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  1. Now that I think about it, it WOULD be funny to see someone try to live their Second Life with universal love and compassion. Good luck!
  2. Since I was the one who made the post I will clarify. First off, I didn't realize how hot tempers are running on the forums or I wouldn't have bothered. Second, and more importantly, to me a peeve is simply something I find mildly annoying, not a moral judgment from on high. Saying "Hey" or other contentless greetings in busy (usually support or brand) groups, to me, is like saying "AFK" when nobody will notice or care that you are coming and going. I can't be the only one who has witnessed these stirring conversations in groups with tens of thousands of members hey hey wyd not much cool merely a PEEVE. a trifle. carry on
  3. *shakes chat box* "I guess I killed the chat" "interesting convo to log in to" all variations of the preceding bullet points ^ people who say "hey" to high volume goups for NO REASON roleplay in group chats that aren't RP people who can't grasp that multiple conversations are happening in a group chat high volume conversations between two friends in group chats. could this be an IM? Yes? Totally! omg shut up
  4. This is a good place to start https://www.flickr.com/groups/legacyreleases/pool/ Check the Seraphim blog for recent events too. Tons of Legacy stuff!
  5. ... and none of them can take PayPal. Sadly, privately held companies hold more sway than governments when it comes to adult content online. I do agree with you though!
  6. Read this LL support article for these questions, and more 1. If someone has your old name (calling card, or they blocked you--two examples) they can find your new name. If they don't, they can't without asking (or inferring from your location, your look, the contents of your profile, etc). So you could tell a store owner "I used to be X" and they could verify this for support, redelivery, or whatever. 2. No, your friends list will remain. You _will_ lose your viewer settings though, so back those up. Or find the viewer settings folder with your Resident name and rename it before logging back in. 3. Their old name remains on the blocklist and they remain blocked.
  7. I get both sides of this peeve. I like to direct attention to creators I love but at the same time I don't get dolled up to go out and talk shop about building avatars. I want to dance and flirt and have fun. Maybe it's my charming personality, but the number of people who hit me up for what I'm wearing and then became great friends? Zero. I usually just link them the "What's she wearing" HUD. Conversely, I'm much more open to conversations about avatars in a shopping venue, where that's the focus / mode I'm in.
  8. Before my time but that sounds right. They would be all over the place if not!
  9. I was surprised to find several while checking out the popularity of various new names inworld. I also see single character "Resident" names for every letter of the alphabet on my.secondlife.com. Most are made in 2011 with blank profiles but at least one had recent evidence of life.
  10. There's also one letter names up for grabs like I Float A Cloud
  11. Many more than I expected. I see new names constantly in every group, on my contact list and at every venue I visit. Sure, on the one hand its confirmation bias because I'm looking, but seriously, it's very popular. I sarcastically quipped "I'm sure LL knows what they're about" in response to the $40 price tag many months ago. I have to admit that in this case clearly they did.
  12. Feel like it would be great for sales. A large part of my cost saving on SL is forgetting to buy demos I liked.....
  13. Funny you should ask, I was wondering this very thing today! It would in theory be great for busy events. You take your demos home, make your choices and click buy. On the other hand it’s somewhat alarming when an attachment requests permission to take L$ from your balance. If some reputable creators or even caspervend implemented such a feature, I bet people would use it.
  14. There are a couple brands at my regular events that do the 1L$ demo thing. I couldnt tell you which because I've never demoed or bought anything they make. I think to myself "They must have their reasons, why are you being so petty, try the demo!" and yet I never do.
  15. It’s not even necessarily a matter of better. It’s (I thought) common knowledge that different creators have different butt profiles. One major creator famously debuted a “new” butt for her clothes a couple(?) years ago and phased out the longer, less bubbly posterior. I stopped buying her pants at the time because the booty had too much pop fir my taste. I liked the longer “mom jeans” style. Another massivelypopular creator includes two “styles” of butt in her products.. Same body, different butt.
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