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  1. What would be the best way and how much would it cost to have the following part of the character made? Ash gray bony plates cover his massively muscled and built body.
  2. Would it be possible to make the character described below as a custom avatar? If it is possible make the character described below then how much would cost to have it made? How good would the avatar look like it you added a pair of horns to the custom avatar? Physical Description: Entering into view is a humanoid male who towers eight feet tall. Ash gray bony plates cover his massively muscled and built body. In both of his large pointed and webbed ears, he wears two golden earrings. Above both of his eyes are luminous, sulfuric yellow orbs is a large ridged brow. Rising fro
  3. I want a male avatar. I am enjoying the help you all are giving me.
  4. I need some help in setting up my mutant superhero known as Ragdoll. He is supposed to look like a monstrous clown. How can Improve my description of Ragdoll? What could I have him wear that would look better? How can Improve on his history which is listed below? Description: He is a tall human male with a lithe, wiry build. His chalk-white skin is smooth and featureless. Dark mossy green hair plunges down to his elbows. Both of his beady eyes are molten red orbs. His ruby lips appear to be in a perpetual grin, revealing his row of long jagged fang-like teeth in his oversized
  5. How would I get my avatar to have slim athletic look?
  6. What is the difference between those types of eyes?
  7. Where can I find some eyes like the eyes in the picture?
  8. I am having trouble finding any eyepatch that is similar to the eyepatch that Snake Plissken wears. Do you know where I can find one like is shown in the picture which is that of Snake Plissken? How would I make my avatar look like he is a powerfully built and muscular human male?
  9. I need help with setting up a mutant vigilant who is from an alternate earth. I know that he has as two of his mutant powers are being semi-immortal (https://powerlisting.wikia.com/wiki/Semi-Immortality) and self-sustenance (https://powerlisting.wikia.com/wiki/Self-Sustenance). I have thought about him having a regenerative healing factor which makes him immune to all disease, poisons, and biological and chemical warfare agents. Him being semi-immortal would be part of his regenerative healing factor. This regenerative healing factor also makes him harder to effect with mental powers and i
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