it for an alt though. I think a lot of people ended up on Kupra not because they wanted to look "bimbo" but rather because a certain other body felt abandoned and Inithium did a great job of creating an exciting buzz. Not sure if Kahlene can reproduce that and convert a large number of shoppers who, I think, probably just spent a lot of time and L$ switching to Kupra. I wish them luck! It's been shown time and again there's always the possibility for some brand to rise quickly and grab a significant share of the market.
  23. @So Whimsy Watch for an update to Kupra in the next day or two. One of the items listed is "- New neck, hands and feet internal ring to have a perfect link. It reduces the link issue with Genus heads." See notices in the Inithium group for more.
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