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  1. Well why not have another thread with us speculating with no real information until it dissolves in people arguing as to why it should be that way. Have at it!
  2. Like Real Life. I'd like to see some youtube videos with the person demoing the item and reviewing them that way. That's usually how I buy stuff in Real life by watching others use it.
  3. Not all apps have ads. I play lots of games on my IPad that have no ads that are free to play.
  4. I agree. Which makes me think that if you use the mobile app you will need to make an account for it that can't link to your PC account. They are allowing us to use our accounts now to test but my guess is they will wipe it before putting it out for final release.
  5. LOL, my avatar looks 17? If I could have looked like that at 17 I'd have gotten into a lot more bars.
  6. Did you want us to comment on how that looks like an underage avatar?
  7. I really don't even know why you haven't left yet then. OH yeah, because you aren't afraid of getting banned and are not going to do anything to change so you don't get banned. However everyone else should be shaking in their boots. You are just providing a PSA right?
  8. This is exactly what they are doing. Unless someone can point me to a product that says you will be compensated for a good review. I haven't seen it.
  9. What does this have to do with ANYTHING on this thread? You use this as proof that people think short person = children? Who in the hockey sticks allows anyone to treat them this way in SL and then continues to allow them to be around them? Also, you do realize that 90% of things that were posted on VS are lies correct? Sounds like you spent a whole lot of time over there, which TBH is not surprising. This whole thread has opened up my eyes and I will be reevaluating my practice to "turn the other cheek" and not AR people for doing something wrong. I mean since everyone has been saying that this will cause a lot of AR's when no one said it, I might as well. See you around the grid.
  10. No, I think she believes it. I mean the argument that too many people have the same story it must be true doesn't really convince me. Lots of people have seen the Virgin Mary too but I don't believe that either
  11. OH...get the smelling salts out. Dramatic enough? You have no idea what started all of this. That's speculation. The same as the title of this OP. If you are not involved in age-play then how would you even know how prevalent it is in SL? There very well could have been a sting operation going on that we don't even know about. You know with REAL law enforcement. 75% of people aren't even going to read the TOS to know about the changes so I highly doubt that there will be an uptick of AR's due to the changes. You can whine about child avatars being banned from A-rated regions all you want BUT it's not changing. It doesn't matter what the reason for it is. Rules suck don't they?
  12. Just out of curiosity are you a premium plus user?
  13. Yes but the body or skin *not sure if we've determined that yet* has to have the modesty layers on it. If this avatar was on adult land they shouldn't be and if they are on G or M rated land they should be wearing the modesty layers. Shapes, not so much, however you are using, or made a shape that makes you look under 18 you'd better be wearing a modesty layer and not be seen in A rated land.
  14. Well, I mean THEY DO! Did you not read that there is a suspension tree that they use. Also, just because someone sends in an AR doesn't mean anything will come of it. They also have an appeals process.
  15. Now you are just being argumentative for the sake of it. IF they look under 18 I don't care how old they SAY they are. Do you really think someone in an adult venue that looks under 18 is going to tell you they are 16 *in SL* Are you getting RL mixed up with SL?
  16. Because I'm witnessing them doing something someone under 18 should not be doing (age-play) or they look under 18 and are in an adult venue.
  17. "Hi there!" (avatar I think looks too young to be here). "Can I ask how old you are" (so I can decide whether or not to AR you)? "OH, I am definitely 18. It was my Birthday just yesterday in fact." "Thanks!, Carry on and I won't report you."
  18. OMGosh, that's so pretty and yes you look very adult there. I will say a new face does take some time to get used to. It still has attributes of your other face though. I can see it.
  19. Of course in my opinion. I'd be the one doing the AR if I thought they were doing anything against the TOS. Then it's up to LL to determine based on THEIR opinion. There is no reason to be afraid of being AR'd for looking like an edge case. In fact, it's people like YOU that are making others worry. Everyone else is telling them they have nothing to worry about. Despite what you'd like people to believe people are not getting banned left and right for doing nothing wrong.
  20. It's your face, not what you are wearing. You could be wearing jeans and a Tshirt and you'd still look under 18.
  21. IF it was followed through with an actual BAN then they were doing something wrong. Don't you see this or do you just want to argue about it now? The chances that you will get AR'd are slim. The venue will most likely just kick you out first. THEN you need to get an actual AR and THEN LL has to investigate and make a determination if you were doing something wrong. Take away the "doing something wrong" and you have nothing to worry about. All this hyperfocus from you and @BilliJo Aldrinjust makes me think that you ARE doing something wrong. I don't care who says what, LL just doesn't ban someone because they feel like it. Do you really think these people are going to come out and admit to age-play? Nope, they will say "I was banned for age-play and I did nothing wrong" nope, they are gathering any information they can to see if there is some loophole they can jump through to get their account back.
  22. There is a lot of: I heard.... Rumor has it..... I thought...... Going around the forum lately.
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