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  1. I have burned through 3 different mesh bodies in the past 2 days and now I'm ready to burn down my sim. Let me backtrack. I've been playing SL for over 14 years. I've learned to build, modestly script, make sculpties, design amazing things, and build mesh furniture and houses. But this Mesh/BOM avatar business is impossible to understand. Currently my mesh mess is a Signature Gianni body, lelutka Skyler Head, IKON Promise eyes, and a Belleza Jacob skin. I'm sure that's half of it. But all I was trying to do, when this all started was to get my Aesthetic hands to match my Aesthetic arms. Now a few thousand Lindens later, I'm worse off: mismatching head and body. Invisible eyes. I'd prefer to pay someone to get in my shoes and fix it and then explain what I did wrong. I don't want to read manual after manual of poorly written manufacturer instructions. The are uniformly difficult to comprehend. If anyone knows of an image consultant or fixer, please contact me. RockyR
  2. Unfortunately, the limits make the land look fake. The sim butts up against a null ocean and I can't lower the land to the waterline so now there's a ridiculous cliff. There has to be a way to beg for special dispensation. I know LL has a very small SL staff anymore, but this situation is just stupid.
  3. Can I get the limits removed or modified by LL for terraforming my sim? The default height in some spots is too high and I’d like to lower it a few meters to match the rest of the sim. Nothing extreme.
  4. Can I get the limits removed or modified by LL for terraforming my sim? The default height in some spots is too high and I’d like to lower it a few meters to match the rest of the sim. Nothing extreme.
  5. That's unfortunate. But typical of LL. Even if I knew what the algorithm is for the filter it would give me a clue. I am NOT going to try and guess which word it is. I'll simply have to find other ways to promote events.
  6. Popper wasn't the word. This is such bullship. No wonder no one posts events. Someone just please give me the list of the 7,096 words that aren't usable and I will comply. I'm not going to spend an afternoon guessing what displeases the censors. But here's the funniest part: I can copy and paste the listing here and it's now online. WTF? Another themed section of Rocky Waters AmuseBent Park is now open: “Eat a Strudel Land!” It’s Sweet. And Savory. And Salty, too! Fly and whirl aboard the fantastic food-featured attractions: The Jiffy Popcorn Ride Lettuce Fly Pizza Toss The Krispie SCREAM Factory Tour And more! FREE ADMISSION. Balloons for the kiddies. Soylent Green for the crazies. After you fill up on Eat a Strudel, explore the other lands, too: “Wacky Doodle” and “The VooDoo Poodle!”
  7. I attempted to post an event today for my amusement park on a moderate sim. I didn't put anything adult in the description, but the autoresponse was that I had indeed violated community standards somehow. Great. Which word or phrase red-flagged? What? No one to tell me? How the heck am I supposed to fix the listing, if I have no idea what the offensive word or phrase is? Below is my list of "I'm guessing it's this" words and phrases. If you know which one is the culprit, please reply. BalloonsEatStrudelEat a StrudelSweetSavorySaltyJiffy PopperPizza TossKrispieSoylentWackyDoodleVooDooPoodle
  8. Thank you! I was afraid of that. If I used the keyframed function, I'm assuming the sphere would lock in place? I want it to be able to roll freely within the box as it moves.
  9. I know a physical object, such as a sphere, will stay within a standing non-physical prim, like a hollowed out cylinder, and simple roll along the path if the cylinder is tilted enough for gravity to kick in. Here's the Q: If a physical object (the sphere) is sitting inside an open non-physical box which is scripted to move along a straight line, when the box edge meets the sphere, will the sphere stay inside or will it rip through? I'm not able to get in-world to try this out for a few hours, but if someone knows the answer off the top of their head, I'd appreciate it. Otherwise I'll just have to wait. Biting nails, Rocky
  10. This question comes from a non-scriptor, so be kind. I remember back in the day that object rezzers (like fish rezzers, bubble blowers, etc.) were considered hard on a sim. And that they seriously impacted performance/lag. I have a sim, and I'd like to add fish to my undersea tableau, but if it's going to screw things up, I won't. I also have a few particle fountains. Is there a formula or rule of thumb for how much/often one can use rezzers? What's the current opinion on this nonsense?
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