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  1. Just released a lovely Tawakoni camper on the water.
  2. Regarding the timing, I Googled Red Day and this was the first thing that came up:
  3. Oh wow! May I ask which one you are going to keep? Must be a tough choice..
  4. Just released a camper in Spinoza...private with lots of water.
  5. Go to your linden home in game. Select Land and then there is a button that says Abandon that you can click.
  6. Hendrix, do you know which windlight setting this is? Gah, so pretty!!!😍😍😍
  7. Ya, I teleported over there to check things out and SL crashed two times. Very weird.
  8. Oh wow, I had no idea about this gth 2000 business. Awesome! Thanks for sharing your knowledge!
  9. Really cute, Rose 😍😍. I still really enjoy seeing what is being released by people. Sometimes the home is of interest to me and if I can I might have a try for it but even if it’s not, I enjoy seeing what is being put out there.
  10. I generally like names that refer to a geographic feature. Like that include Rock, Lookout, Point, Lake etc.
  11. I did not realise this! Awesome tip! Thank you ❀️
  12. Oh that lighting script sounds amazing! I’d love to hear about it if you share it 😍😍😍. Also thank you for the scripted radio! You’re so clever!
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