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  1. Brand new item at an event that opened today! I just find it so frustrating because the thing that is supposed to tell the average user whether or not something is too complex doesnt actually convey that information. It's OK for me because I have a decent grasp of the viewer and so on, but if we try to explain this every time someone says, well, I'm under 50k! ... you just run out of steam fast and it's not really a way to make friends, lol. I appreciate learning all this stuff on the forums but out there in the world it doesn't seem to make a dent.
  2. I have many peeves. Here's another. When someone (not me, not that it matters) wants to know how to "see who is looking at them" and instead of just saying how to enable lookat targets, people have to go into a long technical spiel about how they don't really show what people are looking at.... yes yes fine technically correct, you are a genius at second life .... AND YET! When someone parks their cam on my face at a club, wouldnt you know, its a pretty darn reliable indicator of their interest and impending IM..
  3. Boxed demos. I come home from my various events with a pile of demos. I already forgot what your product is, and you want me to click like.. three times to figure out what it is? Am I that lazy? Yes, yes I am.
  4. ¸☆´. •´ . •´✶`*. *. *★v. ✶•´ ☆´, •*´¨★ Ձ๏21 ¸✶. •´¸. •*´✶ ☆´¸. •★´ ¸. ✶* ☆★ ╱◥◣ │∩ │◥███◣ ╱◥███◣ ╱◥◣ ◥████◣▓∩▓│∩ │╱◥█◣║∩∩∩ ║◥█▓ ▓█ ๑۩๑๑۩๑๑۩๑๑۩๑๑۩๑๑۩๑๑۩ ۩๑ THESE THINGS ﹗๑۩
  5. Joke answers in support chat How do I remove eyebrows? "Try a razor" Honestly if this is you, you suck. Unfunny unhelpful and boring. This isn't me taking some dumb joke personal, because I would never ask for help in one of these groups, but god. Shut. up.
  6. Seconded! The naming scheme for these Lelutka alphas trips me up every time. So, BOM Head/Body, APPLIER Eyes is an eye alpha. The name refers to the state of your avatar: if you are using BOM head/body and applier eyes wear this. But, even knowing that I find myself staring at the options thinking wait, what?
  7. I've seen it suggested that the complexity numbers were a big success and numbers went down because it encouraged us to stop wearing super complex flexi outfits and old hair and jewelry. Nahhh. New better LOOKING stuff took over that happened to show the right numbers above our heads. And off we went in the world satisfied we had done something good, most of us not having the technical inclination beyond low = GOOD. If new and better looking tech develops that happens to actually address complexity, it'll take over too. BOM is a perfect example. People adopt it because it's fun! Because
  8. Many thousands of residents have changed their names. Don’t believe me? Pull up the legacy search and start with counting Novas. Also, the idea that the new names are somehow more gimmicky is simply confirmation bias. Names like Takeda, Atheria, Leeder, Hexem, Timmerman, Rowley, Kiyori, Ravenhurst, Ichibara, Dallas, Aurelia and others .... I don’t particularly like any of the names myself but I see zero material difference between the names on offer and typical legacy names. And silly puns on last names have been a mainstay since time immemorial.
  9. I'm not sure, I take it as the lure of something new and shiny, nothing more complicated than that ! Don't get me wrong, Freya is still the third most common rigging at events if we consider Legacy and its variants one, and Lara's another. But for connoisseurs of thick shapes the biggest difference between Freya and HG are the legs. If you max out the fat on Freya she has thick legs all the way to the ankle, on Hourglass you get giant thighs tapering to supermodel skinny calves. Bodies like Kupra, built from the ground up to be thick, usually handle this better.
  10. I think so. Legacy Maitreya Freya has typically been a common set of riggings at events. With petite and perky, I see more creators thinning down to Legacy+Perky and Lara+Petite. I think the next test will be how fast / if Belleza can update to the new standard neck join that is proliferating across the grid. Right now with a Lelutka Evo head. for example. Belleza are the only "major" body with a neckline.
  11. I think a lot of people pushing Freya to the limit are interested in a shiny new toy to play with. Hopefully nobody accuses me of "concern trolling" again but when your body feels abandoned (BOM out a year ago and no updates man!) a bit of buzz is an exciting thing.
  12. HD brows are great! Look forward to seeing what third party creators do with them. The new HUD lipsticks are much more usable out of the box. If you want to do the boundless, try going from the new included default shape. I mean, obvious advice that people always give, but over the years I have come to assume default shapes will be awful. They have done a great job with default shapes as a starting point. I was inclined to stick with my old shape but after a couple days of fiddling I see the benefit of the new rigging, especially in profile.
  13. Birth has a number of animation HUDs for breasts and butts that go beyond what physics can accomplish. I'm sure a body could be made from the ground up with robust animation options. A lot of potential there.
  14. Stores that don't add things from events in a timely fashion. Not that I'm pounding on the doors the day after an event closes. A reasonable, timely fashion! You don't want my money? grumbles
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