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  1. LOL, I'm not sure you get it. I didn't block you.
  2. Ok, I'll give you this however the problem is that ^^^^ people seem to get off on it to the extent that they drag in people that are NOT here for that. Many times on the pretense that they are not here for the fantasy, escape and RP - until they are. This is where the abuse and mistrust of people come in and simply pressing the X doesn't just end the abuse. Granted you are involved in a environment (kink) that is inherently abusive in Second Life while at the same time advertising the abuse as comforting, respectful and loving. No I don't need a lecture on D/s relationships or BDSM.
  3. You want to take away one of the most important aspects of the platform and RESTRICT creativity? I am not 12 years old and do not need someone to tell me what is and isn't adult looking. If I choose to ignore it or "play on the edge" then I would be prepared to face consequences. I have no lack in confidence with thinking LL taking the ban hammer and frivolously start banning people. At one point I had a stalker...well it was only a few days but he said in IM some of the most vile things a person can say to someone as well as threatening to stalk me till I quit. I reported it along with the detailed IM and what do you think happened to the person? Not a darn thing. As far as I know when an account is permabanned it is gone from the grid completely. This avatar has an account to this day. So now that you are getting all this push back the OP was tongue in cheek? Usually there is some indication in the post and with yours, none.
  4. Smiles Nope not RP. I'm on a forum not in avatar form. You're welcome.
  5. In a perfect world this would be awesome. Can you imagine the chaos though if they don't keep their descriptions up to date? The emails to support would be overwhelming. Even some stores have the TP's in the group profile and they don't bother changing it if they move. Ever TP'd from a group profile, a creators profile or the inworld store link from the MP and you are just falling though the sky or at a totally different place. Now imagine that X1000.
  6. Oh you DO get it. Thank god for the 'block element" feature of the forum.
  7. Definition of vindictive the way it's used in this sentence. residents that want to use the platform for what's its there for, not some sick behavior of some adults.
  8. You didn't really think he was serious when he made that thread did you? You are more gullible than I thought you were.
  9. I think people like the adult side of SL, even if they rarely use it, because it's there if they want to. Take it away and SL FAILS.
  10. Plus if it's a gift they usually give the gift in some god awful color so you will buy the real color you want. Black, White, Brown, Beige, or patterned.
  11. Opensim is almost an exact replica of SL except because there is so much copybotting most of the stuff doesn't work or looks terrible because the textures are missing. Anything you can do in SL you can do in Opensim, if someone has made or stolen it. One thing I do wish they had that almost every club has is the dance ball with the avatars in it to couple dance with. Have not seen that here. It was fun pretending Jack Sparrow was my mate for the day.
  12. I wish people would stop posting adult photos in the general discussion forum. If I want to see those images I'll go to the adult forum.
  13. I disagree with that because an account can have a child and an adult avatar on it. Even LL said that if the avatar was doing adult things in an adult avatar the profile wouldn't really be taken into consideration for that incident.
  14. How really would anyone know why you are partnered. This is about child **play in a sexual way. I doubt SL is going to be monitoring every single person's relationship and judging them.
  15. This avatar looks about 8 years old. I hope that the creator will see that and decide to also update this one with modesty layers.
  16. Yes, because romantic or sexual meaning isn't always what a partner is for. It could be a business partner or a friend. I can't remember where I read it but that came straight from LL.
  17. Doing the "deed" on SL is RPing. SMH, are you having sex in real life with this person? No? Then you are RPing it. Unless of course you both are just watching your avatars go at it which would be weird to do with another person.
  18. That definitely needs to come off the MP. It's like when your parents are lecturing you for smoking WHILE smoking. I feel like the residents have been made to feel 100% responsible for all this when in reality LL is 50% responsible for not monitoring their platform correctly. If you allow the tools to be on SL then you are all but condoning it's use.
  19. Why are underaged animated sex dolls being sold whether or the MP or in-world. At some point LL needs to step up and take some of these questionable things OFF the MP and for sale. How is a new user to know that what is being sold is not ok to use? I'm going to try and put this in the nicest way but there are some questionable people in SL that do not have the intelligence to discern these things.
  20. Do you think maybe she is doing it on purpose? She's probably very nice in person, or maybe not. lol She certainly is heard, I'll give her that.
  21. The pool comes in two versions: one surrounded by a rounded grassy mound and one set within a terra cotta tiled floor.
  22. Sigh....My gosh.... where are you all going that you see this stuff? I guess I need to get out more. It never even occurred to me that someone could be sexual with an Animesh Child. I would have hoped that your friend AR'd the person doing that. That's going to open up a whole other can of worms if Adults can't have their Animesh babies/toddlers/teens on adult land or they can't breastfeed them or change their diaper or give them a bath. They isn't even a real person behind the Animesh baby. What is coming next? The LL teddy bear can't be on Adult land either. We won't be able to have companion pets such as dogs or cats attached to us? This is starting to get a bit ridiculous.
  23. Right now I have a Mediterranean home and it's way too large. I am thinking of downgrading my linden home to a camper. Will play the GOH till I find one I like and use the rest on Mainland to get a bit more creative. I like seeing how I can use the max Li and make the place look good. I'll probably just use the mainland one to create a dance area and put my intan out.
  24. You would still need the modesty layer and I don't know if Maitreya will have one if it has to be on the body. If it's a skin I imagine you could use it. Someone correct me if I'm wrong cause I honestly don't know.
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