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  1. Unpopular opinion: we need MORE big butts in SL
  2. Some things to know. First: gacha is a type of item, not a brand. They come from machines that give a random reward each time you put some small amount of L$ in. The "best" prizes are generally the rares. Prices vary greatly from sellers on the marketplace—gacha are tradeable and can be re-sold. That is why looking at the offerings may be confusing as they are from random people, not the brands themselves. Since the Milli (product) head from VCO (creator) came out over three years ago, there are only a few rare heads available at crazy, inflated prices. Honestly, there is nothing particularly unique about that head, imho. For those prices you could get any number of modern mesh heads which would offer infinitely more choice for skins and makeup, better HUDS, animations, the list goes on. Some of the biggest, most supported brands to investigate would be: Catwa, Genus, LAQ, and Lelutka.A less expensive option like the Utilizator "Normie" head (L$500) would be also be a far better way to dip your toes into avatar creation. There are many other brands I am not super familiar with, especially on the cheaper end, so maybe others will offer suggestions. Gacha heads with limited options, baked in makeup, outdated HUDs, I dunno. I think it would be frustrating. Better to have options. Then get a skin from VCO and you'd be well on your way. Good luck!
  3. "That new name is yours to keep regardless of your future membership level."
  4. Yeah, crab rangoon is American. If you have Netflix, the fried rice espisode (s1e7) of David Chang's Ugly Delicious is an interesting quick look at some of the differences between "Chinese" and Chinese food.
  5. This really only happens (to me) in clubs so I usually just say “sorry I gotta go!” But I don’t really have to go, do I? So I walk away and continue with my night. Sometimes I might TP to the landing point and re-enter. This is a corollary to one of my biggest pet peeves: the person who immediately comes over and stands on your toes because you responded politely to their IM.
  6. Yes, have heard this several times in the Maitreya group. It seems clear they won't be getting BoM "right" in the way purists are hoping. It will take all major creators getting everything about BoM right--and every resident adopting it--to move the needle in a truly significant way. And they won't. And LL will never adopt a stance that makes it imperative. But incremental gains are good too! If you only hang out with "good citizens" or whatever maybe it will make a huge difference. Long story short, upgrade your computers.
  7. @Pussycat Catnap Back of napkin math: Belleza in entirety = 520k triangles. Lara in entirety (body + hands x2 + feet) 221k triangles. Try it and see for yourself. Anyone interested can verify. The 2.5x heavier number that is thrown around includes all the attachments. Edited to add: When I think about Project ARCtan and what it would mean to me personally, were it a resounding success, my guess is about 10 FPS. I'll upgrade my system before that even happens. And unfortunately most residents are probably as self-centered (wearing Belleza constantly anyway) as I am. Sorry!
  8. The idea that Belleza has done it "right" so far while being one of the worst offenders for massive triangle counts is an interesting one. I admire your optimism that they will suddenly move to the forefront of optimized continent and concern for the weight of their mesh. May you prove to be right, I love the Belleza body!
  9. Yes, in fact we are in 100% agreement. I would like to edit my original post to say "Better make a new obelisk for Bellisseria, that one isn't in theme. *She said sarcastically hoping nobody wouuld ever erect another obelisk or list of rules in Bellisseria"
  10. And just cuz Abnor Mole made it doesn't mean we need to see it here. So, relating to people above who said they moved because someone had a giant obelisk in their yard. Hope that helps.
  11. @Alwin Alcott My comment is made in reference to posts above about about it being rezzed in Belli.
  12. Better make a new obelisk for Bellisseria, that one isn't in theme. It says "for mainland" right on it!
  13. Doux and Magika offer different sizes and can often be good fits. Forehead aside, fit issues can come down to ear placement. I hate when hair is clipping through my ears! I’m not 100% on board with third party ears but I have a few pairs from Swallow for certain situations. The latest have an excellent skin matching hud for many major brands, and they let me finetune ear position for those behind-the-ear looks.
  14. Alternate opinion: I see no problem with this and I dearly hope it wouldn't be considered a violation. There is a BIG difference between "You shouldnt violate the covenant" and "You must be this good at decorating to live in Bellisseria."
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