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  1. A dinner party at sunset, is a wonderful way to gather with friends. At Gooseberry we have been putting together some wonderful spaces for you to spend time with friends. On the patio behind the bakery, we have put together a public area for you to entertain. There are currently 3 different settings to choose from, or you can set up your own on the patio. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Gooseberry Gardens/188/74/25 We currently have a limited number of beautiful parcels available, with our multirezzer system with over 80 homes to choose from. Stop on by and find your dream home. As
  2. Thank you both, I really love making environments, with a sense of feeling and emotion.
  3. Perhaps the faires will come out and play at sunset.
  4. Our brand new sim Gooseberry Willows is open for visitors and residents alike! We are stepping up our Gooseberry experience and offering many one of a kind relaxation areas on the sim. If you need a little bit of nature and peace outside your home, our new sim allows you to find just that. We have a limited number of parcels available, all are either lake or oceanfront, and feature our Multirezzer system that allows you to choose your own home with a touch of a finger. The best thing yet, is that the house and landscaping do not count against you prim allotment. We offer concierge
  5. We have just added the new Hive/Dust Bunny house to our large parcel rezzers. You can see it in person at the large parcel rezzer. Our philosophy here at Gooseberry Estates is that the tenants make it what it is and should guide us in developing and expanding the estate based on their needs. We are a concierge estate and endeavor to make your home truly yours. There is a house rez system on every parcel so tenants can choose and change their homes whenever they like. New houses are added as they are released by major designers and are often in our rezzers within 24 hours of relea
  6. This stunning parcel, is coming available for rent, it is not in the rental office yet. All the parcels on Gooseberry are on water, this one has a stream on both sides, water in the front overlooking Gooseberry Fields, our farming area. The house is at the top of the lake with a spacious dock, for sunset dining. At Gooseberry Estates landscaping, and the house do not count against your prims. All parcels come with a multi-rez system that allows you to change out your house and landscaping with just a touch. We are BeYou, and Zooby friendly. If you are interested in this parcel just mess
  7. Have you Heard? Gooseberry is expanding! We are normally full up, but we have just added a couple more sims. We have a limited number of Large parcels available. Featured here is the Misty Creek House, on the edge of the lake. Can you just see yourself sitting on the dock with your toes dangling in the water? As with all our homes, you can change the house with just a click on the multi rezzer. Stop by the rental office, and find your perfect dream home. http://maps.secondlife.com/.../Gooseberry%20Isle/125/132/29
  8. I really enjoy landscaping Linden homes, each theme creates a new challenges.
  9. Thank you so much, I really love landscaping these Linden homes, and making special little environments for them. Up to now Vics where my favorite, but enjoying these stilts a lot more then I thought I would
  10. Love my shared new stilt house I am decorating with my friend. I really did not think stilts would be my style, but a she convinced me, to come and try it. Now I love it. A different Angle from my friend
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