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  1. What would be the purpose of doing that? Seems heavy handed to me and not a sim I'd want to visit anyway.
  2. It would be helpful if you just answered yes / no. TIA!
  3. Well now don't be upset when people use this as you put it out there. Peeve: People that seek obvious attention. Not related to this.
  4. I can't eat food in SL that doesn't look appetizing. I won't even attach it to my avatar unless it makes me look good. Shoving a glass into my ear does not make me look good. This pictures shows appetizing food. It satisfied my hunger so much I forgot to eat in RL
  5. My advice would be log out. Why in the world would you continue to use a platform that causes emotional pain? The don't need coping strategies. They need a mouse and the X at the top right of their computer. You assume people don't have choices, They do.
  6. @Love ZhaoyingLOL and you were worried she was going to psychoanalyze ME.
  7. Thanks for clarifying. I just figured since it was said it must be true. They must have just pulled that out of their hat?
  8. Maybe they don't want people messing with their creations with their name as the creator on it. If I made a box and colored it red I would hate that someone could just color it neon green and my name as the creator would still be on it. I HATE neon green!
  9. I'd love to read about that. I did know that the word psychology disturbed you. The word moist disturbs me so I guess I can sorta understand.
  10. Well when one can't derail another thread create your own I say.
  11. Does asking for friends in world on the forum really work? No. it's not about friendships here compared to RL. I think I see where the problem lies now.
  12. Yes but this is a specific issue. Not about general friendship anywhere else. Yes, this particular problem IS specific to SL.
  13. I'm so confused. I though OP stood for Original Poster but it means quoting someone's Original Post? Help a gal out!
  14. I don't think we are. I had a linden home about a year ago and had my alt set their home there. Every time my alt logs on they land there. It's been in maintenance for a year. Do not know why.
  15. Dear Linden Lab, We the residents of Second Life like bacon. Vegetarian options not allowed except waffles and tacos. Please, a pony would really neigh flamboyantly. Indeed, I bathe frequently in California. Glycerine soap isn't available. Regards, A.I. PS: TSOP P.P.S. Oh! FYI: I used bacon
  16. People couldn't play nice so they nipped it, rightly so. Every single thread turned into a bar brawl. LL got tired of it. This site is to discuss things related to Second Life, not your political or religious views. If you want community discussion about that there is the actual platform you can do that on. Forums are here to enhance the enjoyment of the platform/game it mirrors, not replace it. Have to add a peeve: Privately owned forums are not the "free world". Where people get the idea that free speech applies everywhere is beyond my comprehension.
  17. I like big balls and I cannot lie...whoops wrong song.
  18. Yes! This is what I was thinking too. Too many people say things like "i love to shop and dress up my avatar and go dancing" That's just not a big enough pull toward me to someone as those are activities most people enjoy, at least part of the time. Put more information when crafting an ad in too like: 1. What country/state you are from. If you are from Australia we most likely will never be online at the same time. 2. Age or age range. I know everyone in SL is 25 years old but I probably am not going to have a lot in common with a 30 year old as I am 61. Not to say it couldn't happen because I do have younger friends but again, they happened as I was in-world and we don't generally hang out together. 3. Say what time commitment you are looking for. If you want to go explore or shop whatever it may be then put that in. Something like "Hey there is a cool mini golf venue I'd love to go to. Do you want to join me and play? I've got Thursday free. I'm more likely to get together like that rather than just randomly adding people for chats or activities anytime. I like to socialize but I want to know when it will start and stop. I think that is why people like to go to clubs because they typically give you an out after a set for you to go do something else without it seeming awkward to just leave. I didn't quote you @Orwar but I really liked what you said about friendship on a silver platter. I've had friends that have IM'd me and said hi and it's quite obvious that they just IM'd everyone on their friends list to see who bites. I'll get a IM saying "Hi there"! and then 15 minutes later they will respond "Sorry was AFK. how are you?" Those friends get deleted off my list rather quickly.
  19. I've seen quite a few posts of people asking for someone to hang out with and be friends and wonder "does it really work out"? I added a couple people a long time ago and they either didn't try to keep up the friendship or we were so far apart in interests that we had nothing in common. Normally I make friends organically in world because then I know we'd get along and have similar interests. What are your thoughts? Have you ever advertised for friends and became close with someone or formed a lasting friendship from an ad on the forum?
  20. Good luck. When I first started I bought a bunch of no copy things and did the same thing. Hopefully if you submit a ticket you'll get them back. I didn't even know you could submit a ticket and I did lose a very expensive Intan dance system. Trust me I never did that again.
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