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  1. my asnwer to all this is, dont take sl soo serious, and yes i am in many hours a day and love it, but its a fantasy thing to me, like a good book.
  2. and all this is why i dont take sl (which i absolutely love) too serious. after all it is a virtual world, btw i always do wonder how some people manage to get hurt here.....but thats different subject.
  3. woohoo thats good to hear....and just as in the 'real world' weirdoes do exist in sl as well. hahahaha
  4. i am several hours a day at live music events,,else a lil bit of xplore new sims, art galleries. i like fairs, like right now the sci-fi con.
  5. i think best thing is to do something you like, and so you can meet likeminded people, for instance, i adore the live music scene and all my friends i have met there. good luck
  6. i have been harrased one time too....what did i do. made a new account, and boy am i glad i did !!!!! yes it cost a bit, but i have my freedom back.
  7. lets be glad there are several choices of viewers, all have their pros and cons.
  8. this must be the funniest thread ever.
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