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  1. Oh, this is so helpful! Thank you, Alyona!
  2. Does anyone know of an online resource/page that shows the different types of Houseboats, Trad homes and Campers? Would be cool to be able to do some research looking at the colours, floor plans and exteriors of the different home types before obtaining the land.
  3. Releasing this pretty traditional home in Nicholasville now
  4. I love experiencing a rain effect on sims and have recently purchased one for use on my own property. Only problem is that the rain goes through the Linden home roofs... Can anyone recommend a great system for creating rain?
  5. Releasing this lovely Lostbell traditional now (the dark grey house).
  6. Releasing a camper in Madison Creek in the next few minutes.
  7. Aww that’s a shame. Thanks, Karyn.
  8. Is it possible to abandon a Linden home without logging in to Secondlife? Can I just abandon it from the second life website?
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