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  1. They offer virtual living NOT your personal virtual privacy. I am not understanding what you are not getting about it. The Second Life product is being used by me the same way it's used by you. Are you seriously telling me I'm not using SL the way it's meant to be used? Why you play SL is not the same as me so yes it's intentional.
  2. I can't wait till all the people at the meeting that said babies/toddler look stupid with a bra as a modesty layer, because it looks sexual and want it removed, find out that re-evaluating it means they will make it be a tank top or onesie and not removed like they hoped for.
  3. I never said you couldn't be vocal and you seem to be doing a good job of it so carry on.
  4. SL isn't your personal life. All you have to do is shut the browser down and they are out of your face, out of your personal life. It is YOUR choice to utilize the platform for your entertainment. NOT A RIGHT.
  5. No, I don't want to explain it but thanks for inquiring.
  6. Because it doesn't bother me. I have nothing to hide so monitor away I say.
  7. Why would you not assume the worst and then act accordingly. It's really NOT that hard. If I was chatting about something that I didn't want LL to know about or another resident I would do it somewhere other than on Second Life.
  8. You have access to the TOS. YOU look it up. I will say I won't be the one surprised by what they mean.
  9. What LL means when they say "private regions" or "privacy" is private away from other residents and for you to be able to make the rules in your private area/home. It DOES NOT mean do whatever the heck you want even if it's illegal. If you read the TOS you'd know this.
  10. You are misunderstanding what they mean by privacy.
  11. As far as I know nothing happened. Maybe you heard differently.
  12. You aren't entitled to privacy on a privately owned platform on the internet. Sorry, but you just aren't. If you were then none of the ***p**y would matter at all. Do you think it happens out in the open? It's allowing all this privacy that prompted all this in the first place.
  13. If you use Alexa, it's monitored by someone. I don't care whether they say it isn't but I wouldn't go around threatening government officials or asking google how to strangle your spouse on it. Every.single.IM or communication in a work environment is monitored. ALL your email is monitored. If you have Onstar it is being monitored. Your IM's and chat logs can be monitored. I have chatlogs saved of every single conversation I've had with anyone in IM since I began. I didn't even proactively ask for that. The viewer setting automatically does it. Perhaps all these things are not reviewed on a daily basis but believe me if you commit a crime someone can and will be able to pull all this information up about you. Perhaps not easily and they may need a court order but it can and WILL be done.
  14. Don't forget Anime too. All those wearing those "stylized heads" must wear a modesty panel.
  15. It certainly not put on hold when these Child Avatars are asking for product support help in groups. They say stuff like "but i don't understanddddd because I"m a kidddddd" (insert annoying whining of someone who is an adult)
  16. I find my privacy well worth the inconvenience.
  17. Not if you do all your important chatting on Discord. I won't define "important".
  18. Ok, well totally different shape then the one with the dress. The dress showed that you had hips. This one shows no such thing. So, putting together the face, shape and your height....I'd be worried if I was in an adult venue.
  19. You were at the meeting and missed that they did address this? Yes, Furries AND Anime avatars must comply with the new TOS on Child Avatars if they are presenting under 18.
  20. You could just preemptively send in a picture to Kiera Linden and ASK if someone reported your avatar based on looks alone would you be banned. Of course the answer is no but for some reason you fail to believe anyone. I don't know how many times they have to say "height alone doesn't get you banned".
  21. Someone asked that question but it was not answered. As far as adult bodies used as under 18, my assumption would be that they would be unable to be used for that purpose UNLESS someone talks the body maker into making the modesty panels for them. If Maitreya refuses then you could only use that body as an adult. I suspect that is why they never answered Coffee's question about it as well.
  22. That was painful to watch and they totally ignored Coffee on her repeated questions about Maitreya. Wish we had a definite answer to that one.
  23. Do you have a link because I have no clue who Pantera is.
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