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  1. As it should be. I'll vote for that. Might be hard to prove though. I mean it's not like people are admitting on the actual SL forum that they didn't report a TOS violation. That would just be stupid right?
  2. Actually this is wrong. Bans should need evidence but an AR doesn't. You are reporting the situation/avatar based on your perception. If you think something is going on better to AR it than ignore it. LL can do their investigating and if they don't find anything nothing will come of it. But one should not assume they need concreate evidence to submit an AR.
  3. Peeve: When people say they block you and then keep responding and reacting to your posts. Geez, you can't even trust blocks around here now.
  4. Thanks for pointing that out about the search. It will be interesting to see how long it takes for LL to do something about those venues. IMO,, they should be disappearing or with at least a name change pretty quickly.
  5. Can you both stop? If you want to hash out your previous relationship take it out of the forums please.
  6. I would not expect to see most of these activities on a M rated sim with the exception of a swimming pool/beach sim.
  7. Well you obviously didn't block me or at least read the post. lol You aren't a snitch? Do you think maybe if you had been reporting illegal activity to LL that you wouldn't have to worry about how short you are now? IMO those that ignore this behavior should be banned as well. Permanently, but I'm not an employee of LL so I can't make that call.
  8. I'd have to second that sometimes moving on is for the best. I have an ex-partner who flits around from girl to girl, often partnering the same one over and over. In our 2 year relationship we broke up 3 times. He gets bored, has to cause an "issue" and then some drama. Personally I think he just likes the make up sex. We frequent the same club nightly. What he did and said to me was very hurtful. I don't think either one of use should have to leave the club as we both have friends there, however he doesn't understand why we can't be friends or friendly. I basically ignore him. I don't say hi and I try my best not to acknowledge his comments in local. He, on the other had goes out of his way to say Hi and make it obvious. I think a lot of people in SL believe that even if someone hurts you or does something unforgiveable you HAVE to forgive them and continue with some sort of relationship. In RL it's easy to avoid the people you don't want to hang out with. In SL it's a bit more difficult. I don't see any issues with people just walking away. In my case not literal but in my mind. Reestablishing toxic relationships just is not necessary. Anyway, sorry for the ramble but it's sounds like you are starting to enjoy your SL a lot more than you used to.
  9. And you find that funny why? Doing the nasty with a kid is nothing to laugh or joke about. It's disgusting. Also, if you knew that he came back with a new account and didn't report him then shame on you. I won't even ASK why this person is a friend of yours.
  10. Well good. Only took ya five days too. Are you sure you have trouble making friends? Just a word of warning. 5 days does not make a solid group of friends. I have found to really have a nice friendship it can take at least six months. My bestie, I call her and I have known each other online starting from Opensim and reconnecting on SL and have known each other for 5 years. I feel that she is the one person I can trust with anything SL or RL.
  11. Using Claude.ai for this is like using Web MD for medical advice or getting your news from the Daily Mail, however everything this states is what LL has done.
  12. Not necessary to bump a thread if the event was posted and hasn't even happened yet.
  13. Of course that will happen. That is something you are never going to stop whether you look 16 or 80. There is no way to stop someone from submitting an AR on you.
  14. There is so much disagreements in this and most threads yet you trust the little reactions you are getting on photos? Maybe someone said you looked under age cause they don't like you or what you post? Just food for thought. I'd never take anyone's word here on my avatar looks in relation to the TOS.
  15. I actually think all this discussion has made people more paranoid. We have no idea what LL deems as looking under age. It may be totally different than what everyone is perceiving in that thread. Then what? Someone gets an AR and try's to refer to the post where all of us said they looked adult? Good luck with that. Maybe we should all go into the thread with the naked pictures and tag the ones we think are under age. I wonder how many of those there are or maybe people really DO know what looks under age after all.
  16. I tend to turn off most group chat because I don't use group chat as a social interaction tool unless it's a group I created or I'm part of with friends. I'll turn it back on if I need product assistance. There are a few groups though that must really need people to buy things from their store because they must send out 20 notices a day with their "special sales". Inevitably I end up turning that off as well which really in the end hurts them because If they just send one a day I might look at it. Now I only look at their store when I think of it. I really wish there was a box to turn off all group notices and chats all at once and then turn them back on. Usually I get all my notices between 7-11 SLT when I'm in world socializing. I get that is the best time to send notices as a lot of people are in world but it is really invasive to me. Also, there is this one guy that uses group chat as his personal social network. He just opens groups and says "Hi" If you are in any of those groups you know who he is. LOL
  17. Here is the deal. LL doesn't want everyone to start ARing people they think look under 18. They really only want the very egregious cases reported. Where it is OBVIOUS that they are doing something wrong, in a place they shouldn't be. Not just because they are standing in the corner looking maybe 16 or 19. If your avatar is on the edge and you KNOW you are not doing anything wrong then simply do not worry about it. For those of you that are planning on ARing edge cases, think before you do. LL doesn't want YOU to be the one deciding. That's why they said THEY will take everything into consideration. We don't have to figure it out because what we think may be or probably is totally different than what LL thinks and they are not telling us. So while this is a fun thread to throw around opinions, it has no bearing whatsoever in getting AR'd and banned from SL.
  18. Do you know of ANY specific cases where an avatar who was borderline 18 got banned just because of their looks, with no other documentation that they were doing anything against the TOS? You don't have to name them but I'm curious how many you know of.
  19. OH please do quote where people insinuated this and not just say it and let it lie there.
  20. Well then you need some IM etiquette. The last thing I typed you just didn't respond to. Normally people say things like...thanks! I need to run but thanks for chatting. I didn't realize you were just fishing for information.
  21. You know you IM"d me inworld and I started a conversation with you because you asked and said you didn't want to ask on the forum. You very rudely just left the conversation in the middle of it, never to come back to it. I'm done engaging in your personal questions.
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