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  1. I shop in world when I can. If prices are the same, I'm happy knowing the creator gets a bit more on the sale.
  2. Another con for marketplace redeliveries: the amount of time it takes to search my purchase history on the site. Multiple timeouts later... Good lord. I'm aware the functionality now exists to get a redelivery from an individual product page but that's not always what I need. Searching my own inventory is instantaneous.
  3. I prefer unpackers, which I save and categorize as a matter of course . For decor it lets me easily preserve an original, unmodified copy of an item without resorting to redelivery or creating an even more byzantine system of backup folders of backup folders.. It's much simpler for me to organize when there is an obvious distinction between boxed and unboxed. If a store sends a bare item, ie folder no nothing, I will pack it up myself. Recently many people were unable to get redelivery of their head because it was temporarily removed from the grid. I was glad to have the unpacker. Ditto wh
  4. Also I didn't mean to imply that there's anything wrong with silly names, pun names, fantasy names or whatever people want to call themselves. I enjoy seeing them! In my casual headcounts I noticed even the least popular names had their fans. And in the case of names already removed from the new list they'll get to be one of only a few who share them. I think that appeals to some people. We know from years of discussion that names have great significance for some.
  5. Selective vision. While I wish there were more name-names of the kind you might see on a drivers license, there are plenty of solid names. Takeda, Atheria, Rowley, Timmerman, Dallas and others. Not to mention names not far off from, say, Oxygen: Cloud, Nova, Amethyst. LL didn’t implement the feature for people not to use it. Many thousands of avatars have changed names.
  6. They have had modest sales, 50% off the first montly payment was one type. A similar promotion now might serve as a small discount on a name change for a non-premium member. Not a bad idea.
  7. I mostly use the default. I live in Horizons which has it's own uniquely flattering day cycle of golden light, and pink sunsets. I wonder what will happen there with EEP. Not ready for change.
  8. I am sure this peeve has been entered in the records already but it bears repeating. If someone in a group asks for shopping suggestions, "Look on MP" IS NOT AN ANSWER!!! God. People ask because they want firsthand opinions as to what is actually good. Ok, I feel better.
  9. Today's peeve: People who think they discovered fire. Like, you may find it hard to believe but we were ALL at that event / blog / shop / sale.
  10. Google "filter bubble". Is wisegeek a site you frequent? Never heard of it myself. My first page results look pretty good. Official site, wikipedia, panel of youtube videos (First three: official, official, one by Yorkie from 2019). Then Vice and Verge with "Is second life still a thing" type pieces that aren't all that bad for what they are. My two cents.
  11. Kaithleen's MUSE x Moon Elixir Mutresse and I love them (and many of the aforementioned brands) for it!
  12. What is sleep time? What does it mean when it is almost equal to script time for a region? It's not mentioned in the knowledge base article about the statistics bar. I've been dealing with a neighbor who has a ton of breedables, and while I know there is probably nothing I can do, and the question of what constitutes an AR'able "disturbance of the peace" is a separate topic.... I am still curious what this mysterious stat represents in terms of degraded performance . I've had other places on mainland regions where sleep time crept up and scripts run % went down over time until a re
  13. While we're musing and posing hypotheticals, I'll offer my unqualified opinion! Tilia could position themselves to service all the adult content PayPal won't touch. For those who don't know: PayPal has a rather puritanical approach to adult content. Look up what happened with them and PornHub performers. One of many examples. From what I can guess, Second Life skirts this because they are merely a platform that happens to contain adult content. Free from those constraints, SL could vigorously promote the adult side of SL in a way they can't / won't / are afraid to because of the adverti
  14. An onionskin to me implies the entire head is wrapped in the layer. HD layers aren't that. Are the Maitreya nipples an "onionskin"?
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