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  1. Door #3. I'ma look so good I can get the other stuff for free
  2. Try WINE, works for me. And, while rendering of alpha hairstyles (Stealthic, Doux, new Truth, etc) was greatly improved in Firestorm 6.3.9, Black Dragon still does a better job. For example I don't wear many new Magika designs because they are still affected by this bug but I can take nice photos of them in Black Dragon.
  3. Velour - Irina group gift. At the time of this post, the group was free to join. PS please don't judge my mismatched brows, it was a test drive!
  4. @RitaCallisto to me it looks like low head length. If head length is 50 then yeah I agree. But try bumping it up 3-5 points anyway. Apologies if this was already obvious / tried.
  5. If the HUD included about 5 shades of red and 5 shades of pink I wouldn't care, but yeah, wearing open toed shoes with Legacy is an exercise in frustration for me. There is no hope for any kind of color coordination. The single shade of pink, for example, barely looks like pink in many lighting situations.
  6. W E L C O M E TO M Y P E T P E E V E I'm not actually going to tell you my peeve, though Check this space frequently for updates
  7. Definitely. First Evo heads, Jan 06 2020. The pandemic hits and Lelu sets their stay at home price of 3990. Then the Genus DMCA. Even with Genus unavailable, Evo didn't yet have a head that appealed to the babyface crowd and so Genus-only releases were still super common, EVEN with the head itself unavailable! September-ish when Genus returned, Catwa HD also came out. So, one brand with no visible momentum and another with a much higher price tag. Shortly thereafter an extended Black Friday sale put Lelu heads at less than 2000L$. Then Lilly who was not only free but also an appealing shape fo
  8. Gotta disagree. Price is a HUGE factor. I think Lelutka's current surge in popularity comes down to one thing: they gave away the best free head of any of the major brands.
  9. And Freya could get quite curvy too.... The gap in the market has been there for years. Voir made a few, yes. And they get recommended every time someone asks for a curvy AO. Vista had a few with wide hip options. They were OK. But maybe current trends will lead to more options.
  10. BTW I have suggested as much in notecard to a number of AO creators over the years. Maybe the meteoric rise of Kupra will alert someone to the fact there is MONEY to be made. You'd think someone would have taken notice of this demographic, considering the constant claims that big breasts, big butts and hips are "taking over" the grid (Kardashians everywhere , omg!) I know AOs and anims in general are highly dependent on the size of the avatars used to design them. I am reminded of when a large brand came out with its first AO with Bento faces, including an XL version for "wide hips". B
  11. Indeed. There is not a single high quality AO designed for fuller-figured avatars. Only the same tired suggestions that have been around for years. "Almost still".... right. It's a big reason why simple breathing poses have become so popular. Many of them are available in 3 sizes and far more likely to fit without clipping.
  12. If it's a missing body part or some glitch I say thanks for the heads up. I usually wear an invisible avatar for shopping because I don't do my demoing in stores. Unsolicited opinions on my avatar though, I despise. I used to say something rude and block them, but I found I held on to those moments for too long. I'd see their name and be reminded of it. So now I simply close the IM with no response and it's more quickly forgotten.
  13. The fall of Freya sticks in my craw because I loved the Belleza bodies so much. The big difference between then and now re: Belleza is the pace of development from so many competitors. Someone upthread mentioned the partnerships Legacy had with stores. I honestly can't stand the attitude of the Legacy team but you can't say they aren't VISIBLE. (I like my Legacy but they act like jerks in the support chats, tbh.) Maitreya made sure their big displays showed up in a few prominent stores and events as well. Now, with the advent of the SL neck standard and several bodies offering perfect fits it
  14. Thank you for doing this work! It surprises me there are creators still doing makeup for Genus only. Maybe these numbers circulating will inspire them to branch out. They are leaving money on the table. A lot!
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