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  1. You know you IM"d me inworld and I started a conversation with you because you asked and said you didn't want to ask on the forum. You very rudely just left the conversation in the middle of it, never to come back to it. I'm done engaging in your personal questions.
  2. People are getting mixed up with RL and SL. Why check their rez date? Their real age has no bearing on whether or not they should be in an adult sim. Do you really think someone who is really 16 is going to tell you that?
  3. Nothing unless there is supportive documentation that they are engaging in ***play. I suspect that is what will happen if someone AR's them.
  4. I didn't think we were talking RL. Anyway kids in adult sims are in adult avatars for sure.
  5. Ask them their age? lol "Hi, hey how old are you? you look 15" "Naw, I'm 19" /me looks at her to see if she's lying. Decides she is though I have no idea what criteria I used. "You're lying! Out you go! /me kicks out avatar and bans the from the sim Do you see how ridiculous that sounds? We obviously do need a thread on this as it's 24 pages long.
  6. I would wear that at the club I go to. Most nights have themes but a lot of people come casual or wearing regular clothes.
  7. I'm talking regular clothes. I've never even worn any of this stuff you are describing lol
  8. That thread doesn't really say what people are using though. I think this is a good thread for finding out what people are using.
  9. A lot of times the skin is an indicator in RL. Here we have perfect skin. Smooth, nice, sometimes tanned perfectly. Our faces don't show the age of weather or acne scars or anything like that. A REAL teenager would have pimples but who wants that on their barbie? The stomach is also mostly flat in 99% of the pictures. The last time my stomach looked like an avatar was when I was 17 years old. This is why there needs to be supporting documentation of proof of ***play. What was going on in local or IM at the time? Was their profile indicative of someone that is less than 18? I don't think that a lot of people banned for this type of play are being 100% truthful when they say they have no idea why they were banned because they didn't do anything. Maybe they just don't know what ***play really is.
  10. I'm not in favor of asking for friends on the forum. I think friendship should originate organically and not be forced. Besides I know you as someone totally different than Bill or Ayleeon. Good luck though. I"d give the same advice to anyone. Go hang out at places you feel most comfortable and start there.
  11. I'd like to point out something too about avatar age. If you have an avatar that's older, say 30-40's your avatar looks really awful wearing most of the clothes sold in Second Life. Most of the clothes are for young adults 18-25. That might be why we see a lot of "edge" cases. One particular avatar I know looks about 45 and sometimes looks really out of place wearing skimpy skirts or certain outfits. It could also be because many women see what they looked like at 20 or 25 and see that as when they felt most beautiful - for me anyway. Not very many people want to dress up their barbie in clothes that make them feel ugly or have an avatar that looks OLDer. If we did it would be called SSL for senior Second Life. I live that in RL and I don't want to live that in Second Life. I really don't think there is going to be an uptick of people reporting on the edge avatars especially now that they are not allowed in Adult regions. Smart thing to do would be if you are going to an adult region make darn sure your avatar looks adult. Save your borderline avatar for a G or M rated region. One more thing I'd like to add. If you are wearing a diaper or pacifier or anything like that, even if you look like an adult, I don't care if it's your "kink" someone is going to see that as ***play. Be prepared to be AR'd at anytime. I also wish that people would stop trying to shame people for submitting a legitimate AR because they are concerned. It's not "being a Karen" or "tattling" or anything like that.
  12. oh don't be sorry, lol Though I still question the validity of 210,000 daily users.
  13. Kiera Linden uses it. I saw it in the last governance meeting. Anywho....I don't use it but I do think it's cute. I would probably get something on the MP though instead.
  14. TL;DR all the responses so I'm not sure if I'm misunderstanding this or not. I'm also terrible at math but....wouldn't that make the daily user headcount at over 2 million a day? I question this but if there are over 2 million users on the grid on a daily basis I need to go out and find them! And the numbers don’t lie: although it boasts 70 million registered users, Second Life’s daily user headcount in 2023 clocked in at less than 0.3 percent of that figure.
  15. But that will cover up my tattoo that says "sl*t babe"!
  16. One of the reason why I don't just jump on any Tom, Harry or Dick until by chatting with them I can tell they are older. I will even test them by asking some obscure question that unless you are older you wouldn't necessarily know about the event or whatever I'm asking about. I'm 61. My youngest child is 37 years old. I don't go lower than that and yes, I know it's hard to tell but I do my best.
  17. Interestingly I don't find Meryl Streep to be a very versatile actress. When you can watch several movies of an actress/actor and not think of their other roles, that's what I call a good actress. I.E. Sally Field, Julia Roberts, Morgan Freeman.
  18. Not sure who came up with discussing specific pictures that are in another thread but personally I think it sucks. It's way too hard to follow what picture you are talking about.
  19. Watch this series where this actress plays 17 different characters, male and female in the movie SO convincing I forgot they were all the same person. RPing on a computer is like acting in front of people. A good actress and a good RPer have one thing in common. They are VERY good at what they do.
  20. Are you seriously insinuating that women are attracted to abusive relationships and would be lost without them? Are you saying that this is a good thing or through virtual play she can realize that and get out of the relationship in real life...because you know that's what she should do.
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