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  1. First there a more than a "few" bad apples. Second, what is Paypal going to do when people put naked art on their walls on M Rated land and don't lock it down? That seems more invasive to me. Also, it's a mobile app not a just a phone app. A LOT of children have access to tablets more than phones.
  2. Wow, you sure have changed your tune on all this. All it took was the CEO to say what and why they are doing this instead of us? Glad you are on board now.
  3. So exactly what it is now. I think the bolded part is an odd thing to say. People that want to mess it up don't care. LOL. So if this fails I guess it's OUR fault or the new resident's they are trying to recruit.
  4. Oh I totally agree. It's very relevant. If in doubt don't do it. Actually I'd say don't do any R rated things including sexy IM's in the mobile app, even on M rated land. There is no way to tell the real age of a person in IM. That 18 year old...may be 10. *they are very savvy on the mobile apps* When I worked for the fruit company most of my calls were to refund money spent in Roblox by children as young as 5 years old. Not $19.99 here and there but THOUSANDS of dollars. Again, really just common sense.
  5. I'd say if you have ANY doubt that person is under 18 in RL then don't get down and dirty with them. I would assume that yes, that's a problem. Undercover stings were done a lot in chatrooms and probably still are. Anyone telling you that IM's are private is very misinformed. If you have any doubt take it somewhere else. I highly doubt mobile will even have voice chat.
  6. Honestly there really are only two very vocal hold outs here and they are both going to Opensim so that solves that issue. The two holdouts will never stop saying BUT.....because A. They like the attention and B. They like the attention. They wouldn't believe it even if the CEO was personally standing in front of them in RL saying it.
  7. What part of "we are never going to tell you specifics" are you not getting? This level of paranoia with you has got to stop. If you think you are an 'edge" case then adult up your avatar enough so you are not. They are not going to get into specifics because 1. Changes can happen. 2. Things they never thought of could happen. 3. That's the way the world works. The level of smartness equals common sense. It's starts at 1.
  8. Sadly, not in Texas Aw, that's cute you think the AFK avatars are making money. They are getting off to porn in their other screen. They just say that cause they are too lazy to emote anything other than .....ohhh baby, yes!, don't stop! I'm gonna ***.
  9. What need would that be? Masturbating to words on a screen? or watching avatars get busy? People need to realize that SLex is NOT sex. You would probably have better SLex with an AI doing the emoting than a real person running an avatar. In fact, I guarantee you would. If you are in your 40's and giving up sex because you can't be bothered then it's time for you to see a doctor for your low libido, or see a psychiatrist and figure out why you think relationships are a bother at age 40. I can understand it at age 60. 40 not so much.
  10. I can't tell anymore. Are you for SLex, against it, getting none, getting too much?
  11. You mean: No but since most is Copybotted or can be made so, one can do more with what is available.
  12. Your MP store only has 15 items in it and is a pretty niche market. I wouldn't think too many people are looking for Nicki Minaj items. Your profile has all your links so I really don't see anything else you can do.
  13. To be fair when one is posting on a forum, they should take into consideration that not everyone knows who they are and are reading from the post itself. Being that his last post was 3 years ago, a little background on who he is might have been helpful. Not everyone has been in Second Life or on the forums since the inception of the platform. Even after I looked at the blog I really couldn't tell who he was or if he was a reputable blogger.
  14. Is the house furnished? 10 prims isn't much to work with especially since there is no landscaping at all.
  15. The way this is worded it's hard to tell what you mean, but I think you are saying I'm the only one that does things alone in Second Life? I'm really not sure. If you could clarify that would be great.
  16. I've filed ONE AR in the whole time I've been here and honestly it takes a lot of time. I actually wouldn't have filed it if I had known at the time how to set land permissions and block anyone from my land that didn't have PIOF. I also don't know anyone that has ever filed an AR. I'm sure you are being sarcastic but in case you are not. Go ahead. I have plenty of things to keep me busy besides SL. It won't be a huge loss. Oh, wait you don't have to report it because It's right here on the forum for everyone to see.
  17. Why not? How popular is The Sims franchise where it's YOU ALONE playing? Why do you think that Second Life - Your World means it has to be with other people? Do you really think popular, busy creators come on Second Life to be social? I love to decorate here. See what I can do with little prims or a whole bunch of prims. It's much more realistic than The Sims. I also like photography even though I'm not very good at it. That also can be an "alone" activity. Shhh..sometimes I even watch pron on my in-world TV since they blocked it in my state. That I definitely do ALONE. So many more examples but I'll leave you with those.
  18. Here you have a decision to make then. Sell now and hope that you get a good price or break even. Wait and see what happens possibly taking a loss or tanking your investment completely. They are not even 5% close to releasing the app in my opinion. Hard to tell how far the mobile app has to go. When I logged in on my iPad Pro running OS 17.x my avatar didn't even render. I had to keep signing in and out six times just to get it to rezz the body. No clothes, no hair, just a body with holes in it. The movement is so sensitive you are running all over the place. I can't tell if it is a bug or if that is what is expected at this point. It's about as good as Luminya is at this point. I fiddled with the settings trying multiple graphic and LOD settings and didn't see much change. Maybe it works better on an actual mobile device and not a tablet. In that case it's basically useless to me.
  19. OH well now I'm way confused. Why would he be writing a report about the SL economy if he knows nothing about it. Would SL merchants really take it seriously and/or read it?
  20. Not bad. You and Arielle should have fun there. It wont be hard to find each other since you will be one of the few there. One grid has about 5,300 users, another about 4,500 users. All the rest have less than 2,000 with most less than 1000 per grid. This means that even if you travel to other grids you most *will* likely will see the same people over and over and over and over. Good luck and keep in touch!
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